Chapter 75

When Lu Jingning woke up, he found himself bound in a dimly lit room. His eyes were covered with a cloth, and for the moment, he could only ascertain that his current location wasn’t too far from the cruise port on Watcher’s Island.


The area nearby was bustling with people, even at this late hour, clearly indicating that it was a lively part of the island. No wonder they had set up their base here. It’s no surprise that the garrison couldn’t find anything even after searching remote areas.


There was no one else in the room, only him sitting alone on a rough wooden chair. The air was thick with a foul smell of dust and something moldy, making him feel uncomfortable.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but recall what happened earlier. Originally, he went back to his room to find the missing bracelet but discovered that someone seemed to be following him. His first reaction was to play along, to see what those people were planning. However, as soon as he entered the room, they released a high concentration of smoke, likely a potent drug.


He had encountered such crude methods before, but under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t affect him much. However, this time, the timing was unfortunate. Lu Jingning “collapsed” on the bed, and soon enough, some people rushed in. Sensing that they didn’t have immediate intentions to harm him, he conserved his energy until he fell into a state of unconsciousness. Before that, he hid the bells from the bracelet in his hand, leaving just the bracelet itself as a clue for Wen Xingchen and the others.


He wondered how long had passed since then and if Lao Wen had discovered anything.


Lu Jingning was still bound and had nothing to do in the pitch-black room. The effect of the drug persisted, making his body weak and frail, perfectly portraying the image of a vulnerable male pet.


At that moment, the door was pushed open. The person entering the room assumed he was still unconscious and made some mocking remarks, his voice sharp, “Speaking of it, the boss is something else. He actually listened to someone and brought this Omega here. What use is there in kidnapping him? I heard this little pet is the Starlight of the Star God. A rich family’s young master like him must have countless male pets. How could he be willing to come here just for an Omega?”


Another person had a hoarse voice, “Tsk, what do you know? The boss doesn’t really expect to exchange this Omega for anything. He just wanted an excuse to lure those people here. Think about it, once they enter our territory, we can do whatever we want with them. Whether we give him back or not, isn’t it up to us to decide?”


“Yeah, you’re right.” The one with the sharp voice laughed and gazed at the black cloth covering Lu Jingning’s face, his intentions evident, “I heard this Omega is a top-notch one. While he’s still unconscious, why don’t we have some fun first?”


Listening to their conversation, Lu Jingning struggled to hold back a smirk. It seemed that the big fish had taken the bait!


Footsteps gradually approached him, and he could sense the two getting closer. They were about to uncover the cloth from his eyes when a stern voice came from the doorway, “Is this person someone you can just touch at will?”


The voice was low and unpleasant, and for some reason, Lu Jingning felt like he had heard it somewhere before.


The two intruders froze in place, “We, we were just looking.”


“Looking? Who gave you permission to look?” The newcomer’s cold laughter rang out as he threw something onto the table in the middle of the room, “Take this and inject him with it.”


“What is this…” The sharp voice became somewhat stunned after seeing what was on the table, “Why should we inject him with this?”


The man with the hoarse voice sounded displeased, “Just do it. Why so much talk?”


It was clear that the newcomer held a higher position than the two who came before. Under his obvious annoyance, the two quickly picked up what was on the table and stood on either side of Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning couldn’t see what they were about to inject him with, so he hesitated for a moment. Finally, he chose to remain completely unresponsive, allowing them to inject whatever it was into his body.


Seemingly worried that the dose might not be enough, the other man injected two doses.


“You can leave now.”


The newcomer dismissed the sharp-voiced man and the one with the hoarse voice, and then he pulled a chair from the side and sat right in the center of the room.


The sound of the wooden chair scraping against the floor was somewhat grating.


For a long time, no one spoke.


Lu Jingning had expected a reaction to follow, but there was none. Instead, he felt the pheromone energy inside him gradually subside. It suddenly occurred to him that what those people had injected him with wasn’t a pheromone inducer but… a suppressant?


After realizing this, he lowered his eyelashes slightly beneath the black cloth, his expression turning slightly gloomy. The role he played now was that of a frail and weak Omega slave, unable to resist or even show any sign of pheromone arousal without any premonition of heat. From any angle, there was no need for them to inject him with a suppressant.


The situation could only mean one thing – they knew who he was and were vigilant against his pheromone abilities.


As if to confirm his speculation, the person in the room stood up and walked slowly toward him, his tone dark, “I know you’re awake. There’s no point in pretending anymore, right?”


With his words, the black cloth covering Lu Jingning’s eyes fell away, and the sudden light made him squint for a moment. Once he adjusted, he saw a face that was sinister and full of resentment.


The face of a person he never expected to see again – Zhong Feng.


At this moment, Lu Jingning recalled the bounty hunters he saw at the garrison. It seemed that among the escapees, this guy was also one of them, and somehow, he ended up in this mysterious organization.


Zhong Feng appeared completely different from his flamboyant demeanor at Imperial Navy University. Now, he looked like an entirely changed person.


The once curly hair was now cut short, and scars scattered across his shaved head. He looked thin and unrecognizable, his aura entirely gloomy, resembling a venomous snake, staring at its prey, ready to bare its sharp fangs.


Lu Jingning wasn’t sure what happened to him during these days, but one thing was certain – the incident in the warehouse seemed to have left a significant psychological impact on him. Otherwise, why would he go from carrying a pheromone inducer with him to hastily injecting a suppressant upon seeing Lu Jingning?


Smirking at Zhong Feng’s increasingly menacing expression, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but laugh, his voice tinged with a touch of sarcasm, “What I really didn’t expect was that, Zhong Feng, after all this time, you’re still the same – such lowly scum.”


Lu Jingning’s words were undoubtedly like a sharp blade, piercing directly into Zhong Feng’s sore spot. The originally icy expression on Zhong Feng’s face was now covered with a deep, murderous intent. “As always, you’re so keen on seeking death!”



After Wen Xingchen returned and informed Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin about Lu Jingning’s disappearance, Wen Ye furrowed his brows, “Let’s split up and look for him.”


“No need. Let’s wait,” Wen Xingchen said firmly, tightly clutching the ankle bracelet that Lu Jingning had left behind. Though he felt an impulse to rush out, his rationality held him back, “He left a secret signal; it seems like he’s playing along with their plans. He shouldn’t be in immediate danger.”


Bing Yunlin glanced at Wen Xingchen’s expression and tried to console him, “Go get some water and calm your mind.”


Wen Xingchen nodded and allowed his gaze to drift to the distance, looking absent-minded.


He was currently feeling quite conflicted. He couldn’t discern whether his emotions were genuine or if he was merely putting on a show for those lurking in the shadows.


The more the situation escalated, the more he blamed himself for losing control last night.


Bing Yunlin didn’t say much more and gave some instructions to the others before patting Wen Ye’s shoulder and calling him aside, “After we receive information, most of the main actions will likely fall on us. Lu Jingning’s absence has clearly unsettled Wen Xingchen.”


Wen Ye nodded, “I understand, and I can relate.”


Amused by Wen Ye’s response, Bing Yunlin smiled slyly, “Understand the mission arrangements or understand your precious little brother?”


“Both,” Wen Ye replied calmly, casting a glance at Wen Xingchen, who was still standing motionless in the open area. His voice remained steady, “If you were the one missing, I probably wouldn’t be able to maintain my composure either.”


Bing Yunlin didn’t expect Wen Ye to say such a thing and fell silent for a moment before letting out a soft laugh, “That’s true, I guess there’s some truth to that.”


As Bing Yunlin gazed at Wen Ye with tender eyes, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you looking at me like that?”


“It’s nothing. I just feel that it’s not easy to hear a few sweet words from your mouth,” Bing Yunlin teased.


Wen Ye: “…………”


Is that so?



The harbor was far from tranquil during the night, with the bustling city district not too far away, its lights illuminating the night sky.


However, the evening breeze blowing through the area still carried a chilly touch.


As the surrounding transport vehicles saw that they hadn’t left for quite some time, they gradually departed one after another.


Finally, Wen Ye received the long-awaited message from his communicator. The content was simple: a location. Apart from that, there was no other information provided. Yet, it seemed like they were entirely certain that they should understand the significance of this message.


For Wen Xingchen and the others currently waiting for contact, there was indeed no need for further explanation.


Undoubtedly, it was Lu Jingning’s current location.


This communicator was specially prepared for their mission and only given to those on the cruise ship who tried to engage in negotiations.


It seemed that their target had already had contact with them before and had obtained their contact information in advance.


Unfortunately, the communication number on the other side was encrypted, making it difficult to obtain more clues in a short period.


Clearly, this had been planned for a long time.


However, at this moment, all of that seemed unimportant. They had to rescue Lu Jingning, and the sooner, the better.


With no hesitation, Wen Xingchen swiftly disappeared into the night.


Everyone chose to depart immediately. The urgency was evident; otherwise, they might lose Lu Jingning’s life.


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