Chapter 76


Lu Jingning’s current situation looked quite dire. He was not only bound physically but also injected with suppressants, completely stifling any release of the remaining pheromones in his body. It seemed nearly impossible for him to emit even a trace of his pheromones.


However, he wasn’t entirely satisfied with Zhong Feng’s statement. How could they say he was keen on seeking death? Provoking them had nothing to do with seeking death from any perspective. At most, it could be seen as a willingness to explore the truth.


In response, Lu Jingning put on a harmless smile and said, “Don’t say that. After all, we’ve met, and now that I’m in your hands, could you answer some questions for me?”


Zhong Feng couldn’t believe that the man before him could still maintain such a playful attitude in this situation. He had endured days of misery in prison, and all he could think about was the face he loathed so much. Now, having this man at his mercy, he felt quite satisfied. He coldly taunted, “You’re already a dead man. There’s no need for pointless chitchat.”


“But isn’t it necessary to talk a bit before dying, so you can die contentedly?” Lu Jingning chuckled and blinked curiously. “Since you were able to find me, you must have seen Wen Xingchen too. Knowing our identities, you still concealed the information and set a trap for your current boss. Is that really a wise move?”


It was clear from their previous conversation that the other two men had no idea about his true identity, suggesting that Zhong Feng had kept them in the dark intentionally. This self-sabotaging behavior piqued Lu Jingning’s curiosity about this man’s thought process.


Zhong Feng snapped, “So what? As long as I can capture you, I can do it at any cost!”


He had managed to escape during the chaos in the prison and made his way to Watchful Star, becoming a member of this mysterious organization. His A-level pheromone strength made him stand out among the others and gained him the favor of the leaders. He could have chosen to live a comfortable and carefree life on this remote planet through various means. But then, he encountered Lu Jingning—the man who had pushed him into the abyss.


The seed of resentment had been growing in his heart, and when he saw the face that he deeply abhorred, he couldn’t restrain his hatred. To him, such a comfortable life was meaningless unless he could get his master to help him exact revenge and annihilate these people. He knew that if his master knew these people were sent by the military academy, they would cease their actions. To make his master believe that the so-called Wen Corporation really existed, he decided to hide everything he knew.


And now, it seemed that his plan had succeeded. Lu Jingning was right before him, and all he needed to do was stab him to have his revenge.


Zhong Feng couldn’t help but lick the tip of his blade and smiled sinisterly. “They all say your face is handsome, but why do I find it so disgusting? If I thoroughly destroy this charming face, do you think Wen Xingchen will go insane?”


He vividly remembered the two people from that day in the warehouse. He wanted to destroy them both!


Lu Jingning, however, calmly lifted his leg and delivered a swift kick, sending Zhong Feng sprawling to the ground. The sudden pain made him instinctively retch.


Lu Jingning’s voice was chillingly low, “If you have any issues with me, deal with me. Who gave you the right to involve Wen Xingchen?”


Seemingly unaffected by the bound hands, Lu Jingning stood up, carrying the chair with him, and stepped closer to Zhong Feng, then delivered another kick, slamming him against the wall.


Zhong Feng’s head was spinning, and a strong sense of threat made him hesitate. Just as he was about to swing his blade at Lu Jingning, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Lu Jingning had kicked him again, causing him to crash into the wall.


The sudden change caught Zhong Feng off guard, and he stammered, “This can’t be…”


The display of strength was nothing like that of an Omega without pheromones.


As the situation unfolded, Lu Jingning freed himself from the ropes and coldly observed the man named Zhong Feng, who lay on the ground, his chest heaving with fear and desperation. Zhong Feng tried to use his Alpha pheromones to influence Lu Jingning, but to no avail, as Lu Jingning was not affected by an A-class Alpha.


Lu Jingning kicked Zhong Feng’s head again, taunting him with disdain. He mocked Zhong Feng for being clueless about the possibilities and unable to recognize his mistakes. Lu Jingning reminded him of the errors he had made in the past, and how he was making the biggest mistake of his life right now, trying to threaten and harm Lu Jingning and the people he cared about.


Desperate and panicking, Zhong Feng tried to reason with Lu Jingning, claiming that killing him would be illegal as he was an escaped convict. However, Lu Jingning calmly retorted that he was acting in self-defense against Zhong Feng’s aggressive actions.


Despite Zhong Feng’s plea, Lu Jingning swiftly took hold of the situation. In a fierce and decisive move, he impaled Zhong Feng’s heart with his own knife. As the blood poured out, Lu Jingning watched him slide lifelessly down the wall.


Aware that others would be drawn by the commotion, Lu Jingning needed to escape the scene. He scoured Zhong Feng’s belongings and found a laser gun in a bag. Lu Jingning chuckled at Zhong Feng’s attempts to deceive him earlier.


Now, relying solely on his physical prowess, as his pheromones had been suppressed, Lu Jingning moved agilely through the chaos of the corridor, leaving behind a trail of bodies. The low-level hired hands, mostly weaker Alphas or Betas, couldn’t do anything to stop his swift movement.


Finally, as he found himself alone in the corridor, Lu Jingning smiled. He had managed to evade capture and kill his captors with sheer skill and luck. However, he knew that he had to act quickly before others arrived. The enemies’ pheromones had been suppressing his own, and it was dangerous to stay exposed.


Laughing at his good fortune, Lu Jingning continued to navigate through the complex, preparing for the next challenge that awaited him.


He glanced at the bloodstains on his clothes, unsure when they got there, and stowed the newly acquired firearms into the leather pouch around his waist. Scanning the surroundings, he took a step towards a deeper area. According to Zhong Feng’s implication, those people still didn’t know their true identities. In that case, Wen Xingchen and the others must be on their way to “pick him up” by now.


Before they arrived, he had to create more chaos in this place. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous if the enemy operated in secret while they were exposed. Moreover, the suppressants that Zhong Feng used earlier seemed to be gradually taking effect. With these thoughts in mind, Lu Jingning felt an increasing sense of urgency to accelerate his progress.


However, just as he took a few steps forward, his footsteps suddenly halted. He felt a gaze fixed on him, which gave rise to an unprecedented sense of threat. Lu Jingning instinctively looked up and saw through the transparent window a platform on the second floor where a flying aircraft was stationed.


Standing by the aircraft was a white-haired man with a slender appearance. Under the faint starlight, his face seemed to be covered with a strange white hue. The man was looking in Lu Jingning’s direction, and the gaze came directly from his unique eyes, which had a distinctive emerald-green color and vertical pupils.


During that brief moment when their eyes met, Lu Jingning felt a chill enveloping his entire body. Not out of fear, but because of his exceptional eyesight, he could clearly see the unique pupils in those eyes – they were emerald green and vertically shaped.


The man gazed at him for a while and then turned to board the aircraft, disappearing into the sky.



The location where Wen Xingchen and the others were supposed to rendezvous was a hotel not far from the south of the harbor. As they didn’t know the other party’s background, everyone was extremely cautious.


Upon entering the hotel, they found the lobby empty and deserted. As they proceeded further inside, scattered corpses lying on the ground came into view, shocking them all. Realizing what had happened, Wen Xingchen hurriedly quickened his steps, running deep into the hotel.


As they went deeper, the silence became increasingly dreadful. Throughout their journey, Wen Xingchen failed to perceive any trace of Lu Jingning’s pheromones, no matter how hard he tried to sense them. His pace quickened even further.


He couldn’t remember how many rooms he had opened so far when, as he pushed open another door, the person inside instinctively stood up, and almost simultaneously, raised their firearms at him.


Recognizing the person’s appearance, Wen Xingchen felt his breath pause for a moment before he managed to speak with a slightly hoarse voice, “It’s me.”


With his back to the light, Lu Jingning sensed the overly familiar pheromones surrounding him, and he couldn’t help but smile lightly, “Ah, you finally came.”


Once he relaxed, Lu Jingning almost slumped into Wen Xingchen’s arms, who quickly embraced him. Covered in bloodstains, Wen Xingchen dared not move too much, unsure of where Lu Jingning might be injured.


Taking in the pleasant scent of mint smoke, Lu Jingning felt the wandering gaze of the other person on him. He couldn’t help but chuckle softly, “Don’t worry, it’s all someone else’s blood, I’m fine.”


Only then did Wen Xingchen’s tense heart ease up a bit, and just as he was about to say something, the person in his arms spoke again, “I just want to… sleep for a while.”


Wen Xingchen’s back stiffened, and he blurted out, “Sleep?!”


Lu Jingning: “Mhm, I just want to rest for a bit.”


With the combat process, Lu Jingning had kept his nerves tense, resisting the strong drowsiness caused by the two suppressants. Only when he was lying in the comforting embrace could he finally relax. At this moment, his eyelids couldn’t help but droop, and he seemed to be completely engulfed by a profound darkness.


Keeping this posture, Wen Xingchen fell silent for a moment, feeling the rising and falling breath of the person in his arms. He hugged him tighter and said in a hoarse voice, “You really are reckless.”


The author has something to say: Lu bro is very angry after being touched the wrong way, and the consequences are severe. Tsk, in a way, it’s all for you, Lao Wen.


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