Chapter 77

When Wen Xingchen returned, from a distance, everyone saw the tall figure cradling another person in their arms, and their hands remained motionless, hanging down by their sides. Blood had soaked through half of their clothes, and they looked completely unlike the carefree and flamboyant person they used to be.


Yu Qingcang stood there, frozen, under Wen Xingchen’s somber expression. His face was filled with disbelief, but after a moment, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and burst into tears, sobbing in pain, “You bastard, why did you risk your life to be a hero! And now… and now, how am I supposed to explain this to Uncle Lu! Lu Jingning, wake up and look at me!”


The atmosphere around them became incredibly sorrowful due to his wailing.


“…” Wen Xingchen’s lips tightened slightly, and he finally couldn’t hold back, saying, “He’s asleep.”


Yu Qingcang’s voice still carried a trace of choked-up emotions as he was immersed in his own grief, unable to break free from it. “I know, he’s just sleeping…”


After pausing for a few seconds, he raised his tearful eyes, “What did you say? He’s asleep?!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t want to explain further and handed Lu Jingning over to him, speaking in a tone devoid of emotions, “Take care of him for now, watch over him.”


Yu Qingcang looked down, and though the person in front of him had his eyes closed, the rhythmic rise and fall of his breath indicated that he was indeed simply sleeping.


After a while, he finally accepted this reality again and wiped away the tears at the corners of his eyes with a fierce motion, “Damn it, you tricky bastard, trying to trick me into crying!”


Cen Junfeng: “…”


He’s probably not a fool.


“You guys stay here and take care of Lu Jingning. Be careful, and if anything happens, remember to contact us immediately,” Wen Ye instructed briefly and then turned to Wen Xingchen, “I’ll go with you to search upstairs.”


Bing Yunlin calmly said, “I’ll come too.”


Knowing what they were worried about, Wen Xingchen didn’t refuse and nodded in agreement.


The hotel had three floors, and the first two were already completely cleared by Lu Jingning. Finally, in the corner of the third-floor hall, they found the remnants of this organization. These people seemed to have been frightened, huddled together in a corner, trembling in fear.


As soon as they heard the sound of the door opening, they instinctively started shooting wildly. However, for the three who were already on guard, their actions were futile.


In just a moment, the people hiding in the hall felt an overwhelming pheromonal presence assaulting them, making them all look like frightened birds, weak and helpless. Under the chilling oppression of Wen Xingchen’s powerful pheromones, even the Alphas couldn’t help but wail in despair, feeling as if a hand was firmly gripping their throats, almost suffocating them. 


The Betas, who couldn’t perceive pheromones, fared slightly better, but the extreme pressure still made them shiver uncontrollably. Before the three got close, they all knelt on the ground, banging their heads and begging for mercy.


Their instinct for survival made their pleas appear very sincere, leaving numerous blood-red marks on the ground in no time, with blood streaming down their foreheads.


Wen Xingchen’s face remained cold as he approached them, and his pheromones exploded again. This time, even the Betas couldn’t stand firm under the silent pressure and trembled all over.


He raised his foot without hesitation and kicked them heavily.


In an instant, the hall was filled with people lying in disarray, and the air was filled with cries of agony. Many even fainted from the extreme pressure.


Wen Ye saw Wen Xingchen’s intention to move forward and silently stood in his way, reminding him, “Leave some alive.”


Wen Xingchen’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and he stayed where he was without saying a word.


At that moment, everyone seemed to see a glimmer of hope for survival. When they looked at Wen Ye, their expressions carried a hint of gratitude.


Bing Yunlin timely stepped forward, showing a gentle smile to them, “Since we spared your lives, we need your help. We only need those who are useful, understand?”


The captives all nodded repeatedly.


These people were nothing but a ragtag bunch. Although some were skilled fighters among them, they were far from being a match for students from a regular military academy like them. It was inconceivable how they could silently rob eight merchant groups with just these people.


Some of the captives seemed to hold relatively higher positions among them. Under their leadership, Bing Yunlin quickly found the concealed storage room in the hotel, where a myriad of plundered goods were piled up. As for the members of the merchant groups, they were said to have been killed and dismembered.


After a thorough search of the hotel, they couldn’t find any trace of the “master” these people had mentioned. Bing Yunlin directly contacted Zhang Anfu, and soon the garrison troops arrived at the scene.


After counting the goods, it was confirmed that all the merchandise belonging to the merchant groups was indeed untouched.


However, the more this was the case, the more peculiar it seemed.

Based on the current situation, the mastermind behind this mysterious organization had apparently left before they arrived. If the person’s ultimate goal was for wealth, it’s puzzling why they left all the goods behind when leaving. From any perspective, it’s difficult to explain.


According to the testimonies of the captives, the person they served always wore a mask, and they had never seen the person’s real face. They only knew that the person had distinctive white hair.


It was said that this person had several powerful subordinates who were the true leaders in their actions of robbing the merchant groups.


However, tonight, neither the white-haired man nor any of his subordinates were seen. It was as if they had intentionally avoided confrontation after sensing that something was amiss. They had abandoned their carefully operated base without hesitation.


The whole incident was full of doubts.


However, these were obviously not the concerns of the military academy students.


For now, the mission has been successfully completed.


With the credits secured, Zhang Anfu’s job was to investigate further.


But for Wen Xingchen, what concerned him more was that Lu Jingning seemed to be sleeping too deeply.


Even after bringing Lu Jingning back to the dormitory, he remained in deep slumber.


Until three days after he woke up, Lu Jingning had not seen sunlight for a long time, so when he opened his eyes, he instinctively squinted.


When Yan Hebin heard movement and turned to look, his eyes flickered slightly, “Awake?”


“Yeah…” Lu Jingning rubbed his aching head and sat up from the bed, staring at Yan Hebin at the desk for a long time before his hazy mind finally reacted a little, “I’m back at school?”


“It’s been three days since you came back,” Yan Hebin took out a terminal and sent a message, pointing to the thermos box on the table, “Are you hungry? It’s still hot, eat now.”


Lu Jingning hadn’t eaten much during the days he slept, and after the reminder, he felt a rumble in his stomach. He immediately jumped off the bed and rushed to the table.


As the delicious food entered his stomach through his esophagus, he genuinely felt that his life had been elevated.


He ate to his heart’s content and couldn’t help but praise, “Yan Hebin, you’re amazing! Despite your usual icy appearance, you’re quite thoughtful!”


Yan Hebin glanced at him indifferently, “I didn’t prepare it.”


“Huh? Then who did?” Lu Jingning asked.


As soon as he finished speaking, the semi-closed door was suddenly pushed open.


Yan Hebin gestured towards the person who appeared in a hurry, “There, him.”


Lu Jingning looked up, and a familiar figure came into view, approaching him in the blink of an eye.




Before he could finish his words, he was already pulled into a hug.


Wen Xingchen’s somewhat hoarse voice came from above his head, “Finally awake? If you didn’t wake up, Dr. Su would have had to take leave to come over.”


Lu Jingning was stunned, “You went to find Su Qian?”


“Of course,” Wen Xingchen replied.


After the hospital’s experts couldn’t find the reason for his prolonged unconsciousness, besides Su Qian, he couldn’t think of anyone else to ask.


Lu Jingning scratched his cheek, feeling a little guilty when he saw Wen Xingchen’s gaze lingering on him. “I… didn’t mean to be so troublesome. You know, whenever I take the suppressant, I tend to get drowsy easily. You know, I tend to get sleepy whenever I take the suppressant.”


Wen Xingchen replied coldly, “I didn’t know.”


Lu Jingning asked, “Do you know now?”


Wen Xingchen said, “I don’t want to know.”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment and found it hard to resist when he saw Wen Xingchen’s slightly darkened gaze. He surrendered, “Okay… there won’t be a next time.”


Wen Xingchen said, “There won’t be a next time.”


Lu Jingning thought this person was taking advantage of the situation, but when he looked up, he saw the faint dark circles around Wen Xingchen’s eyes due to lack of sleep. His heart couldn’t help but soften. “Alright… there won’t be a next time.”


Wen Xingchen was finally satisfied, he ruffled Lu Jingning’s hair and let go, allowing him to continue enjoying his first meal after waking up.


While eating, Lu Jingning suddenly remembered a pair of emerald green vertical pupils.


Thinking of the white-haired man he had seen that night, Lu Jingning paused for a moment, and his expression suddenly became serious. “Is the mission on Watcher’s Island over?”


“Yeah, when we arrived, most of the people had already left, and it was handed over to Captain Zhang,” Wen Xingchen noticed the change in his expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment and said, “This matter may be related to the Zergs.”


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