Chapter 6 – Secretary Jin has it hard

Chapter 6 -Secretary Jin has it hard


The Rao Ai Jin, who was used to seeing many big occurrences, didn’t expect this human being to be so– pragmatic.


But she was still very happy: “Then why do you come to Sky City? Let’s meet. It’s better if you can come here today. We are in a hurry.”


Jian Luo: “…”


He didn’t know if this was a hallucination.


He felt that this Dark Star person seemed to be … in a hurry?


It was not just Jiang Jiang, all the Dark Stars he’s met were all so blatant when it came down to this, was this just their culture?


Jian Luo thought for a while: “I’m sorry, I can’t go there at the moment.”


Ai Jin was stunned, so she quickly said, “Is it because the price was not right?”


Jian Luo didn’t trust her very much, but he certainly can’t say that upfront: “You shouldn’t decide on the customized meal based on yourself, as the other party may not like to eat what I will make. You should have a taste first. If it;s no good, then we’ll meet up. What do you think?”


Ai Jin looked at the line of text on the information screen. She had to say that she felt that what this human being said made a lot of sense!


“Okay then.” Akin said, “I’ll order a meal from you first.”


After Jian Luo knew that he was successful, with a tone of professionalism, he asked, “What kind of meal do you want, I’ll see if I can do it.”


Ai Jin’s spirits was lifted: “Your fries are good. We have tried them, and we think they are delicious.”




Again with the French fries.


Jian Luo said, “French fries has been locked up by another site. If you don’t have any particular requirements regarding your meals, I will make new products for you.”


Ai Jin was taken aback.


She was skeptical of new products.


Jian Luo thought for a while: “Can you pay for the ingredients? I don’t have a lot of ingredients.”


Ai Jin was shocked by Jian Luo’s poverty. She knew that even ordinary Dark Star families would not be short of food, so she was very forthright: “We will pay for all the expenses of your cooking!”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up.


Say no more, Jin Daddy1He’s just calling him his master/ something like a sugar daddy with just the implications of someone paying for all his expenses haha!


After the two parties reached an agreement, Jian Luo learned about the requirements of his customer, which was only one; and that it had to be: delicious food.


This requirement is also too broad and there is no sense of direction at all.


The only thing he was happy about was that Ai Jin had already sent the 2w of the deposit, so he had the money to buy some ingredients first.


Jian Luo opened his information bracelet and couldn’t wait to buy one thing, that was: rice!

The Lightbrain gave a reply: “Order Successful.”


Jian Luo didn’t wait long when a delivery robot delivered the items to his door. The two big bags cost 2,000 star coins.


Robot: “Please verify.”


Jian Luo swiped his information bracelet and the robot left after the payment was successful.


Life was better with rice2Haha we chinese people love our rice. Mmm rice. Yes rice. I would give my life for rice. (T/N lore: I would rice from my chair for rice.). In the evening, his younger brother and Su Liang were surprised to see rice grains when they came back. Jian Luo simply explained to them about his live broadcast, and there was no need to hide it anyway.


His younger brother is still young and ignorant, so he didn’t think it was a big deal but Su Liang’s reaction was great.


Su Liang pulled Jian Luo into a room: “Luoluo, which live streaming website gave you so much money all at once. Don’t lie to me, tell me the truth!”


Jian Luo sat down on a chair: “I will cook a meal for the military and they will pay for it.”




Jian Luo’s eardrum was hurt by her scream: “Mom, please speak softer.”


“You bad child!” The woman was very angry: “How dare you provoke people in the military? Don’t you know that Dark Star people are ruthless? For them, it is as simple as crushing an ant. How are you good enough to be able to cook for them? If it doesn’t suit their taste, if their anger reaches you, how can mother live on…”


Su Liang wiped her tears as she spoke.


Seeing this, Jian Luo was a little lost: “Does the military have so much power?”


He also regretted it a little now. First, he didn’t know many details about the other party and he didn’t know who was going to eat it. If it was really like what his mother said, and the other party was a tyrant and didn’t like his food, was he really going to be beheaded?


Su Liang wiped her tears: “It’s fine if you cook for an ordinary Dark Star. After all, your mother has eaten your cooking and it’s really good food. There shouldn’t be any problem, as long as you’re not cooking for the military commander Lu Shifeng.”


Jian Luo was relieved: “Mom, what do you think? My identity isn’t even enough to cook for him.”


Su Liang thought about it too and she sighed: “That’s good.”


“By the way, who is Lu Shifeng?” Jian Luo was a little curious: “Is he difficult to get along with?”


He shouldn’t have asked. When he did, Su Liang’s face changed drastically.


She sat in the chair and gulped before calming down and explaining: “Lu Shifeng is the only remaining Dark Star with the dragon lineage. I heard that he led a small team of Dark Stars on a mission back then, but was flanked by the enemy. The entire team was killed, but he survived, so he annihilated the enemy with his own power. The warship he was driving was originally silver, but it was stained with blood after the war and the red color could not be washed away even after multiple tries.”


Jian Luo was taken aback for a while: “That powerful…”


“But he is moody and domineering.” Su Liang sighed: “Let’s not talk about us humans, even the royal family has to be courteous when they see him.”


Jian Luo was also stunned: “Mom, don’t worry. I know what to do. I won’t take this order after I finish it, and I’ll only do live broadcasts in the future.”


Only then did Su Liang burst into laughter: “You just need to understand this.”


How could Jian Luo not understand? If he knew that this Lu what Shifeng was so scary, he would’ve pretended to have not seen Ai Jin’s private message!


Originally, he wanted to fool around and cook some food for a bit, but it wasn’t worth risking his life over!


The next day.


There was still one day before the screencast in the central square. Today, Jian Luo was going to cook for the VIP. However, because it was to be custom-made, it cannot be broadcasted live.


Before working, he clicked on his live broadcast stats:

Popcorn Hits: 1245

Download usual amount: 1200


There were nearly 700 comments at the bottom of the page:


“Sweet and crunchy, www I’m dead.”

“I threw away all my boiled corn at home.”

“Ask the anchor to put it on the site!”


Jian Luo thought about it for a while. In the end, he did not rush to make them available on the site for purchase, but changed the limit of downloadable tasting from 1 to 3 times.


The taste of popcorn was not easy to tire of just after eating one. You are supposed to put a handful in your mouth and let the dense sweetness and crunch explode on the tip of your tongue as you chew on them.


After prepping, he started making the food to be handed over to the military.


“Brother.” His younger brother, Jian Sheng ran over: “There’s no live broadcasting today?”


Jian Luo nodded: “Don’t you have to go to school today?”


Jian Sheng’s face showed a guilty conscience but it quickly faded. He nodded casually and said, “It’s a holiday, let me help you.”


Jane Luo didn’t refuse: “Then wash the potatoes.”


His younger brother responded obediently and came over to help peel the potatoes. There was a large piece of wild boar meat on the kitchen table. The family hadn’t eaten meat for a long time, so he couldn’t stop looking at it.


Jian Luo found out that he was cutting the meat into pieces and said, “That’s my client’s food so we can’t eat it.”


His younger brother looked back: “I know.”


Jian Luo found that although his younger brother was a little naughty at times, he was very clear when it came to important matters.


The two of them cut the potatoes into pieces together and heated some oil in the pan. Jian Luo started to make potato stew. There was no ginger here so to get rid of the fishy smell, he could only buy wine from a shopping website and tried his best to find rice wine that was similar to cooking wine to get rid of the raw smell.


As the meat in the pot was deep-fried and smoked, the aroma of the meat spread quickly. 


When the color showed that it was almost done, Jian Luo added some water and poured the potatoes in.


The younger brother watched from the side: “Can vegetables be eaten with meat?”


Jian Luo started to steam the rice: “Of course, meat and vegetables should be paired together.”


“It smells good.” His younger brother tilted his head: “I’ve never seen anyone eat it together before.”


Jian Luo smiled and touched his head: “You’ll see it from now on.”


The dishes in the pan were quickly cooked. When Jian Luo opened the pan, there was a fragrant aroma. The soup had turned golden yellow after being boiled. The combination of the meat and the potatoes mixed together was ingenious. The dish was delicious although there were no other condiments and only had its pure, original taste.


Jian Luo tasted it and sighed leisurely: “I still have to find a way to get salt.”


After the rice was steamed, Jian Luo poured the potatoes on top of the rice, fried a box of popcorn and a box of French fries as dessert.


After recording the taste, Jian Luo sent it to Ai Jin.



At the military base.




Secretary Jin stood at the door respectfully.


The room was huge and the silver walls glowed with cold light. Lu Shifeng just came out of the training room. The front buttons of the military uniform were torn open because the bare hands that could squeeze the cabin door of the warship were showing blue veins at the moment. The handsome face of the man was gentle and elegant, but anyone would know that he was not to be underestimated.


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyes to look at her.


“I brought you the custom-made food.” Secretary Jin hurriedly brought the rice bowl and popcorn.


Lu Shifeng glanced at the meal.


To be honest, the appearance of it was not as good as the aesthetically pleasing food that the Dark Star chefs have crafted. The golden potatoes covered half of the rice and the meat was so dark that he didn’t know what it had gone through.


Secretary Jin put the food on the table: “Taste it.”


Lu Shifeng leaned on the sofa lazily, resting his chin with one hand, and looked at her intensely: “Are you planning on retiring?”




Secretary Jin’s hand trembled. She knew that the marshal was a very picky person. He not only required the food to taste delicious, but also for the food to look aesthetically pleasing, but she still wanted to press on: “This should be delicious, why don’t you try it? .”


Lu Shifeng didn’t even look at it: “Leave.”


Secretary Jin felt bitter in her heart, but she didn’t dare to disobey the order, so she obediently bent over and covered the rice. In the end, because she was too panicked, she clicked the button that released the smell of the food.




Originally, the rice bowl, which could only be seen but not smelt, suddenly exuded a strong aroma of the food inside. Unlike traditional, plain meat, the fragrance of potatoes and the umami of the meat were integrated.


If we say that those beautifully presented dishes were like a high-class princess, then Jian Luo’s bowl of potato rice bowl is more like an unrestrained wild girl.


Secretary Jin’s Adam’s throat bobbed slightly. She carefully carried the meal, preparing to leave.


“Stop.” Lu Shifeng sat up slightly: “Put it down.”


A look of joy flashed in Secretary Jin’s eyes: “Would you like to try it?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t say if he wanted to, waiting for Secretary Jin to put it down before saying, “You can go.”


Secretary Jin didn’t dare to speculate too much on the military commander’s heart, so she put down the meal and slipped away. She never thought that this human really had some talent!


She stayed at the door for a while to wait for Lu Shifeng to call her in for a scolding. However, who knew that Lu Shifeng would not come out even after waiting for a long time? Secretary Jin returned to her position, relieved and picked up Jian Luo’s gift. Taking two bites of the French fries to lose some of her unease.


The little adjutant came over: “What did the marshal say? And where did you get the fries?!”


Secretary Jin ate one fry after another: “That human left a message saying that it was for me.”


“We have a good relationship, so give me two to try.” The little adjutant stretched out his hand eagerly to get one from the box.


How could Secretary Jin let him succeed: “No, there are not many. Plus, the marshal didn’t even get any from me, how would you…?”


“Who didn’t get any?”


A slightly raised male voice came from the door. Secretary Jin turned back stiffly and saw Lu Shifeng standing at the door.


T/N: Hey there! I haven’t slept yet. I’m hoping to pump out these freshly-translated chapters as soon as possible while I still feel the momentous drive to. Do you remember those chocolates I was talking about a few hours ago? I think they’re starting to take a toll on my body… My stomach hurts, and I’m not sure if it’s cause they’re expired or maybe it was cause I didn’t eat enough for dinner lol. Either ways, hope you enjoy this chapter! Make sure to eat well and don’t eat expired dark chocolate~ ≧◠ᴥ◠≦✊


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