After he hurriedly took a shower and changed into a set of clean clothes, Song Jun didn’t forget to greet Xia Hongshen before leaving the dormitory.

       “En.” Xia Hongshen stood at the door of the room with an indifferent attitude.

       Song Jun scratched his hair and said, “Then I’ll leave first.”

       In fact, Song Jun was always a little troubled when he thought of Xia Hongshen. He felt that Xia Hongshen’s attitude towards him was a bit erratic. Sometimes he felt that Xia Hongshen was very good to him, but sometimes, he felt that Xia Hongshen was quite cold to him and that there was no difference between treating him and other people.

       As he thought about this, Song Jun reached into his pocket and touched the crystal leaf hanging on his mobile phone. It was given to him by Xia Hongshen. He didn’t know if he was imagining things or not, but he always felt that Xia Hongshen wouldn’t give any small gifts to other juniors casually.

       Just when Song Jun touched the leaf, Xia Hongshen felt a flash of light from another leaf in the room.

       He also sealed some spiritual energy in the leaf, and it was made into a small mobile phone chain and lay in the drawer of the desk. Xia Hongshen took it out, held it with his fingers and shook it slightly, thinking that although this thing was a treasure from the immortal realm, it still paled in comparison to his own possessions.

       Song Jun rushed to the teaching and research office and everyone was getting ready to leave.

       This was the most crowded time since Song Jun reported to this school. There was a girl who had just come from home. When she saw Song Jun, she introduced herself again.

       The head of the faculty was a middle-aged man with a very kind personality. He said that he had booked a place to eat and that it was near the school, so everyone could just walk there together.

       There were so many people that Song Jun was inevitably a little cautious, and there were more girls than boys in the teaching and research section. He was even more embarrassed to join the crowd of girls, so he walked silently at the end alone.

       During dinner, he inevitably drank a little wine.

       Song Jun was Zhou Yingchun’s only student at the moment. The others were accompanied by their seniors, but he was alone. Zhou Yingchun clearly had high expectations of him, instructing him to present a toast to several teachers in the academic research office, leaving no one out.

       Thanks to the teacher and all the senior brothers and sisters, in the end, Song Jun couldn’t bear it anymore.

       After dinner, a group of people took a walk back to school. Because everyone had eaten a lot, someone suggested taking a walk along the river outside the campus, and everyone readily agreed.

       This river was a large river that runs through the city centre, not far from the school. Across the road from the river was the campus wall. In summer, when the river water rose, a cool breeze would naturally blow when they walked along the river, which was perfect for evening walks.

       Unfortunately, Song Jun didn’t go far when he was called over by Zhou Yingchun. Zhou Yingchun said that she had forgotten her cup at the restaurant and asked Song Jun to run over and get it for her.

       Of course, Song Jun didn’t refuse. He nodded and returned to the restaurant alone. He found the waiter who had cleared the table and helped Zhou Yingchun find her cup.

       When he came out of the restaurant again, it was completely dark.

       Song Jun still walked along the road by the river, trying to catch up with Zhou Yingchun and the group. However, halfway through, Song Jun saw someone burning paper money by the river.

       Suddenly Song Jun remembered that today was the 15th of the 7th month.

       The legendary Ghost Festival, the day when the gate of hell opened. It was also the day when Song Jun was picked up by his grandmother and made it his birthday.

       Today, Song Jun turned twenty-two years old.

       He was in a daze, and when he suddenly came to his senses, he found that he was still holding Zhou Yingchun’s cup in his hand, so he chased ahead but still didn’t see the group of people in the teaching and research department.

       Song Jun stood on the roadside, panting slightly. He looked around and suddenly realised that not only was there no trace of his teacher or classmates on the road but there was no trace of anyone else at all.

       A gust of cool wind blew over, and his clothes were blown tightly to the body. Ashes from a pile of burning money and paper not far away flew up and scattered all over the sky. However, the old woman who burned the money and paper had disappeared.

       The surroundings were very quiet, and the only sound that could be heard was the rustling of leaves in the wind.

       Song Jun stood by the road in a daze and suddenly noticed a dark red light shining on the dark river. He looked up and saw a thick layer of fog rising from the river. In the thick fog, there were two big red lanterns were hung in the sky. Through the light of the lanterns, many pedestrians were vaguely visible on the river, walking forward.

       It was like a mirage.

       Song Jun subconsciously took a few steps back and felt someone grabbing his ankle.

       He lowered his head and saw the pale face of a child looking up at him. Seeing that he saw him, the child let go of Song Jun’s hand and ran away quickly.

       Only then did Song Jun realise that many people had appeared in the originally empty streets. However, most of these people had indifferent expressions and were walking aimlessly. There were also many people gathered around piles of burning money and paper, wanting to grab something.

       And there was no trace of shadows in any of these people.

       In the middle of the 7th month, the gate of ghosts opened and hundreds of ghosts roamed.

       Song Jun’s face turned a little pale. He didn’t know if these people could see him, and he didn’t know whether it would be safer for him to run away from here or stay quietly.

       At this moment, Song Jun saw a strange person appearing among the ghosts. He was also a young man, and Song Jun knew him. That person was Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan walked along this road while looking left and right.

       Song Jun didn’t know if he could see these things at first until he saw Feng Junyuan’s eyes falling on a woman by the road.

       The woman was wearing a winter down jacket, and if it weren’t for her well-proportioned figure, Song Jun might not have dared to confirm that she was a woman because she had no head.

       She had been groping around carefully as if she wanted to find her head, but unfortunately, there was no woman’s head nearby.

       When he saw Feng Junyuan looking at the woman, Song Jun was sure that he could see these things.

       Feng Junyuan’s expression did not show fear or panic. He just looked at these people silently, and then suddenly pulled out a short sword from his waist.

       The short sword was made of tortoiseshell and had the ability to exorcise evil spirits and ghosts, but Song Jun didn’t know it at first. He just saw Feng Junyuan suddenly raise the small sword and stab a man passing by.

       The man let out a scream of terror. There was no blood where the sword stabbed him, but his body became transparent and weak, and then turned into a mist and floated towards the centre of the river.

       All the ghosts on the road were startled by the scream, and everyone looked in this direction, including the female ghost whose head was not found.

       The wind stopped at some point, and Song Jun felt that the whole street was so quiet that he could hear his rapid breathing.

       Although the commotion just now was caused by Feng Junyuan, as a fellow human being, Song Jun was obviously isolated by the group of ghosts together with Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan also noticed Song Jun’s presence at this time. He glanced at Song Jun and said nothing. He raised the small tortoiseshell sword in his hand and stabbed the middle-aged female ghost next to him again.

       The whole street suddenly became chaotic. Song Jun’s ears were filled with all kinds of terrible screams. Some people were howling and others were running. He saw a middle-aged man running with a split stomach. When he got there, his intestines leaked all over the floor, so he went to pick it up again.

       Song Jun felt like he was in a hell execution ground, surrounded by chaotic and terrifying scenes.

       But Feng Junyuan, who caused the commotion, obviously had no intention of giving up. Song Jun saw him reaching out and grabbing the kid who grabbed his feet just now. The kid was twitching and his face had turned blue.

       Song Jun ran over and hugged Feng Junyuan, and the kid took the opportunity to slip away from Feng Junyuan’s hands.

       Feng Junyuan wanted to push Song Jun away, “What are you doing?”

       “What are you doing?” Song Jun was simply confused. He couldn’t care less about being afraid and hugged Feng Junyuan tightly and wouldn’t let go.

       Feng Junyuan said, “None of your business!”

       Song Jun was not as strong as him, so he gritted his teeth, raised his knee to bump him, and then said, “Are you crazy?”

       He didn’t understand why Feng Junyuan would do such things. Although he knew that they were all ghosts, even as ghosts, he could tell that they were not malicious spirits. Life was predetermined, perhaps only lasting a few decades. There were those who, like children lost their lives before they became an adult. Even the souls that had lost their physical bodies still had emotions. They came from the underworld, and many of them were just attached to the mortal world, wanting to see their loved ones or partners. They were not inherently evil, perhaps even incapable of doing harm. Otherwise, why would they allow Feng Junyuan to slaughter them without resistance?

       Song Jun was also afraid and didn’t want to see ghosts, but he didn’t hate them without reason.

       Just like his grandma, she waited so hard in that house just to hand over the little inheritance she had worked so hard to save to Song Jun.

       So no matter what, Song Jun did not want to see Feng Junyuan hurt these ghosts so recklessly.

       Just as the two were struggling, they suddenly heard a loud shout from the air, “Who is it?!”

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan stopped arguing and looked at the man who appeared out of thin air in front of them. The man had small cheeks, bare shoulders, a black robe and long boots. He was none other than Night Patrol God under the City God.

       The Night Patrol God noticed the strange phenomenon nearby and hurried over. When he saw the small tortoiseshell sword in Feng Junyuan’s hand, he was furious, “A hundred ghosts are walking at night today. Who are you? How dare you wildly interfere with the order of the underworld?”

       Song Jun was a little stunned. He looked at the man in front of him, wondering what kind of monster he was.

       Feng Junyuan, on the other hand, wore a cold expression and remained silent.

       The Night Patrol God had always been irritable. He slammed his long knife forcefully into the ground, then flipped it up in front of his chest, shouting, “You ignorant fool! Follow me to confess your sins in front of the City God’s Seat!”

       Song Jun let out a muffled scream, and Feng Junyuan was also forced to take two steps back by the Yin energy of the long sword.

       Suddenly, Song Jun heard a voice behind him, “I’ll take care of their mistakes; there’s no need to trouble the City God.”

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan turned around at the same time and saw Xia Hongshen standing under the street light, slowly walking to their direction.

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