Chapter 16

       Back inside the house, Lu Jinlang went up to the second floor and went into the piano room just now. When Wen Jianing followed in, he saw Lu Jinlang sitting next to the piano.

       Lu Jinlang gently put his fingers on the keys, and the notes slowly flowed out of his fingertips. Wen Jianing could see that he had learned to play the piano. He might not be so professional and the rhythm was not very good, but the whole tune was still smooth.

       There were too many things about Lu Jinlang that Wen Jianing wasn’t sure about.

       He was playing the song they were about to sing in the next competition. After the prelude was over, Lu Jinlang sang softly with the sound of the piano.

       He sang somewhat intermittently, because he couldn’t pay attention to both singing and playing the piano, so he was distracted a lot. Lu Jinlang’s voice was deep and magnetic. Although his singing skills were very mediocre, because of his good voice, this song naturally has a bit more flavour.

       Wen Jianing sat on the sofa and listened quietly to Lu Jinlang singing.

       In fact, the atmosphere was very profound. He felt that if he were a woman, he might not be able to resist Lu Jinlang. In other words, if he were not Wen Jianing, who was 34 this year, but was 20 years old Ke Xinhang, he might just leave everything behind.

       But he was not a man of that age anymore after all. He would not easily fall into a relationship, and similarly, he believed that Lu Jinlang would not either. Therefore, no matter how tender this moment was, it would hurt people once the novelty wore off and the interest fades.

       In addition to his physical defects, he had to be careful all the time and everywhere.

       After he finished singing the song, Lu Jinlang asked him, “For real? You didn’t feel anything at all?”

       Wen Jianing said, “I can manage. You are not rare after all.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled and asked, “Then what can you manage to give? A kiss?”

       Wen Jianing didn’t say a word as a tacit consent.

       Lu Jinlang waved to him, “Come on, it’s better than nothing.”

       Wen Jianing stood up, walked over to Lu Jinlang, leaned in and kissed him lightly on his lips. When Lu Jinlang wanted to deepen the kiss, he left.

       Lu Jinlang was not angry he did that. He sat on the piano stool, looked at him and said, “It was getting late. Go and have a rest.”

       When Wen Jianing was standing in front of the guest room and about to close the door, Lu Jinlang kissed his lips again and said, “Good night.”

       Wen Jianing smiled and said, “Good night.”

       When he was closing the door, Wen Jianing suddenly found that he felt very natural about the kiss just now, as if they should get along like that. He couldn’t help smiling and shaking his head and reminding himself not to be boiled to death by Lu Jinlang’s warm water.*

       The next morning, Lu Jinlang still asked Lu Yunan to send Wen Jianing back. This time, they went back separately. The two didn’t meet until they began rehearsing the dance the day before the competition.

       Wen Jianing’s dancing part has been rehearsed many times before. Today, it was mainly about rehearsing Lu Jinlang’s part and Wen Jianing accompanying his position.

       Lu Jinlang was not good at dancing, but his physical performance ability was very strong. The dance teacher asked him to do an elegant gesture of pushing the dancer away, and he could really do it with great grace.

       One of the movements was that the sexy dancer leaned on his chest, raised her head and stretched out her hand to touch his face. One of his hands should slide along the lower jaw of the dancer to her chest.

       After Lu Jinlang finished it, the dance teacher whistled and shouted praise.

       Then the dancer slowly released Lu Jinlang’s hand and walked toward Wen Jianing. She hugged Wen Jianing’s shoulders. Wen Jianing held her waist with one hand and raised her leg with the other. With one leg hooked around Wen Jianing’s waist, the two clung to each other.

       At this time, the dance teacher shouted, “Xinhang, move more naturally!”

       It turned out that Wen Jianing was deliberately avoiding their two bodies from being too close to one another. He always couldn’t help bending slightly to prevent his lower body from touching the female dancer.

       The dance teacher came over. He was very satisfied with Wen Jianing’s previous performance. The only thing was that he felt that the other party was too restrained and he personally demonstrated it to Wen Jianing. His body was close to the female dancer and said to Wen Jianing, “See? Just be natural and don’t be shy!”

       Wen Jianing was not shy. He just cared about his body.

       At this time, he turned his head and glanced at Lu Jinlang. Lu Jinlang was drinking water and noticed that he was looking at him, so he also looked at him with a smile in his eyes.

       In the end, Wen Jianing failed to overcome the psychological barrier. The dance teacher felt that the action was really unsightly, so he changed the action and didn’t force him.

       After the rehearsal, Lu Jinlang said to Wen Jianing on his way to the lounge, “Let’s eat dinner together later.”

       Wen Jianing agreed.

       He was sweating all over. When he saw no one in the bathroom, he took a bath first. When he came out and changed his clothes, he sat in the dressing room waiting for Lu Jinlang’s call, but he waited for nearly half an hour and there was still nothing.

       Wen Jianing suddenly wondered if Lu Jinlang just said it casually. He might’ve forgotten about asking him for dinner and left by himself.

       He got up, cleaned up his things, and decided not to wait here. He picked up his bag and walked towards Lu Jinlang’s waiting room.

       When he got closer, he saw Lu Jinlang’s agent Song Dong and Xu Rujing’s agent Zhou Yali standing in the corridor outside the waiting room.

       Song Dong was smoking while joking around, talking and laughing. Suddenly, he saw Zhou Yali turn her head to look his way, so his eyes followed her.

       The moment when he saw Wen Jianing, Song Dong’s face didn’t look so good. He asked in a cold voice, “Who are you looking for?”

       Wen Jianing knew Song Dong’s character. To put it nicely, he was observant of people’s words and expressions. To put it badly, he was someone who looked down on people. He didn’t get angry either. He stopped and asked, “Is Mr. Lu there?”

       Song Dong said, “What do you want?”

       Wen Jianing just said, “Mr. Lu knows. Is he inside?”

       Zhou Yali stood by as if she was watching a comedy.

       Song Dong felt that he shouldn’t be fooled by this brat’s words. He had to help Lu Jinlang check it, so he asked, “What does Mr. Lu know? Do you know how many things Mr. Lu has in a day? How can he remember what appointment he has with you?”

       “What’s with the noise?” Xu Rujing opened the door of her own lounge next to her.

       Today all these judges joined the rehearsal on the TV station, and even the mysterious guest seemed to have arrived, but Wen Jianing didn’t see who it was.

       When Xu Rujing saw Wen Jianing, she smiled kindly and said, “Xiao Ke, what’s the matter?”

       Wen Jianing was naturally polite to Xu Rujing and said, “I’m looking for Mr. Lu.”

       Xu Rujing knew that Lu Jinlang was not very open about Wen Jianing, so she said to Song Dong, “Tell Jinlang that his little friend is here to see him.”

       Song Dong couldn’t refute Xu Rujing, so he knocked on the door of Lu Jinlang’s waiting room with reluctance.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Come in.”

       Song Dong opened the door and told Lu Jinlang that a contestant named Ke Xinhang wanted to see him.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Let him in.”

       Song Dong then let Wen Jianing in. He wanted to follow him but was stopped by Lu Jinlang’s stare.

       Song Dong closed the door, saw Zhou Liya enter Xu Rujing’s waiting room next door, and then closed the door. He knew that the two of them were definitely going to talk about Lu Jinlang’s affair, and suddenly felt uneasy.

       Wen Jianing went into Lu Jinlang’s waiting room and saw him on the phone.

       Lu Jinlang asked Wen Jianing to sit on the sofa and wait for him. He was on the phone for a while before hanging up. Then he sat down next to the sofa and asked, “What’s going on today?”

       Wen Jianing did not answer.

       Lu Jinlang suddenly reached out and grabbed Wen Jianing’s hand that was on his own knee, turned it over and looked at it, and then he realized that Wen Jianing’s hands were white and slender, with round nails and delicate skin. To be honest, if it weren’t for the fingers, they would look more like women’s hands.

       Wen Jianing didn’t know what Lu Jinlang was thinking. He just watched him look at his hand carefully, so he couldn’t help curling up his fingers and said, “Nothing.”

        “You don’t like women?” Lu Jinlang asked according to his own understanding.

       Wen Jianing glanced at him after hearing this, and said: “I don’t like men either.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled, “Then why did you kiss me?”

       Wen Jianing wanted to say that he even kissed his dog. But when the words reached his lips, he wondered why he should offend Lu Jinlang, so he didn’t say anything.

       Lu Jinlang held his hand and suddenly exerted some strength. He pulled him up and made him sit on his thigh.

       Wen Jianing immediately wanted to stand up, but Lu Jinlang held him with great strength. Struggling in this position would embarrass both of them. He struggled for a while and was hugged by Lu Jinlang with an arm on his waist, so he didn’t try hard anymore. He just panted slightly and said, “Is Mr. Lu going to be a troublemaker in public?”

       Lu Jinlang pinched his chin with one hand, turned his face around, and asked, “Are you going to scream?”

       Wen Jianing squinted his gaze and glanced at him. It’s hard to tell how angry he is.

       Lu Jinlang suddenly moved his hand to touch his jaw. He said, “Your chin feels very smooth, like a woman.”

       Wen Jianing’s complexion suddenly changed. He forced to turn his face away and broke away from Lu Jinlang’s hand.

       At this time, Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and wanted to touch it down. At the same time, he joked, “Are you really not a woman?”

       Wen Jianing tried his best this time and broke free from Lu Jinlang. Then he took two steps back in panic and tripped over the tea table next to the sofa. At the same time, the teacup next to the tea table fell off and all the tea was spilt on him.

The author has something to say:

I was too busy this morning, I just didn’t have time to send out the saved manuscript.

*to be boiled by someone’s warm water basically means to die miserably because of someone’s kindness

Notes: It tooks me hours and back and forth conversation with my friend to get the conversation between Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing in the piano room right. I hope it’s not weird….


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