Chapter 31

  The car drove in the direction of Lu Jinlang’s house.

  Wen Jianing got off Lu Jinlang and sat next to him. Lu Jinlang completely pulled off his tie and reached out to unbutton a few buttons on his shirt.

  “I heard that Zheng Xin went to Lei Xing?” Lu Jinlang asked.

  Wen Jianing did not answer him, but asked, “You really don’t know? Don’t you know why Huang Gang left Lei Xing? He left followed by Wu Dongqin and He Chaoshu who also packed up and left, just the day after Wen Lin’s accident.”

  Lu Jinlang chuckled, “Why are you asking me? Do you think it has something to do with me?”

  Wen Jianing really thought that Lu Jinlang had something to do with it, but he also felt that it didn’t make sense logically. 

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “Do you think that in order to help you, I found a way to get Lei Xing to fire Wu Dongqin and He Chaoshu?”

  Yes. This was what Wen Jianing thought didn’t make sense. He hadn’t been wishful enough to think that Lu Jinlang would do that for him.

  Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “Actually, my second brother invested in Lei Xing.”

  This time, Wen Jianing was really stunned.

  Lu Jinlang then said, “He took the money to test the water in the entertainment industry. The majority of Lei Xing’s shares are in his hands, and a small part is in my hands. But he doesn’t intend to take care of them personally, and I’m unwilling to let the outside world know about my relationship with Lei Xing for the time being. The dismissal of Huang Gang as a response to Wen Lin’s affair was the trigger and it was not just to help you, but it’s also because I don’t want to watch Lei Xing develop in this way.”

       When Wen Jianing heard Lu Jinlang say this, he immediately understood why Lu Jinlang was willing to be a judge of a music talent show like the Voice of the Soul. Because the talent show was organized together by Lei Xing and Starlight. He was not thinking about Starlight’s status, but he came for Lei Xing.

  Lu Jinlang saw him froze, reached out and touched his lips with his thumb, and said, “Bai Shengzhe is the person I found. He is capable and was friends with my second brother. I believe he will not let those messy people spoil Lei Xing like what Huang Gang did. I hope you or Wen Lin can give Lei Xing a little more confidence.”

  Wen Jianing was really surprised. He could only prevent himself from showing it on his face, but he didn’t know what to say for a while. It’s not that he didn’t know how to face the truth behind Lei Xing’s behind-the-scenes boss, but he just hadn’t tried to deal with a special relationship like this.

  Lu Jinlang obviously didn’t feel that they needed to change the status quo. He gently put his finger on Wen Jianing’s lips.

  Wen Jianing hesitated, licked his finger with the tip of his tongue, then grabbed his hand and moved it away from his lips. He then said to Lu Jinlang, “Big Boss Lu has said so, of course I will trust Lei Xing unconditionally.”

  Lu Jinlang just smiled. He said, “Stop calling me Big Boss Lu. Have you considered changing the way you called me?”

       “For example?” Wen Jianing asked.

  Lu Jinlang thought for a while and said, “Call me Lang ge.”

  Wen Jianing suddenly couldn’t help laughing, because he remembered that originally Lu Jinlang was two years younger than him, but now that they got along, he felt that Lu Jinlang’s character was more mature than him.

  But in the end, Wen Jianing leaned close to Lu Jinlang’s ear and called out “Lang ge”. As soon as the two words came out of his mouth, he immediately had an inexplicable sense of shame that didn’t fade away for a long time.

       It was already past 10 p.m. when they arrived at Lu Jinlang’s house.

       Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing were still energetic. They made sure to follow the steps of eating, watching movies and going to bed to complete the night. He opened the refrigerator and found that there was little food inside. After filming outside for so long, there was only some frozen food left in the fridge that could be preserved for a long time.

  “Yunan!” Lu Jinlang shouted loudly.

  Lu Yunan had gone upstairs to put things. When Lu Jinlang shouted, he hurried downstairs.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “Go buy some groceries, I want to make a pizza.”

  Wen Jianing had taken a cup to drink water, but almost spit out, “What pizza are you making so late? It will be dawn when you are ready.”

       “It won’t take that long,” Lu Jinlang said.

  Lu Yunan solemnly took out his mobile phone to write down, “What kind of groceries to buy?”

  “There’s no need to buy.” Wen Jianing felt that there was no need to make Lu Yunan run so hard. He opened the refrigerator and looked through it, found a bag of unopened quick-frozen dumplings, and said to Lu Jinlang, “Let’s just eat this.”

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “Are you sure?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I’m sure. Let Yunan rest, and don’t trouble him.”

  Lu Jinlang then said to Lu Yunan, “You can go upstairs and rest. No need to go today.”

  Lu Yunan nodded and bow to Wen Jianing before going upstairs.

  Lu Jinlang took the frozen dumplings into the kitchen, Wen Jianing walked in with him, and heard him ask: “Do you feel bad for Yunan?”

  Wen Jianing replied, “If Yunan was my assistant, I would not be willing to trouble him so much.”

  Lu Jinlang put water in the pot, put it on the stove to light the fire, and said, “I heard that your assistant is a beautiful woman.”

  Wen Jianing leaned against the door, “Do you hear it from Yunan?”

  “Wen Tinghuan, Zheng Xin’s proud disciple. It seemed that Zheng Xin values ​​you very much.”

  “It’s not because of Big Boss Lu’s instructions?”

  “The management of Lei Xing has been given to Bai Shengzhe. Zheng Xin was invited by him and it has nothing to do with me. He doesn’t know my relationship with Lei Xing. Among the entire Lei Xing, except for Bai Shengzhe, only you know about it.”

       Wen Jianing said, “That’s really terrifying.”

  Lu Jinlang waved to him, “Come here.”

  Wen Jianing walked over, and Lu Jinlang asked him to stand in front of him, hugged his waist from behind, and then looked at the water slowly boiling in the pot and asked him, “Which flavour do you want to eat?”

  Wen Jianing lowered his head, feeling Lu Jinlang’s jaw resting on his shoulder, and said, “Isn’t it made from pork and cabbage? What other flavour can it be?”

  Lu Jinlang shook his head, released him and took out two empty bowls. He added soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and garlic oil to the bowl. Then he added a spoonful of chilli oil, and then asked Wen Jianing, “Do you want vinegar?”

  Wen Jianing nodded, so Lu Jinlang poured some vinegar into it.

       At this time, the water was almost boiling, and he asked Wen Jianing to cook the dumplings.

       Then he said to Wen Jianing, “Although there’s no choice in the dumpling’s taste, the choice of the seasoning is in your own hands. Who says dumplings can only be dipped in vinegar?”

  When the dumplings were cooked, Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing held a bowl and sat on the sofa in the living room, while eating dumplings and watching a movie.

  The movie was randomly chosen by Lu Jinlang, an award-winning romance film from a few years ago.

       Although he felt that the atmosphere was not right, Wen Jianing watched it very carefully. He had never had a chance to watch this movie.

       After he finished eating, Lu Jinlang stood up and took the bowl in his hand and took it to the kitchen to wash it. He then came out to accompany him to watch the movie, and asked, “After dinner and a movie, can we go to bed?”

  Wen Jianing reached out and took his hand.

  On the big bed in Lu Jinlang’s room, Wen Jianing felt Lu Jinlang kissing his body tenderly.

       He had slept in this house more than once. But this was the first time he lay on Lu Jinlang’s bed. and Wen Jianing’s body was pressed against the smooth silk sheets, and he felt a comfortable shiver.

  He had to admit that he was more and more able to enjoy happiness in this behaviour, which seemed to be a kind of compensation. He didn’t have some things, but he had learned to enjoy some other things. Lu Jinlang’s body temperature made him feel attached. He also liked to reach out and hold the other person close, and felt his weight on his body. The feeling of being claimed and claiming the other person at the same time.

  He won’t have children, won’t have women, so he can enjoy it without hesitation. He doesn’t have to worry, and can just be happy.

  After daybreak, Wen Jianing woke up in Lu Jinlang’s arms.

  He was still a little dazed. He raised his head and nibbled at Lu Jinlang’s chin, where a slight stubble appeared.

  Lu Jinlang woke up because of his bite, held him tighter, and asked vaguely, “Are you leaving today?”

       “I will be flying to the Film and Television base at 10:30,” Wen Jianing said.

  Lu Jinlang let out an “um”, and after a while, he said, “Let Yunan send you off.”

  Wen Jianing refused, “Don’t trouble him. I don’t need to bring luggage, and I would just take a taxi to the airport.”

  Lu Jinlang didn’t press him further.

  Wen Jianing sat up and planned to go to the bathroom.

  Lu Jinlang lay on his side in bed, looked at him with open eyes and asked, “Are you shooting a TV series?”

       Wen Jianing nodded.

  Lu Jinlang said, “I saw your makeup photo on the Internet, it looks very nice.”

  Wen Jianing turned to look at him and smiled.

  Lu Jinlang propped up his head with his hand and said, “How about you borrow the clothes from your photoshoot and wear them next time?”

       Although Wen Jianing mentioned this first, Lu Jinlang saying such nonsensical words with a gentle tone makes Wen Jianing still a little bit dumbfounded. But he was in no position to accuse the other party, and could only say one sentence with a smile, “Okay, Big Boss Lu might as well rent the Film and Television base and borrow the emperor’s bed.”

        After hearing this, Lu Jinlang thought about it seriously and said, “Yes, go ahead and make the plan for me.”

  Wen Jianing stopped talking to him and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

  After he got dressed, he lay on the side of the bed and kissed Lu Jinlang’s lips, and said, “Go sleep a little longer, I’ll go now.”

  After he came out of Lu Jinlang’s house, Wen Jianing found it inconvenient to take a taxi around here. He suddenly regretted that he should’ve let Lu Yunan send him to a place convenient for taxis.

       Later, when he arrived at the airport, the time was a bit tight. Wen Tinghuan made a few calls to urge him along the way.

  After he arrived, Wen Tinghuan glared at him a few times without saying anything. After getting on the plane and taking a seat, Wen Tinghuan asked Wen Lin next to him to change his seat, and sat down beside him and whispered, “Xinhang, tell me honestly what your relationship with Lu Jinlang is.”

  Wen Jianing thought for a while, but before he had time to speak, he heard Wen Tinghuan say, “Don’t lie to me, I don’t care what your relationship is, but it is related to how I should deal with your work in the future. Is it clear?”

  Of course, Wen Jianing understood it. He never thought of hiding it from Wen Tinghuan, but to make him personally describe his relationship with Lu Jinlang. He found it hard to say it for a while.

  Wen Tinghuan also seemed to realize that this question was inappropriate, so she changed her words and asked, “Are you with him…?”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

       Wen Tinghuan asked again, “Are you guys serious?”

       After a short hesitation, Wen Jianing shook his head.

       Wen Tinghuan breathed a long sigh of relief and said in a low voice, “That’s good. Don’t be silly, ok? There are some things about Lu Jinlang, that even the people in the circle don’t know. If you think it’s helpful to your career, and that’s why you’re willing to spend time with him, I won’t intervene. However you must always grasp the degree, you understand?”

  Wen Jianing frowned unconsciously and said to Wen Tinghuan, “I understand. Thank you, Ting jie.”

The author has something to say:
At this point, I foresee some comments, but I want to say that there may be future misunderstandings, but he will not be hurt, please rest assured…

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