Wen Jianing dressed neatly, called Wen Lin, and then planned to return to the company. He felt that he needed to talk to Manager Huang. If Lei Xing’s positioned their artists in the company to sell themselves, then even if it was a breach of contract, he should make an early decision to find another way out for himself.

  He knew that this incident was very unpleasant, and if it was not handled properly, he might also be affected, but sometimes people couldn’t help but want to be tough. He really despised people like Wu Dongqin and He Chaoshu.

  Before arriving at the company, Wen Jianing received a call from He Chaoshu. After hesitating, he directly hung up the call. His reputation had plummeted anyway, and the phone call would not make it any worse. They were going to talk about it when he gets to the company.

  At the end, when Wen Jianing arrived at Lei Xing, he didn’t see He Chaoshu and Wu Dongqin at all.

  He wanted to see Huang Gang, so he inquired about Huang Gang’s secretary and said that there was a temporary board of directors today. As the general manager of Lei Xing, Huang Gang was invited to attend the board of directors.

  He didn’t see the person he wanted to see. After a while, Wen Lin who was still feeling depressed also came.

  Wen Jianing stayed with him and talked in the small lounge where they usually stay. Soon after, Yi Nan hurried in through the door.

  Yi Nan saw the two of them and said, “Have you heard the news that there is a change in the top management of Lei Xing?”

  Wen Jianing and Wen Lin glanced at each other. It was obvious that the two of them had no way to know the news.

  But Yi Nan was different. After all, Yi Nan had a good family background. He came in and closed the door and said, “I heard that the board of directors wanted to dismiss Huang Gang. If nothing happens, a new manager will take office in two days.”

  Wen Lin looked surprised, but even if he didn’t understand the reason, he still vaguely felt that it had something to do with what happened to him yesterday, so he asked, “Is it because of what happened yesterday?”

  Even Yi Nan could not answer this question.

  Wen Jianing frowned. He took out his mobile phone and dialled Lu Jinlang’s number, but the voice prompt said that the other party had been turned off. Lu Jinlang might be on the plane at this time.

  He put away the phone, and Wen Jianing said to Wen Lin, “Let’s wait until the news is confirmed.”

        It turned out they didn’t wait for more than two days. The next day, the whole Lei Xing was in commotion as if a bomb was dropped, because the new manager had come, and Huang Gang seemed to have packed up his things overnight and left.

  Wen Jianing arrived at the company a little late that day. As soon as he arrived, someone told him that the new manager was already scolding people.

  The manager scolded no one else but Wen Jianing’s and Wen Lin’s agent, He Chaoshu. Wen Jianing didn’t know exactly how he was scolded, but he heard people say that He Chaoshu was scolded so harshly that he didn’t dare to say a word.

  After he was finished scolded, He Chaoshu was asked to pack up and leave.

  He ran into Wen Jianing in the corridor and left without even looking at him twice, lowering his gaze with his belongings in his arms.

        Wen Jianing looked at him and said nothing. He didn’t have the habit of beating an already drowning dog.*

  Then, the assistant of the new manager informed Wen Jianing that the manager wanted to talk to them face to face.

        The new manager’s name was Bai Shengzhe. He looked gentle and very smart. He interviewed several people respectively and treated Wen Jianing politely. Manager Bai did not mention the reason for the change of Lei Xing’s top management. He just asked Wen Jianing to talk about the development path he desired and said that Lei Xing would give sufficient support to its artists and try to protect them.

  Wen Jianing knew that Lei Xing’s board of directors had made the decision to replace Huang Gang. It seemed that it really was decided just the day before yesterday, but Lei Xing moved so quickly that Wen Jianing had to think more.

        But anyway, it was a good thing for Wen Lin.

  Bai Shengzhe said that if investors want to withdraw their capital, he could withdraw, but the TV series would still be filmed. They would just need to look for investment again, so they should just prepare and don’t have to worry about these things.

  At this time, Wen Jianing thought of He Chaoshu’s phone call yesterday morning. It seems that it would no longer trouble him anymore.

        That night, Wen Jianing called Lu Jinlang again.

  The call was connected, but unfortunately, it was not Lu Jinlang who answered the phone. It was Lu Yunan who answered the phone. He said that Lu Jinlang was filming and had no time to answer the phone, so he could convey it to him if Wen Jianing had anything to say.

  Wen Jianing said, “It’s nothing, tell him to be careful not to work too hard.”

       After he hung up, Wen Jianing thought he would call Lu Jinlang when he was free, but he didn’t expect that Lu Jinlang never called him back.

  Lu Jinlang did not take the initiative to contact him, so Wen Jianing did not bother him, and did not call him again.

       Bai Shengzhe, who took office, hired a new agent soon after He Chaoshu was dismissed. There was a famous one in the whole entertainment circle, once cultivated a diva, now the diva married and rested, this agent whose contract has expired was now poached by Lei Xing.

  The new agent’s name was Zheng Xin. He was hired by Lei Xing at a high price. At this stage, it could be said that his value was higher than Wen Jianing and Wen Lin combined. Zheng Xin didn’t come to Lei Xing alone either. There were three or four students or assistants under him, and he arranged for them to work as assistants for Wen Jianing and the others.

       The assistant that Zheng Xin arranged for Wen Jianing was called Wen Tinghuan. He said she was an assistant, but she was actually a student who followed Zheng Xin. She was not in charge of Wen Jianing’s clothing, food, housing and transportation like Lu Yunan, who was next to Lu Jinlang.

  More often than not, Zheng Xin was the one who coordinated the arrangements and she took care of the actual work.

       The first time Zheng Xin talked with Wen Jianing, he simply said to him, “The TV drama of ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ is a good TV drama.”

       Wen Jianing understood what Zheng Xin meant. This TV series had the top broadcasting platform in Starlight, plus it had the influence of the original work. Even if it did not become popular in the end, it should not be a problem to make a few people famous.

  Zheng Xin was a gentleman who spoke and behaved very gently. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and treated people very amiably.

  He said to Wen Jianing, “I watched over all the videos of your participation in the competition. I believe you will become popular after this TV series. I can trust my vision.”

       Wen Jianing said, “Thank you.” He was unfamiliar with Zheng Xin in the past and was only an acquaintance, but he had heard of Zheng Xin’s ability.

  Zheng Xin patted him on the shoulder, “You can ask anything you want, you can talk it to Tingting, or you can tell me personally.”

  Wen Jianing smiled.

  Zheng Xin stretched out his hand, “I look forward to working with you, future Emperor Superstar.”

        Wen Jianing held his hand and knew that he was flattering and wooing, but these kinds of words would be very useful for individuals, not to mention that he had confidence in himself.

        He said, “I want to stand higher than Lu Jinlang.”

  Zheng Xin smiled upon hearing the words, “It’s good to have a goal.”

  After that, Zheng Xin asked him not to care about the company’s affairs and concentrate on preparing for the shooting of ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’.

  Wen Jianing also began to earnestly figure out the script and roles.

  Compared with the original novel, the script had a lot of changes. The main scene was added to the grievances between the brothers’ Xiao Zongyi and Xiao Zongyan.

  Xiao Zongyan, played by Wen Jianing, was a man with a very deep mind. After his elder brother Xiao Zongyi succeeded to the throne, he eliminated many of his brother’s men, except for his younger brother who was loved by his mother, so his younger brother stayed in the capital and often walked in the palace. In order to save his life, Xiao Zongyan pretended to be crazy and dumb all day long, but he secretly entangled the important officials to rebel.

  The screenwriter did not want to make the story look too thin, so he added a lot of controversies in the court and expanded the original novel with more than 100,000 characters.

  Lei Xing moved fast, and soon the new funds were in place. After the preliminary work preparations are over, Wen Jianing and Wen Lin will rush to the filming base to officially start filming the TV series.

       The day before they leave for the filming location, Wen Tinghuan personally came to help Wen Jianing pack his things. She was a capable woman, and just in her 30s this year. She was still unmarried, and her character was probably inherited from Zheng Xin. She spoke swiftly, and at the same time, she was very caring about the other party.

       When she opened the wardrobe door to help Wen Jianing collect his clothes, Wen Jianing hurriedly came forward and said, “I’ll do it.”

       Wen Tinghuan said, “It’s all right you have to get used to this. Your time will be precious in the future. It is impossible to do everything by yourself, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed with me. I got my salary, and this is what I should do.”

  Wen Jianing was really embarrassed, but it was only because after occupying Ke Xinhang’s body. He was used to hiding some personal things. What he was embarrassed about was that he was afraid that Wen Tinghuan would see his personal belongings, rather than bothering Wen Tinghuan to do things for him.

        Wen Tinghuan’s attitude was very professional, which makes Wen Jianing very satisfied.

  But he still felt he could clean up his underwear.

  Wen Tinghuan thought this boy in his early twenties was embarrassed, so she did not force it. When she heard someone ring the doorbell, she took the initiative to help Wen Jianing open the door.

  When the door opened, Wen Tinghuan was surprised, because the person standing outside the door was Lu Yunan. There were not many people in Lu Yunan’s circle who didn’t know that he was Lu Jinlang’s personal assistant. As long as you see Lu Jinlang, you would be able to see Lu Yunan.

  In the past, Wu Dongqin and He Chaoshu knew a little about the relationship between Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing, but they didn’t publicize it everywhere. So Zheng Xin and his subordinate Wen Tinghuan naturally don’t know.

        The moment she saw Lu Yunan, Wen Tinghuan’s mind was spinning.

  Lu Yunan was also surprised because he knew Wen Tinghuan, but he didn’t know that Wen Tinghuan was now following Zheng Xin to join Lei Xing.

  Wen Tinghuan was quick to respond. She immediately understood that Lu Yunan would not be looking for her. She looked inside and saw Wen Jianing coming this way when he heard the sound, so she asked, “Looking for Xinhang?”

        Lu Yunan did not answer immediately, but asked, “Why are you here?”

  At this time Wen Jianing had seen Lu Yunan, and he asked, “Yunan? When did you come back?”

  Lu Yunan did not answer but looked at Wen Tinghuan

  Wen Jianing saw this and said, “Ting jie** is now my agent.”

  There was a difference between an agent and an assistant, and Wen Jianing naturally wanted Wen Tinghuan’s position to be higher.

  When he heard Wen Jianing say this, Lu Yunan understood in an instant. Since Wen Tinghuan now had such a relationship with Wen Jianing, it was certainly impossible to hide the things between Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang from her, so he said directly, “Mr. Lu is back. He wants to see you.”

  Wen Tinghuan unconsciously widened her eyes and looked at Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing was taken aback, “Now? But I have to pack my things and go to the film and television base tomorrow.”

  Lu Yunan was also a little embarrassed when he heard this. He said, “Otherwise you can call Mr. Lu and say something.”

  Wen Jianing also hesitated a little, and then said to Lu Yunan, “It’s okay, I’ll go there first, and come back later to clean up.”

  At this time, Wen Tinghuan had guessed something more or less. She thought about it and said to Wen Jianing, “Just go, I’ll pack up and take your things directly to the car. Call me again tomorrow. Remember the plane is at 10:30 a.m. and don’t be late.”

  Wen Jianing then said to Wen Tinghuan, “Okay, thank you, Ting jie.”

  He went back to the room and made sure to put some things such as Ke Xinhang’s diary in the drawer and locked it. The computer also had a power-on password. He believed Wen Tinghuan would not touch it. As for other things, it was no different from ordinary young men. He took a bag and left with Lu Yunan.

        Before leaving, Wen Tinghuan also told him not to forget his ID wallet.

  Wen Jianing nodded, smiled and said, “I haven’t forgotten about it, thank you Ting jie.”

  He then followed Lu Yunan to the underground parking lot and found that Lu Yunan was driving a nanny car today, but Lu Jinlang was not in the car.

       Lu Yunan explained, “Mr. Lu came back today to attend a business event. It will end around 9 o’clock. We will pick him up now.”

  Wen Jianing has no objection.

  Lu Yunan couldn’t help being curious, and asked, “Xinhang, have you changed your agent?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Yes, now Zheng Xin is coming over to Lei Xing.”

  Lu Yunan nodded, “Zheng Xin is very good.”

  Wen Jianing didn’t say anything. He still had some doubts in his heart about the sudden change in Lei Xing’s top management.

  Lu Jinlang attended the business event at the Global Commercial Centre in the city centre. Lu Yunan parked his car in a secluded corner of the parking lot. Lu Yunan asked Wen Jianing to wait in the car for a while before getting off.

  Wen Jianing took out his mobile phone and played for about 15 minutes. The door of the car was opened, and Lu Jinlang came up and sat beside him.

  Lu Jinlang was still wearing a suit and tie.

  The first thing he did when he got in the car was to stretch his hand to loosened the tie around his neck and then pulled Wen Jianing over to kiss his lips.

  Wen Jianing sat on his lap, hugging his shoulders.

        But when he felt Lu Jinlang stretch out his hands to unzip his pants, he couldn’t help but say, “Are we just going to meet to have sex?”

  Lu Jinlang’s movements stopped all of a sudden. He said, “Are you going to use such crude language to describe our relationship?”

  “Then?” Wen Jianing said, “Having sex or making love when we meet, which do you think sounds better?”

        Lu Jinlang buried his head on his neck and laughed softly. Then he unzipped the zipper of his jeans outside, stretched out his hand to pull the thin cloth of his underwear, and said, “Good boy.”

       Wen Jianing was wearing the new underwear that Lu Jinlang left him that day. Lu Jinlang replaced all of his underwear, but he did not insist on changing it back and gradually got used to the current style.

       Wen Jianing didn’t know why he couldn’t help blushing when Lu Jinlang said “Good boy”. It was strange that he was not a simple teenager without much experience, but sometimes people were inexplicably poked into the heart by some words. Just like now, he was very grateful that the dark environment here makes Lu Jinlang unable to see him blushing.

       After he heard Wen Jianing’s vague complaint, Lu Jinlang didn’t continue to do what he had just done. He said to Wen Jianing, “Shall we go on a date, have dinner, watch a movie, and then go to bed?”

       Wen Jianing agreed, “Okay.”

       Only two minutes after Lu Jinlang got in the car, Lu Yunan also sat in the driver’s seat. He opened the small partition window and asked Lu Jinlang, “Where Mr. Lu want to go?”

       Lu Jinlang hesitated and said, “How about we go to Lanlu?”

       He also had his worries. For example, it was impossible for Lu Jinlang to take Wen Jianing’s hand to eat and watch a movie on the downtown pedestrian street. He could only go to some private places.

  Wen Jianing said, “No, I have to catch a plane tomorrow morning. It’s too far from the airport.”

  Lu Jinlang could only say to Lu Yunan, “Then let’s go home.”

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*beating an already drowning dog means to pulverize an (already defeated) enemy
** jie = a way to address a women who is older than you 

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