Chapter 17

       Wen Jianing knew that he had overreacted. He should have had a better way to deal with the situation just now, but he chose the most irrational way.

       The moment he fell to the ground, he saw a trace of confusion flash on Lu Jinlang’s face. So he tried to calm himself down and didn’t do anything that made Lu Jinlang suspicious.

       Wen Jianing quickly got up from the ground and wiped the water with his hands.

       Lu Jinlang sat on the sofa and looked at him for a while. He got up and brought him a clean towel.

       Wen Jianing took the towel and wiped the water on his body. At the same time, he constantly reminded himself not to do unnecessary moves, so as not to arouse Lu Jinlang’s suspicion.

       At this time, there was a knock on the waiting room’s door.

       Wen Jianing looked up towards the door.

       Lu Jinlang asked, “What’s the matter?”

       Song Dong’s voice came from outside. He said, “Jinlang, Miss Jiang Yongfei is here. She said that she would like to invite a few judges to dinner tonight.”

       Lu Jinlang looked at Wen Jianing after hearing the words.

       Jiang Yongfei was a young female singer who had become popular this year. The reason for her popularity was that she participated in a variety show on Starlight at the beginning of the year. Although her skill was far inferior to Xu Rujing and Wang Mei, she was far more popular and received more attention than them. 

       Jiang Yongfei suddenly appeared in this place, was not something to think about. It must be because she was the mysterious guest in this competition.

       Jiang Yongfei and Yi Nan rehearsed for most of the day. At this time, they took the initiative to greet the seniors and offered an invitation to have dinner together.

       Lu Jinlang heard the words and said, “Wait a minute.”

       Then he said to Wen Jianing, “Let’s go to dinner together.”

       Wen Jianing refused without thinking, “It’s not appropriate for me to come. You guys go eat, the competition is tomorrow, and I have to rest early today.”

       Lu Jinlang didn’t force him, and he found him a piece of clean clothes to change.

       Wen Jianing hesitated when Lu Jinlang took off his upper T-shirt and replaced it with the white shirt Lu Jinlang gave him.

       When he opened the door and came out, Wen Jianing saw Xu Rujing, Wang Mei and Jiang Yongfei standing in the corridor talking. When they saw Wen Jianing come out, Wang Mei and Jiang Yongfei didn’t react, but Xu Rujing smiled ambiguously. Because Wen Jianing stayed with Lu Jinlang for a while, and even changed his clothes.

       Wen Jianing calmly nodded and greeted several judges, and then walked outside, ignoring what they might think.

       That night, Wen Jianing calmed himself down to stop thinking about what happened and took a good rest for the whole night.

       At eight o’clock in the evening the next day, the competition officially began to broadcast live.

       The duet performance with the judges was put in the first part of the live broadcast, with Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang in the first order.

        Two people had a last rehearsal in the afternoon, and now they were performing officially and they were in very good condition. In fact, Wen Jianing had always given the impression that he was a player with very good performance on the field. Every time he performed on the stage, his state was better than his rehearsals. That was why he could go so far in the competition.

       In fact, this had something to do with Wen Jianing’s good acting skills and the fact that he never experienced stage fright.

       The performance of the whole song was about the despair of a man betrayed by his lover. He was full of resentment and believed that the other person must not be well off even after leaving him.

       Lu Jinlang’s singing seemed a little distant because of despair, and Wen Jianing’s singing was more of a feeling of giving up because of pain. The female dancer swayed between the two people. At the end of the song, she began to stand in the middle of the stage and dance solo. Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing both looked at her and sang the words of remembrance in the hope that she could still return to his side.

       The feedback received after the song ended was very good. Soon someone cut off this section and put it on the Internet, and Weibo started to forward it like crazy.

       But the real climax of the show was the duet between Yi Nan and Jiang Yongfei because Jiang Yongfei’s popularity had attracted a lot of attention to Yi Nan.

       According to the statistics of Wen Jianing’s fans, the volume of people forwarding this duet video of Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang on Weibo was a lot more than that of Yi Nan. Moreover, the number of comments far exceeds that of Yi Nan and the others.

       Although this was just an exhibition duet, it could be said that it might give some influence on the next official competition. At least the second round of the competition took into account the scoring of the judges and the voting of the on-site audience at the same time. Wen Jianing entered the finals and was placed third. The first and second are Yi Nan and Wen Lin respectively.

       After the results of the game came out, Wen Jianing felt that he was satisfied. All he wanted was to get here. He knows that it was almost impossible to release records in the market now. He was unwilling to walk outside without preparing for anything, waiting to be kicked off the market when he was no longer popular. He wanted to plan his own life properly.

       In front of the bathroom sink, Wen Jianing turned on the faucet and ran the water on the top of his head, washing away the hairspray and the foundation on his face. He did not want the unbearable fragrance to remain on himself.

       After washing his face, Wen Jianing looked up and saw his wet hair sticking to his face in the mirror. He looked a little haggard.

       He really wanted to talk to Wu Dongqin. No, Wu Dongqin was nothing. He wanted to find the manager of Lei Xing. He believed that he would have a good development if he was given a chance. But he knew better than anyone why the other party should listen to him? With so many beautiful and capable young men, why should he be given good resources?

       His only chance was probably with Lu Jinlang, but he couldn’t do it. Wen Jianing punched the glass mirror in front of him, and then reached out to wipe the water off his face.

       The day after the game ended, Lei Xing hurriedly recalled all of them to the company.

       Wen Jianing met Wen Lin when he arrived. Neither of them knew what was going on. However, after asking the staff about it, they finally knew that Lei Xing made a big progress today. The contract between Jiang Yongfei and her former talent agency company has expired, and so they signed Jiang Yongfei.

       Lei Xing was a new company. Now, in addition to signing this group of singers from the STS talent show, Jiang Yongfei was undoubtedly the biggest star the company has signed.

       Today, the company held a press conference to hold the contract signing ceremony, and called Yi Nan, Wen Jianing and the others back, purely to set the scene for Jiang Yongfei.

       Wen Jianing also met Lei Xing’s manager for the first time today. He was a middle-aged man who looked quite calm, wearing a pair of glasses, and slightly overweight.

       Throughout the conference, Wen Jianing and the others served as extras, but after the conference was over, Lei Xing’s manager Huang Gang interviewed Wen Jianing and a few of them.

       All of what was said earlier was some clichés. Later Huang Gang said that after the competition, he wanted Wen Jianing and Wen Lin to act in a combination and let them meet with their agent.

       Before Wen Jianing spoke, Wen Lin immediately said, “I’m afraid Ke Xinhang’s music style and mine are not very suitable.”

       Huang Gang waved his hand and said, “Your future development path plans are diverse. You will definitely lose money when you release an album this year. It is best to be able to star in an idol drama, then sing a theme song, the ending of a movie, and hit the charts. You can’t be too narrow-minded. I think both of you look good and you can double your popularity together. What’s wrong with that?”

       Wen Lin still tried to protest.

       Huang Gang was obviously a little unhappy, but he didn’t show it on his face. He replied to Wen Lin in a more perfunctory tone.

       In fact, Wen Jianing thinks that Huang Gang was right. The road of music that Wen Lin was dedicated to was the most difficult road in the entertainment industry. Even a singer who had been famous for many years couldn’t produce an album even after a few years, not to mention a newbie singer who had just emerged from a talent show. The company was willing to give him more ways to shoot some drama or something, which was already considered a good thing. If no one paid attention to him, they would probably pull him out for commercial performances everywhere, squeeze the remaining value and directly abandon him until there would be no news about him anymore.

       The agent that the company arranged for them was He Chaoshu. He was a middle-aged man who had brought some artists and had some personal connections. He must have been dug up by Lei Xing from outside.

       He Chaoshu’s subordinates not only took the two of them but also took care of Yi Nan.

       Lei Xing had just spent a lot of money to sign Jiang Yongfei. It was believed that everything would revolve around Jiang Yongfei in the future, and even Yi Nan would have to take a back seat.

       After the press conference that night, Lei Xing hosted a small dinner to welcome Jiang Yongfei.

       Wen Jianing changed into the suit prepared by the company for him. When he came out of the dressing room, he heard He Chaoshu swearing and losing his temper. It turned out that Wen Lin left without even saying hello.

       Wen Jianing felt that Wen Lin was making a bad impression of himself. He felt that He Chaoshu’s temper was completely understandable, but he still need to take care of himself and did not have much energy to care about Wen Lin’s emotions.

       Although the welcome banquet at night was small, it was still stellar.

       In order to welcome Jiang Yongfei, the company was naturally willing to sacrifice money, and Jiang Yongfei also invited many of her friends to attend.

       Wen Jianing saw that she had invited all the judges of the Voice of Soul yesterday, and even Lu Jinlang, several brothers and sisters in the music and film circles even came to show some appreciation to Jiang Yongfei.

       But Wen Jianing didn’t know that Lu Jinlang’s purpose to come may not be to give some appreciation to Jiang Yongfei.

       At this time, Wen Jianing felt a little hungry. He didn’t have time for dinner, but when he saw the food on the banquet table, he didn’t have the nerve to stand beside the table and gulped down some food.

       The company somewhat used Jiang Yongfei’s popularity to introduce Yi Nan and Wen Jianing to their business relations.

       So from time to time, Wen Jianing would be called to drink two glasses of baijiu with someone.

       When he was free, he walked to the table alone and wanted to fork a veal steak to eat. Lu Jinlang walked to him with a glass of wine and asked, “Is it delicious?”

       Wen Jianing glanced at him and said, “It’s not bad. Try it.”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Feed me?”

       Wen Jianing lowered his head and said, “I wouldn’t dare. Do you know how many eyes you have attracted when you come over and talk to me now?”

       Lu Jinlang smiled. He walked to the table next to him and picked up two glasses of wine, then gave a glass to Wen Jianing and said, “Can you have a drink with me then?”

       Wen Jianing took it, clinked glasses with him, and drank it in one gulp.

       After drinking this glass of wine, Lu Jinlang stopped standing with Wen Jianing and walked away alone.

       But after that, Wen Jianing found that people came to him for a drink one after another. He was a newcomer in the company, and everyone else was polite, and he couldn’t refuse it when they were toasting while speaking of him highly.

       After drinking seven or eight cups in succession, Wen Jianing felt that something was wrong, and he turned his head and scanned the entire banquet hall.

       Lu Jinlang stood in the corner, smiling and raising his cup to him.

       It’s a pity that his gaze was out of focus at that time, and his gaze swept over without noticing anything.

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Xiao shou is not aggrieved, this is a sweet story ah……

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