Chapter 12 – Who is the black dragon?

Chapter 12 – Who is the black dragon?


Secretary Jin also panicked.


You couldn’t blame her for this at all. All the Dark Star’s soldiers are strong and good at fighting. They don’t need any special aid to control the dragons to be able to sit firmly on them. Unlike Jian Luo, who was cowardly, yet daring enough to touch the dragon’s horns!


Jian Luo’s “Ahhhh”s made Secretary Jin anxious too. After all, she had no wings!


Jian Luo was in the air when he casually saw that the ground was still a hundred meters away from him. In that instant, he almost carefully considered his last words.


I didn’t expect to die at the hands of the dragon in this life. I’m afraid it will be the talk of the underworld for several years.




A gust of wind blew and Jian Luo closed his eyes, waiting to die, but he suddenly felt that his body was not falling anymore. There was still a rapid wind in his ears, and he didn’t dare open his eyes, so he could only feel around with his hands. At first, it was a little cold and hard to the touch. There were many tiny pieces, and a bit of a sharp edge to them. They kind of felt like… scales.


Was he saved?


Seems like even that little golden dragon still had some conscience.


Jian Luo happily opened his eyes, but what he saw was not a little golden dragon, but a huge black-winged dragon full of explosive power that screamed danger. This black dragon was several times bigger than the little golden dragon. It was very spacious on its body, but it also made him feel very timid.


The dragon descended slowly and finally stopped on the ground. Jian Luo was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move, but the black dragon didn’t impatiently throw him off.


Secretary Jin stood not far away. She buffered1Like when the Youtube video you want to watch is buffering. It means loading… for a long time before daring to come over: “No… Are you okay?”


Jian Luo’s heart was beating rapidly, and he said slowly, “I’m okay.”




If you’re okay, then hurry up and get off the marshal!


It’s not that Jian Luo didn’t understand her, but his legs were soft and he couldn’t move at all. He didn’t want to expose his current situation to Secretary Jin, so he could only sit with a monotone face and thank his savior in the meantime.


Jian Luo patted the black dragon on the back, smiled and said, “Brother black dragon, thank you for saving me.”


The black dragon had a pair of blood-red eyes. Compared to the ruby ​​red of the golden dragon, the blood-red eyes of the black dragon were very penetrating, and it was as if he was being stared at by an extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty beast.


Just look at Jian Luo, his entire body was shocked, and he almost shit himself.


Jian Luo’s legs became weaker as he lay on the black dragon’s body: “Brother black dragon is indeed a hero among people, a leader among dragons, and I am truly grateful for you saving my life. I’m guessing that with your noble character, you won’t be expecting anything in return…”


Secretary Jin: “…”


You’re so dead.


From the time she enlisted in the army up till now, no one has ever dared to lie on Lu Shifeng’s body. The entire world knew that the dragon clan’s Dragon King was a black dragon and the last black dragon in the universe. It was rumoured that Lu Zhifeng’s dragon form could destroy a planet.


He was such a terrifying dragon, but now, a weak human was sitting on his body, completely unaware of danger. He even dared to touch the dragon’s scales, how presumptuous!


The black dragon turned its face sideways and those blood-red eyes met the shivering Jian Luo.


The courage that Jian Luo had finally mustered disappeared immediately and he climbed down while trembling: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll come down now.”


His legs were weak and he could only crawl off with both his hands and feet. His hands felt the dark dragon’s scales. From such a close proximity, he found that they were not pure black, but were densely covered with dragon patterns. The shapes of these dragon patterns were all different and looked strange.


As he was distracted, coupled with the worn soles of his shoes, Jian Luo’s center of gravity was unsteady and he was about to fall down.


At this critical moment, the dragon’s tail swung over and caught the human nonchalantly.




With the help of the dragon’s tail, Jian Luo fell on the grass without any harm. The feeling of being back on the ground made him realize that he was still alive.


Secretary Jin hurried over to help him: “Are you alright?”


Jian Luo shook his head and then quickly looked at the black dragon: “Thank you, Dragon big brother.”


After thinking about it, he felt that this was not enough praise. A bright smile appeared on Jian Luo’s face and he added: “You really are a good dragon!”


Secretary Jin went suspiciously silent.


This was really a sentence that will make his subordinates go silent when they hear it, and also make the enemy cry when they hear it.


Lu Shifeng turned his head and the huge dragon spread its wings. Ignoring the stupid human, he flew away.


Jian Luo fell on the ground and looked on: “Brother dragon is so handsome.”


Secretary Jin nodded.


“What do dragons like to eat?” Jian Luo was still grateful: “Brother dragon saved me. If only I could repay him.”


Secretary Jin was thinking about the contract he signed, Wasn’t it up to you what he ate?


But the marshal didn’t stay behind, so presumably he didn’t want this human to know his identity? Then she too couldn’t tell the truth.


Secretary Jin spoke honestly, “Dragon eats vegetables and meat. They will also eat the food you cook.”


Jian Luo said, “Okay, I see.”




On the other side


As potato chips and popcorn exploded on the Internet, it naturally attracted the attention of many people.


Dark Star’s chefs are no exception.


At the very center of Dark Star’s Sky City stood the tallest building called “Moonlight”. This is Dark Star’s culinary city and the customers who can come here to spend their money are either rich or high-class people. The chefs here are naturally the cream of the crop and the best in their field.


“Brother Lin, these are the latest products from the live broadcast sites.”


The little girl brought a few dishes.


The person known as Brother Lin stood in front of the cook’s stove. He turned around and glanced at the plates after hearing this and was a little puzzled: “Why are there dishes from other websites this time?”


The little girl said: “There is a small website that recently came up with a wonderful dish, I think you need to try it.”


Brother Lin smiled: “I really want to try the dish you called wonderful.”


The little girl put a few different porcupine meat dishes sent by the Interstellar Food Network in front of Brother Lin first: “as always, let’s see if you like this first.”


Many live broadcasters will innovate new dishes every month. It was not only to allow the audiences to eat them, but also to be able to reach the stars and serve them at the dining tables of big restaurants, which was a great honor for them. This was especially so if they were eaten at the Moonlight. If it was listed in Moonlight, not only can it bring high-end group traffic to the live broadcasting room and platform, it also meant that your name held a considerable amount of weight.


Brother Lin picked up a piece of meat with a pair of chopsticks and tasted it: “Fat but not greasy. Not bad.”


The little girl said, “The other one?”


“Slightly inferior.” Brother Lin sighed and put down his chopsticks: “But they have almost the same flavour.”


The little girl frowned and pushed the fries to him: “Try this one.”


Brother Lin frowned. Was there nothing else? It was just some golden strips casually placed together in a random manners. As such, the original appearance of the potatoes could not be seen. The surface looked hard and had lost its prior softness of a potato.


“You call this a wonderful dish?” Brother Lin couldn’t agree any less.


The little girl gave a “tsk”: “Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. You have to taste it first.”


Brother Lin couldn’t wait to do so. He pinched one and put it in his mouth. The French fries were kept golden and crispy by the recording device like they were just fried out of the pan. The initial mouthfeel was not the soft and glutinous of boiled potatoes, but instead, crispy and sweet. The oil worked its magic on the potatoes, bringing out a surprising sweetness that stimulated the taste buds when eaten.


The little girl propped her chin up and smiled: “Is it good?”


A hint of satisfaction appeared in Brother Lin’s eyes: “The boss is coming for an inspection at the end of this month. He has always asked for innovative and unique dishes. These fries are great.”


The little girl was curious: “What do you mean?”


Brother Lin came to a conclusion without thinking much: “This anchor is very talented and the broadcasting platform won’t provide him space for growth. Let him come to the Moonlight.”


“Yay!” The little girl almost jumped up: “Great! I can eat French fries every day now!”




You’re thinking nonsensical things.


Jian Luo in the military base didn’t know that he was being judged. He was happily cooking in the cafeteria. The conditions here were indeed better than at home. The most surprising thing was while he only had potatoes and corn at home, because the other vegetables couldn’t be purchased even if one wanted them. It was different here.


The 21 latest developed vegetables were all here!


The cook in the cafeteria was a middle-aged uncle. He was cutting meat and Jian Luo was to the side, peeling potatoes. The uncle said, “It’s not easy for a human like you to end up here today. Did Secretary Jin bring you here?”


Jian Luo nodded: “Yeah!”


“Has she given you a tour of our place?” The uncle raised his knife and slashed the meat piece by piece: “Although there are some restricted places, such as the areas where the military train and fight that you can’t enter, you are free to go to other places built for leisure and entertainment.”


Jian Luo washed the peeled potatoes in the water: “Yes, I even saw a dragon.”


The uncle was a little proud: “They are beautiful. Only our military has dragons in the entire universe. You won’t see them anywhere else.”


Jian Luo said, “They’re really beautiful, but too dangerous. I was almost thrown off one today, but I was rescued by another kind-hearted dragon.”


The uncle was a little curious: “Did something happen? Which dragon saved you?”


When Jian Luo thought of the life-saving dragon he was grateful to and a smile appeared on his face: “It’s a very majestic black dragon with a good heart. If it weren’t for the dragon, I might have fallen to my death. By the way, do you know what that black dragon is called? I want to prepare some food for it to repay its kindness.”


Uncle: “…”


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