Chapter 64 – Lu Shifeng’s beloved wife

Chapter 64 – Lu Shifeng’s beloved wife


The salesperson at the women’s clothing store was momentarily taken aback. Jian Luo turned and looked at the woman over there, asking, “But your men’s clothing store, I want to buy women’s clothing.”


The salesperson looked slightly surprised. “Are you buying for someone else?”


Jian Luo nodded and introduced Su Liang, saying, “I brought my mother here to try on some clothes.”


The salesperson smiled warmly. “Of course, we also have a women’s clothing store right next door! You’re our esteemed member, and I’m here to assist you with anything you need.”


Jian Luo hadn’t expected that their store also sold women’s clothing. He immediately said to Su Liang, “Let’s switch to another store then.”


Su Liang nodded.


Just as they were about to leave, the manager of the women’s clothing store reacted first. She stepped forward to intercept Jian Luo and said, “Sir, did you just find a women’s outfit in our store that you’d like to try on? We can prepare it for you to try right away.”


Jian Luo paused and looked at the manager, his tone indifferent. “Worried about it getting dirty?”


The manager chuckled awkwardly and stood in front of Jian Luo. “Sir, what are you saying? How could that be? The girl who just served you is new here, and she’s very considerate. Please don’t judge us based on her.”


Her attitude now was completely different from her earlier arrogance.


Jian Luo raised an eyebrow and looked at the manager. After a moment of silence, he glanced at the salesperson who had spoken initially and smiled faintly. “New, you say?”


The manager nodded, “Yes.”


Jian Luo’s expression remained indifferent. “If she’s new, then let’s consider it training. I wouldn’t want to make a mess in your store.”


The manager choked up, her face turning somewhat unpleasant.


Jian Luo, accompanied by Su Liang, left the store. The salespeople in the store opposite them were all smiles, as if they had seen a wealthy patron approaching them. “Please come in.”


The group left together.


One of the female salespersons walked up to the manager and said, “Manager, why did you try to keep him? Look at the clothes he was wearing…”


The manager cursed in frustration, “What do you understand? Do you know how much a VIP like Lord Huangchen Clothing spends to qualify?”


The female salesperson hesitated, “How much?”


“Ten million!” The manager gritted her teeth. “I heard that his store was once emptied by someone, all the clothes for the small-sized humans. Have you considered that?”


The female salesperson was at a loss. “Well, maybe…”


The manager sighed deeply and gave a cold look to the female salesperson. “You’d better hope it’s maybe, or else…”


Losing a big order like that was an absolute disaster.


On the other side – Huangcheng Clothing Store.


Jian Luo had noticed before that their store’s styles and materials leaned more towards the aesthetics and requirements of humans. He hadn’t expected there to be a women’s clothing store as well.


The salesperson was enthusiastic towards Su Liang. “Your skin is so fair, and your figure is really good. We just received a new batch of dresses and suits. Please be sure to try them on.”


Su Liang looked at the dresses on the rack – fitted ones, long ones, with fresh and innovative colors and patterns.


Her eyes sparkled. “I’d like to see them.”


The salesperson happily handed her some dresses. “Please try them on. The fitting rooms are in the back.”


Su Liang blushed a bit. “Thank you, but I’m a bit older, maybe these aren’t suitable…”


The salesperson, an alien herself, understood the situation. Women like Su Liang, at her age, were in the prime of their youth, the most beautiful time of their lives. She reassured, “You’re worrying too much; these clothes will suit you very well.”


Jian Luo, who was behind them, added, “Mom, just give it a try.”


Su Liang nodded and went to try on the clothes.


Jian Luo sat down and sighed a bit. He had found that Su Liang’s mindset was somewhat conservative and reserved. He had inquired and learned that Su Liang was still in her thirties, not even 40 yet. In the environment of the Dark Star, human lifespans had increased significantly, with most living to around 100 years.


In other words, Su Liang’s life had only just begun.


Jian Luo didn’t want her to end or give up so quickly. He hoped that Su Liang could regain her confidence and truly be herself.


The curtain opened.


Su Liang walked out in a white, form-fitting dress. Her skin was fair, her figure graceful, and her temperament gentle. Her hair was simply arranged at the back of her head, with a few strands falling by her ears, adding a soft touch. There were a pair of high-heeled shoes specially provided in the fitting room, and she walked in them gracefully, the high-quality fabric of the dress emitting a dazzling radiance.


The server couldn’t help but exclaim, “Truly remarkable.”


Jian Luo sincerely added, “Mom, you look beautiful.”


“Really?” Su Liang took a few steps, and due to the high heels, her steps were a bit awkward. She walked up to the glass and looked at the woman in the mirror with a hint of disbelief.


The server chimed in from behind, “It suits you very well. You look beautiful.”


Su Liang stared at herself in the mirror for a moment and murmured, “I’ve never worn anything like this before. It looks…”


She had never worn clothes like this, as she always had to work, and wearing such clothes would hinder her movements. Even during her wedding, she hadn’t dressed so elegantly.


Jian Luo walked up from behind, saying, “Mom, you look really good in it.”


Su Liang murmured, “But these are not the kind of clothes you wear in daily life.”


“In that case, let’s buy something for daily wear as well,” Jian Luo replied casually. “After all, you have a clothes rack, so you can wear whatever you want.”


Su Liang wanted to refuse, but when she thought about Jian Luo’s current achievements and status, and the embarrassment of attending a school parent meeting in shabby clothes, she reluctantly agreed.


What Su Liang didn’t expect was that Jian Luo had packed up all the clothes she had tried on, both the ones she liked and the ones she hadn’t tried yet. Clothes of all sizes filled the entire long table, and the store employees were busy packing them.


The manager even personally escorted them to the door. “Don’t worry, we will have someone deliver these to you. The clothes also come with after-sales support. If there’s any damage or wrinkles, we will provide free repairs, and even cleaning services are included. Just contact me, and a specialist will come to your door.”


Jian Luo nodded and said, “Thank you.”


The store employees expressed their gratitude, “It’s an honor to serve you.”


For customers of this level, the manager would never neglect them, and the commotion in the entire store also caught the attention of neighboring clothing stores.


The store had glass doors, and the long table filled with clothes swiped by credit cards piqued the interest of all the shopkeepers. Such a high-profile customer was a rare sight, probably not seen for a long time!


Across the street, the store was in even greater shock.


One of the female salespeople couldn’t believe it. “How is this possible…”


The store manager was so angry she felt like she was about to faint. She glared at the female salesperson angrily. “You useless thing! You’ve ruined the entire store’s performance! Starting today, you’re off your post, and you’ll need to undergo retraining!”


The female salesperson’s heart sank. She felt like the world was mocking her. She looked at Jian Luo and Su Liang’s attire, unable to believe how a human could be so wealthy. There must be something fishy going on…


The next day was the parent-teacher meeting at Jian Luo’s school.


It was a private noble school, so the parents who came for the meeting were all relatively well-off. On the day of the parent-teacher meeting, the place was bustling with various luxury cars.


Jian Luo had been sent there by Lu Shifeng. He sat in the back with Lu Shifeng, while Su Liang sat in the front. Throughout the journey, she listened nervously, fearing that her son would do something reckless and embarrass her, especially since the marshal seemed quite satisfied with Jian Luo.


However, Jian Luo had no self-awareness whatsoever.


Lu Shifeng said, “Finish eating it.”


“I’m full,” Jian Luo frowned, a bit annoyed. “I don’t like the taste; it’s bitter.”


Lu Shifeng tried to persuade him, “It’s nutritious.”


Jian Luo pretended not to hear, “Dragon fruit is nutritious too. I’ll eat more dragon fruit tomorrow.”


“Same thing.” Lu Shifeng made him finish the last bite. “This is the last one.”


Jian Luo stuffed the sweet fruit into his mouth and pretended to see something. “I’m full now. If I eat more, I’ll be too full, and then you’ll have to carry me.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Do you still have room for sweet fruit?”


Jian Luo turned the tables on him, sounding a bit aggrieved. “So now you’re willing for me to eat something?”


Conversations like these made Su Liang’s heart race. She never imagined that her son would be so audacious. Wasn’t he afraid of angering the marshal? A person like Lu Shifeng could be terrifying when angered!


What surprised her even more was that Lu Shifeng put away the fruit. “If you want to eat sweet fruit later, take some with you. Don’t go hungry.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Okay, thanks, Long ge. I’ve already acted.”


Su Liang couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Wasn’t her child afraid of anything?


Lu Shifeng then repeated, “You can eat some sweet fruit later; don’t starve yourself now.”


Jian Luo nodded and adamantly said again, “Alright, thanks, Long ge. I’m already full.”



Getting off the car, Su Liang’s heart felt uneasy. Since the car couldn’t enter the school premises, they had to walk in from outside. Jian Luo was supposed to meet them at the entrance, but their son wasn’t at the designated spot.


Jian Luo waited for a while and tried to reassure Su Liang, “I’ll send a message to check.”


Su Liang nodded lightly. “I hope nothing has happened to him.”


“I’ll find out,” Jian Luo replied. He sent a message, but there was no response. Just as he was about to consider going inside himself, he noticed a group of people gathered under the shade of trees in the distance, seemingly for no apparent reason. He had a strange premonition.


Jian Luo said to Su Liang, “Mom, please wait for me here. I’ll go take a look.”


Su Liang hesitated for a moment but nodded. “Okay.”


Jian Luo walked towards the group of people under the tree shade, and as he got closer, he could hear Jian Sheng’s voice. There was another parent nearby, angrily shouting, “Are you capable of compensating? Can you afford it? Pay attention when you’re walking! How did a human child even get in here? Did you come to the wrong school? Do you know how valuable my belongings are?”


Jian Sheng lowered his head and kept apologizing, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I will compensate.”


The man brushed his clothes and continued, “How uncultured! You say you’ll compensate, but do you even know the value of my clothes? They are the same model as Mr. Nie’s. Do you know Mr. Nie? Besides him, there’s only me with this limited edition outfit. Fine, I also need an apology from you. Let your parents come to negotiate about the cost of the clothes. I need an explanation!”

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