Chapter 13 – Gifting a meal to his savior

Chapter 13 – Gifting a meal to his savior


You’re joking – Lu Shifeng is a good person?


Uncle couldn’t bear to look straight at him and sighed: “Are you sure the dragon that rescued you was a black dragon?”


Jian Luo was suspicious: “What’s the problem? Is there something wrong with the black dragon?”



It’s a big problem.


Black dragon and majestic. Just who was that second black dragon in this entire universe? If it was not that person, who could it be? However, the character you described doesn’t quite fit the actual person!


The uncle thought for a while. He felt that Secretary Jin didn’t do much to explain so it would also be appropriate for him to speak less. As such, he said, “If you want to find dragons, you should go to that garden but not all the dragons will be there. Some dragons will follow the troops on missions. Whether you can meet them or not basically depends on fate.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Understood.”


The two chatted for a while before starting to work. Jian Luo saw a jar of white pellets on the shelf and became interested in them: “Uncle, what is that?”


The uncle raised his head: “Those are bandit bird crystals, usually used to remove the gamey smell of meat.”


Jian Luo felt like it could be salt, so he asked, “Can I take a look?”


The uncle had no objection: “You can use it but the taste of this crystal is just average. It is not very delicious, just so you know.”


Jian Luo tiptoed to get the can: “I know.”


The can was opened but there was no smell from it. Jian Luo carefully dug a little out with a spoon, swiped it with his fingertips, and tasted it on the tip of his tongue. A salty taste really began to spread between his lips and teeth. It was really salt!


He has been looking for this for a long time.


Jian Luo was very excited: “Do you usually only use it to get rid of the gamey taste?”


“Yes.” The uncle was very puzzled: “Do you use it for anything else?”


Jian Luo decided to give it a try: “I’ll try making a dish first. If it works then that’s good, but if it doesn’t, don’t blame me for wasting the salt.”


The uncle smiled and said, “Hey, you can use it.”


After getting permission, Jian Luo was ready to cook. Although there were only a few vegetables on this planet, there was no shortage of meat and eggs. He was preparing the ingredients and the live broadcast would begin shortly.


Today’s dish was egg rolls.


It happened to be his first time to try live broadcasting in the military cafeteria. He greeted the camera: “Hi everyone, today we are eating egg rolls.”


The popularity of the live broadcast room was slowly increasing:

“Anchor, I’ve been waiting for your live broadcast.”

“Yeah, how can we buy potato chips if you don’t livestream?”

“I’ll be watching every day.”


Jian Luo limited the number of potato chips to be purchased by allowing only the people who have entered the live broadcast room for at least half an hour to buy it. But because it has not been long since the broadcast started, the people’s grievances ran deep.


In addition to this group, there was another group:

“I came here because it was recommended by the high priest!”

“Good luck, retweet this anchor, and those who worship the lord will get the blessing of the gods.”

“Anchor, please bless me so I excel in my studies.”


Jian Luo watched the live broadcast room in silence and really wanted to complain that he didn’t have this so-called wishing function. If he did, he might as well wish that he could become rich overnight. Was that possible? Of course it was totally impossible!




Forget it, let’s stop with the depressing stuff.


Jian Luo focused on his work: “Our egg roll today uses the egg of the crimson bird. This egg is very nutritious and delicious to make into food.”


There were bird eggs neatly placed on the table as Jian Luo started to beat the eggs. His movements were smooth and the liquid egg lay obediently in the bowl. It was a golden liquid with some bubbles.


“What is an egg roll?”

“Weren’t eggs just boiled?”

“Wow, how are you going to cook it if it’s broken?”

“That’s so raw!”


Because Jian Luo now had permission, he could turn on the holographic sharing mode for the audience to experience the taste of food with him.


Jian Luo explained: “Don’t worry. The taste of the egg rolls made will not be affected.”


In addition to eggs, he also prepared other ingredients. A small cucumber and a carrot. Previously, he couldn’t get these things in Peace Paradise, so now he could finally show his skills.


He cut the cucumbers and carrots into pieces and mixed the greens and reds very nicely. For the interstellar people who only boiled and baked their food, everything in front of them was too much beyond imagination.


“Can these things be eaten together?”

“It feels like this will spoil the taste of the food.”

“Why won’t the anchor continue making potato chips?”


Jian Luo directly ignored the comments of these people and poured the vegetables in, stirring them together and mixing the red, green and yellow egg liquid into a circular shape. At this time, the salt could finally be sprinkled in evenly for some taste.


When the pan was hot, he skillfully brushed a layer of oil: “When you make your own at home, you must pay attention. The eggs cook easily. If you fry them for too long, they will stick to the pan and the rolled up egg rolls will be hard to remove.”


The egg liquid was poured into the pot, and the oil began to make a sizzling sound.


Jian Luo gently slid the egg mixture with a spatula to ensure that the vegetables on top were evenly distributed on each circular piece.


As the heat rose, the aroma of eggs gradually wafted out and many viewers who had opened the hologram could smell it.


“It smells good.”

“Woooooo, I want to take a bite.”

“I just came to buy potato chips. What am I doing here looking at egg rolls?”


As the live broadcast progressed, the popularity of the live broadcast room also soared. Although Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network now has a lot of new anchors, Jian Luo’s popularity was still unmatched. Halfway through the live broadcast, he quickly moved to the top of the home page’s recommended section.


The egg rolls in the pot gradually began to take shape and Jian Luo curled up the egg mixture to form a small, round roll.


The golden egg roll of the red bird had green cucumbers and a finishing touch of carrots. Its color was pink and pretty, like a colourful rainbow. It was different from the appearance of french fries and potato chips. The egg roll could be said to be both beautiful and delicious-looking, stunning the audience.


“Ow ow ow, it smells too good.”

“Anchor, I have a friend who asked you to have a quick bite.”

“It looks pretty good, but I don’t know how it tastes.”


The holography allowed others to share their sense with the anchor so that everyone can experience the most authentic fragrance and feel the food itself, but only when the anchor starts to eat, can the holographic users truly taste the food.


Jian Luo complied with the request. Taking a piece, he took a bite.


The freshly baked egg roll was soft and greasy. When you bite into it, the rich aroma of the egg spreads from the tip of your tongue. The sweetness of the vegetables neutralizes the greasy feeling that the egg may bring. When you bite into it, the softness and crispiness coexist. When it leaves your lips and teeth, an endlessly fragrant aftertaste follows.



“Woooooo, it’s so delicious.”

“It has such a magically salty taste. Why is it so delicious?!”

“One bite is not enough. Anchor, have another!”


Jian Luo said: “Because these meals are the property of my employer, I can’t eat them until my employer eats them. I just tried some to confirm its taste. I can’t open this for purchase but I’ve recorded the taste and will upload it later so everyone has a chance to virtually taste-test it.”


He put the egg rolls aside and said goodbye to the audience in the live broadcast room before ending the broadcast.


Now, he was ready to give Secretary Jin a report. With salt, he made some home-cooked dishes. From stir-frying a plate of shredded potatoes, stewing braised pork, and making soup with eggs and cucumbers, the canteen began to smell good.


Jian Luo packed them into a bowl and said to the uncle, “I’ll go and deliver the meal.”


The uncle waved his hand: “Go, go!”




Jian Luo packed two layers into the meal box. The upper layer consists of Secretary Jin’s meal, while the vegetable salad below was for the dragon savior.


Although Secretary Jin said that dragons also ate normal meals, he has never served a mighty dragon, so how would he know what a mighty dragon likes to eat?


A vegetable salad would be relatively safe!



“Smells nice.”


Secretary Jin took the meal box and praised him.


Jian Luo smiled: “It’s fine as long as you like it. What else do you need for me to do next?”


Secretary Jin said quickly: “No, no. Usually, only one meal per day is needed. Also, you can walk around anywhere other than the restricted area.”


Jian Luo asked quickly, “Can I go to the garden to see the dragons?”


Secretary Jin’s hands trembled as she bit the bullet: “Yes.”


Are you going to crouch on the Marshal?


By God, there are still people in this world who like to tread close to death.


Jian Luo didn’t know what Secretary Jin was thinking. He took the meal box and went to the sky garden. There were dragons that stayed in the garden every day. In a fountain not far away, a few small green dragons were playing in the pool. He looked around for a black dragon, but didn’t see one.


“He didn’t come today?”


Jian Luo sat down on the ground holding the vegetable salad.




His message bracelet sounded again. It was that so-called manager of the Moonlight Hotel who just sent him another message. Jian Luo looked around and turned off the bracelet.


To be honest, he thinks his life supported by the military was very good and there is no need to do this.


Some small dragons noticed him and ran over curiously because there was food in the food box, so he kept trying to use his head to cover the food box.


Jian Luo hurriedly hugged the box tightly and said softly, “No, no, this is for my savior.”


The small dragon thought they were playing a game of hide and seek, so the more Jian Luo blocked it, the more excited it became. He ended up being chased, with them being close on his tail.


Jian Luo was caught up by the small dragon after a few steps. He sat on the ground and looked at the dragon’s head that was close to his hand. Stubbornly holding onto it, he said: “You really can’t eat it.”


The small dragon exhaled and wanted to rub at him affectionately.




There was a low dragon roar. The majestic Dragon King made the garden quiet for a moment.


When Jian Luo opened his eyes, he saw a tall and mighty black dragon standing not far away. The sharp scales shone in the sunlight and were very grand. He was excited: “Brother dragon!”

The black dragon looked sideways.


Jian Luo ran over with the meal box in his arms and said, “Dragon brother, dragon brother, I made something delicious for you. Would you like to try it?”


The black dragon lowered his head to look at the meal box in a condescending manner before leaving without turning around.


“Let’s find a place to eat.” Jian Luo pointed to a small hill without any dragons not far away: “How about there?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t really want to have a picnic outside.


Carrying the meal box, Jian Luo sweetly told his dragon savior: “I secretly made this for you. Even Secretary Jin doesn’t have this. Although it’s all my cooking, this one is full of my love!”


Lu Shifeng: “…”


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