Chapter 126: Cycle of a Hundred Years (2)


The scene on the planet of Jaha was just a microcosm amidst the clarion call of war, one among numerous planets.


For the commencement of this war, the insect race seemed thoroughly prepared. Just through the spatial-temporal portal, thousands of warships appeared in a grand procession, looming over the skies of several dozen human planets.


However, the human response seemed faster than anticipated by the insect race.


Even before the insect race’s warships could breach the front line, they were already significantly intercepted by the vast alliance fleet at the periphery.


The team Lu Jingning belonged to had received orders from Jiang Quan. At this moment, they were maneuvering along a secluded interstellar route, circling around to the rear of the nearest planet.


On the warship, the members of the Stargaze team were bustling around, occasionally glancing towards the figure standing at the command console. Their expressions hinted at thoughts they hesitated to express.


Just as they received the orders, everyone seemed somewhat bewildered.


They couldn’t fathom how Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, who were just ordinary captains before, had suddenly ascended to the rank of colonels.


Shouldn’t promotions and increments follow a logical progression? This was completely out of the ordinary!


Lu Jingning confirmed the warship had aligned correctly and turned to Yan Hebin, saying, “Double-check the communication systems, make sure not to miss any signal source. We have only one chance, if we fail, everything will be on the line here.”


Yan Hebin nodded, saying, “I’ve got it covered, don’t worry.”


Lu Jingning leisurely took out a mint cigarette, not lighting it, just dangling it between his lips, swaying it up and down. “Let’s fight this battle well, and after it’s over, let’s have Commander Jiang treat us to a big meal!”


The others cheered in agreement.


The “Commander Jiang” in Lu Jingning’s words referred to Jiang Quan. Over the years, while everyone’s psychological shadow concerning Jiang Quan hadn’t lessened, it was only Lu Jingning who could casually say such things. His sheer audacity made him a captain worthy of respect.


When Wen Xingchen walked in from outside, this was the scene he encountered.


He walked over, pinched the cigarette dangling from Lu Jingning’s lips, smiling somewhat enigmatically. “You’re still smoking at this time?”


Lu Jingning glanced at him, swiftly snatching the cigarette back, hinting with his gaze towards the other’s scent gland, muttering, “Can’t I indulge a bit?”


“Of course, you can.” Wen Xingchen brushed aside the slightly longer strands of hair near his face, gently smiling. “Once this battle is over, indulge however you wish.”


Beside them, Cen Junfeng was adjusting the ship’s ammunition system. At the words, his hands trembled slightly, almost firing on the spot. Unable to hold back, he exclaimed, “Can you two keep your suggestive banter appropriate for the occasion? Damn it, are us single folks destined to have no say?”


Lu Jingning glanced indifferently at him, “Isn’t there an available Omega here? If you want comfort, should I release some pheromones for you to sniff?”


Cen Junfeng’s lips twitched, “Are you a spy sent by the insect race? You’re worse than Yan Hebin and Wen Yan in this!”


Yan Hebin, expressionless, added, “I’m out.”


Cen Junfeng: “…”


Lu Jingning nonchalantly tutted, “The view outside is pretty good, do you want me to toss you out to take a stroll and change your mood?”


Cen Junfeng felt a chill down his spine and fell completely silent.


At that moment, several red dots appeared on the console in front of Yan Hebin.


He calmly reminded, “Stop fooling around; we’re not far from the insect race fleet. Judging from the current situation, the nearest should be a small-scale fleet, consisting of seven warships, four patrol ships, and one supply ship. Judging by our current course, we’ll collide head-on soon. If we want to proceed without being detected, the best course of action is to directly take them down.”


Lu Jingning looked up following his words. The playful expression on his face gradually faded, replaced by a calm tone as he directed, “Contact Squad One and Squad Three. It’s time to get ready.”


The Elite Team’s task this time was to perform a rear assault, a highly risky mission even amid intense frontline battles.


They absolutely couldn’t afford any traces to be noticed by the insect race before entering the target area.


After the communication, the three top-notch warships were already fully prepared in the blink of an eye.


All the team members returned to their positions, devoid of the casual demeanor they usually carried, their expressions incredibly serious.


In war, there’s no room for complacency.


Moreover, the success or failure of this mission wasn’t just about their fate but could potentially impact the life or death of billions of humans.


Until today, they had endured countless sleepless nights, tirelessly engaging in various simulated exercises, all in preparation for this day’s arrival.


And now, it was the moment to validate the fruits of their training.


Although there lingered a bit of puzzlement among the members of each elite team—why were the responses of the Empire and the Federation so well-coordinated under such a sudden attack by the insect race? This approach seemed as if they had anticipated the enemy’s moves in advance.


However, regardless of the numerous questions in their minds, now wasn’t the time to delve into them.


Seated in the central command room, watching the approaching insect race warships in the viewport, Lu Jingning’s eyes flashed with a hint of concealed excitement.


As the distance between both sides reached a critical point, at the most precise moment, he decisively issued the command, “Now, commence action!”


The cannons roared.



Confronted with the excessively agile defense lines established by humans, the insect race felt an immense shock. What surprised them more was, in such chaos, the enemy could orchestrate such a fierce rear assault.


Within a short time frame, this seemed impossible.


Though only three relatively small-sized warships, they appeared like three whistling blades, forcibly dispersing the insect race formation, creating a gap in what was initially an impregnable army.


Following that, countless warships seemed to premeditate their appearance, converging from all directions through the spatial portals, encircling the insect race’s fleet tightly.


The confidence once plastered on the face of the insect race commander froze instantly.


Suddenly, a ludicrous thought flashed through his mind, sending shivers down his spine. The premature completion of the Crystal of the Night’s restoration had plunged the insect race momentarily into endless joy. They had thought that with a sudden attack on unprepared humans, they could avenge a century-old disgrace. But now, the situation suggested that their presumptuous assault had made them the trapped ones.


But how could humans know their plans?


It was impossible!


The commander fiercely clenched his teeth, his expression turning somewhat savage. Seeing his fleet’s ships continuously destroyed, his eyes seemed on the verge of bleeding.


The passive insect race reluctantly initiated their counterattack.


In the first battle, flames blazed for seven days and seven nights, completely dyeing the skies above various planets crimson.


Though the ships inevitably suffered tremendous damage, after successfully disrupting the enemy’s formation, the Stargaze team smoothly completed their return journey as per the prearranged route, utilizing the spatial portals.


Before the insect race went completely berserk, they withdrew from the chaotic central war zone, returning safely to the temporary base.


As they disembarked from the ships, everyone appeared drenched in sweat.


Despite the day’s intensity not demanding much physical exertion compared to their usual training routines, the unprecedented tension from being so deeply embroiled in the conflict made their steps involuntarily tremble.


Lu Jingning subconsciously reached for his pocket, only to realize that the hidden pouch of mint cigarettes had vanished amidst the chaos. He could only sigh and pocket the emptiness.


Glancing at their team’s rather dilapidated warship, his eyes carried a tinge of distress. “Damn, this blasted mission! It’s all Commander Jiang’s fault. I’ll make sure he compensates me with a new ship!”


Captain Tang Jiaze, who happened to pass by, halted at the remark, casually adding, “While you’re at it, have him replace our team’s ship too.”


Lu Jingning retorted, “Get lost, deal with it yourself!”


Tang Jiaze remarked, “You have no sense of camaraderie, do you?”


Lu Jingning rolled his eyes, ignoring him, and looked towards the distant horizon where the flames still raged, furrowing his brows.


Despite their mission having been successfully completed according to the plan, for the grand-scale racial war, everything was just beginning.


Humanity’s strategy had ingeniously maneuvered the insect race’s fleet into complete passivity.




Lu Jingning’s gaze flickered amidst the distant flames, reflecting off the colors in intermittent waves. It wasn’t until a hand gently tapped his shoulder that he snapped out of his reverie.


Wen Xingchen’s voice came from beside him, “What are you thinking about?”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, then shrugged slightly, “I was thinking… our contributions back then seemed undervalued.”


His tone carried a tinge of regret.


Regret! This almost historic discovery, which could be said to determine the life or death of humanity, ended up granting only a promotion to Colonel for the two of them?


Thinking back, Jiang Quan probably mocked them privately as a couple of fools after they left?!


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help a small smirk at his words, grabbing his arm and leading him towards the rest area, “Stop thinking about it. Let’s go take a shower. I bet new orders will be coming soon.”


Lu Jingning walked along as Wen Xingchen pulled him, gazing at the figure in front of him for a moment before suddenly smiling and winking, “Bro Wen, care to join me in the shower?”


Wen Xingchen paused, turning to look at him.


“I lost my cigarette,” Lu Jingning said shamelessly, unaffected by his gaze. “Didn’t you say I could indulge however I wanted? Time’s short, let’s make the most of it!”


In the midst of speaking, he subtly moved his nose, perhaps hinting at something.


Wen Xingchen noticed everything, his expression softening a bit, “Alright then, let’s make the most of it.”

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