Chapter 93 – Eloping with a lover

Chapter 93 – Eloping with a lover


Jian Luo had never expected to be questioned at the school.


This put him in a dilemma because, in the first place, this body was, to put it bluntly, quite subpar. If one were to describe it based on its history, it could really be summed up in just two words: “not tall.”


Is his true mentor now not Zhan Wentai?


Or can it not be considered a school?


Jian Luo fell into deep thought and, in the end, chose to be honest, “At the Starry Sea Academy.”


As soon as he said that, the entire hall quieted down considerably. You see, most people had heard of Starry Sea Academy, and it was known to be a lower-tier institution, not quite esteemed.


As expected.


Someone sneered, “Is it this academy? I’ve never heard that they teach medicine there.”


Others chimed in:


“Assistant Commander[/mfn]They started calling Jian Luo this.[/mfn], you should rest easy.”


“Being a human, he’s certainly trying his best.”


“Assistant Commander, it’s not easy to become an invaluable aide to the Marshal.”


Almost everyone indulged in various forms of sarcasm. Unfortunately, in the vast universe, might makes right, and weaker races receive little respect.


The hushed murmurs continued, but suddenly, they all fell silent. The reason was simple: Lu Shifeng, who had been sitting silently nearby, lifted his head. He raised his eyelids, and his blood-red, expressionless eyes swept over the faces of the people, like icy blades grazing their bodies, causing their hair to stand on end.


Lu Shifeng’s lips curled, and he asked the one who had spoken first, “Go on, why did you stop talking?”


The person choked.


“Or should we continue the conversation?” Lu Shifeng toyed with a wine cup in his hand. “Sitting alone there is quite dull, isn’t it?”




The minister wiped the sweat from his forehead and stammered, “You’re joking, Your Excellency.”


Lu Shifeng was about to speak when Jian Luo discreetly tugged at the big man’s sleeve, signaling him to let it go. Jian Luo didn’t mind.


He was used to it.


And if the patient didn’t accept treatment, it wasn’t his problem.


The queen above asked, “Assistant Commander, did you become skilled on your own?”


Jian Luo didn’t expect the queen to ask that. He nodded, “A little.”


“Indeed,” the queen smiled gently. “Assistant Commander seems quite extraordinary. I’m sure there must be something special about him to become the right hand of the Marshal.”


Lu Shifeng remained expressionless, but his imposing aura had diminished somewhat.


The leader also chimed in, “Assistant Commander is indeed extraordinary, and he even diagnosed Your Excellency’s illness at a glance. I wonder which medical text he studied, and we should acquire it for further study.”


Jian Luo didn’t take credit and responded, “I’d be willing to provide reference materials, but these are from the Phoenix Pavilion’s collection. Without the High Priest’s permission, I dare not lend them without authorization.”


With that statement, the surroundings fell silent once more.


People exchanged puzzled glances, and some couldn’t believe their ears. Phoenix Pavilion? Was this the same Phoenix Pavilion they’d imagined?


“Is it for real?”


“They say the High Priest only lends it to close relatives.”


But in just a few moments, everyone’s gaze toward Jian Luo had changed dramatically. The earlier disdain had vanished, replaced by a mixture of respect and awe. Many had also realized that if he were just an ordinary human, how could he have become Lu Shifeng’s assistant and acquired access to the Phoenix Pavilion’s collection?


Was he truly an ordinary human?


No, he was practically a deity!


Clearly, the leader shared this sentiment as well. He said, “It’s actually from the Phoenix Pavilion’s collection. We were ignorant. Since Assistant Commander has brought medicine, let’s try it on Your Excellency.”


The queen also expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, Assistant Commander.”


Jian Luo hadn’t expected that just the mention of Zhan Wentai’s title would lead to such a change in attitude. He chuckled, “Very well.”


With the conversation concluded, Jian Luo began to contemplate how to prepare the medicine correctly. He had encountered this page in the medical texts, and it required quite a variety of medicinal herbs.


However, this time on Little Blue Star, he had collected quite a few herbs. He planned to consult an old Chinese doctor and make several prescriptions, which should be no problem.


Lu Shifeng picked up a fruit and placed it in front of Jian Luo.


Jian Luo snapped out of his thoughts, curious as he asked, “What’s this?”


“It’s a Shattered Fruit,” Lu Shifeng explained succinctly. “A local specialty here. Eating it allows you to dream.”


“Dream?” Jian Luo was puzzled. “But I usually dream even without eating anything.”


Lu Shifeng seemed to anticipate his question and said, “It can predict future dreams. The timeline is uncertain, based on individual experiences.”


What kind of miraculous fruit was this?


This was the first time Jian Luo had encountered such a fruit up close, and he was too excited to eat it immediately. If he had a phone, he might have taken a picture to share on his social media.


The fruit’s appearance was also far from ideal. It was entirely red and covered in prickles, making it appear unappetizing. Just by looking at it, no one could imagine its extraordinary properties.


Jian Luo, still excited, said, “Let’s try one.”


Lu Shifeng, in a nonchalant tone, warned, “The taste of this fruit is unique. If you can’t handle it, don’t force yourself.”


“It’s okay, how unique could it be… Ugh!”


Jian Luo’s stomach suddenly revolted as he took a bite of the fruit. The taste was indescribable, bitter with a hint of something unpleasant, something he wouldn’t have eaten even if you paid him.


In the nick of time, Jian Luo had a sudden realization. He quickly wrapped his arms around Lu Shifeng’s arm, leaning close to him with his head resting on Lu Shifeng’s shoulder. Taking this opportunity, he took a few deep breaths, absorbing the pheromones emanating from Lu Shifeng’s body, which he had found to have a powerful calming effect. One breath could cure a hundred ailments.


As expected, in just a few breaths, his stomach’s strong reaction had improved considerably.


Jian Luo made an effort to swallow and finally managed to get the fruit down. He said excitedly, “I wonder what kind of dreams I’ll have. I’m so excited; I might not be able to sleep.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Don’t get too excited.”


Curious, Jian Luo asked, “Why not?”


“Because it’s not a guarantee that you’ll dream every time,” Lu Shifeng said nonchalantly. “So, keep a calm mind.”




This guy.


Nevertheless, Jian Luo was curious about this so-called precognition ability. It was quite intriguing to talk about, and even though he couldn’t choose which future he would see, it was still exciting, knowing it might come true eventually.


However, their departure from the council chamber marked the beginning of a tour.


The leader said, “This time, our upgraded defense shield has undergone significant improvements. It operates based on self-pressure sensitivity and a specific magnetic field intensity. Its misactivation rate has been tested over millions of times and functions normally in different magnetic fields and pressure conditions in major star systems.”


A defense shield!?


Suddenly, Jian Luo became interested.


The entire glass screen displayed the latest defense shield in action. From the outside, it looked the same as the inside, with a scarecrow placed in the middle. A multitude of fierce creatures with small sharp teeth surrounded it and swarmed toward it. However, at a certain distance from the scarecrow, the defense shield automatically activated, repelling all the creatures.


The presenter explained, “Our latest defense shield uses the M78 sensing screen. It’s incredibly flexible and can counteract the force of an attack, returning up to 45% of the force exerted by attacking beasts.”


Leaning against the wall, Lu Shifeng spoke slowly, “What if it’s mistakenly triggered by our own soldiers or accidental contact?”


The presenter had already prepared an answer, “Of course, we’ve anticipated this issue. The entire defense shield uses an entry and exit pattern. It quickly and accurately captures the information pheromones of those leaving, only defending against those not yet inside. The mode can be adjusted in real-time, and we have abandoned quantity stones for this model. This defense shield employs full artificial…”


She continued to talk for a long time, and Jian Luo didn’t hear a word of it. He only caught a crucial point—abandoned quantity stones!


They don’t want them? 


The new defense shield seemed to be very expensive, and Jian Luo thought it was a perfect fit for his scavenging skills. 


Seizing the opportunity while the presenter was giving her passionate speech, Jian Luo whispered to Lu Shifeng, “How much does this new defense shield cost?”


Lu Shifeng, with an extra ounce of patience for the Assistant Commander, said, “It depends on the size. One square meter costs 1 million star coins.”




Jian Luo’s eyes widened, and he almost stopped breathing.


“How… how expensive is that?” Jian Luo exclaimed, then quickly whispered, “How many do we need?”


The secretary next to them said, “Lu Luo, these are combat defensive shields intended for all battleships. We don’t need to purchase this one, even though its security is sufficient. In actual combat, it falls short.”


Jian Luo nodded and said, “I see.”


Although it might not be enough for the big shots, it was more than sufficient for a place like Little Blue Star, where their biggest battles were usually against local wildlife.


Jian Luo inquired, “So, which one are we going to purchase then?”


The secretary pointed to a nearby transparent protective shield.


As expected, the presenter recognized the lack of interest in the previous one and switched to introduce the main attraction. “This is our latest 3.0 defense shield, which is both offensive and defensive. It comes with an embedded anti-reconnaissance system, capable of predicting enemy movement within approximately 100 kilometers…”


Jian Luo’s mind was still on the previous model.


At a rate of 1 million star coins per square meter, calculating the cost to cover the city at their base, it would cost several billion.


The sum of money was enormous, beyond comprehension, and thinking about it made Jian Luo feel impoverished. 


After the tour, it was already dark outside.


Lu Shifeng asked, “Are you thinking of buying any?”


Jian Luo sighed, “No, I don’t have that much money. I’ll think about it some more.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t ask further.


Although he was somewhat troubled, Jian Luo was the kind of person with a broad mind. He quickly put his concerns behind him and began to look forward to dreaming about the future once again.


The room provided to them by the industrial star was full of high-tech features.


As they entered, the light door unlocked on its own. Once inside, the sensor lights automatically lit up, and all the room’s devices started running. There were minimal furnishings, and everything was controlled through the wall’s light screen.


In general, it was a highly advanced and futuristic place, even though Dark Star’s technology was not lacking either.


Lu Shifeng commented, “The bed here doesn’t have a mattress.”


Jian Luo looked at the central bed, noticing its unique design. It was a kind of suspended bed, floating in the air. When a person lay on it, it felt like entering a sleeping pod. Everything seemed fine, except for the fact that it was quite firm. 


“I didn’t expect that,” Jian Luo said.


He didn’t know if he would get used to sleeping on it or if it would affect his ability to dream.


Lu Shifeng gave him a glance and said, “Let the secretary bring your mattress from your bed at home. We’ll put it on here later.”




Jian Luo was taken aback, filled with surprise.


Lu Shifeng stated, “I’ve finally put on some weight; it can’t stand too much hardship.”




Go to hell.


Regardless of the process, in the end, Jian Luo got his way and slept on the larger bed. Because this planet’s industry was so advanced, the bed’s functions were impressive. It had a sleep mode, a learning mode, and even an internet mode.


It was essentially a must-have bed for nerds and otaku.


Jian Luo chose the sleep mode, and when he activated it, he could clearly feel the firmness of the bed adjusting to the most comfortable position for sleeping. It would aid him in falling asleep faster.


The dream world was chaotic.


Jian Luo found himself momentarily lost in this dreamscape. It felt like he was looking at himself from a god-like perspective. He lay in a small room, which could only be described as shabby. It was raining outside, and he was alone in the room.


Jian Luo was writhing in pain on the bed when he started to wonder what was happening.


Suddenly, dragons appeared!


Three dragons emerged right in front of him!




Jian Luo’s eyes widened, and he could hardly believe it. He had imagined what his future might look like, but he couldn’t have imagined this particular scenario.


He, alone, had birthed a child and was inside a thatched hut.


In the dream, he slowly sat up. The three baby dragons that had hatched were still quite small, about the size of his palm. They were all wet, two of them were black, and one had a pale, golden-colored skin. Jian Luo suspected it might have inherited his skin tone. Well, it was fine that way; it balanced out his dream of having golden dragons, even if the color was mixed.


Just as he was thinking about this, one of the baby dragons slowly opened its eyes. They were a pure and vibrant blood-red color.


Then, he heard faint whining sounds. The dragon babies were hungry and wanted to eat. Unfortunately, there was nothing to eat in the thatched hut, only a profound sense of loneliness.


Evidently, Jian Luo in the dream realized this, too. Just as Jian Luo thought he was about to come up with a solution, he watched as he took something from storage, which he couldn’t identify but suspected might be a steamed bun, and crushed a piece to feed to the dragon baby.




“No way!”


Jian Luo sat up from his bed, surprised.


When he opened his eyes again, there was no difference in the furnishings in the room from before he fell asleep. He breathed lightly and had a layer of sweat on his forehead. Recalling the scene from his dream, it sent shivers down his spine.


What on earth was that?


Why was he in a thatched hut?


He was supposed to be the world’s hope, so why was he starting by eating a steamed bun?


Before eating that fruit, he was filled with anticipation, thinking he would foresee a beautiful future. Who would have thought that the future he saw was not beautiful in the least?


Jian Luo was overwhelmed with discomfort. He covered his face and said, “This can’t be real…”


Just as he was pondering this, he heard Lu Shifeng’s voice beside him, “Having a bad dream?”


Jian Luo suddenly looked up and found Lu Shifeng standing there, dressed impeccably in military attire. Whenever the Grand Marshal appeared, it felt like he was a source of stability.


Jian Luo replied, “I had a dream.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow and asked, “About the future?”


“I’m not sure,” Jian Luo replied. He was reluctant to accept that it was about the future. “I dreamt that I gave birth to a child in a thatched hut.”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him and calmly said, “Dark Star possesses the most comprehensive tracking system. If you try to run, your chances of success will be as high as the size of a speck of dust.”


Jian Luo was unconvinced. “Why would I want to run? It’s not like I’m eloping with a lover. What’s the benefit of running? I have my mother and brother to consider. I’m not that silly!”


Lu Shifeng seemed satisfied with his response, and his gaze held a trace of approval. “That’s the best way.”


Under the weight of that gaze, Jian Luo suddenly felt a bit flustered. He cautiously ventured toward the edge of disaster with a wild question, “What if… I mean, just if… if I were to run with them, what would happen?”

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