Chapter 81

  Before Lu Jinfeng returned home, the atmosphere of the whole Lu family could be considered as peaceful and harmonious.

  The old lady Lu took Wen Jianing’s hand and sat on the sofa, and put out a lot of snacks for him to eat for a while.

  Lu Yanyue was full of curiosity about him. After hearing that he had acted in a TV series, she immediately took out a tablet and went online to find the TV series starring him.

  Lu Jinxin saw Tongtong staying beside Wen Jianing and waved at him, “Come over here to Daddy.”

  Tongtong glanced at him, lifted his hand and hugged Wen Jianing’s waist.

  Lu Jinxin couldn’t help cursing, “This little punk.”

  This atmosphere continued until Lu Jinfeng returned home. He was out on a work trip for nearly a month. When he returned home, he was tired and disheveled. But he knew that his daughter was coming back and he was eager to return.

  The dinner was already prepared. Those that could be put on the table were placed on the table first, and those that couldn’t be placed on the table were being warmed on the stove with a small fire. Kang Huanxian stood by the door and looked out from time to time, hoping for her husband to return home.

  After almost an hour, Kang Huanxian walked towards the outside of the house and called out, “Jinfeng!”

  Lu Jinfeng came over with luggage in his hand, and gave her a gentle hug as she passed by.

  Kang Huanxian wanted to help him with the luggage, but he didn’t let her, so he carried the suitcase and continued to walk into the house.

  ”Dad!” Lu Yanyue rushed to hug Lu Jinfeng and turned around.

  Lu Jinfeng was also excited when seeing his daughter, but seeing her face with heavy makeup, he almost couldn’t recognize her. He was feeling perplexed for a while, and he frowned and said, “How are you?”

  Lu Yanyue was not afraid of him, smiled and took his hand, “I’m back!”

  Everyone in the room stood up. Lu Jinfeng was stunned when he saw a stranger. Then he recognized Wen Jianing.

  He had seen Wen Jianing’s photos on the Internet, but Wen Jianing had never felt as pure and as simple as today.

  Wen Jianing greeted politely, “Hello, eldest brother Lu.”

  Lu Jinfeng didn’t lose his temper, nor did he make a face. After all, a large family was waiting for him to come back for dinner. He didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere when he came back, so he nodded to Wen Jianing.

  Lu Jinlang asked if Lu Jinfeng needed help to put his luggage upstairs,and then said, “Come over and sit down. After waiting for so long, everyone is hungry. Let’s eat dinner first.”

  They then sat down around the table. Lu Jinfeng just glared at Lu Jinlang but did not invite Wen Jianing to sit, nor did anything to make things difficult for him.

  Old lady Lu pulled Wen Jianing to sit beside her.

  Lu Jinfeng had to say a few words usually, but today he just picked up his chopsticks and said, “Let’s eat.”

  Lu Jinfeng’s deliberate disregard did not make Wen Jianing feel uncomfortable. Today he was prepared to be given a hard time by the Lu family. This was much better than he thought, and the enthusiasm of the old lady around him made him a little overwhelmed, because Lu Jinfeng’s eyes kept looking here.

  The old lady got him some fish, “Come on, you like to eat fish, be careful.”

  Wen Jianing held the bowl carefully.

  Lu Jinlang put a hand on his shoulder lightly, and said, “Make yourself at home.”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Lu Jinfeng didn’t plan to do an attack on the dinner table. He planned to talk to Lu Jinlang and the two separately after eating. He turned his head and asked Lu Yanyue about his studies.

  Lu Yanyue changed the subject and said, “Dad, Third Uncle is so amazing!”

  Lu Jinfeng coldly said, “What’s so great about him?”

  Lu Yanyue hadn’t noticed that he was angry, and said, “Third uncle unexpectedly found a boyfriend. Isn’t it very crazy?”

  Kang Huanxian pulled her daughter, “Stop talking, let’s eat.”

  ”What’s the matter?” Lu Yanyue said, “Don’t discriminate against homosexuals. I have friends who are homosexuals. Why does it matter?”

  Lu Jinfeng finally couldn’t restrain his anger, put down his chopsticks again, and shouted to Lu Yanyue, “Be quiet!”

  Lu Yanyue was startled and looked at Lu Jinfeng.

  Lu Jinfeng first directed his anger at her, “Looking at how you look, you are human, not a ghost! Didn’t you learn anything while you were abroad?! What a mess! What gay friends?! Don’t go back there anymore! It’s not something to be proud of! Go up and wash your face too, why are you acting weird?”

  Lu Yanyue was stunned by the scolding, then stood up and said, “How can you say that?”

  Lu Jinfeng said, “I am your father, why can’t I say that to you?”

  Lu Yanyue said angrily, “What did I do wrong? You simply cannot understand my dress and discriminate against my friends, so you make unreasonable demands on me. You are a tyrant!”

  Kang Huanxian stood up to hold Lu Yanyue, and then persuaded Lu Jinfeng, “Stop it, it’s rare for her to come back. Family should eat together and not quarrel.”

  Lu Jinlang said at this time, “Eldest brother, if you have something, just tell me directly, don’t lose your temper at xiao Yue.”

  Lu Jinfeng did have something to say to him, “Okay, what about you. What I said last time was just wind passing by, right? You brought him home, what are you thinking?”

  He pointed his finger at Wen Jianing, but he didn’t get angry at Wen Jianing.

  Because today Wen Jianing looked like a simple student, about the same age as his daughter. In Lu Jinfeng’s view, in this relationship between the two of them, it was mostly Lu Jinlang who played a leading role. In other words, the other party was still young and immature, Lu Jinlang, a man in his 30s, should not be not sober.

  Lu Jinlang replied to Lu Jinfeng, “I brought him to meet our family, and I want your approval.”

  Lu Jinfeng said, “I won’t approve it, take him away!”

  The old lady Lu said at this moment, “I approve of it!”

  ”Mom,” Lu Jinfeng was helpless, “Don’t make trouble.”

  The old lady said, “What do you call trouble? I am also a member of his family, and I have the right to express my own opinions.”

  ”Yes,” Lu Yanyue said immediately, “I support grandma!”

  Lu Jinfeng ignored his daughter, and just said to his mother, “Mom, do you know what exactly they will face if they are together? They are both public figures. They will be exposed! The whole country will know that they are two men together. This society is not so tolerant. You can’t imagine the pressure they have to bear at that time!”

  The old lady Lu said at this time, “I don’t know, I don’t understand! I only know that if my parents were not so tolerant at the time, all of you wouldn’t be born!”

  There was a brief silence at the table.

  After hesitating a little, Lu Jinxin put down his chopsticks and stood up to persuade him.

  Lu Jinfeng glanced at him and said, “It’s none of your business, sit down!”

  The old lady Lu was very angry and said, “Jinfeng, you can’t be so stubborn about this matter, you should put yourself in the shoes of your brother”

  Lu Jinfeng said, “I’m just thinking about him, otherwise I won’t stop the two of them marching to their own death!”

  Wen Jianing was a little worried when he saw the old lady. He stood up to help her, and wanted her to sit down and speak slowly. In the end, he was trying to support her properly, and when he stretched out his hand to help, the old lady suddenly stretched out her hand to cover her chest and shouted, “Oh my!” As if she couldn’t catch her breath.

  Wen Jianing was taken aback, and said, “Xiao He? What’s wrong with you?”

  The old lady clutched her chest, and she fell onto Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing was at a loss for what to do, so he could only hug her, turned his head and said to Lu Jinlang, “Should I call an ambulance?”

  Lu Jinlang stood up at this time, reached out his hand to help the old lady, and said, “It’s okay, let me do it.” He carried his mother to lie down on the sofa, and the family quickly followed him around.

  But Wen Jianing was the only one who was really anxious.

  Lu Jinlang whispered in his ear, “Don’t be nervous, my mother is playing tricks.”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback.

  Lu Jinlang went on to say, “She did this trick if she couldn’t beat my eldest brother. The family members are used to it, and my eldest brother can’t do anything about her.”

  Sure enough, even when Lu Jinfeng knew that the old lady Lu was mostly just pretending, he knelt in front of the sofa holding her hand and said, “Mom, how do you feel?”

  The old lady looked at him with complaining eyes, “You just want to see me dead.”

  Lu Jinfeng felt very helpless.

  Kang Huanxian whispered at this time, “Mom, don’t do this. You are making things difficult for Jinfeng.”

  The old lady was silent for a moment, and said, “Anyway, I just want the whole family to be happy.”

  Lu Jinfeng didn’t answer her, but said, “Since you are not feeling well, please go upstairs and lie down for a while.”

  The old lady was still unwilling, but Lu Jinlang persuaded her, “Mom, take a rest, eat the food first, and let me talk to the eldest brother.”

  Wen Jianing also persuaded softly, “It’s okay, I should also have a chat with eldest brother Lu, don’t worry.”

  ”Okay,” the old lady had no choice but to say, “Then whatever you guys want.”

  Lu Jinfeng asked Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing to follow him to the study on the second floor.

  Kang Huanxian said worriedly, “Please eat first.”

  Lu Jinfeng said, “I have no appetite.” Then he added, “Just go ahead and eat.”

  In fact, Lu Jinfeng had told Lu Jinlang what he had to say, and he didn’t know what else he could say to persuade this younger brother. Lu Jinlang himself had a career and financial resources, and the intervention he could do to him was actually very limited. So it was impossible for him to use any force to ruin his brother’s career.

  As for the young man, Lu Jinfeng looked at Wen Jianing, he had seen him on TV before. He didn’t expect that the real person looked younger, as if he was abducted by his brother, so he couldn’t say something serious to criticize him.

  But what needed to be said still had to be said, so Lu Jinfeng clarified his position and told them at great length how difficult the road would be.

  Wen Jianing only responded flatly, “I know.”

  Lu Jinfeng shook his head. He said, “You are still too young.”

  Wen Jianing said to him, “But I have thought about our future. First of all, we do not intend to disclose our relationship to everyone, because this is our own business; second, even if it is exposed by the media, Jinlang and I also have the ability to face it. It doesn’t matter to us who opposes, we only need the support of family members. Besides, eldest brother Lu doesn’t have to worry. The media and the public don’t know the relationship between you and Jinlang. Even if he is being scorned in the media, it will not affect your career.”

  Lu Jinfeng listened to his words, which were indeed said after careful consideration. After a short silence, he said, “Then what about your career? Isn’t it important? Aren’t you afraid of ruining it?”

  Wen Jianing replied, “I think eldest brother Lu has underestimated the acceptability of the society. Let’s not say whether our relationship can be accepted or not, even if it is not at all, it is also the price we should pay for this choice. I will accept it calmly.”

  Lu Jinfeng sized him up and had to admit that the young man named Ke Xinhang in front of him was completely different from the one he had originally thought of, however, he still had a lot to say. For example, he planned to tell Lu Jinlang that this young man might be with him for money, for fame, or for any benefit he could think of; or that he was too young and uncertain. Maybe in a few years, when Lu Jinlang got old, this boy would get tired of this relationship and propose to break up. But now seeing his firm eyes, Lu Jinfeng felt that it was probably unnecessary to say it. The other party was psychologically prepared, and he could definitely refute his words.

  Lu Jinlang hadn’t said a word since he came in. He just sat next to him and looked at him relaxedly. They really knew each other.

  Lu Yanyue said that Lu Jinfeng was a tyrant, but Lu Jinfeng was not too tyrant, otherwise, he would not allow his two younger brothers to develop independently, and would not spoil their precious old lady like this.

  Lu Jinfeng was a little upset. He wanted to find a compromise point to separate them, but not to tear his brother completely apart. He lit a cigarette for himself, took a deep breath, put it on the ashtray, and said, “If you want my consent, you will quit the showbiz and concentrate on taking care of my brother at home.”

  Wen Jianing was stunned for a moment. He said, “I am not a woman.”

  Lu Jinfeng said, “It’s hard for ordinary couples in the entertainment industry to settle down for a lifetime, not to mention your situation. Didn’t you say that you can bear the consequences? Then you can’t bear it?”

  Wen Jianing said, “That is a forceful consequence.”

  Lu Jinfeng folded his hands on the desk, “I have no choice now. This is the only condition I agree to.”

  Lu Jinlang finally opened his mouth and said, “Eldest brother, don’t be too much.”

  Lu Jinfeng waved his hand, “I’m not interested in arguing with you. You can’t convince me now. Go back and think about it. I can wait for you to give me the answer.”

  Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang looked at each other.

  Lu Jinfeng squeezed the bridge of his nose tiredly.

  Lu Jinlang didn’t have the heart to argue with him to the end at this point. So he walked over and squeezed Wen Jianing’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go back first.”

  Lu Jinlang believed at this moment, there was no room to argue for Lu Jinfeng. But he wouldn’t force him to hurry now. It was easy to say cruel words, but it was not easy to take them back after the cruel words were spoken.

  They came down from the second floor, and Wen Jianing found that the family was still waiting for them at the table.

  When the old lady looked up at him expectantly, Wen Jianing shook his head gently.

  The old lady was at a loss, but then she stood up and said, “Come and eat first. We didn’t finish the meal just now.”

  Kang Huanxian stood up in silence and brought some food for her husband upstairs.

  Wen Jianing had no appetite at first, but he didn’t want to disappoint everyone, so he sat down at the table with Lu Jinlang. Today, he came here to be mentally prepared. Lu Jinfeng was already a lot more polite to him than he thought, and there was nothing he could not bear.

  Lu Jinxin also rarely spoke, and said to him, “Eat more.”

  Wen Jianing looked at the old lady helping him put the meat in the bowl, and said, “Thank you.”

  The old lady looked at him and said, “The eldest is a bit stubborn like an old man, but he still wants the best for the youngest in his heart. Don’t be angry with him.”

  She was probably the only mother who would say that her son was a stubborn old man.

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help but smile, and said, “I know.”

  The old lady said, “Take your time, I will help persuade him.”

  Wen Jianing picked up the bowl and nodded.

  When they went back that night, Wen Jianing came out of the shower and sat on the bed in the bedroom playing with a pair of bears on the bedside table.

  After a while, Lu Jinlang came in after taking a shower, wearing only a pair of underwear, looking for pyjamas in the closet.

  Wen Jianing said, “Beware of catching a cold and put on your clothes quickly.”

  Lu Jinlang found the pajamas, and put it on and said, “In a bad mood?”

  Wen Jianing shook his head, “No, it’s better than I expected. At least your eldest brother can sit down and communicate with me calmly.”

  Lu Jinlang put on his clothes and walked over to him, stretched out his hand to rub his head, “Don’t think about it. You don’t have to worry about it.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Don’t treat me like a child.”

  Lu Jinlang chuckled, and sat down beside him, “My eldest brother can’t bear to make things difficult for who is dressed like that today.”

  Wen Jianing also smiled.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “It’s all right. I’ll handle it. You don’t have to worry too much.” With that, he put his arms around Wen Jianing’s shoulder and gently kissed him on the forehead.

Lu Yanyue is probably using a goth makeup that’s why Lu Jinfeng is calling her a ghost


……okay I’m not good at editing picture…. who am I kidding….
Anyways, Lu Jinfeng is really a kind hearted man who is just so strict about his traditional point of view
That’s why when Wen Jianing said that he isn’t a woman and that he shouldn’t be bound by the Lu Jinfeng’s requirement, it is because in traditional Chinese family, it is expected for the woman to stop working to take care of her husband and do house works.

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