Ji Qin liked to fish out what I knew regarding that Ze’an very much. He resisted looking at me directly, yet he wanted to know everything about that one person.


       “When will he come back?” Ji Qin often asked me this question.


       I said honestly, “I don’t think he’s coming back.”


       The man had only lived in my body for a short time, and I hadn’t expected him to be so popular. It was as if now I was a dove who had taken over the magpie’s nest.


       Ji Qin fell into silence again, I leaned over and changed the subject with a smile, “There’s a new movie that’s been released recently. I’ve seen good reviews on the internet, do you want to go see it?”


       He took a big step back as if he had encountered a beast and didn’t dare to look at me as he hurried back to his room.


       I grimaced; he was such a buzzkill.


       That Ze’an was inside me for only two years. It was a pity that I didn’t know have an inkling about what had happened so far. Otherwise, I would like to imitate that person a little, so that the difference between him and me would not be so big, and people would not find the difference in a short time.


       I also changed jobs. The fake Ze’an had worked as a studio teacher for the past two years, and I didn’t know anything about drawing. After I quit, I applied for a job as a programmer. Fortunately, my diploma was my own, so it was not too difficult to find a job.


       Fake Ze’an’s seemed to have a cold personality. He hadn’t posted much about his life in the Moments in recent years, and there were few photos in the album. I casually flipped through the address book and was stunned. He even sent only send messages in a few words to others, and if he could solve it in one word, you would never send more than that.


       He was not afraid to offend people.


       God, it was too different from my personality.


       But he was so well-liked that I was often approached to get together. I refused several times for fear of blowing my cover until one day another person came to me and I agreed.


       Finally, it was someone I knew.


       My college classmate Fu Shan.


       I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw his invitation. In the past few months, I always felt like an evil spirit who had stolen someone else’s body. I didn’t even dare to socialise too much with people when I went to work and came home every day.


       In fact, Fu Shan and I were actually quite close, and I remember seeing each other quite a lot in the past. She knew exactly what was going on inside me. I retraced the chat log several times and felt there should be no problem, so I braced up and answered the appointment.


       In the end, Fu Shan’s appearance also changed. In my memory, she had that well-behaved girl look with flat bangs, black, long straight hair, and massive energy as a student. Now she looked much more mature, with delicate makeup on her face, a big perm, and expensive-looking clothes. It seemed that she had become a mature white-collar woman.


       I waved away the unfamiliarity in my heart and called her with a smile as I did before, “Ah1A Chinese prefix used with a shortened form of peoples’ given names to express familiarity, roughly equivalent to Mister or Miss. Shan!”


       Fu Shan, in turn, was particularly not used to it and looked up at me in amazement.


       I’d had too many of those looks recently, and I smiled awkwardly, “What are you looking at me for?”


       Fu Shan frowned and after a moment of silence said, “You haven’t called me that for a long time.”


       I didn’t know what to say and hurriedly asked the waiter to order. I remembered that Fu Shan also liked spicy food. We used to order very spicy hot pot together and said that we would live in Chongqing, Sichuan in the future. But because of the fake Ze’an, I didn’t dare to order anything too spicy. After the waiter asked me how spicy I said I wanted, I had just said medium spicy when Fu Shan stopped me.


       “Forget it. It’s not like you can eat spicy right now.” Her tone was indifferent, “Let’s have a mandarin duck pot.”


       I was dumbfounded as I watched the waiter nod and leave. Fu Shan sighed again and said to me, “Ze’an, I’m calling you out this time to talk to you about something.”


       I saw that she didn’t look happy, so I said carefully, “What’s wrong.”


       She paused again for a moment and said, “I thought about what you said last time and thought you were right, so I’m not going to leave.”


       I was filled with confusion and a little nervous. What the fake Ze’an had said to her?


       “Where were you going?” I asked anxiously, Fu Shan was the person I cared about the most apart from my parents and Ji Qin, but I actually knew nothing about her now.


       Fu Shan gave me a strange look, “What’s wrong with you? My company wanted to send me to work in Singapore before, and I can’t bear to part with Song ge. Didn’t you persuade me to stay? I thought about it carefully and think you are right.”


       I was stuck. Who was Song ge again?


       I’ve been away for those two years without knowing anything about everything, so depressing.


       “But I still have to think about what to say to the company…….” Fu Shan sighed and said enviously, “Ze’an, I really envy you, you have grown up a lot, and you are not as reckless as before. If you were me, I’m sure it wouldn’t bother me as much.”


       I snorted and said embarrassedly, “Haha, I’m that good, huh?”


       Fu Shan said, “Yeah, every time I talk to you, I feel like I learn a lot. Looking back now, we were really too stupid and innocent before…”


       I watched her sigh in silence, not knowing what to say. Coincidentally, the hotpot was being served, and I pretended to say that I wanted to eat so that I wouldn’t have time to talk about something that wasn’t there.


       I stared at the mandarin duck pot, thought for a while, and put the ingredients into the clear soup pot.


       …Ah, I feel so sad.

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