Chapter 97

  It was getting late at this time, and the traffic was not as crowded as it was during the rush hour, but there are still a lot of cars.

  Wen Jianing’s apartment was in the city centre. Although he endured not running the red light, he was still speeding a lot along the way. It was just that after a few blocks in a row, he still couldn’t get rid of the car that was following and filming him.

  The other party must have been aware that they had been spotted, but they had no intention of giving way and would not stop until he was filmed.

  As soon as he saw that the green light in front began to flash, Wen Jianing couldn’t help stepping on the gas pedal vigorously, speeding through the intersection, and seeing a path that he could turn right in front of him, he turned in without hesitation.

  There was dazzling light in front of his eyes. Wen Jianing turned too fast and did not notice that a big car on the opposite side was turning from that intersection.

  As soon as he saw it, the car was about to hit him. Wen Jianing hurriedly turned the steering wheel. The car skidded and rushed into the green belt on the side of the road. Wen Jianing only felt that the sky was spinning, and the whole car was overturned in the green belt.

  At that time, Lu Jinlang’s filming was not over yet.

  He kept his mobile phone with Lu Yunan. Lu Yunan interrupted the filming and hurriedly told him that Wen Jianing had an accident.

  Lu Jinlang’s expression changed. He picked up his phone, turned around and left.

  ”What’s wrong?” Xie Ruoming still doesn’t know what happened.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “Xinhang had a car accident.”

  Xie Ruoming was also surprised, “What happened?”

  Lu Jinlang kept walking, and he didn’t even have time to change his clothes. He took the car key from Lu Yunan and walked outside. He said, “I will go over and take a look now.”

  Xie Ruoming followed him and hurriedly said, “I’ll go too, wait for me.”

  Lu Jinlang didn’t even ask Lu Yunan to drive, but chose to drive by himself.

  Xie Ruoming sat in the passenger’s seat and said to him, “Calm down, maybe it was just a small car accident.”

  Lu Jinlang expressionlessly said, “Don’t worry, I’m very calm.”

  Xie Ruoming just patted his shoulder when he heard the words.

  Lu Jinlang hurried to the hospital where Wen Jianing was located. He was very nervous. He was worried that Wen Jianing had an accident, but also worried that the secret Wen Jianing had kept so hard would be known to others.

  Bai Shengzhe also arrived at the hospital with Lu Jinlang. He also hurried over when he heard the news. Wen Tinghuan arrived first because she was closer.

  However, everyone was greatly relieved that Wen Jianing was not as serious as everyone thought.

  When Lu Jinlang arrived, the doctor was treating him with a wound on his arm.

  The hospital was full of people, Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang both conceal their emotions. Wen Jianing just nodded and said, “I’m fine.”

  Lu Jinlang then stood still and nodded.

  At that time, although the car turned over all over, because there was a mud buffer in the grass, and he was wearing a seat belt, he did not suffer many injuries when the damage to the car was not serious.

  But the shock was inevitable.

  In addition to the arm injury, there was also an injury on his chest caused by the seat belt. The doctor advised him to do a full-body examination, but he refused and planned to go to Xia Yan’s hospital for a detailed examination.

  Wen Tinghuan was the first to rush up and asked the doctor worriedly, “Is he okay?”

  The doctor said, “There shouldn’t be a big problem.”

  Wen Jianing shook his head and said to Wen Tinghuan, “I’m fine.”

  Lu Jinlang had already called Xia Yan, intending to send Wen Jianing there immediately.

  However, before that, two police officers were waiting to write Wen Jianing’s testimonies.

  Wen Jianing explained the situation at the time, and he told the police that he was being followed. He didn’t know what the other party was trying to do. He was anxious to get rid of the other party before he got into a car accident.

  After finishing the transcripts, Lu Jinlang and the others left the hospital with him.

  At this time, a lot of media had already rushed to the gate of the hospital. They had boarded the car outside the emergency gate. As soon as the media saw Lu Jinlang with Wen Jianing, they were immediately in an uproar, and the camera kept on flashing, Wen Jianing subconsciously raised his arm to block his eyes.

  Of course, some reporters were more insistent, and asked first, “Are you okay, Xinhang?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I’m fine,” He then didn’t want to say more, and got in the car first.

  Then someone asked loudly, “Lu Jinlang, are you here to pick Ke Xinhang home? What is the relationship between you?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “He is an artist of Lei Xing. If something happens to him, should I ignore it?”

  After saying this, Lu Jinlang stopped answering reporters’ questions and got in the car.

  Bai Shengzhe stopped the person who was asking, and said, “If you have any questions about Lei Xing, you can ask me.”

  Lu Jinlang personally accompanied Wen Jianing out of the hospital, which seemed ambiguous, but because Bai Shengzhe and even Xie Ruoming were present, this ambiguity was compromised. It could be interpreted that the big boss of Lei Xing had a good relationship with the artists under the company, or it could be interpreted that friends who were filming together rushed to the hospital when they heard the news.

  But of course, the media was reluctant to just write it like that, so they naturally made it as ambiguous as possible.

  Xie Ruoming breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Wen Jianing was okay. He was actually afraid that he would hurt his face or something, which would affect the shooting during this time. However, even if the injury was not serious, Xie Ruoming still let Wen Jianing rest for a few days, and then continue shooting when his body had completely recovered.

  Then Xie Ruoming left first.

  Lu Yunan drove Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing to Xia Yan’s hospital. Wen Tinghuan accompanied them, and Bai Shengzhe stayed at the hospital to deal with the media and deal with the follow-up of the car accident.

  At this time, Wen Jianing still had the heart to care about Jian Jun and asked Wen Ting Huan, “Don’t you need to visit Jian Jun?”

  Wen Ting huanly glanced at him, “His situation is not as serious as you. You almost caused an accident.”

  Wen Jianing heard this and said, “But isn’t everything alright?”

  At this time, Lu Jinlang, who had been silent, said, “Remember I told you to be careful.”

  Wen Jianing reached out and held his hand, “I know, I won’t be so careless in the future.”

  Lu Jinlang was obviously a little unhappy, but it was just because he was worried about Wen Jianing.

  Lu Yunan couldn’t help but say, “Fortunately, everything ended up okay.”

  Lu Jinlang exhaled a long breath after hearing the words, and said, “Don’t be like a stupid boy in his early twenties.”

  This sounded a little strange, Lu Yunan didn’t have any reaction. Wen Tinghuan said, “Huh?”, and then said, “But he was in his early twenties? What do you mean?”

  Wen Jianing lowered his head and smiled, grabbing Lu Jinlang’s hand and squeezing it tighter.

  Later in the hospital, Xia Yan performed a detailed and systematic full-body examination for him, and indeed there were only some skin injuries.

  Xia Yan said, “It’s very fortunate. Please drive safely in the future.”

  Wen Jianing responded quickly, “I understand, Doctor Xia.”

  When Xia Yan was conducting a system inspection for Wen Jianing, Lu Jinlang was outside the inspection room and asked Wen Tinghuan, “Which media was the first to report the matter about me and Xinhang?”

  Wen Tinghuan listened to Lu Jinlang’s low tone and knew that he was really upset, so she said, “It’s ‘Xingxin Entertainment’.”

  ”You know them?” Lu Jinlang asked.

  Wen Tinghuan thought for a while, and said, “This magazine had been around for several years, right? It had always been the line of the gossip and gossip weekly.”

  Lu Jinlang said to Lu Yunan, “Go check them out.”

  Wen Tinghuan was a little puzzled, “But it’s not necessarily this weekly magazine that is following Xinhang tonight? And now the media is targeting you, even if this one is reorganized, there will be others.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I want to target the group of paparazzi who follow personal privacy, not the entire news media. This incident is just an opportunity to denounce their behaviour. As for ‘Xingxin Entertainment’, it should set as an example to others, and also a warning to Zhu Zexin, who still has an evil intention.”

  ”Zhu Zexin?” Wen Tinghuan widened her eyes in surprise, “You are sure it’s Zhu Zexin?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I will be sure soon, Yunan has already checked.”

  After the check-up, Wen Tinghuan drove them home.

  That night, Ke Xinhang’s car accident became a hot topic on the internet. Of course, the media released photos of Lu Jinlang and the others coming out of the hospital together.

  Lu Jinlang called Bai Shengzhe and asked him to launch the water army to guide the topic to condemning the paparazzi and the privacy of the artists. He listed many accidents that occurred in order to avoid paparazzi.

  Wen Jianing, under the instruction of Lu Jinlang, posted a selfie with a wound on his arm, put it on Weibo, and then posted something like this: I’m fine, there are some small bruises all over my body, but tonight’s life and death situation really shock me. I hope that those media friends who are chasing after me, for the safety of others and for their own safety, can adopt a more civilized way to obtain news. Everyone must pay attention to safety when driving.

  As soon as he posted this on Weibo, it caused a huge reaction from fans, most of which were stressing over him and shunned the paparazzi.

  While he lay on the bed preparing to go to bed, Lu Jinlang received a call from Lu Yunan.

  Lu Yunan told Lu Jinlang that ‘Xingxin Entertainment’ belonged to a major entertainment company. Because its positioning was entertainment gossip, so they were never been a big deal, and the company had allowed itself to develop.

  Lu Jinlang was silent for a moment, and said, “I understand.”

  After hanging up the phone, Wen Jianing asked him, “What are you thinking about?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I want to discuss with Bai Shengzhe to acquire ‘Xingxin Entertainment’ in the name of Lei Xing.”

  Wen Jianing looked at him in surprise, “Why?”

  Lu Jinlang was still thinking about it. After a while, he saw Wen Jianing looking at him and said, “Because it upsets me.”

  Wen Jianing chuckled, raised his hand and bumped him, “Nonsense.”

  Lu Jinlang had his own calculations, and Wen Jianing didn’t ask for the details.

  His car accident was quickly found out by the old lady Lu, and she simply asked him to live in Lu’s house for a few days, and give him soup every day. Afterwards, Wen Jianing felt scared. He was afraid that he would weigh a few pounds more before going back to the set after eating like this, and he wouldn’t even be able to play at that time.

  So two days later, he quickly found an excuse to move out.

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