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  Seven years later

  When Wen Jianing took Yangyang out of the car, he saw someone holding up the camera in the window of the car that had been following him behind. He had been photographed by reporters for many days recently. He was somewhat helpless, a little upset, and a little indifferent.

  Yangyang was the son of Lu Jinlang. To be precise, he was the son that was born from the surrogate mother Lu’s family found for Lu Jinlang, but he was also the child of both of them.

  Because of Ke Xinhang’s body, Wen Jianing himself was infertile, so he felt relieved about it. It was enough for the two of them to only have one child.

  Yangyang was five years old this year. Since his birth, he had been growing up in the Lu family with the old lady Lu and Lu Jinlang’s eldest brother. In the beginning, it was not convenient to live with Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing because of his young age and the need to have a wet nurse. Later, it was because two people were too busy. Instead of asking another person to take care of the child at home, it was more convenient to stay with the elderly for the sake of convenience.

  However, Yangyang had been seriously ill these days. Although he had now recovered, he was still particularly fussy. Last time Wen Jianing went to see him, he held Wen Jianing and cried and refused to let him go. Wen Jianing finally couldn’t bear it and simply took him back.

  Recently, Lu Jinlang went out to film a movie. There were only Wen Jianing and Yangyang at home. He didn’t want the nanny to follow him, so he was all alone with the child.

  In the past, he used to take Yangyang out to play occasionally, and as long as he was careful and appeared less in public, the reporter was not going to be aware of them. However, because he kept taking the little boy out for several days, the reporter began to notice him.

  Wen Jianing’s current career had actually stabilized. He kept coming out with new and excellent works and was gradually breaking away from the original image of the popular idol, and these days were a bit on a par with Lu Jinlang.

  Yangyang had not been in good health since he was a child, and he was a bit thinner than other 5 year old boys. Lu Jinlang only had one child and had no plans to have other children. One was because it was a surrogacy after all, and the other was because they were too busy and had no time to take care of them. If it wasn’t because of Lu Jinfeng’s insistence at the beginning, Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing would not even want this child.

  But since they had a child, they still truly loved him so much and wanted to watch him grow up healthy.

  This evening, Wen Jianing made an appointment with Yi Nan and Wen Lin for dinner, and brought Yangyang with him when he went out.

  Yanyang got out of the car and took Wen Jianing’s hand and walked. After a while, Yangyang didn’t want to walk anymore, and pulled Wen Jianing’s clothes to ask him to carry him. Wen Jianing then bent over to pick him up, tidied up his little hat, and then walked into the restaurant.

  Wen Lin and Yi Nan’s careers could be said to be developing smoothly.

  Especially Wen Lin, under his insistence, he still embarked on the development path of singing. It wasn’t easy, because if he had gone into acting, he might have been in a better position than he is now, but he still persisted. Up to now, he had released his third album, and then there was a large-scale publicity campaign. It was not easy to find time to eat with Wen Jianing and the others.

  Yi Nan focused more on filming TV dramas. A few years later, regardless of his fame and works, he was one of the best in this circle, but when it came to his status in the acting circle, he was still not as good as Wen Jianing.

  Although Wen Jianing was nominated from time to time after he won the first Academy Award for Best Actor, he was not able to win his second Best Actor Award again in a short period of time.

  Wen Jianing was not impatient about this. Compared to his previous life, he seemed to have a lot of time to prove himself to everyone.

  ”Yangyang,” Wen Lin was very happy to see Yangyang. Although he and this child didn’t get together much, they had a good relationship with each other.

  Yangyang also liked Wen Lin. When he saw Wen Lin stretch out his hand to him, he got out of Wen Jianing’s arms and ran over to let him hug him.

  Yi Nan glanced at Yang Yang whom Wen Jianing had embraced, and said, “Aren’t you afraid of being known by the reporter?”

  Wen Jianing said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter.”

  Yinan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable when he heard him put it so lightly, because he saw the gap between the two of them all at once. If it was himself, he would definitely not dare to be so casual. Wen Jianing dared to say this, because with his current position in the film world, this news could no longer have much influence on him.

  And so they chat and eat.

  Wen Lin was a very patient person. No matter how much Yangyang messed with him, he never got angry. Even when it was Wen Jianing, sometimes he couldn’t stand it.

  So many years had passed in a flash, and it had been almost ten years since he became Ke Xinhang. It seemed that he was continuing to walk the same way as in his past life, but there were so many differences. For example, he had a lot more in his life, such as he had many more important people in his life, including these two friends in front of him.

  Back at night, Wen Jianing warmed Yangyang a glass of milk, but he refused to drink it.

  Wen Jianing asked him, “Why don’t you drink it? You won’t grow taller if you don’t drink milk.”

  Yangyang turned to the beginning and said, “Don’t wanna drink it.”

  Wen Jianing said, “If you are not tall, you will not be handsome. If you are not handsome, you will not be able to find a wife.”

  Yangyang didn’t look at him, pulling at the quilt with his fingers.

  Wen Jianing said helplessly, “Okay, forget it if you don’t want to drink it. Let’s go to sleep.”

  He put the milk cup aside, let Yangyang lie down and helped him cover the quilt. When he was about to leave, he suddenly heard Yangyang calling dad in a low voice.

  He leaned in and said softly, “What’s the matter?”

  Yangyang stretched out his hand to hug his neck, raised his head and kissed him on the face.

  Wen Jianing smiled and kissed him, “Good night.”

  He turned off the light and went out, then Wen Jianing went to the bathroom to take a bath.

  It was very hard work to raise a child. Wen Jianing now spent most of his time with the child, and he had to wait until Yangyang sleeps before he had time to do his own things.

  And fortunately, he did not plan to take up a new job in the near future.

  He put on hot water and planned to take a bath. It seemed like he didn’t do much all day, but his body still felt tired.

  He lay in the bathtub for a while, and Wen Jianing fell asleep unconsciously. When he woke up, he heard someone open the bathroom door. His first reaction was that Yangyang woke up to look for him, and quickly reached out and took the towel next to him to cover his body.

  But when he turned his head, Wen Jianing realized that it was not Yangyang who opened the door and came in, but it was Lu Jinlang. He was taken aback and stood up in the bathtub.

  Lu Jinlang was tired from the journey. He hurried home just after getting off the plane. He hadn’t changed his clothes, and he hadn’t had time to take a sip of water.

  He smiled and said to Wen Jianing, “Inviting me so passionately?”

  Wen Jianing said in surprise, “Why did you come back without saying anything?”

  Lu Jinlang has already begun to take off his clothes. He said, “There’s a little accident, and the filming may have to be suspended for a few days. I will be back after a short time.”

  After he took off his clothes, Lu Jinlang stepped into the bathtub. The bathtub at home was wide. Wen Jianing stepped back and let him sit in. He simply sat on the edge of the bathtub, letting him lie between his legs, with his head resting on his lower abdomen.

  Lu Jinlang was obviously tired. He asked, “I heard you brought Yangyang back?”

  Wen Jianing heard him speak with little energy, he stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his forehead, and said at the same time, “Yes, he was very sick some time ago. He cried as soon as I left, so I brought him here.”

  Lu Jinlang leaned back, leaning completely on Wen Jianing, closed his eyes and was silent for a while before saying, “You can stay on my mother’s side.”

  Wen Jianing said in a low voice “Forget it, your eldest brother is not there normally. I always felt my position there was a bit strange.”

  Lu Jinlang laughed when he heard the words, “What’s strange? Do you think you are the same as the sister in law? My mother called you the third sister in law?”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help but laugh when Lu Jinlang said that, “That’s not the case.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “If you mind, you can ask my mother to call you the third son in law. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me, we are partners.”

  He didn’t use the terms husband and wife, but a partner. It doesn’t matter which one of them was the husband or the wife. When they were together, they were completely equal. They loved each other and supported each other in the future.

  Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang stretch out his right hand to him, so he stretched out his hand to hold his hand. In the same place on their right hands, each had an identical ring shining with a soft luster, that was their wedding ring.

  Lu Jinlang was very tired and almost fell asleep lying in the bathtub.

  Wen Jianing was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he called him up and asked him to go to the bedroom and lie down on the bed.

  Lu Jinlang came out of the bathroom and went to Yangyang’s room to look at him first. The child was already asleep. As long as Lu Jinlang didn’t make a big movement, Yangyang wouldn’t be woken up at all. He kissed his son’s forehead, and then gently walked out.

  Today, he didn’t know if it was because of Lu Jinlang’s return that Wen Jianing had a peaceful sleep.

  When he woke up, one of Lu Jinlang’s hands was reaching inside his pajamas, fondling his flat belly.

  Wen Jianing smiled, turned over and hugged Lu Jinlang, kissed his lips, and said, “Morning.”

  ”Mmm, morning,” After Lu Jinlang finished speaking, he kissed Wen Jianing’s lips.

  The lingering kisses and warm hugs, the longing for the other party after being separated for a long time all turned into passion at this moment. The heat expanded in the air in the morning, and their bodies were eagerly demanding one another.

  After they made love, the two people lay on the bed and chatted while being naked.

  Lu Jinlang talked about the situation of filming, and he wondered if he could continue filming within this week

  Wen Jianing looked at him with one hand on his head, “If it doesn’t work, just rest for a few more days, if Yangyang knows you’re back, he’ll be very happy.”

  As soon as he finished speaking, he heard someone twist the door lock outside.

  Yangyang tried to open the door, but the door was locked. He couldn’t open it, and suddenly he shouted nervously, “Dad! Dad!”

  Wen Jianing immediately replied, “I’m coming.” Then he got up and put on his pyjamas, and went to open the door for Yangyang.

  At this time, Lu Jinlang also took his underwear and put them on.

  As soon as the door of the room opened, Yangyang saw Lu Jinlang sitting on the bed. He was taken aback and joyfully shouted, “Daddy!” Then he ran towards the bed.

  As for Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang, Yangyang called them Dad, but for the sake of distinction, he was asked to call Lu Jinlang Daddy since he was a child.

  Yangyang was Lu Jinlang’s biological son after all. No matter how long he hadn’t seen him, the bond seemed to have never been broken.

  Lu Jinlang reached out and hugged him, and asked, “Do you miss me?”

  Yangyang nodded vigorously, “Yes!”

  Lu Jinlang kissed his forehead, “Well, Daddy misses you too, my baby.”

The author has something to say:

After soliciting opinions, I found that everyone wanted to see about when they come out of the closet. I didn’t intend to write about Li Rong and Wen Lin, because it might not be clear within 10,000 words, and I don’t want to write a series of stories for the time being, so I just wrote a sweet one about coming out of the closet

The last thing I’d like to say is that I don’t think I’ll be able to notice it. Because the last chapter is over, there are a lot of readers who throw mines. At first I thought I would not copy it, but then I thought that since everyone supported it, I should express my thanks, including all readers who subscribe to the original version. Thank you.

When Wen Jianing said you gotta be tall and handsome to get a wife, I bet Yangyang wanna say: I don’t see you with a wife either, dad

I’m sorry author I just found your novel 7 years later and can’t participate in throwing the bomb

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  1. Yenna

    This chapter is a bit maddening to me.

    First of all, the Lu eldest brother wants them to have a child even though he knew that acting is a very busy career

    Then what happened to the child? Very sickly as stated.


    And just what the fck to their views and such.

    Many traditional thinking throughout the whole novel triggered me so much. And also, I’m really glad that people’s mindset different right now.

    • hoenimochi

      yeah, we are very fortunate to not live in such environment where traditional views are still enforced to us :’)

  2. chinesefanreader

    I guess this is not unusual, for rich people to have a child and have family raise it bc they’re too busy with their career 🤨 So the concept of a bond that doesn’t depend on time actually spent raising the kid is just wishful thinking to me… or maybe its the strong expectation of filial obligation. At least our MLs are making an effort

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  3. Crimson

    Well with child or not doesn’t matter.. As long as they love each other………….
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