Chapter 5 – Iron-willed Jian Luo

Chapter 5 – Iron-willed Jian Luo


Jian Luo discussed the live broadcasting with Jiang Jiang.


Jiang Jiang said enthusiastically: “Do not assume that our website is small. I have some funds and plan to place an advertisement in the central square of the empire in two days time and get a screen for a full-day to promote us.”


Jian Luo flatly praised him: “The boss is wise, my admiration for you is endless like a river.”


Jiang Jiang was a little proud: “Not at all! You are the anchor with the best potential in my fancy, so I’m going to push for you to be on camera.”


Jian Luo frowned.


“Originally, I liked your fries.” Jiang Jiang sighed: “But now the situation is very difficult. Your fries have been withheld and you can’t publish it any more.”


Jian Luo was a direct person: “If the one cast on the screens is me, then you’ll have to give me a lot of money, right?”




Jiang Jiang was silent for a long time: “I have never seen such an upright and direct person like you.”


If it was someone else, no matter what, they wouldn’t directly reveal such a greedy face towards money and would at least be a little more euphemistic about it.


But Jian Luo, this strange creature, was completely different. He opened his mouth and shut his mouth to make money.


Jian Luo held a nutrient solution in his mouth to drink. He was working hard right now without eating proper food or living in good conditions: “Wake up brother. What else should I picture to motivate me to stay and work for you? Your almost anchorless site or your website page?”


Jiang Jiang clutched his chest: “Please continue to picture the money I will pay you.”


“If you give me this opportunity, I won’t necessarily be able to satisfy you.” Jian Luo replied quickly: “But if you liked the french fries, don’t worry about it. I have something that can replace the french fries.”


Jiang Jiang’s eyes lit up: “Really?!”


Jian Luo: “En.”


This fund of Jiang Jiang was an all-in gamble. If this fails, the entire website may go bankrupt. However, if it’s for fries, it doesn’t matter. China’s five thousand years of wisdom was not just talk1He was referring to his own wisdom, probably as a descendent of China, he means to say that he also has 5 thousand years of wisdom..


Jiang Jiang’s heart went up and down before he hesitantly repeated himself 3 times: “Okay!”


Once the idea was finalized, it was onto the preparatory stage.


Jian Luo went out of the room and saw Su Liang who had just woken up from a nap. The woman seemed like she was going back to the farm.


Jian Luo: “Mom.”


Su Liang smiled: “Luoluo, why don’t you sleep a little longer? You’re not fully recovered yet, so you need to rest more.”


Jian Luo shook his head: “No, I’m almost better.”


Su Liang’s skin was a little dull due to her years of hard work. Although her looks were not bad, she was still a bit scarred. She came over to touch Jian Luo’s head, but her hands were also full of scars.


Jian Luo was stiff all over.


He had no parents so he was not used to being so close to people.


Su Liang smiled softly: “It seems you have grown taller.”


Jian Luo’s throat was dry and he responded casually: “En…”


“Mom will go to work.” Su Liang said softly, “You should recuperate at home.”


Jian Luo volunteered himself: “I’ll walk you there.”


Su Liang wanted to say no but he couldn’t bear to shut down Jian Luo’s enthusiasm so she nodded in agreement, so the mother and son packed up and went out.


This was also the first time the current Jian Luo went out.


Every house in the Peace Paradise of the Interstellar Era was a single-family house. The houses are arc-shaped. Every door had a transceiving device similar to a cross, but it was not very clear what they were used for.


The streets were fairly clean but a little depressing and there were hardly any people on the road.


“Yo, isn’t this Ah Liang?”


A somewhat harsh voice came from behind.


Jian Luo frowned subconsciously. He turned around and saw a woman who walked over quickly: “Oh, it’s Luoluo. Auntie2She was refering to herself as auntie was just looking at the guy standing next to your mother, wondering who it was.”


Su Liang was a little embarrassed: “Auntie3Not actually related by blood. Just a familiar way of referring to people who are older than you in chinese culture, like ahjumma in korean. Zhang, who else is there in my family besides Luoluo?”


Auntie Zhang glanced at the both of them with some hidden meaning and a teasing smile on her face: “Don’t be shy, I’ve heard about the incident with that Gao guy and Auntie thinks he is not bad. He’s just a little impatient and not too respectful…”


As she said, Su Liang’s face became even more ugly.


Jian Luo sensed it keenly. He stepped forward with a smile on his face: “Auntie, since he’s not bad, we’ll leave him for you if you want him?”


Auntie Zhang was taken aback.


Jian Luo was good-looking, but he was usually silent and did not like to talk so the residents of this area have never put this quiet boy in their eyes.


Auntie Zhang glared at him: “Your child does not respect his elders at all, does he have no respect?”


There was a bright smile on Jian Luo’s face: “I’m just a bit impatient and not too respectful. Hey, Auntie Zhang, didn’t you just say that such a person is not bad?”




Auntie Zhang remembered what she had just said, and she was speechless.


Su Liang saw that his son was said to be unruly and the color on his face was not very good: “Auntie, I can handle my own affairs. Don’t speak of this again in the future.”


After she finished speaking, she pulled Jian Luo: “Luoluo, let’s go.”


Jian Luo responded to her. As the smile on his face turned cold, he gave Auntie Zhang a warning look before following slowly.


The human cultivation base was getting closer now.


Jian Luo thought about it while walking all this way and said, “Mom, you should resign.”


Su Liang was stunned for a while, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “What did my silly child just say?”


“…Nothing.” Jian Luo decided to wait until he’s made enough money before mentioning it again. At that time, he would be more convincing. Now that his mother was at the base monitored by the unified management, those people would not dare bully her, so he changed his words: ” I’ll pick you up tonight.”


Su Liang’s heart warmed up and she nodded lightly: “Okay.”


Only then did Jian Luo wave goodbye at her. In order to motivate her, he raised both hands and pointed to his heart: “You can do this!”


Su Liang was amused: “Okay, okay.”


The next day.


Today was the day when Jian Luo was going to prepare for the live broadcast.


The live broadcast equipment that Jiang Jiang mailed to him has arrived. It was very convenient. It was just a small, transparent ball. When a button was clicked, a light screen with the live chat feed would pop up.


Jiang Jiang sent a message: “Have you received it?”


Jian Luo: “En, I received it.”


Today is the day to try live broadcasting. Because the potatoes at home are to be used two days later, now he can only use corn first.


Let’s simply make some popcorn!




The small ball finally commenced its work.


The live broadcasting has officially started. However, because there were not many anchors in the entire Xiaopo Station, the netizens had not much of a choice. Soon, one person entered.


Jian Luo had a lively temperament and he smiled brightly: “Hello everyone, welcome to my live broadcast room. Today is my first day I’m live broadcasting. I’m going to make a casual daily snack for everyone.”


There was corn on the table.


Jian Luo was very chatty: “We have to peel the corn first. Peeling corn requires some skill…”


Huahua: Why would you need to peel the corn? It’s delicious when you eat it straight. 】


A barrage4In China’s version of Youtube or streaming websites like Bilibili, comments usually fly across the screen of the video in real time. floated past, Jian Luo glanced at the number of people in the live broadcast room and there was still only one person. It was really hard to believe that she hadn’t left.


Jian Luo said smoothly: “Boiled corn definitely doesn’t need to be peeled. We need to peel it to make popcorn.”


He stood by the stove and the small ball naturally took a picture of the scene of his home. Just as Jian Luo had peeled the corn, he heard a barrage flash across:


Huaguo: Where is this? Why is your place so dilapidated? 】


Before Jian Luo could speak, the person left the live broadcasting room.




He felt like he had just eaten shit.


The other audience member who had been there also saw this and was silent for a while: 


“Actually, it’s not that bad.”


Jian Luo had a bright smile on his face when he saw the comment: “Thank you.”


In fact, he’s been a blogger for a long time and he could tolerate any comments. His psychological endurance was not too bad. In addition, among the interstellar people, there were also nice people, so he feels much better.


The pot is already hot.


Jian Luo used a small piece of corn to extract a little bit of glucose from it last night. He poured the sugar on the corn kernels and stirred: “Popcorn needs to be sweet to taste good.”


Huahua: What are you pouring? Is it really edible? 】


Kitten: Is the anchor wasting food! 】


Po Li: It looks like a child playing house. Are humans starting to do this sort of thing to attract attention? 】


Unconsciously, as the live broadcast continued, more people came in, and the comments were mixed.


Seeing that the pot was already hot, Jian Luo put the corn kernels in first and kept stirring with the spatula: “Everyone, be careful not to burn them when you make them yourself.”


The oil in the pot was sizzling and the corn was soaked in oil, and crackling could be heard.


Jian Luo has been stirring for quite a while as the heat slowly began to rise, which made the Dark Star people feel quite curious.


Huahua: Oil? Why not boil it in water? 】


Soon, the first corn popped, and slowly, the other corn kernels also began to pop. The golden corn absorbed the glucose, and a sweet smell soon wafted out.


Jian Luo smiled when he saw that the food was about to be finished cooking.


People outside the live broadcast were also curious. Some people said they didn’t want any, but their eyes kept staring honestly otherwise.


“En…” Jian Luo frowned when he put one in his mouth.


The audience’s hearts were also pounding.


Jian Luo’s eyes slowly wrinkled into a smile: “It was a little hot just now, but it’s delicious.”


“What does it taste like?”

“He’s not pretending.”

“It looks weird, I won’t eat it anyway.”


Jian Luo recorded the taste of the food and uploaded his first recipe entry before saying to the audience, “Thank you for supporting me today, see you tomorrow.”


Then the live broadcast was closed without waiting for everyone’s reaction.


He was very tired.


Jian Luo wanted to take a break after the live broadcast. But who knew that there would be a message notification from his bracelet after taking a few steps. He clicked on the message:


Ai Jin: “Hello, I’m Colonel Ai Jin from the military base. I’m very sorry to bother you. I want to negotiate with you about ordering meals.”


Jian Luo was taken aback: “Who are you and where did you get my number?”


Was this not a scam? For the military base of Dark Star to have contacted him, is like for a country’s leader to suddenly ring up an ordinary citizen and ask: I want to come over for dinner.


Was that possible?


Normal people would know that it’s impossible for it to happen.


Ai Jin hurriedly sent his plaque over: “I am indeed Colonel Ai Jin. As for finding your information number, I used my connections…”


How did you explain this?


After using the Lightbrain to confirm his identity, Jian Luo was puzzled: “You just said you wanted to order a meal?”


Seeing that there was a chance, Ai Jin hurriedly said: “Yes, we want you to make a customized meal. The requirements will be relatively high, but the salary we are offering is also high. As long as you can do it well, money won’t be a problem.”


The fries.


This was because of those fries earlier.


Also did he say customized?


It’s not that Jian Luo was prejudiced, he really thinks that all the Dark Stars are all snobby and high up on their horses!


Ha ha.


If you want to eat that, it is impossible. Plus, Jianluo will never give in!


Jian Luo typed loudly: “I’m sorry you thought too highly of me. I can’t make customized meals so I hope you won’t come to find me again in the future…”


At the same time, Ai Jin sent another message:


“I know it’s presumptuous. Here, I will pay 2w star coins as a deposit to show my sincerity. After you are successful, the salary will be higher…”


Jian Luo slowly ate his own words and coughed lightly, “This isn’t something that’s impossible to discuss further.”

T/N: Ah my head gonna explode and my eyes are going to go blind! Jeez, so many old proverbs and idioms everywhere ahhh! This authors is truly a learned sir/maam… I bow and surrender~~~ From now on I will picture the incoming dragon hubby and dragon cubs as a source of motivation to keep translating this 8 paged thing ahhhhh


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Sorry for the nonsense. ANyWays, I hope I can get the first 10 chapters out by the end of this month. I was originally about to say this week but then I have to do some research and reading for my future. I’ll tell you why in the next translator’s note, if I remember. (And if you’re still reading this, I should translate faster <3, since if you are indeed still reading, means there’s a shortage of reading material asdf) ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ


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