Chapter 93


Just one minute before the competition started, the system officially announced the rules of the game.


It was very simple, all you need to do is eliminate all the other players, and the last five survivors will qualify for the breakthrough round.


An extremely simple and brutal elimination rule.


Of course, to prevent anyone from exploiting loopholes, the organizing committee made a special note: the qualifiers must accumulate at least 5 kill points. If one of the final five does not meet this condition, the spot will be transferred to the deceased player with the highest number of kills, and so on.


When the countdown ended, Lu Jingning’s vision blurred, and the scene suddenly changed as he was randomly teleported to a corner of the map.


It’s hard to say whether he was lucky or not, but as he walked for a while and hadn’t seen anyone yet, the headcount on the scoreboard had already begun to soar rapidly.


Casually glancing at it, he found that the people from Lanyuan Island had the fastest increase in headcount, followed by Baichen.


The corners of Lu Jingning’s mouth couldn’t help but drop slightly, not too pleased. What’s going on? Just when he wanted kills, he couldn’t get any. What’s with this bad luck?


Although he didn’t particularly like working, he still had to meet his performance targets, right?


I wonder if he heard his inner protest, but in the end, Heaven gave him a chance. After walking a bit further, he finally saw a group of people in his field of vision.


It looked more like a brawl than a fight.


Lu Jingning’s eyes lit up, he adjusted the stick in his hand, and with a swift step, he rushed over like a hungry tiger.


To survive, these two teams of players had put in a lot of effort before the game even started, but they hadn’t counted on encountering Lu Jingning, a roadblock bandit.


At this moment, they were fighting fiercely, and various pheromones filled the air, creating an intense atmosphere of battle. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the crowd.


Before anyone could react, a massive metal rod swung ferociously, and there was a series of “clang, clang, clang” sounds as heads were struck. Suddenly, everything went black, and they all fell to the ground.


In the later stages of the preliminaries, players were allowed to carry a melee weapon. Lu Jingning didn’t have a favorite, so he chose the most effective one.


With the large rare metal rod on his shoulder, he appeared incredibly at ease. He swept through the crowd like a whirlwind, eliminating everyone in his path, feeling satisfied as he touched his nose. “Comfortable, performance targets achieved!”


On the scoreboard, his name suddenly shot up by more than ten points in an instant, and he jumped to third place.


Players in other parts of the arena were left a little bewildered, even the commentator was shocked by his overly efficient pace.


“Hey, classmate from the Imperial Navy, could you please consider our feelings a bit? We haven’t even had a chance to switch the camera to you, and you’re already going full throttle?!”



Baichen had just eliminated a poor soul who tried to ambush him with a single strike. At this moment, he looked at the name that had just appeared on the scoreboard and narrowed his eyes slightly. His face showed a smile that was not quite a smile, looking somewhat pleased and a little displeased.


He had already killed more than 20 people, which didn’t seem like a lot on a map with 200 players, but it was quite a number for the short time since the game started.


However, these cannon fodder players had little meaning to him. He just wanted to meet a human named Lu Jingning.


As an Alpha, Baichen had encountered the scent of Omega from his insect clan, and perhaps it was because of their mutual repulsion, but he loathed that sickening sweetness and softness, as if they were constantly trying to please the Alphas.


In his impression, human Omegas were like delicate, repugnant beings, unlike the female insects of their clan who had perfect looks and fought at the forefront of battles.


Baichen followed the current path for a while and quickly spotted a pile of “corpses” at the end of his vision.


From the looks of it, they had all been eliminated.


As he approached, the scene indicated that they had just gone through a fierce battle, but for some reason, they had all been wiped out in an instant.


Thinking of the sudden jump in the scoreboard earlier, Baichen’s emerald eyes showed no emotion as they flickered slightly, revealing a hint of excitement at the discovery of prey.


He made a sudden, unannounced move and began to move swiftly through the map.


The insect clan, known for their extreme ferocity, had a bad reputation outside, but despite that, Baichen, who was participating for the first time, had accumulated quite a few fans in a short time due to his eye-catching appearance.


At this moment, the cameraman happened to focus on him, and with such swift movement, the barrage of comments flew by.


“Ah, my husband is so handsome!”


“What husband? Clearly, it’s a female. If you have to call, call them ‘wife’!”


“Today’s Chen Chen is still enchanting me. I wonder which poor guy he’s targeted again.”


“Look at that side profile, I can’t handle it, please help me!”


“Are all these people masochists, picking an insect clan member? Look at the info, this Baichen is from the mantis clan. They’re calling each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’ Aren’t they afraid of being dissected if they’re captured?”


“I see someone! Wait… this hair color, isn’t it…”







The barrage of comments ended with a sea of question marks and exclamation points.


It’s not surprising that the viewers were excited. After all, Lu Jingning and Baichen were both top contenders for the championship in Zone C. As emerging bounty hunters, both of them had gained a substantial fanbase in the short preliminary period. No one expected them to face each other so soon.


Lu Jingning, after securing a batch of points, was in a good mood. He had already achieved the minimum performance, so he was thinking of finding a place to rest.


Due to his keen sense of danger, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine and instinctively turned to look back.


At the same time, he leaped swiftly backward, and in the next moment, a sword aura passed over his previous position, leaving a visible dent on the ground.


“Oh?” Baichen’s voice rang out gently, showing some surprise that Lu Jingning had managed to evade his attack.


Baichen’s emerald pupils shrank slightly. He retracted his long sword and examined the person in front of him with interest.


Lu Jingning had not wanted to engage this somewhat peculiar individual in combat, but since they had crossed paths, running away wasn’t his style. He waved his stick in hand and flexed his muscles, saying, “I’m giving you a chance now. Come on.”


It had been a long time since Baichen had faced such a direct and arrogant challenge. His voice was slightly husky, giving off an eerie, almost provocative feeling. “I actually wanted to spar with you last time, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance.”


Lu Jingning had already created some distance between them, and now, feeling the intense scrutiny, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow.


Although he knew he would eventually cross paths with this insect, he didn’t expect it to happen so soon. He sighed a bit with regret in his heart. He hadn’t even had a chance to seduce Xiao Zhouzhou yet.


“Actually, humans were educated that Alphas are natural warriors, the biggest obstacle on the path to supremacy. Although I haven’t used my full strength yet, I didn’t expect to be entangled with an Omega for so long.”


At the same time, Lu Jingning’s mind was filled with suspicion. While he maintained a calm exterior, he was inwardly cursing.


“Damn, what’s wrong with this insect? He looks fragile, but his strength is no joke. My hand is hurting from the vibrations!”


Although he really didn’t want to use pheromones prematurely during the preliminary rounds, at this moment, with no other options and seeing that a direct confrontation wasn’t giving him any advantage, he decided to concentrate on releasing his pheromones.


However, he didn’t anticipate that at the same time, Baichen would make the same choice. He activated his energy body, and in an instant, a faint white light surrounded him.


The two tremendous energies collided head-on.


The overwhelming force pushed both of them back a short distance before coming to a halt.


But the surrounding trees were not so lucky. It was as if they had experienced an intense explosion, and in the midst of settling dust, everything in the vicinity was destroyed.


Baichen’s longsword resounded with a sharp clang. The overwhelming strength displayed by his opponent intensified the excitement in his expression. He was about to engage in the battle once more when a faint, almost imperceptible scent wafted through the air.


His movements momentarily froze.


Baichen had encountered the scents of human pheromones before—Alpha’s being intensely aggressive and Omega’s nauseatingly sweet. But never had he experienced a scent so… tempting. It was an irresistibly alluring fragrance.


In that moment, Baichen’s throat tightened uncontrollably. He unconsciously licked his lips, and when he looked up again, his eyes shimmered with a hint of fervor.


Even when facing the most elite males of his own kind, he had never felt this desire to possess someone.


Despite the distance between them, Lu Jingning could clearly feel the inexplicable surge of excitement from the insect on the other side. If there were conditions to meet, he could almost sense that the creature might pounce on him at any moment.


Lu Jingning had never thought his pheromones would have the same oppressive effect on the insect clan. But even more unexpectedly, it had an overwhelmingly unpredictable impact.


Watching the other’s eyes turning somewhat crimson and feeling the lingering gaze directed at him, Lu Jingning had to make an absurd hypothesis.


After smelling his pheromones, did Baichen… go into heat? This was just absurd!


At this point, Baichen approached step by step, carrying his sword. With each step, his breathing grew heavier, as if he was struggling to restrain something. “Come here. Let’s… talk.”


“Talk my foot!”


Lu Jingning, who had been stiffly standing in place, didn’t hesitate anymore. He bolted away. While he wasn’t afraid of fighting people, looking at the current state of this insect, it was as if his life was on the line.


Now was the perfect time to run, he didn’t want to broadcast explicit content in front of the entire interstellar audience.


After every live broadcast, there would be recordings, and what if Wen Ge saw it? He was done for!

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