Chapter 8

       In the second round, only several individuals were eliminated, and twenty people would enter the next round. Compared with the first preliminary round, this round was carefully rehearsed and prepared by the contestants. The stage effects of costumes and props were all considered, so the performance effect would be much better.

       When they performed on the stage, all the contestants have to participate, and then perform in turn in the order of the previous lottery. Wen Jianing’s order was relatively behind, and his position on the stage was relatively remote. Unless they deliberately looked for him, not many people would notice him.

       However, he had accumulated a lot of popularity from the first preliminary round.  From time to time, Wen Jianing’s corner was taken by the camera, and he did not dare to look too relaxed.

       The performance Wen Jianing prepared for him today had a little taste of stage drama. This was also the advice of the music consultant teacher invited by the TV station during the rehearsal, because his advantage was not too big if he was just singing. The teacher said that since it was a show, it was not only necessary to listen to the sound, but to comprehensively consider the effects of various aspects. There would always be different considerations for various types of singers, so that the competition would be good.

       Wen Jianing chose a song called “The Puppet”. While he was singing, he would play as a thread puppet without a soul from beginning to end until he finally broke free from the thin thread binding the body. At the same time when his soul was liberated, he also paid the price of being alive.

       During the rehearsal process, even the teacher who saw his performance was impressed. The teacher said that it was a very wonderful performance.

       Wen Jianing’s performance order was on the nineteenth. The recording has been going on for a long time, and everyone was already a little tired.

       The stage lights suddenly dimmed. Wen Jianing stood in the corner of the stage and slowly sang the first notes with the sound of music. The first half of this song was about always watching the world from the puppet’s eyes. People come and go in the circus, but he was always a rigid soul held in the hands of others. While singing, Wen Jianing was expressionless, but his plain voice was full of longing for the unknown world. His eyes had been empty, but if you look carefully, you would find that he was looking at the distance.

       The climax of the song was at the moment when he tried to break free from the shackles, and he became thrilled and his eyes became firm. Even if he knew that death might follow, he still chose to get rid of the rope that bound his body. In the end, the puppet fell to the ground and lost his life, but his eyes were smiling, and he ended his life with satisfaction and joy.

       The light hitting him dimmed, and applause began to sound at the scene.

       Wen Jianing was a little breathless. It was because he was too immersed in the performance. He stood up in the dark, calmed his emotions, and then stood in place waiting for the host.

       The order of comments began with Xu Rujing. She hesitated and said, “I can only say it’s a very good performance. To be honest, I like your performance very much, but there are too many things in your performance, which distracts me from your singing.”

       Wang Mei always praises more than criticizes. Over time, everyone will find that this may have something to do with her personality, but it didn’t show how much she likes the contestant’s songs.

       When it was Lu Jinlang’s turn, he suddenly asked, “Can you dance?”

       Wen Jianing took a deep breath, and then asked, “What kind of dance is Coach* Lu asking of?”

       The host interjected, “He means what other type of dance can you do?”

       Wen Jianing said, “I know a little jazz.”

       Lu Jinlang nodded, “Let’s dance next time.”

       After that, Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything.

       Wen Jianing still advanced from the second round. Compared with the preliminary round, his advancement in this round did not cause such a big commotion. The performance of that song was indeed wonderful. Although the whole song was not what you called as difficult, he sang at least without obvious mistakes. Compared to the few people that were eliminated, Wen Jianing still played well.

       After the round was over, everyone went back to backstage area. They hastily changed their clothes and prepared to leave and go back to rest. Wen Jianing never squeezed in when the dressing room was crowded. He sat quietly for a while, and waited until everyone had almost changed their clothes, and had to pack their things to leave, before he took his clothes and walked towards the locker room.

       Wen Jianing came out after changing his clothes, and all the contestants in the dressing room left, leaving only the cleaning staff to start cleaning.

       He picked up his bag and walked outside. When he walked into the elevator and saw that the elevator going downward was closing. He speeded up two steps and rushed to block the elevator door. The elevator door that was about to be closed, slowly opened again. Wen Jianing immediately saw Lu Jinlang, Xu Rujing, and An Yongkang. Among the four famous judges, only Wang Mei was missing.

       At this time, someone who knew their place would step back and let them go first. Of course, there were still people who would happily squeeze in and wanted to say a few words to them.

       Wen Jianing was naturally the former. After he regained his senses he took a step back and said, “Please, go ahead.”

       However, Lu Jinlang kept pressing the elevator button, waiting for him to come in.

       Xu Rujing smiled and said, “Come in, it’s okay.”

       Wen Jianing still wanted to refuse, but Lu Jinlang’s agent Song Dong said, “Hurry up, they are all waiting for you.”

       So he was embarrassed to refuse again and stepped in.

       Inside the elevator, Lu Jinlang, Xu Rujing, and An Yongkang were originally standing in the front. Of course, Wen Jianing could not go next to Xu Rujing, so he could only stand in front of Lu Jinlang.

       They were standing close to each other, and Wen Jianing was standing with his back on Lu Jinlang. However, he could even feel Lu Jinlang’s breath lightly tapping on the back of his neck. He had never felt so uncomfortable before, but he had no room for deliberate movement.

       Fortunately, Xu Rujing started a conversation with him and asked, “How do you feel about being promoted today?”

       Wen Jianing quickly answered politely, “I’m very happy, I’m thankful to the coaches.”

       Xu Rujing smiled and said, “The internet said that you are relying on Lu Jinlang for your promotion. Shouldn’t you give something to express your gratitude?”

       Wen Jianing knew that Xu Rujing was joking, and it was a joke with a little malice. If he was really a junior who had just entered the entertainment circle, he was afraid he would be grateful for Xu Rujing’s joke and thought at least he could have something to do with Lu Jinlang. But now he didn’t like the joke at all.

       He could only turn his head slightly, without even looking at Lu Jinlang’s face, and said, “Thank you, Mr. Lu, I hope that one day my singing will be truly recognized by all teachers one day.”

       Unexpectedly, Lu Jinlang said, “That’s it?”

       Wen Jianing was stunned. He turned his head and looked at Lu Jinlang. Lu Jinlang was half a head taller than him. At this time, he lowered his head slightly to look at him. There was no special emotion in his eyes.

       Hearing that, Xu Rujing burst into laughter, “You hear it. Coach Lu said it wasn’t enough.”

       Wen Jianing didn’t know what to say for a moment, and after this brief hesitation, the elevator had reached the first floor.

       As the elevator door opened, Wen Jianing hurriedly went out first, and Lu Jinlang and his party soon came out of the elevator and walked towards the door. No one was paying attention to him anymore. These people were talking as they walked, Wen Jianing guessed that they were probably going to have dinner together.

       He exhaled a long breath and pulled his backpack’s strap. After these people left, he went outside the door to take a taxi.

       Later, Wen Jianing thought of Lu Jinlang’s “That’s it?” comment and never understood whether Lu Jinlang was joking or really felt that his way of thanking him was not enough. But no matter what it was, Wen Jianing could be sure that Lu Jinlang deliberately gave him a spot for promotion instead of recognizing his singing talent. As for the reason, Wen Jianing couldn’t figure out the reason. He found that he knew too little about Lu Jinlang.

       After the top 20 spots were selected, the TV station interviewed each contestant individually and negotiated the signing of the contract with the TV station’s performance agency that cooperated with the STS program.

       This was the unspoken rule of talent shows. If you didn’t sign a contract, you would probably be eliminated in the next game. Wen Jianing knows how to play, so he didn’t hesitate to sign the contract.  It was just that he hadn’t heard of the talent agency company called Lei Xing in the past. It seemed to be a new company, but judging from their attitude and handwork in investing in the program of STS, maybe their backup was not small.

       Wen Jianing chose to sign the contract. He had no other choice for the time being.

       Moreover, Lei Xing has expressed enough interest in him and hoped they could cooperate well in the future.

       After signing the contract, they were preparing intensively for the next round of competition. Five people were eliminated in the previous round. Now there were a total of 20 people left. The program team announced that the next round will be divided into ten groups, with two people in each group as a pair. In this game, half of the people will be eliminated, that was to say, if someone in the group was eliminated, then two people would be eliminated at the same time.

       The grouping was determined by drawing lots. The whole process from the drawing of the lots to the rehearsal to the competition would be tracked and filmed. Whether the two people were agreeing, disagreeing, or anything, it would be broadcasted in the next program.

       “This is unfair!” someone said.  “If the person in my group performs badly, am I not being dragged down?”

       The chief director of the program said, “Who told you that the world is fair?”

       After that, the drawing lots ceremony began, with more than a dozen cameras set up next to it, trying to capture every interesting expression.

       The numbering of the ballot was divided into ten groups, with two places for AB in each group, that was, 1A and 1B were in one group, and so on.

       Wen Jianing guesses that no one wanted to be paired with him. It was predicted that some people’s expressions would turn brighter later. Wen Jianing drew first, drew 5B, and then stood by and waited.

       After a while, Yi Nan crumpled the ballot in his hand. Although he tried to control his expression, he was obviously not successful. Wen Jianing heard the host announce that Yi Nan’s draw was 5A.

       Wen Jianing suddenly laughed, raised his hand and waved to Yi Nan, but Yi Nan ignored him.

       All this was captured by the camera.

The author has something to say:

Come on, it’s just ordinary small. Like a slender ham sausage? I said children didn’t say it has babies’s size…….**

*they started to call the judges coaches probably because they are now in training phase just like how it is in “The Voice”
** Author is talking about Ke Xinhang’s peepee, 🤣


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