Chapter 14

       Wen Jianing was still panting slightly, he looked at Lu Jinlang, and moved a little further back.

       Lu Jinlang did not continue to approach, but leaned back on the back of the sofa chair and asked him a question, “Have you ever thought about winning this competition?”

       Wen Jianing was actually a little surprised. He said, “You can make me win the competition?”

       He thought that Lu Jinlang wouldn’t be unaware that Yi Nan’s winning was already determined.

       Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “Of course what I offer is more worthy than being a champion by far.”

       Wen Jianing said, “So what do you want? Me to sleep with you?”

       Lu Jinlang didn’t speak, neither admitted nor denied.

       Wen Jianing then said, “I don’t want to win this competition, I want a role in ‘October Fireworks’.”

       This time it was Lu Jinlang’s turn who was taken aback. He was slightly surprised and looked at him.

       Wen Jianing added another sentence before he spoke, “The male lead.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled when he heard the words, “Well, what a big appetite*.”

       Wen Jianing just looked at him.

        Lu Jinlang said, “It’s not impossible, but do you think it’s enough to just sleep with me to get it?”

       Wen Jianing asked, “Then you can state your conditions.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled, and before Wen Jianing had time to react, he leaned into his ear and said, “Of course, naturally I should be able to sleep with you as much as I want.”

       After saying that, Lu Jinlang sat back again.

       The right to choose was thrown back to Wen Jianing by Lu Jinlang, but Wen Jianing did not take the bait. He said, “I want the ‘October Fireworks’ directed by Fang Wei.” Maybe Lu Jinlang has the ability to make Wen Jianing be part of ‘October Fireworks’, but he believed that Fang Wei was someone he couldn’t buy. Wen Jianing knew Fang Wei’s character, and that he was notoriously picky about the script and the actors. From shooting to the official release of his movie, every step was carefully planned by him, and it took a long time. For such a reason, it was impossible for Fang Wei to accept a small actor he had never heard of.

       Sure enough, Lu Jinlang tilted his head and said, “This is a bit difficult.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help but form a curve on the corner of his mouth.

       Lu Jinlang said, “But it’s not entirely impossible. It’s just that for the time being, I couldn’t think of what you can give in return for what I did, so—” He shook his head.

       This negotiation did not allow the two people to reach an agreement.

       Lu Jinlang stood up, took the towel and walked toward the bathroom. At the same time, he said, “Get some rest. I will ask Yunan to pick you up tomorrow morning.”

       He took Wen Jianing to a guest room to rest. When Wen Jianing was about to lock the door, Lu Jinlang knocked on the door and handed him a glass of water. “Because you drink too much wine, you might get thirsty at night. Go place a glass of water.”

       Wen Jianing asked when he took it over, “Are you this considerate to everyone?”

       Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “Of course it’s only for a special person.”

       After that, Wen Jianing closed the door, placed the water glass on the bedside table, and then sat on the edge of the bed.

       It was only now that he was alone that he felt like being in a strange dream, that he had kissed Lu Jinlang and was now about to sleep in the guestroom of Lu Jinlang’s house.

       Until he was lying in bed, Wen Jianing found that he couldn’t calm down his thoughts. He thought about Lu Jinlang again and again. He recalled the female celebrity who had been rumoured with Lu Jinlang in the past and remembered what Lu Jinlang told him just now and his ambiguous smile.

       Lu Jinlang now and the one he had known before seem different as if they are two different people.

       Wen Jianing placed the cup on the table and covered his head, telling himself to stop thinking about it, and that he should go to bed. But it was still a long time before he really fell asleep later. That night, he kept dreaming, as if he had returned to the stage and the wine table, and the messy pictures flashed continuously.

       The next morning, Wen Jianing was awakened by the sound of a knock on the door.

       He sat up from bed, was dazed for a few seconds, and then walked to the door to open it.

       Lu Jinlang handed him a set of clean clothes from the outside and asked him to change by himself.

       Wen Jianing took it over and found that it was a whole set of new clothes. The labels had not been cut off. They were all bought according to his size.

       After he changed his clothes and came out of the room, Wen Jianing saw that Lu Yunan was putting the breakfast he brought on the table. Only did he realise that Lu Yunan was the one who brought him this set of clothes early in the morning.

       Lu Jinlang sat at the table and greeted him to come over for breakfast.

       Facing Lu Yunan, Wen Jianing still felt a little embarrassed. He didn’t know what the other party thinks of him, but on the surface, he seemed very calm. After walking to the table, he took the porridge handed by Lu Yunan and said thank you.

       Lu Jinlang and Lu Yunan talked about today’s schedule. After listening to Lu Yunan telling him about his afternoon work, he said to Wen Jianing, “Yunan will send you back later.”

       Wen Jianing put down the spoon and said, “Thank you.”

       Lu Yunan replied politely, “You’re welcome, Mr. Ke.”

       After they ate, Lu Yunan was waiting for Wen Jianing by the door, as if urging him to leave quickly.

       Then Wen Jianing said goodbye to Lu Jinlang.

       Lu Jinlang raised his hand, and when Wen Jianing was about to leave the house, Lu Jinlang said, “What I said last night is valid for a long time, so think about it.”

       “Okay,” Wen Jianing said, “I will seriously consider it.”

       Even if Wen Jianing said he would consider it seriously, he actually didn’t intend to consider agreeing to Lu Jinlang. Although he also felt that Lu Jinlang’s proposal was very tempting. At a moment last night, Wen Jianing even thought that if Lu Jinlang could give him the role of the male lead in ‘October Fireworks’, then he might as well agree.

       Luckily, Lu Jinlang didn’t think too far to that point**, so he could avoid unnecessary entanglement.

       As for the other requests made by Lu Jinlang, in Wen Jianing’s view, it was a clear indication that he wanted to support him. As long as he agreed, he would be able to give him a chance to be a leading actor. Although it would not be ‘October Fireworks’, it could be something else.

       After thinking for a long time, Wen Jianing felt that he still needs to be a person who adhered to his bottom line.

       At the end of the ten-to-five knockout round, the whole dressing room was half deserted. There was no need to wait in line for other people like it was during rehearsal, and it felt a bit strangely deserted.

       There were four male players and one female player in the top five.

       In between the live broadcast of the next knockout game, the first thing they have to do was to shoot promotional videos.

       This episode of the promotional video was shot next to a swimming pool. The theme was young people who were sunny, healthy and enthusiastic. At the same time, the theme song MV of the program “Soul Voice” would be filmed and released as a single.

       This time, the female contestants were wearing swimsuits inside and floral shirts and skirts outside, while the male contestants were dressed in floral shirts and boxer shorts.

       Wen Jianing specially wore an extra pair of swimming trunks under his shorts to guard against any possible accidents.

       For this episode of the promo, Wen Jianing has been a bit tense when shooting, but his nervousness didn’t seem too obvious compared with several other people who were not good at acting.

       Fortunately, although there were shots where the shirt was opened, there was no shot that made him go into the water. There was only one shot of him sitting on the edge of the pool, and then Wen Lin came over and sat on his back, and then it developed into a slapstick shot of several people pressing on him together.

       During the shooting, the only female contestant Ni Xiaoyan came over, stretched out her arm and compared it with Wen Jianing, saying, “Your skin looks fairer than me.”

       Wen Jianing smiled and didn’t say anything. His pale skin probably had something to do with Ke Xinhang’s physique. Even if he was under the sun, he would not get tan so easily.

       After shooting this cheerful promo, everyone’s mood was still a little high. Several people raised the assistant director aside and threw him into the swimming pool.

       Wen Jianing originally stood by and watched. He didn’t know who pushed him from behind and pushed him into the water.

       He knew how to swim, and the water in the swimming pool was not deep. After he sank into the water, he raised his hand and wiped his face with his hand.

       Later, Wen Jianing found that a young female staff member at the swimming pool was taking pictures of him with her mobile phone.

       He was not unhappy about it, but he refused to come up from the swimming pool until he asked the staff for a big towel. As soon as he got ashore, he wrapped his lower body and walked toward the dressing room.

       Later, the female staff member who took the video with her mobile phone sent the video to the Internet, and sent more than ten exclamation marks in a row, saying: Ke Xinhang is really handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Although the young man in the video had his entire face wet with water and his hair was smoothed to the back of his head, his facial features were exceptionally beautiful, his entire face was well-defined, and his smile was bright and sunny.

       Now, Ke Xinhang’s fans on the Internet have grown to a large scale. They even formed a fan group spontaneously. They usually publish news of Ke Xinhang, and some people would organize to watch the scene at the TV station or stay at the door of the TV station to take pictures of Ke Xinhang.

       Anyway, several contestants participating in the STS talent show are popular. As for whether it was just short-lived fame, up to now, no one could say clearly.

        The next game was a five-to-three knockout round.

       There were fewer players. In order to maintain the length and brilliance of the whole game, the program team had to think of more rich performance content to fill in.

       So this time, in addition to the competition, the judges were invited to sing a song with the contestants. Of course, this song was only for show and was not included in the later formal competition.

       Four judges and five contestants, so the program group invited a famous singer as a special guest. And the program team took this as a publicity gimmick. The real identity of the guests would not be announced until the day of live broadcasting.

       However, the players didn’t really need to wait until the performance day to know, after all, they still had to go through rehearsals before they would officially perform. This time, it was not up to the contestants to decide which judge to sing with, but the program group would manage the arrangement.

       As for this unique arrangement, of course, the director asked for the opinions of several judges and then decided through discussion.

       Moreover, the program team would film the announcement of the ensemble choice and the rehearsal process and broadcast them as show highlights.

       After Wen Jianing heard the program group’s arrangement, he couldn’t stop himself from guessing whether Lu Jinlang would choose to sing with him.

       He thought Lu Jinlang might want to avoid suspicion, but based on Lu Jinlang’s previous demeanour, he was not a person who would pay attention to avoid suspicion. It seemed possible for Lu Jinlang to choose him.

The author has something to say:
What else needs to be explained? I have explained Wen xiao shou’s physiological structure clearly enough, do I have to draw a schematic diagram…

*What a big appetite means that Lu Jinlang is saying Wen Jianing have a big ambition.
**Actually the real translation of “Lu Jinlang didn’t think too far to that point” is Luckily he didn’t have the sperm on his brain which translated to he didn’t think too far to that point (thanks to my friend Trin clarification, tehe~) It’s a way for Wen Jianing to sarcastically say that Lu Jinlang is basically brainless

Notes: …. I developed a stye…. probably because I’ve been spending too much time on the laptop… so I planned to rest 1-2 days, and I will continue the steady release of minimum 2 chapters/day so I can get to chapter 55 soon… I’m not planning to drop it, and will continue posting the previous translation to reach the danmeimtl’s version before continuing to ch 56. After that I will drop 10 chaps in one go ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*


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