Chapter 15

       Right now there were only four male and one female contestant left. According to the program group’s plan, of course, the combination of men and women was the best in terms of program effects and all aspects, but now there were two male judges. Even if the invited guest was a woman, it was inevitable that a male contestant needed to form a group with a male judge.

       When the director was announcing the choice of partners to the contestants, the camera next to them was still shooting.

       Wen Jianing’s partner was the last to announce because he was sitting in the most side corner, but there was no suspense. When he heard that Yi Nan’s partner was a mysterious guest, Ni Xiaoyan was in a group with An Yongkang, he guessed that he couldn’t run away from Lu Jinlang anymore.

       However, in various senses, including the topic of the program, his being paired with Lu Jinlang was a good choice.

       The only trouble was that Lu Jinlang was not a professional singer, nor was he. Two amateurs came together to form a group. He was afraid there would be a gap between their group’s singing with the other group.

       But the good thing was that Lu Jinlang wouldn’t be able to beat his singing level.

       Wen Jianing was mentally calculating the pros and cons in his heart. When he saw Yi Nan glancing at him as he passed by after the recording, he couldn’t help but think that the program team really took care of Yi Nan and gave him the most eye-catching mysterious guest as a partner. At that time, when the time came for the official performance, he believed the response would be very good.

       With this as the highlight of this game, it seemed that the official match repertoire was not given much attention. The time for rehearsing with Lu Jinlang was not long, it should be arranged in full accordance with the other party’s schedule, so he could only coordinate the time by himself and practice the competition performance alone.

       But Emperor Lu easily spared some time to rehearse with Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing was waiting for him in the practice room early that day. The performance had been discussed between Wen Jianing and the instructor. Today, he only needed to seek Lu Jinlang’s opinion.

       Lu Jinlang didn’t let him wait too long. He dressed very casually today and wore a pair of sunglasses. He looked like a young man who had just graduated from college.

       The selected song was a popular song, suited to Lu Jinlang’s singing level. The song was not difficult, the singing range was relatively wide, and the lyrics were more interesting. The song’s content was basically a complaint and anger of a lovelorn man being abandoned by his girlfriend. However, in the last lyrics, he affectionately said that if she was willing to come back, he would forgive her.

       In order to make the whole performance look interesting, a female dancer was interspersed to accompany the two people. When Lu Jinlang sang, she needed to dance with Wen Jianing; and when Wen Jianing sang, she wandered around Lu Jinlang. With the lyrics of the song, the whole stage performance will look very interesting.

       Lu Jinlang didn’t have much time to rehearse. He could only talk briefly about his singing part, and then take away the song list and said that he would go back to practice by himself. As for the dance part, he needed to wait one or two days before the official competition to participate in the rehearsal.

       Wen Jianing understood Lu Jinlang’s position and status, and how difficult it was for him to do this. When Lu Jinlang left, he was accompanied by the other staff to escort him out.

       Lu Jinlang stood at the door, and said to Wen Jianing, “Work hard.”

       Wen Jianing respectfully replied, “Thank you, Coach Lu.”

       Lu Jinlang raised his hand and waved, and the tip of his finger accidentally touched Wen Jianing’s face.

       Wen Jianing didn’t know it was a deliberate action, so he could only pretend that he didn’t understand anything.

       After Lu Jinlang left, the music instructor Zou Tong patted him on the shoulder and whispered, “Don’t be discouraged, other big stars didn’t have so much time to rehearse with the contestants. Practice well yourself and don’t count on him completely.”

       Zou Tong has always liked Wen Jianing because he thought Wen Jianing was sensible and obedient.

       Wen Jianing nodded and thanked Zou Tong.

       At the end of the rehearsal that day, when Wen Jianing was packing up in the dressing room to go back, he suddenly received a call from Lu Jinlang.

       Upon receiving the call, Wen Jianing answered politely, “Hello.” He didn’t even dare to call out Mr. Lu, because as soon as he answered the phone, Yi Nan who was standing next to him turned to look at him.  When he heard his respectful attitude, he looked at Wen Jianing curiously.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Go downstairs to the parking lot now. Yunan will wait for you there.”

       Wen Jianing hurriedly asked, “Where to? Is there anything wrong?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “You only have the right to choose whether to come or not. It’s up to you.” With that, Lu Jinlang hung up the phone.

       Wen Jianing stared at the dark mobile phone screen and hesitated, but he still picked up his backpack and walked out. He felt that what Lu Jinlang said was wrong. He didn’t even have the right to choose not to go.

       Lu Yunan’s attitude towards him was as polite as ever.

       Wen Jianing got into the car and asked Lu Yunan, “Where are we going now?”

       Lu Yunan said, “We’re going to Mr. Lu’s house.”

       Wen Jianing was a little surprised. He didn’t understand what was going on when Lu Jinlang asked him to go there. And he noticed that Lu Yunan was not driving the car in the direction of Lu Jinlang’s apartment in the centre of the city. Looking at the direction taken, it was more like he was going to Lu Jinlang’s villa on the outskirts of the city.

       Wen Jianing knew the approximate location of Lu Jinlang’s home because his other friends lived in this villa area. When they came over, the friend once pointed out to him that the three-story villa was Lu Jinlang’s house.

       After Lu Yunan stopped the car, he directly opened the door and asked Wen Jianing to go upstairs by himself.

       Wen Jianing, who was still carrying his backpack, hesitated. He took off his shoes at the door and walked barefoot towards the stairs. He vaguely heard the sound of a piano on the second floor, so he followed the sound to find it.

       Finally, when he arrived at the front of a room with a door open, he saw a warm yellow light coming out of the room.

       Wen Jianing knocked on the door, and then heard Lu Jinlang inside say, “Come in.”

       When he opened the door, he saw a piano in the middle of the room, a small pub table on the right, a table and sofa in front, like a scene of a miniature bar. The wall in the room is covered by the glass from the floor to the ceiling. The whole room looked very bright.*

       At this time, Lu Jinlang was sitting on the sofa, and Wen Jianing saw a familiar middle-aged man playing the piano. He was a very talented music producer named Tan Yangxi.

       Lu Jinlang waved to Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing quietly walked to Lu Jinlang and sat down, trying not to disturb Tan Yangxi.

       Lu Jinlang stood up and poured him a cup of coffee from the coffee pot on the bar.

       Wen Jianing nodded his head to express his thanks.

       At this time Tan Yangxi finished playing a song, and Lu Jinlang smiled and clapped his hands. Wen Jianing stood up quickly and greeted Tan Yangxi, “Hello, Teacher Tan.”

       Tan Yangxi was a gentle person. He smiled and nodded to Wen Jianing, and said, “I watched your show. My wife likes you very much.”

       Wen Jianing smiled embarrassedly.

       Lu Jinlang picked up a glass water cup and was going to pour water for Tan Yangxi, but Wen Jianing stepped forward and took it from his hand. His fingers accidentally touched Lu Jinlang’s hand and said, “I’ll do it.”

       He poured a glass of water for Tan Yangxi, who thanked him politely.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Yangxi is my good friend. I specially invited him here today. You can ask him if you have any questions about the song in the next game.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help looking at Lu Jinlang when he heard it.

       Lu Jinlang was not looking at him. At this time, he was sitting by the bar, concentrating on making coffee.

       Tan Yangxi said to Lu Jinlang, “I heard that you are going to be on stage too. Don’t you have something you want to ask me?”

       Lu Jinlang raised his eyes and said, “My purpose on stage is to make him look good. If you train him well, you can treat it as helping me.”

       Tan Yangxi then pulled out the score that Lu Jinlang had handed him, and said to Wen Jianing, “Is this the song?”

       Wen Jianing nodded and said, “There is another song, which is the official competition piece.”

       Tan Yangxi said, “One song at a time.”

       In the middle of the conversation between the two, Lu Jinlang opened the door and went out.

       Wen Jianing concentrated on asking Tan Yangxi for advice, and he couldn’t help but paid attention to Lu Jinlang, but Lu Jinlang never came back.

       Time passed by without him noticing. When Wen Jianing took the time to raise his head and move his stiff neck, he found that the sky was completely dark.

       Tan Yangxi noticed that he was distracted, stopped and said to him, “Let’s rest.”

       Wen Jianing felt terribly hungry when he heard Tan Yangxi say this. The two of them went down from the second floor together and smelled an aroma from the kitchen on the first floor.

       Wen Jianing walked over and saw Lu Yunan cooking pasta inside.

       The cooked pasta was brought to the table, Wen Jianing sat down and took a bite, raised his head and exclaimed to Lu Yunan, “It’s delicious, Mr. Lu’s cooking skills are very good.”

       Lu Yunan said, “The sauce was stir-fried by Mr. Lu1he was referring to Lu Jinlang.”

       Wen Jianing mouthed “Oh?” with a bit of surprise, Tan Yangxi next to him said, “Jinlang’s cooking skills are very good, and he also loves to do this. Today we are blessed with good food.”

       Wen Jianing really didn’t know these things. In the past, when they were filming together, Lu Jinlang wouldn’t show this side for him to see.

       After eating, Tan Yangxi offered to take a short break.

       Wen Jianing nodded, and then asked Lu Yunan, “Where is Mr. Lu?”

       Lu Yunan replied, “He’s mostly on the terrace on the roof.”

       Wen Jianing walked to the roof terrace and saw Lu Jinlang sitting on a recliner, smoking a cigarette while reading the script. Such days were actually what he missed most; a leisurely life while doing his favourite work.

       Wen Jianing stood by the door and watched for a while, He didn’t go to disturb him, but went back and continued to practice with Tan Yangxi.

       Tan Yangxi didn’t leave until late that night.

       Lu Jinlang personally escorted him to the parking place outside the villa and said, “Just sleep here. There are many guest rooms.”

       Tan Yangxi refused, “My wife will be angry, you know her.”

       Lu Jinlang put one hand on the door of the car and put the other hand in the pocket of his pants. He smiled, “Okay, be careful on the road,” and then helped him close the door.

       Tan Yangxi waved to him from the car window, then waved to Wen Jianing, who was standing behind Lu Jinlang and started the car to leave.

       Lu Jinlang then turned to look at Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing actually wanted to leave, but he was embarrassed to make Tan Yangxi send him off. At this time, he could only wait for Lu Jinlang to say something.

       Lu Jinlang said to him, “You are not going to say thank you?”

       Wen Jianing took a deep breath, bow down and said to Lu Jinlang, “Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

       Lu Jinlang curled his lips and grinned, and walked past him straight into the room.

       Wen Jianing had no choice but to follow him back.

The author has something to say:

I want to say that xiao shou does not have cryptorchidism** and will not die early. He is very healthy and lives longer than xiao gong’s family. Don’t implicate me about this…….

*This might be how the room looked like
**Click here to know what Crytorchidism is

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