Chapter 21


“Ah?” Qu Di couldn’t react for a moment. Was Wen Gu asking him?


Wen Gu seemed a bit embarrassed, leaning closer and repeating in a hushed tone, “Do you know what type of Omega Tang Xiyan likes?”


Qu Di looked at the inconspicuous blush that appeared on Wen Gu’s usually cool face and belatedly realized that Wen Gu might have taken an interest in their artist.


He was just a young assistant, utterly clueless about how to handle such a situation without making it awkward and stiff.


“Well… you shouldn’t be asking me. I’m just… just his assistant. When it comes to his personal life, perhaps you should ask him directly.”


“But… the only person close to him right now is you. You know, when one Omega asks another about this, it seems quite intentional. I’m afraid he won’t like it.” Qu Di didn’t expect that even the usually prestigious and respected Omega like Wen Gu would be equally cautious in Alpha-Omega relationships, even placing himself in a somewhat inferior position.


He seemed to see a reflection of his past when he was with Yang Ji, carefully trying to please him. It made him feel a twinge of sympathy.


“How did you come to like Xiyu Yan?” Even though he was their artist, the truth be told, in Qu Di’s eyes, Tang Xiyan was like a child who never grew up, always needing someone to take care of him. As an Alpha, he didn’t believe Tang Xiyan could take care of an Omega properly.


Wen Gu shyly smiled and asked, “Don’t you find him interesting?”




“In this industry, I’ve seen too much. Almost everyone here wears a mask and lives a fake life, and I’m no exception…” Wen Gu seemed lost in his own world, appearing to have many things to say, but in the end, he just smiled and said, “He’s interesting, and I think having him in my life would make it equally interesting. Trying something new is never a bad thing.”


“Is that so?” Qu Di wouldn’t interfere with someone else’s choice, so he agreed to help Wen Gu find out. 


Wen Gu’s eyes lit up, and he thanked him, saying, “Thank you.”


“But I can’t guarantee I’ll be successful. After all, I’m just his assistant. Whether the two of you become a couple or not is beyond my concern.”


“Cut! Great job, take a break and let’s shoot the next scene later.”


Qu Di heard the director’s voice and hurried over to Tang Xiyan. Tang Xiyan noticed the drink in his hand and took it from him, saying, “Hey! Where did this drink come from? Did you buy it secretly?”


“Well…” Qu Di glanced back at where Wen Gu had been standing just now, only to find that Wen Gu had left quite quickly. 


“It’s from Wen Gu. He asked his assistant to bring it to you.” This way, it should be fine. It conveyed Wen Gu’s goodwill, but it didn’t seem deliberate.


“Really? Well, please thank him for me.” Tang Xiyan didn’t seem to have any suspicions about why Wen Gu had given it to him and not others.


Watching the person in front of him down half a bottle of the drink in one go, Qu Di replied, “Thanks.”


The morning shoot quickly ended. Qu Di received a call from Qiu Fei, who said that some fans had come to visit the set with a lot of gifts, and he had already coordinated it. Qu Di was asked to go outside to collect them.


“Remember to buy some water for them,” Qiu Fei reminded.


“I know.” Fans had come a long way to this remote location, and they couldn’t leave empty-handed. At the very least, they should show Tang Xiyan’s care for them.


Qu Di told Tang Xiyan to have his meal and went to collect the gifts. However, when Tang Xiyan heard that fans had come, he expressed his desire to go with him.


“Fei-ge said it’s not good for you to go out casually. It might cause chaos, and there are probably paparazzi and stalkers out there,” Qu Di explained.


“It’s fine. It will help our show get more exposure!” Tang Xiyan called out to the director, “Right, Director?”


The director had apparently overheard their conversation and was pleased that the actors were promoting the show in this way. “Go ahead, but come back as soon as possible. You have another scene in the afternoon.”


“Sure!” Tang Xiyan put his arm around Qu Di’s shoulder and didn’t give him a chance to object as he pulled him away.


Red Pear Film and Television City was quite large, and the two of them took a caretaker’s car to the entrance. As expected, there were many people gathered, holding blue banners and support banners in Tang Xiyan’s support colors.


Some of them had professional cameras, apparently planning to take a few photos, but they were blocked at the entrance by security guards.


The sun was scorching, and they didn’t know how long they had been standing. Some people looked a bit lethargic, even though they had brought umbrellas and hats. Many people’s cheeks were still reddened from the sun.


In fact, Qiu Fei had not intended for Tang Xiyan to make an appearance during this event. When he handed over the arrangements, he had only mentioned that his assistant would receive the gifts. However, they came with cameras, and if Tang Xiyan hadn’t decided to come, they would have spent the whole morning with just Qu Di.


Tang Xiyan, who was usually carefree, seemed to be taking it more seriously this time. He adjusted his wig and asked, “Is it weird? Will they think I look ugly?”


He had just finished shooting and was still in his costume, wearing a wig on his head. He had changed into a pair of flip-flops, which didn’t make for an elegant look.


“It’s not weird at all. It’s cute. When you go down there, just don’t talk too much. Just say thank you. Got it?” Qu Di was really afraid that Tang Xiyan would say something outrageous and make it the headline news the next day.


This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. He had heard that once Tang Xiyan wanted to compliment a fan’s makeup, but when he got closer, he found out that the person was wearing double eyelid tape. He kindly tried to help them remove it, saying, “There’s something stuck on your eyes.”


Tang Xiyan just blushed and said with conviction, “I just wanted them to feel my care and tenderness, okay? My double eyelids are so big, who would have thought someone would need to stick them!”


“Okay, okay. You’ve said it hundreds of times already. I almost thought you were going to give me a whole speech.”


Fortunately, things went smoothly, and no major incidents occurred. They successfully received the gifts prepared by the fans. Tang Xiyan also expressed his gratitude and allowed them to take a few photos. Qu Di was on the side, nervous, hoping that no one would


 notice the flip-flops hidden under his clothes.


Everyone left satisfied.


Back at the film set, Wen Gu had changed into regular clothes and was holding a script, rehearsing a scene with Shu Yi.


The two of them returned with two bags of items. Tang Xiyan went through them, found two bottles of drinks with cute cartoon salted fish designs on them, and realized they were gifts from fans, intended for Shu Yi and Wen Gu.


“Here, fan gifts.”


Shu Yi politely declined, saying, “Thank you, but I’m not a big fan of these. You can keep them.”


Wen Gu, on the other hand, accepted the drink and said, “Thanks.”


“No problem. Thanks for the drink this morning.”


It turned out to be just a return gift. Qu Di had over thought it. But then, wasn’t that typical of Tang Xiyan? His words were straightforward and lacked any hidden meaning.


Qu Di looked on, beginning to worry. If Wen Gu did manage to win over Tang Xiyan in the future, those fans would go crazy…


He watched Tang Xiyan, who was sitting under the parasol, seemingly carefree, reading comments with no worries. Then, he observed Wen Gu, who was reading about their rumored relationship, and he also watched Tang Xiyan, who was reading comments and laughing. Qu Di felt a headache coming on.

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