Chapter 125: Cycle of a Hundred Years (1)


In the eighth star system, the planet of Jaha continued its day of prosperity and thriving.


Being the most remote trading planet in this star system, it boasted top-tier population and technological advancements.


Upon graduating from the Qiang Cang Academy, he was assigned to the Fifth Legion, stationed on the planet of Jaha.


In a way, it could be considered part of the frontier defense force, crucial in safeguarding the Empire’s security.


However, today, he wasn’t on duty at his post. Instead, after requesting a few days off from his superior, he appeared in the bustling and lively market, dressed neatly and presentably.


With the appointed time still ahead, Yu Qingcang held a bouquet of vibrant flowers in his hand, his face adorned with a bright smile.


As he couldn’t help but imagine the scene of their meeting later, a luxurious spacecraft suddenly roared in, initially seeming like it would zoom past, yet unexpectedly coming to a sudden halt.


The strong airflow tousled his hair.


Yu Qingcang lifted his head to glare, about to reprimand, only to see the car door open, revealing a familiar figure stepping out from above.


Ren Jin wore a light blue top paired with black trousers. Although it was a very ordinary attire, Yu Qingcang found it inexplicably adorable.


At this moment, due to his apology, there was a faint blush on his cheeks, resembling the just-ripened apple.


Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but gaze at that face a little longer than intended, preparing to say something, but his attention was diverted by someone behind.


This type of spacecraft cost far more than just millions on the market; driving this model indicated considerable wealth. And the man who accompanied Ren Jin appeared quite young, dressed in a classic, aristocratic style. He sported a pair of glasses, exuding a refined aura.


This scene momentarily caught Yu Qingcang off guard, and a series of thoughts flashed through his mind: “Am I about to be dumped?”, “Has Ren Jin found a new Alpha?”, “Being in the military was a mistake; long-distance relationships never work.” His lips involuntarily tightened with a hint of hostility.


Just as he hesitated about releasing a bit of pheromones to intimidate the seemingly clueless young man, the person opposite, despite his flashy appearance, greeted first: “Hey, old Yu, long time no see. Why do you seem more ferocious now?”


This voice carried a familiar tone.


Before Yu Qingcang could react, the other person playfully pulled down the sunglasses from his nose, revealing an extremely familiar and somewhat arrogant face.


After all these years since graduation, Jiang Luan remained as carefree as during their time in the Imperial Navy.


At this moment, grinning mischievously, “What, should I thank you for bringing your little boyfriend here?” 


Beside them, Ren Jin gently coughed, explaining, “My spacecraft malfunctioned midway, and Jiang Luan happened to be nearby. He heard I was coming to see you and offered to come along.”


Yu Qingcang looked at Ren Jin and then at Jiang Luan, finally remembering his sovereign duty. He pulled the person over in one swift move and thrust the bouquet into his hands, “Here, darling!”


Ren Jin was momentarily stunned, “Ah… thank you.”


The excessively ostentatious spacecraft drew too much attention. The three didn’t linger and found a suitable place to park, settling in a roadside restaurant.


After graduating, Ren Jin failed to be recruited by the military, much like most Omegas. Instead of persistently pursuing a career in the armed forces, he found a job as an ordinary employee.


Because of this, unlike Yu Qingcang, who was immersed in various military training within the army, he managed to maintain more contact with relaxed old friends like Jiang Luan.


As they discussed each other’s lives for a while, the conversation inevitably turned to Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen.


Yu Qingcang evidently had a better grasp of their news than the other two. As he started speaking, his enthusiasm soared, “You guys have no idea. Those two kids might be invincible now! You know, what kind of place the Alliance Army is? It’s a den of wolves! Yet, now, the entire elite team worships them; it’s absolutely amazing!”


Ren Jin listened attentively, eagerly jotting down notes, prompting, “Details? What specific feats? Tell me quickly! Our support group sisters have been relying on internal news!”


Jiang Luan felt momentarily powerless to comment, casually popping a peanut into his mouth and chewing vigorously, “What, your shoddy support group hasn’t disbanded yet?”


“Kidding, how could our Brother Lu’s support group ever disband! He’s forever the Omega’s beacon of light!” As the long-time captain of Lu Jingning’s support group, Ren Jin hadn’t forgotten his duty, emphasizing to Jiang Luan, “Brother Lu will forever be the most admirable man in my life, no one else!”


Seeing his little boyfriend idolizing his childhood friend so fervently, Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but gesture towards himself, “If he’s your most admired man, then what about me?”


Ren Jin pondered for a moment and confirmed, “You can be the second!”


Yu Qingcang’s lips twitched, eventually conceding, “Fine, being second is okay.”


Upon careful consideration, if the first position was his road dad, it didn’t seem like too much of a loss, right?


Jiang Luan, on the side, was already laughing uncontrollably, “Yu Qingcang, what’s up with you? You’re satisfied with this?”


Yu Qingcang shot him a glare, “You, cunning merchant, keep quiet!”


Jiang Luan raised an eyebrow, neither confirming nor denying.


By now, he had essentially taken over the family business entirely. Under his command were not less than ten top-tier companies. He was an absolute winner in life, and he didn’t need to waste words with this brute.


After all, he was a man worth millions in a second, each word he uttered was pure gold!


Glancing at the time on his terminal, Jiang Luan stood up, saying, “Alright, I’ve seen everyone; I’ve got things to do. I’ll take my leave.”


Ren Jin exclaimed, “Huh, leaving so soon?”


Jiang Luan hung his coat on his arm, smiling and winking at Ren Jin, “It’s called being considerate. I came to visit, not to disturb your lovebirds.”


Ren Jin’s face blushed slightly.


Yu Qingcang, with no good temper left, gave Jiang Luan a kick from afar, “Alright, if you’re leaving, leave quickly!”


Though they said that, both stood up and escorted Jiang Luan to the door.


Jiang Luan grinned as he watched the two standing side by side, bidding farewell. Just before leaving, intending to tease a bit more, he suddenly felt the ground tremble slightly under his feet.


Immediately after, screams erupted, chaos ensued.


This scene was all too familiar.


Just as the surroundings dimmed suddenly, the three instinctively looked up. The seemingly clear sky was torn apart as massive warships appeared without warning, completely blocking the starlight.


The entire city plunged into utter panic due to these unexpected visitors.


This operation through the spatial signal gate instantly reminded several recent Imperial Navy graduates of the devastating memories of pirate attacks from years ago.


Yu Qingcang’s communicator buzzed quickly. Simultaneously, several anti-aircraft gates emerged unexpectedly from the ground like mushrooms.


As if anticipating this day, while the alarms blared, personnel on duty swiftly organized the masses to seek refuge in the air-raid shelters.


“Reporting to the commander, I’ll be back at the base immediately!”


After replying, Yu Qingcang looked deeply at Ren Jin, gritting his teeth as he handed him over to Jiang Luan, instructing, “At the second right turn of the next street, there’s an entrance to an air-raid shelter. Hurry there! And remember, don’t run out on your own, understand?”


After saying this, just as he was about to turn around, the edge of his clothes was lightly tugged by Ren Jin.


It was evident that the fear of the unknown had tinged his eyes slightly red. Although his voice trembled, he tried to maintain a calm tone, “Don’t worry about me, but please, ensure your own safety!”


Yu Qingcang paused for a moment, then smiled and ruffled Ren Jin’s hair firmly, “Don’t worry, after this fight, we’ll continue our date!”


Jiang Luan urged, “Go quickly. I’ll take care of your little boyfriend’s safety for you.”




Yu Qingcang saluted him and concentrated the pheromones in his feet, without looking back, rushing towards the direction of his military base.


Explosions echoed incessantly along the way, screams and cries accompanying them.


In the field of vision, numerous ordinary citizens scrambled towards various air-raid shelter entrances, completely disrupting the peaceful scene.


These scenes, involuntarily, overlapped with the pirate attack years ago.


However, this time, compared to back then, it was evidently more devastating.


But for Qingcang, one thing was entirely different now.


He wasn’t the clueless new student anymore; he was a true soldier, carrying the mission of defending the empire!


Qingcang remembered, just a few days ago, jokingly remarking to his superior how extravagant it seemed for the empire to spend so much on constructing numerous air-raid shelters in such a peaceful era.


At that time, his superior only smiled and remained silent.


It’s only now that he suddenly realizes, perhaps long ago, the Empire had anticipated this day’s arrival and had long been in preparation.


Enemy troops on the warships began landing with small aircraft, starting their rampant plunder on the ground.


On the other side, Imperial warships could be seen rapidly approaching from a distance.


Orderly and unafraid.


Although he hadn’t directly encountered the insect race, during Lu Jingning’s participation in the bounty competition, Yu Qingcang had seen the creature called the White Morning Star Female through a live broadcast. Now, as he observed the enemy forces resembling those vertical pupils, even though he was running, he felt his blood momentarily congeal.


Yu Qingcang subconsciously glanced at the dim and darkened sky, quietly clenching his fists.


It had been over a hundred years since the last war between humans and the insect race. He had never imagined he would witness the beginning of a historic war once again.


On that day, peace shattered once more, and the second inter-species war erupted in full force.


A hundred years’ cycle.

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