Chapter 80

  After checking the recipe for more than ten minutes, Wen Jianing felt that he couldn’t stall anymore, so he had to bite the bullet and go out of the bathroom.

  As soon as he walked into the kitchen, the old lady followed.

  Wen Jianing accidentally turned his head and saw the old lady Lu’s permed small curly head leaning forward. It was like the family has a VIP over and they didn’t know what to do, so she had to follow him wherever he goes.

  Fortunately, the fish still had its scales to descale. Otherwise, Wen Jianing would have to lock himself in the bathroom until Lu Jinlang came back.

  When he poured oil into the pot and was ready to light a fire, Wen Jianing suddenly remembered that he had not prepared onions, ginger and garlic. The recipe he saw was braised crucian carp. If he followed the recipe, he had to prepare red pepper.

  He was afraid that he would not have time to cut the ginger and garlic during the time when the oil was heating up, so he quickly retracted his hand and went to open the refrigerator to search for peppers and green onions. He remembered that ginger and garlic were put in the cupboard below. Wait, are there any small peppers?

  Wen Jianing was sweating.

  The old lady Lu looked forward with expectation from the beginning, but later, when she saw him turn around like a headless fly, her expression gradually became worried. She thought that this kid probably didn’t know how to cook, what should they do in the future? But it seemed that the third child was good at cooking, and they were not worried about money, so it was not a big deal to ask someone to do it. No one in the second child’s family could cook, and she didn’t see anyone starving.

  As she thought so, the old lady was relieved again. The only thing that bothered her was that they had no children.

  Only when Wen Jianing had clumsily cut the ingredients did he turn on the fire and heat the frying pan. He raised his arm and wiped the sweat from his face.

  The old lady thought it was not easy for the child. At least he was genuinely thinking of cooking her a meal, even if he couldn’t. And this was Xiao Zongyan, her favourite prince, even wearing a T-shirt and jeans, it did not seem to compromise his demeanour at all! Thus that infatuation feeling was a little uncontrollable and wanted to rise up.

  While Wen Jiaying was staring intently at the oil in the pan, there was a sound of the door opening outside.

  Two people in the kitchen turned their heads and looked outside at the same time.

  Wen Jianing also endured not going out to meet Lu Jinlang, and the old lady was already calling out, “Third child?” while she walked towards the outside gate.

  Lu Jinlang came back earlier than Wen Jianing expected. As soon as he entered the door, he said to his mother, “Mom? What are you doing here?”

  The old lady was a little hurt, “I’ve come to see you.”

  Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything, he changed his shoes and walked directly towards the kitchen.

  Wen Jianing looked at him eagerly.

  Lu Jinlang came over to take the spatula in his hand and said, “I’ll handle it, you go and sit with my mother for now.”

  Wen Jianing still hesitated a little, and winked at Lu Jinlang, thinking that it would not be good.

  Lu Jinlang put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a gentle push, “It’s fine.”

  Wen Jianing breathed a sigh of relief, walked to the living room and sat down with the old lady, then stood up and said, “I will pour some hot water for you.”

  The old lady said, “No,” reached out and grabbed his hand, “Sit down for a while.”

  There was a brief silence between the two.

  Wen Jianing was waiting for the old lady to speak. Now in this relationship, he felt that the other party must have something to say to him.

  The old lady Lu seldom sat down and talks with people in such a serious manner, and she was not used to pretending to be an elder to lecture young people. She thought that the two people were not close yet, and it was really bad to have nothing to say face-to-face. In the future, it would be better to let him come over to the house more often so that we can get acquainted with each other and talk.

  Wen Jianing saw that she was not talking, so he opened his mouth, swallowed the word “Auntie” and changed it to “Xiao He”.

  The old lady smiled suddenly, waiting for his next words.

  Wen Jianing said, “I like Lu Jinlang very much and want to be with him all the time.”

  When she heard what Wen Jianing was talking about was such a serious topic, the old lady’s smile faded slightly. She sighed and said, “I know.” She had experienced this intense emotion of wanting to be with that person without everything, and she didn’t regret it when she was young.

  Wen Jianing said, “So I hope you can accept us. After all, you are his family and his most important person.”

  The old lady asked him, “Where is your family?”

  Wen Jianing thought of Wen Cuilan and Ke Xinfan, but he replied, “My parents had passed away, and my elder brother is in a foreign country. He already knew about it and has no objection.”

  The old lady nodded, “Your elder brother is more understanding.” This was her way of saying that Lu Jinfeng was not humane.

  Wen Jianing knew that Lu Jinlang’s eldest brother didn’t accept them, and he said to the old lady, “I will visit eldest brother Lu personally.”

  The old lady said, “When the eldest comes back, come back for dinner with the youngest, and I will call him when the time comes.”

  Wen Jianing was a little surprised that the old lady Lu was so nice to talk to. For a while, he was somewhat emotional, and then called out, “Xiao He.”

  The old lady reached out and grabbed his hand when she heard the words. She said, “It’s fine if you don’t have children. As long as you are together, it’s better than anything else.”

  When she was young, she chose to marry her husband, not to have children, but to be with him. Of course, now she had a child, she would be reluctant not to have one. But at that time, even without children, as long as two people could grow old, she would be willing to do so.

  Until now, the old lady couldn’t help but feel sad when she thought of her husband who died young.

  Moreover, the child in front of him was more than ten years younger than her son. If Lu Jinlang died earlier than him in the future, wouldn’t it be more pitiful to be left alone? As she thought about this, the old lady suddenly began to pity Wen Jianing. She grabbed Wen Jianing’s hand with one hand, patted the back of his hand repeatedly with the other, and said, “Now that we are together, we must both be well. “

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Lu Jinlang made three dishes and a soup. It was already quite late when he put them on the table.

  The three people were sitting in front of the dining table for dinner, and the old lady kept trying to give Wen Jianing some food, more caring than her own son.

  Lu Jinlang was a little puzzled, and asked Wen Jianing, “Did you bewitch my mom?”

  Wen Jianing was bewildered. He didn’t know what he said or why the old lady of the Lu family suddenly became more caring to him than his own mother.

  After eating, Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing drove her home together.

  The old lady said, “When the eldest comes back next week, I will ask sister in law to prepare, and the two of you can come back for dinner.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Let me tell eldest brother first, I’m afraid he will lose his temper.”

  The old lady said, “Don’t be afraid, xiao Yue will be back next week. He is in a good mood and won’t lose his temper.”

  ”Xiao Yue is back?” Lu Jinlang asked.

  The old lady looked very happy, “Yes, xiao Yue came back and said that she would leave after the New Year.”

  Xiao Yue was the baby daughter of Lu Jinfeng and his wife. Her full name was Lu Yanyue, she studied in Australia.

  Lu Jinlang heard the words and said, “That’s pretty good. I’ll be ready at that time. I’ll go back with Xinhang.”

  The old lady nodded repeatedly, “Well, if your eldest brother dares to scold, I will scold him with xiao Yue.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled and glanced at Wen Jianing, “I thank you and the family on behalf of Xinhang.”

  Wen Jianing also smiled, “Thank you, Xiao He.”

  The old lady said, “You’re welcome. Just live your life well, and come back to see me often in the future.”

  They drove the old lady Lu back and went straight back.

  On the way back, Lu Jinlang asked Wen Jianing, “How is my mother?”

  Wen Jianing smiled and said, “Very good, I have never seen such an interesting mother.”

  Lu Jinlang said as he drove the car, “She has always been like that. When I was in middle school, I thought she was crazy for some time, so I was ashamed to ask her to go to a parent conference for me and keep calling my eldest brother.”

  Wen Jianing said, “She will be sad when she knows.”

  ”Yes,” Lu Jinlang looked ahead, “So don’t let her know.”

  Having said that, Lu Jinlang remembered something and asked Wen Jianing, “Where is your mother? Do you want to go to see her?”

  Wen Jianing tilted his head back, leaned back in the chair, and said, “I have seen her several times.”

  ”But you didn’t tell her,” Lu Jinlang somewhat couldn’t understand this, because in his opinion, Wen Cuilan was Wen Jianing’s closest person.

  Wen Jianing said softly, “Yes, I don’t have that courage.”

  Lu Jinlang did not ask him why.

  After a while, Wen Jianing said, “I wanted to say it very much at the beginning, but I was afraid that she would not believe it and was afraid of being regarded as a lunatic. But then I saw that she is living well with her current family. I was a little hesitant, afraid that it would have any impact on her. I don’t know if she still needs me.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “As a mother, she definitely needs you.”

  Wen Jianing turned to look at him.

  Lu Jinlang held his hand and said, “You can find a suitable opportunity to tell her.”

  Wen Jianing still hesitated, “I’m afraid she won’t agree with us.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “She will agree. She has experienced the pain of losing you, and she will find that as long as you are alive, it is more important than anything.”

  Wen Jianing understood what Lu Jinlang meant, he nodded, and responded softly, “Yeah.”

  Three days later, Lu Jinlang and Tan Yangxi visited Lei Xing in person.

  The arrival of Lu Jinlang was really a big event because even Bai Shengzhe went down to the first floor to greet him, and Wen Jianing and the others naturally accompanied Bai Shengzhe.

  Staff all over the company crowded out, wanting to witness the grace of the Film Emperor. But they still didn’t know that the person in front of them was one of the real big bosses behind Lei Xing.

  Bai Shengzhe shook hands with Lu Jinlang and Tan Yangxi and invited the two to the reception room upstairs. Wen Jianing, Wen Lin, and Yi Nan naturally had to accompany them, and Zheng Xin and Wen Tinghuan were also present.

  Lu Jinlang and Bai Shengzhe had an unspoken understanding of each other and did not have many pleasantries to say, so he said straightforwardly, “Today I want to invite Lei Xing’s artists to sing the theme song for my movie.”

  Bai Shengzhe smiled and said, “Our pleasure.”

  The conversation that followed mainly focused on the movie content and music theme. Lu Jinlang made it clear that Tan Yangxi would be the music producer.

  Wen Lin clearly expressed great interest in Tan Yangxi as a producer.

  There was a recording studio inside the company. Wen Lin and Yi Nan conducted auditions respectively. After listening to them, Lu Jinlang and Tan Yangxi did not immediately make a decision.

  Anyway, the result of the audition had been determined.

  When seeing them off, Wen Jianing turned his head and talked to Lu Jinlang while walking outside. As a result, someone passed in front and nearly hit them.

  Lu Jinlang grabbed him, put his arm around Wen Jianing’s waist, and said, “Look where you are going.”

  Tan Yangxi followed them and smiled when he saw it.

  Although there was no decision on the spot, both Lu Jinlang and Tan Yangxi were more inclined to Wen Lin, because Yi Nan seemed a little not serious.

  ”Different people sing the same song with different styles, even if it’s not how you imagined at the beginning, but it may resonate with others,” Tan Yangxi told Lu Jinlang.

  Lu Jinlang understood Tan Yangxi’s words.

  After they went back, Wen Jianing went to ask him that night, but he refused to say anything, only that he was still thinking about it.

  Watching Lu Jinlang cutting vegetables in the kitchen, Wen Jianing walked over and hugged his waist from behind.

  Lu Jinlang only said, “Be careful.” But he didn’t look back.

  Wen Jianing put his face on his shoulder, and after a moment of silence, when he saw that Lu Jinlang didn’t respond, he touched Lu Jinlang’s lower abdomen with one hand.

  Lu Jinlang grabbed his hand and said, “You don’t want to eat anymore?”

  Wen Jianing moved his waist and pressed him tightly, and said, “Don’t want to.”

  Lu Jinlang put the kitchen knife aside, grabbed his hand and suddenly pulled him in front of him, holding his waist and letting him sit on the cutting board.

  Wen Jianing suddenly said, “Oh! Not going to cook anymore?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Didn’t you say you don’t want to?” He put his hands on Wen Jianing’s side and hugged him, “Do you want Wen Lin to sing the theme song?”

  Wen Jianing didn’t answer. He swayed his leg and looked at him.

  Lu Jinlang said, “Then let Wen Lin and Yi Nan sing together.”

  Wen Jianing simply replied, “Okay.”

  Lu Jinlang looked at him for a while and said, “Why do you take care of Wen Lin like this?”

  Wen Jianing thought for a while, “It’s easier to feel soft when you’re older.”

  When he said this with such a young and energetic face, Lu Jinlang couldn’t help but laugh, and said, “You can’t take care of him for the rest of your life. Even if he is your son, one day you will have to let him go.”

  Wen Jianing said, “When you care for me like this, I sometimes feel like I can’t think of anything. Anyway, I’ll just leave everything to you.”

  Lu Jinlang looked directly into his eyes, “I am different. I want to take care of you for the rest of my life.”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback for a moment, raised his hand and hugged Lu Jinlang.

  Lu Jinlang kissed his lips, holding his waist with one hand.

  Wen Jianing put his arms around his neck and raised his legs around his waist.

  In the end, the theme song was sung by Wen Lin and Wen Jianing. This was not the first time the two had collaborated. The TV theme song of ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ was also sung by the two of them.

  This wasn’t a big deal at first, but they didn’t expect that as soon as the news went out, it aroused the response of some people on the internet, saying that it was the Xiao brothers who were cooperating again. Anyway, no matter what the original intention was, as long as it could attract attention, it was successful publicity for the movie.

  One week passed quickly. During that time, the old lady Lu called to say that Lu Yanyue’s return time had been set, and she was going home on the same day as her dad. At that time, she asked the nanny to cook a big table and for the whole family to get together.

  The dinner plan was agreed upon at the beginning, so Lu Jinlang must take Wen Jianing back.

  Wen Jianing was a little nervous now. Even when he was put on stage to face tens of thousands of spectators, he might not be this nervous. In order to prepare for the Lu family’s dinner, he even went out to style his hair and asked Wen Tinghuan to accompany him to buy a set of clothes.

  The clothes could not be too formal or too casual.

  Wen Tinghuan accompanied him to try on clothes, teasing him, “The disgraceful daughter in law is meeting his parents-in-law at last, huh? Why are you nervous?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I am not afraid of his mother, I am afraid of his eldest brother.”

  Wen Tinghuan didn’t know the details of Lu Jinlang’s family, so he asked, “His eldest brother is very ruthless?”

  Wen Jianing whispered the words “Lu Jinfeng” in Wen Tinghuan’s ear.

  Wen Tinghuan opened her mouth in amazement, “He’s not easy to deal with, that person will definitely oppose you, right?”

  There was almost no need to think about it, so Wen Jianing told himself to be calmer. No matter what attitude Lu Jinfeng had, he couldn’t show his uneasiness, even if he had to act.

  Later, he covered his shirt with a loose light-coloured sweater and light blue slacks on his lower body. He deliberately styled his hair to make himself look young and well-behaved, like a simple college student. So at least, Lu Jinfeng would be embarrassed to make things difficult for him.

  Wen Tinghuan also scorned him for pretending to be young.

  It didn’t matter if he had to pretend to be young or not, Wen Jianing only needed to achieve his goal.

  When Lu Jinlang drove back to pick him up that night, he couldn’t help but smile when he saw his appearance, “I feel guilty looking at you like this.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Very well, it’s best to make your eldest brother feel guilty.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “You can carry another backpack and wear a pair of black-rimmed glasses. My eldest brother might think I have courted a middle school student.”

  Wen Jianing laughed when he heard that, and stretched out his hand to take a picture in the mirror.

  Before going to Lu’s family place, he bought a fruit basket and brought a bottle of red wine as a gift.

  Lu Jinlang parked the car and got off with him and walked towards the gate of the Lu family’s place.

  Wen Jianing took the red wine, and Lu Jinlang helped him carry the fruit basket.

  A few meters away from the gate, Tongtong peeked his head and saw them from the door, so he sprang out of the house and ran in the direction of Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing quickly took the red wine away, afraid it’ll bump into Tongtong’s head.

  Tongtong ran to Wen Jianing and hugged his leg.

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and asked Wen Jianing to pass him the red wine. Then Wen Jianing picked up Tongtong and kissed him on the face.

  There was also a young girl with Tongtong, who was the daughter of Lu Jinlang’s eldest brother who had just returned home in the morning, Lu Yanyue.

  Unlike Wen Jianing, who deliberately dressed himself as a student, Lu Yanyue, who was originally a student, was dressed very maturely, with heavy makeup on her face.

  Lu Yanyue looked at Wen Jianing strangely. Apart from attending classes abroad, she usually loved to play outside so much, otherwise, she would travel around the world, and she did not follow the domestic entertainment industry or surf the internet very much. She did not know Wen Jianing, and she also didn’t know that her third uncle found a young gay lover. At this time, she curiously shouted to her mother, “Mom! Who is that?”

  Kang Huanxian walked over to see Wen Jianing and sighed helplessly.

  The old lady called them today. Kang Huanxian knew about it, and the old lady Lu didn’t let her notify Lu Jinfeng in advance. In this matter, as Lu Jinlang’s sister-in-law, she naturally stood on the same front as her husband and did not agree. But she had always been a docile woman, and she couldn’t make any big decisions. She listened to her husband when her husband was there and listened to her mother in law when her husband was away. Now that the old woman was determined, Kang Huanxian had no choice but to prepare today’s dinner with her.

  Lu Yanyue hadn’t figured out the situation yet.

  And Lu Jinlang had already reached the door of the house, smiling and saying hello to her, “Xiao Yue.”

  ”Third uncle!” Lu Yanyue still knew about Lu Jinlang being a big star, and she had a good relationship with her two uncles since she was a child.

  Lu Jinlang touched her head, “You’ve grown up.”

  Lu Yanyue went out after graduating from high school and had rarely come back in recent years. In Lu Jinlang’s memory, she was still that simple little girl, and it was difficult to overlap the image with the girl who was now wearing a short skirt and boots with heavy makeup.

  When she heard Lu Jinlang say this, Lu Yanyue smiled and took his hand, “Third uncle, you haven’t aged, you are getting more and more handsome.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled.

  Lu Yanyue looked at Wen Jianing, “Are you not going to introduce him?”

  Lu Jinlang put aside the things he bought, stretched out his hand to Wen Jianing, clasped his fingers, and said to Lu Yanyue, “My lover.”

  Lu Yanyue’s eyes widened in amazement, she looked at them incredulously, and said after a moment, “Cool! Third Uncle, did you find a boy younger than me to fall in love with?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “He is not younger than you.”

  Lu Yanyue looked at Wen Jianing suspiciously but was quickly overwhelmed by other emotions. She said, “Third Uncle, you don’t really talk much but when you do it’s so surprising!”

  Lu Jinlang just smiled.

  Kang Huanxian couldn’t help but say, “Don’t talk nonsense, let your third uncle come in first.”

  Tongtong still hugged Wen Jianing’s neck firmly at this time.

  Wen Jianing went to the barber’s shop to wash his hair today. There was the scent of shampoo on his head. Tongtong stretched out his fingers and gently grabbed a strand of his hair, leaning to the nose and smelling it.

  He was a child who didn’t like expressing himself with words very much. His likes and dislikes towards people and things were reflected in his actions.

  The old lady Lu had already greeted him and was more affectionate to Wen Jianing than to her own son. She pulled him in and asked him to come in and sit down. She also said, “Today I asked the kitchen to make your favourite braised crucian carp.”

  Wen Jianing wondered since when he liked braised crucian carp the most?

  Just as she was talking, Lu Jinxin opened the door and walked in.

  ”Second Uncle!” Lu Yanyue suddenly rushed into his arms.

  Lu Jinxin was tall, so he just spun Lu Yanyue in a circle and put her on the ground, reaching out and pulling her face, “The little girl is back?”

  Lu Yanyue was very excited, “Well, Second Uncle, Third Uncle is so cool. He dated a little boy.”

  ”What little boy?” Lu Jinxin didn’t understand, and then saw Wen Jianing, “Tsk”, “What’s this? A lost boy, huh?”

  The old lady slapped him over, “Watch your mouth!”

What a lovely family, right?

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