Chapter 106 – Simultaneously being cheated on

Chapter 106 – Simultaneously being cheated on


Jian Luo’s birthday song mercilessly continued, and Lu Shifeng struggled to control his expression, trying not to appear too melancholic.


After Jian Luo finished singing, his eyes sparkled as he looked at Lu Shifeng. “How was it?”


Lu Shifeng remained expressionless. “What are you referring to?”


“The song!” Jian Luo observed his expression, feeling a bit uncertain. He scratched his head, a little embarrassed. “Was it off-key? I don’t sing often, so please bear with me…”


Lu Shifeng replied, “No.”


Jian Luo, pleased, said, “I knew it. I think I did exceptionally well just now. It was a decent performance, right?”


Lu Shifeng nodded.


Jian Luo suspiciously looked at him, wanting to gauge Lu Shifeng’s expression. After all, he had worked hard all day, hoping for some reaction from his patron. Unfortunately, after observing for a while, he couldn’t discern any particular reaction. Of course, General Lu was always composed, making it difficult for Jian Luo to judge if he was happy. Jian Luo decided unilaterally that Lu Shifeng was pleased.


Well, the poor child. Hasn’t he ever had a birthday before?


Jian Luo sat down and grabbed Lu Shifeng’s hand. “There’s something else you definitely can’t guess—I made you a cake!”


Lu Shifeng asked, “Really?”


Jian Luo, trusting, said, “Of course. You know, where we come from, there’s a tradition of blowing candles on birthdays. Normally, it’s one candle per year, but considering your age—I heard you’re five hundred years old—I thought I’d go with five candles, just following the procedure.”


Lu Shifeng replied, “Thank you.”


“No problem, not at all.”


Jian Luo led him to the inner room, and sure enough, when he opened the curtain, there was the cake on the round table. The overall design of the cake was incredibly cute. To cater to Lu Shifeng’s preferences, Jian Luo thoughtfully used chocolate to draw a few guns on the edge. In the center of the cake, he drew a cute little black dragon, and—


Inserted some candles on the black dragon’s face.


Lu Shifeng stood by the table, trying hard to maintain his expression. “Did you design this?”


A hint of pride appeared on Jian Luo’s clear face. “It’s not bad. I just did it casually.”




No one praised you.


Looking at the table full of food, all childlike treats—cake, small cheese, desserts, ice cream, dried fruits—all full of childishness, no one could imagine that this was the birthday celebration for the legendary stern and ruthless Marshal.


Lu Shifeng glanced around. Originally, he should have found it amusing, but inexplicably, a strange taste welled up in the Marshal’s heart. This feeling made him feel a bit warm, even though the cake was genuinely poorly designed, and he had lost interest in these snacks long ago.


Jian Luo leaned in and said, “Time is running out, so this is all I could come up with for now. I’ll do something better next time.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways. “Who gave you this idea?”



Jian Luo said, “Don’t ask such mood-killing questions at a time like this. Also, my candles are almost burnt out. Hurry up and make a wish!”


Lu Shifeng looked puzzled. “Make a wish?”


Oh right, he forgot that the Dark Star people don’t understand Earth’s customs.


Jian Luo walked over, clasped his hands together, and gestured for him to make the motion. “Like this, then silently think about your wish. It might come true this year. Any wish is fine; it’s a rare opportunity. Think it through before making a wish.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Human customs?”




Jian Luo, a bit angry, pinched his waist, his cheeks puffed up, grumbling, “Don’t look down on it. Making wishes is powerful. I went through the trouble of getting you five candles!”


Seeing him like this, a slight smile unconsciously appeared on Lu Shifeng’s lips. The smile was fleeting, but under the dim candlelight, his usually stern face seemed to melt, exuding a warmth.


Jian Luo was stunned.


Lu Shifeng closed his eyes, clasped his hands together, and made a brief wish. Soon, he lowered his hands. “Done.”


So fast.


No one would give up their curiosity. Jian Luo was no exception. His gossiping spirit flared up. “What did you wish for?”


Lu Shifeng lifted an eyelid and remained silent.


The more he stayed silent, the more curious Jian Luo became. “World peace?”


It’s not that he wanted to mock Lu Shifeng, but this person might actually make such a wish. Anything was possible with him!


Lu Shifeng replied, “No.”


Jian Luo choked.


“I wished for you to become smarter,” Lu Shifeng lightly opened his lips, mercilessly, “too dull.”




Jian Luo widened his eyes, unable to believe it. His hand trembled as he pointed at himself. “Me, dumb?”


Who could endure this injustice?


Can he still go on living like this?


Is he even speaking human language, this dog of a man!


Lu Shifeng walked over, pulled out a chair, and sat down. “At least not smart enough.”


As Marshal Yuan spoke, he picked up the knife used to cut the cake on the table, intending to slice it. Unexpectedly, Jian Luo, who was beside him, snatched it away in annoyance. He scolded, “Don’t eat something stupidly made by you. What if I become dumb because of you, then you’ll blame me.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him holding the knife with a fierce expression, lacking any threatening aura. Instead, he resembled a small cat that had been wronged, fur standing on end, appearing fierce but adorable, teeth bared and claws out, making him even more tempting to bully.


Lu Shifeng extended his long arm, taking the knife back. “I won’t blame you.”


Jian Luo glared at him.


“I’ve already been influenced by you,” Lu Shifeng cut the cake with a swift motion. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.”


Jian Luo made him relive the powerless moments from the past. It had been a long time since Lu Shifeng faced such a challenging situation, and what made it different was that back then, he could overcome difficulties by forcing himself. However, that approach didn’t work in matters of the heart.


He could force himself, but he couldn’t bear to force Jian Luo.


He could use force and authority to achieve certain goals, but he couldn’t bring himself to employ those methods on Jian Luo.


Jian Luo sat in the chair, somewhat stubborn. “Well, I was already like this. My brain has already formed, and I can’t become smarter.”


Lu Shifeng took a piece of cake. The taste was sweet and sour, as if sweetness traveled from the mouth to the heart, simple yet complex, making it hard to let go. It was completely different from the cakes commonly sold in the market, indicating the dedication put into making it.


Putting down the spoon, Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo. “No need to change.”


Jian Luo was puzzled. “What?”


“It’ll be tough if you worry about such things,” Lu Shifeng consoled in a straightforward manner. “Don’t worry; even if you stay foolish, it’s okay.”



Completely failing to ease the tension, Jian Luo got to the point, “Where do you think I’m foolish?”


Lu Shifeng’s finger on the tabletop slightly contracted, the marshal lifted his eyelids, giving Jian Luo a meaningful look with complex emotions.


Jian Luo: ?


Lu Shifeng lightly opened his lips, saying, “In various aspects.”




This meal was impossible to enjoy.


Just as Jian Luo felt stifled, Lu Shifeng presented a cute blue bracelet to him, placing it on the table. “Try wearing it.”


Jian Luo glanced at it, showing determination. “No.”


Lu Shifeng spoke slowly, “This is a developed generation of pain-relief bracelets. Wear it, and injection needle won’t hurt.”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up. He was about to reach for it but remembered his earlier boast. Clearing his throat, he pretended to be reserved. “I don’t want to wear it for myself. It’s for your son, you know?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t expose him. “Hmm.”


Jian Luo immediately picked up the bracelet and put it on his wrist. He looked around. “Seems like nothing special?”


Lu Shifeng said calmly, “It’s useful in certain special situations.”


“Such as during injections?”


Lu Shifeng’s red eyes seemed to deepen in color. He looked at Jian Luo, his Adam’s apple rolling up and down. Nodding, his voice became somewhat hoarse, “During your injections.”




What are you doing? It’s quite creepy.


After eating, it’s time for a medical examination.


Before wearing the wristband, Jian Luo was obedient, but after putting it on, he took a bold approach: “Today, just check whatever you need!”


The doctor was a bit surprised and glanced at Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng gestured to her, “Just follow the procedure, he’s wearing the wristband.”


Unable to contain her laughter, the doctor said to Jian Luo, “Alright, we will conduct a detailed physical examination for you.”


Jian Luo felt inexplicably uneasy under her laughter.


Fortunately, the doctor was quick in her actions, likely influenced by Jian Luo’s previous reactions. Everything proceeded at the fastest pace to avoid discomfort for both the one inside and those outside, who might wear a stern face.


After receiving the medical report, the doctor went out to find Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng asked, “Is everything okay?”


“All aspects of his health are fine.” The doctor looked at the report. “Luo Luo is quite cooperative. His daily nutrient intake is balanced, and he maintains good nutritional balance, so the dragon cub is developing well.”


Lu Shifeng nodded.


The doctor hesitated as she continued reading, “However, from the preliminary examination of various indicators, there are signs of early prenatal depression.”


Lu Shifeng’s expression didn’t show much surprise. “Already aware.”


The doctor nodded, “Do you plan to return to your journey?”


Prenatal depression in this context does not refer to the emotional state of the pregnant individual but indicates a peculiar phenomenon in female dragons before giving birth. In dragon culture, the Sacred Dragon Mother Tree is the origin of the dragon race, and each dragon forms a special bond with it from the day of consciousness.


Pregnant females and unborn dragon cubs also experience this. As the due date approaches, the female dragon tends to yearn for her homeland and the Mother Tree, displaying various symptoms such as increased temper, irritability towards the partner, loss of appetite, and immersion in sorrow.


The doctor explained, “According to our tests, due to the cub’s development, Luo Luo’s body is now tending towards a normal female dragon’s body structure. Apart from his inability to transform into a dragon, everything else is essentially the same. He is showing this atavistic tendency now. If not intervened, it may have an impact. Would you like to take him back to the sanctuary?”


In the dragon culture, the female dragon’s atavism involves returning to the Mother Tree. If Jian Luo goes home, it would undoubtedly be to his own hometown.


Lu Shifeng didn’t confirm or deny, only saying, “I have arrangements.”


The doctor, sensing the situation, chose not to press further. “Understood.”


Exiting the examination room, Jian Luo noticed that Lu Shifeng had been silent the entire time, his expression tense. It seemed like the examination results were not favorable.


This can’t be good.


Jian Luo rubbed his stomach, feeling a bit uneasy. Could there be a problem?


Jian Luo tentatively said, “Is there a problem with the prenatal examination? Just tell me, I can handle it. Do I need to name this condition after me, or can I just eat whatever I want now, or is it necessary to label it with my name?”


Lu Shifeng halted and turned to look at him, “What’s going on in your head?”




Who told you to scare me.


Jian Luo has been getting angry a lot lately, “So what if there is?”


Lu Shifeng explained the atavistic phenomenon, trying hard to make Jian Luo, whose brain was not particularly quick, understand what this phenomenon meant. He said, “So, which hometown have you been longing for in your heart, the sanctuary?”


Jian Luo choked.


If he had to speak the truth, he didn’t have a particularly deep affection for the sanctuary. In his heart, what he thought of and missed was always Earth. He missed the small stalls in the night market, the gossiping old lady at the village entrance, the lazy life of eating fried chicken while holding a cola, and the joy of playing games all night, then going to the kitchen to cook a pot of instant noodles with ham and sausages.


He missed it all the time, that country without racial discrimination.


Human children were free and equal, everyone lived in harmony, and he wouldn’t have a boyfriend with such disparate social status…


Wait, are they even in a relationship?!


Jian Luo snapped back to reality. He said to Lu Shifeng, “As for me…”


Lu Shifeng interrupted him, “Don’t lie.”




Too difficult.


Jian Luo scratched his head, “My situation might be a bit complicated. How should I put it? Even if what I say doesn’t make much sense, because the place I want to return to is quite special, to be precise, it probably doesn’t exist anymore.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Ancient Earth?”


Jian Luo blurted out, “How do you know?”


As the words fell, he looked at Lu Shifeng’s calm eyes and suddenly understood everything. In fact, he hadn’t deliberately hidden anything, like those exotic dishes, his eating habits, and the things he liked—all of these were not tailored to the humans in the sanctuary.


Upon closer inspection, he had many flaws.


He knew this himself, but he was too lazy to pretend. He wanted to live comfortably. Suddenly arriving in an entirely unfamiliar place, survival and adaptation became challenges.


He didn’t want to make life too hard for himself.


Jian Luo’s throat felt dry, “You knew all along.”


Lu Shifeng reached out, and his large hand, initially intended for his back, ended up gently resting on Jian Luo’s head. His voice was somewhat deep, “I said, don’t worry about such troublesome matters.”

After completing the work coordination, Jian Luo still needs to handle the backend. Now, his private messages are flooded every day—questions about the products, inquiries about various business collaborations, and feedback, all piling up like mountains.


The three elves distribute the workload evenly.


Vivi and Anya are responsible for promotion and after-sales, while another elf, Cai Cai, who is very introverted and shy, is assigned to handle these inquiries by Jian Luo.


Cai Cai sends a message, “Boss, today’s total number of inquiries is 6 million, and there are about 200,000 business collaboration inquiries. I have categorized and compiled the report, sending it to your email for your review.”


Jian Luo is startled by the quantity, “Can you handle all of this, Cai Cai?”


Cai Cai replies, “No problem, I have magical skills.”


She is genuinely afraid of talking to people but enjoys it at the same time. This online customer service mode makes her happy—she can talk to many people without speaking.


Jian Luo hesitates, “Don’t force yourself. If needed, I can hire more people.”


Cai Cai is afraid he might hire more people, “No need, Boss, I can handle it. I really can. Please don’t hire anyone else.”






What else can Jian Luo say? He can only thank the Elf King for this divine assistance.


After a brief meeting with a few employees, Jian Luo starts examining the reports. These big data are crucial for understanding the audience’s preferences and reactions.


In the past, he was alone, earning small profits. But now, with a team and a planet to support, no amount of money seems sufficient.


Lu Shifeng enters from outside, seeing him still working, and frowns, “Don’t look at it for too long.”


Jian Luo nods, “I’ll take a quick look. It would be great to create a report. Later, I’ll have a meeting with Manager Nie to report on the work. I heard there will be an inspection in two days at the latest. I need to double-check, can’t afford any mistakes. Everyone is working so hard; it can’t be in vain.”


Lu Shifeng watches him with a serious expression, feeling strangely nostalgic. He remembers the first time he saw Jian Luo, genuinely thinking humans were small and fragile. At that time, Jian Luo was not as outstanding, timid, physically weak, lacking vitality.


But now, he’s different.


Confident, responsible, exceptionally dazzling, like a gradually glowing jade, gentle yet eye-catching.


Jian Luo says, “I’m going to the meeting.”


Lu Shifeng holds him back, “Tomorrow, have the meeting tomorrow.”



“It’s not until the day after tomorrow. It’s fine to have the meeting tomorrow,” Lu Shifeng points to the screen. “Jian Luo, check the time.”


Jian Luo looks at the time, stunned, “It’s already 11:30?”


Unconsciously, he has been looking for so long. Indeed, it’s too late for a meeting; he can’t disturb people’s rest.


Lu Shifeng, seeing him finally react, is satisfied, “Come, take a break.”


Jian Luo suddenly remembers something he discussed during the day, “Can this bed really take us back to ancient Earth?”


Lu Shifeng responds, “Yes, the bed can take you back to past dreams. But remember, you must not do anything against the consciousness of that dream world. Once the order of the dream is disrupted, you will be trapped inside forever.”


Jian Luo scratches his head, feeling clever, “So even if we go back, we have to live honestly. No robbing banks or walking naked on the street.”




After discussing, the two place their hands on the crystal ball as usual. Jian Luo suddenly thinks of his previous dreams and wants to ask Lu Shifeng if he knows what happened in those dreams. But he’s too afraid to speak up.


Forget it, pretend not to know!


Jian Luo closes his eyes to sleep. He thought it would be difficult to sleep with heavy thoughts, but surprisingly, he falls asleep as soon as he closes his eyes.





A rooster’s crow comes from the window, startling Jian Luo awake.


Jian Luo sits up from the bed, looking at the mosquito net above and the mosquito bloodstains, he has a moment of confusion.


A voice from outside says, “Luo Luo, your father and I are going to visit the Zhang family today. Remember to feed the pig at home and pull the grass in the field.”




Jian Luo’s mind doesn’t react, and he answers, “Okay.”


Then, the sound of the door closing comes from outside as the woman takes the two children and her husband to visit relatives.


Jian Luo slowly sits up. Before he can react, he sees Lu Shifeng sitting on a chair not far away. He startles and covers his mouth, “Master?!”


This is too out of place, a military officer with a cold aura sitting inside a thatched house—it’s just weird!


Lu Shifeng says, “Awake?”


“I’m going.” Jian Luo pats his stomach, which is gone. He slaps himself, looking not too bright. “Are we really in a dream woven by the bed?”


Lu Shifeng says, “Yes, is this the hometown you longed for?”




That bed is a counterfeit product. How could he long for this place?


Jian Luo says, “It’s not exactly, but since we’re here, you can’t wear this. You’ll be gossiped about by other villagers.”


Lu Shifeng asks, “Then what should I wear?”


Jian Luo is in a dilemma. He doesn’t dare to steal clothes from his father and brother. After much thought, just when he’s troubled, there’s a knock on the door. It’s a somewhat honest voice, “Luo Luo, I’ve come to see you. I have no work today and wanted to visit you.”


The knocking is so urgent, almost like urging the soul.


Jian Luo shouts outside, “Wait a moment!”


He was about to open the door to see who it was when he suddenly froze. This voice, isn’t it his first little boyfriend, Tie Zhu, from when he was in the countryside?


Strictly speaking, it couldn’t be considered a relationship, just a bit of puppy love. Because Tie Zhu was the only person in the village who treated him well. Although Tie Zhu was forced to marry later, they separated.


Originally, it wasn’t a big deal; who doesn’t have a few unresolved first loves?


The door outside is still being knocked on, “Luo Luo, Luo Luo, open the door for me!”


Jian Luo feels a bit anxious about the urging. Meanwhile, Lu Shifeng leisurely says, “Why not go see him?”


“Um… I’m going now.”


Strangely, he feels a bit guilty. Outside is the current one, and inside is a wild man with a green hat. How is he going to explain this? Wait a minute, something’s not right. Strictly speaking, the Marshal is his current partner, right? Could it be that he was simultaneously cheating on two men?


No, he hasn’t actually married anyone. How can this be considered so? To top it off; no one was actually in a relationship with him currently!



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