Chapter 16 – Lu Shifeng is old

Chapter 16 – Lu Shifeng is old


Jian Luo snorted softly: “I advise you to go back first. Tomorrow we will go to the base and find the leader to watch the surveillance and deal with the matter properly.”


Wu Qiang stood up and looked at him fiercely: “You are young, but sure talk big. Just wait, but don’t regret it later!”


Jian Luo bowed and said slowly, “Walk slowly, I won’t send you off.”


Wu Qiang left angrily.


Other onlookers who were eating melons gathered around and watched as Jian Luo said, “Everyone, please go back early, our abode is small, so please don’t stay here.”


The onlookers were unwilling at first but in the end they left in a hurry.


Jian Luo said to his younger brother, “Go close the door.”


The little brother nodded obediently: “Okay.”


When the door was finally closed and the entire courtyard regained its tranquility, Su Liang breathed a sigh of relief. She held Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo helped her into the house: “Mom, next time when something happens, you have to notify me first. I’ll manage to come back today, but if I’m not at home next time, what will you do?”


Su Liang sniffed: “Luoluo, what you promised before, have you really talked to the Dark Stars? You haven’t told your mother where you work and how you got so much money!”


“Luoluo, tell the truth.” Su Liang stared at him: “Did you cook for the military again? Have you forgotten what your mother told you?!”




This was difficult.


Jian Luo was silent for a while: “Mom, don’t worry, I…”


Su Liang took his hand and said, “Luoluo, I know you have a vague idea of it. Mom knows about your cooking. With your ability, it is possible to become a cook in Sky City’s restaurants, but the military in the palace is dangerous. There may be a war at any time. Those Dark Stars are very strong, but you are only a human, what will you do then?”


Jian Luo fell into deep thought.


“Mom doesn’t expect you to do anything great.” Su Liang sighed lightly, “I just hope you can be safe, you know?”




I am also afraid of death!


Jian Luo was reminded of this by what his mother said.


If he could pass Moonlight’s interview and obtain the right to cultivate plants and then obtain a household registration as well as do the live broadcast well, he could still live a good life, right?


The military was indeed very good, but it was not his home.


“I know what’s important.” Jian Luo had an idea: “You are tired today, shall I take you into the room to rest?”


Su Liang nodded and said no more.


The small house was not very ventilated, narrow and stuffy. Jian Luo went to the kitchen and found a bowl of rice grains. He then boiled them in a pot and cut some shredded meat into it to make a porridge.


His younger brother came out: “Brother.”


“Oh.” Jian Luo said, “I’m going to wash up. You can watch this here. When the porridge is ready, bring it to mother.”


Jian Sheng came over and said, “Okay.”


Jian Luo nodded and was about to leave. Halfway through, Jian Sheng called out, “Brother!”


Jian Luo paused and turned around: “What’s the matter?”


“That…” Jian Sheng hesitated for a long time, but finally smiled: “I just think that you’re so handsome!”


Jian Luo was silent for a while before he chuckled lightly, came over and patted his little brother’s head. This little boy has gained a little weight recently, so he must’ve gotten enough nutrition nowadays.


He whispered: “Grow up slowly, big brother will be waiting for you to protect me.”


His younger brother was full of confidence: “Don’t worry!”

Jian Luo rubbed his head for a bit more before leaving. There are still a lot of things waiting for him tomorrow, he has to think about what to do about them.


On the other side – the palace.


Dark Star is a constitutional monarchy where the emperor runs the country and has absolute power and control.


Lu Shifeng stood in the hall: “Your Majesty was looking for me?”


The little emperor was young but the dragon robe he wore said everything that was needed. He nodded: “Uncle Huang, I just thought of a wonderful idea on how to get closer to the people.”


Lu Shifeng said lazily, “Your Majesty is wise.”




I suspect you’re mocking me.


The little emperor coughed lightly: “That’s it, I feel that with the current image of Uncle Uncle, it will be difficult for the people to change their mind in a short period of time. Recently, the human cultivation base is undergoing reforms. It is better for uncle to personally go down to the plantation to inspect to reflect the importance our Dark Star places on them, and secondly, to also appear closer to the people!”


Lu Shifeng said lightly: “Your Majesty is wise, but I am busy with official business, I am afraid I will have to disappoint Your Majesty.”


The little emperor pouted: “What are you busy with, Uncle Huang?”


“Military affairs.” Lu Shifeng went on to mention the perfunctory: “If Your Majesty has nothing else, this minister will excuse himself.”


The little emperor hurriedly stopped him: “Hey uncle, don’t leave. Since you only stay in the military base, the daughter of the finance minister has been wanting to see you. You’re not too young anymore. I will ask her to go to the base tomorrow to find you and you can both start dating?”


Lu Shifeng stopped in his footsteps.


The little emperor was overjoyed and suddenly felt hopeful: “How is it?”


Lu Shifeng turned around slowly and his handsome face was finally swept away as he put on a smile: “I suddenly feel that His Majesty’s proposal to go to the human base is very wise. I cannot wait to live up to His Majesty’s wishes.”


Little Emperor: “But didn’t you say…”


“Military affairs are not as important as His Majesty’s wishes.” Lu Shifeng said slowly: “I will go over and take a look tomorrow.”


“……okay then.”


The  next day.


Jian Luo came to the military base to ask for leave.

Secretary Jin has been living a good life these days. The marshal eats and drinks well, so her work became less. When she has lesser work, her skin condition became better.


Jian Luo said, “I’m sorry Secretary Jin. I may have to take a day off. I have something to do at home.”


Secretary Jin was taken aback: “What’s the matter?”


What will I do if you leave!


Jian Luo scratched his head: “It’s just that I have some trouble at home. Um, I might have to take a day off. If it goes well, it will be one day, if it doesn’t go well…”


Secretary Jin was alarmed: “What will happen?”


Jian Luo thought for a while: “I don’t know either.”


Secretary Jin’s heart sank.


This doesn’t seem like a trivial matter!


You can’t go, how will we live if you go!?


Secretary Jin was very positive: “Xiaoluo, if you have any difficulties, you must tell me that our friendship can be regarded as friends. Don’t worry, I will try my best to help you.”


Jian Luo was a little moved: “It’s just that my mother got involved with a ruffian, so I’m going to the cultivation base to solve this matter.”


Just as Secretary Jin was about to say something, the bell on the table rang. This was the exclusive alarm that Lu Shifeng used to call her. It seems that the demon lord has an order for her!


Jian Luo said, “You have some work to do right now so I’ll wait for you.”


Secretary Jin nodded, picked up the bell and went in.

As soon as she left, there was no one outside.


It was not good for Jian Luo to stand in the same place as it was embarrassing not to leave. He could only look around the military base to pass the time. The security level was very high and there were sky lasers all over the walls. No matter what he did, there was no need for a Dark Star to take action as the defense system inside the walls could just destroy him in minutes.


After a while, someone came out.


Jian Luo turned around and thought that what he saw first  would be Secretary Jin, but who knew that he would see a man with an elegant and handsome face in a military uniform walking out.


In romance novels, he would be a domineering president, and in BL novels, he would be a formidable top!


Secretary Jin gave Jian Luo a wink.


Lu Shifeng stopped when he passed Jian Luo and looked at him condescendingly: “A human?”


Jian Luo wiped the possible drool at the corner of his mouth and said respectfully, “Hello.”


“En.” Lu Shifeng’s voice was low and magnetic and he asked slowly, “What are you doing here?”


Jian Luo guessed that this person was a high-level official and said honestly, “I’m here to ask for leave.”


Usually ordinary soldiers didn’t need to ask Secretary Jin to apply for leave. However, because it was a private contract, Jian Luo came over. He could’ve sent a message to ask for leave, but he was too embarrassed to let the car that came to pick him up early this morning to have come over for naught.


Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “I heard that you are going to a human cultivation base.”


Jian Luo nodded lightly: “Yes.”


“Well.” Lu Shifeng said, “I’m going there too, follow me.”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment and subconsciously wanted to refuse: “No, no, I’m too embarrassed to be a bother to you so I’ll just go there…”


Secretary Jin hurriedly interjected: “Luoluo, didn’t you say you have something to do at home?”




Jian Luo pondered for a while, and understood!


Secretary Jin was looking for someone reliable for him. If he could follow this master, then the cultivation base issue will definitely not be difficult for him, and everything will be solved easily.


After he figured this out, Jian Luo immediately changed his expression: “I mean, it’s really an honor to follow you.”


Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze indifferently: “Let’s go.”


The man stopped talking and took the lead to leave, leaving Jian Luo, who was still a little confused, behind.


Secretary Jin winked at him: “Go.”


Jian Luo quickly returned to his senses and quickened his pace to catch up. After reaching the outside of the military base, he followed him up a warship. After it was locked, he felt that the other’s eyes were looking at him strangely.


Lu Shifeng sat down to rest on the sofa of the warship and glanced at Jian Luo: “Sit down.”


Jian Luo carefully sat down.


There was a teapot on the table so he started to brew tea without any hesitation. His movements were very smooth. After he finished brewing the tea, he handed a cup to Lu Shifeng himself with a flattering smile.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Are you afraid of me?”


Jian Luo shook his hand and head quickly: “No, no.”


Lu Shifeng retracted his gaze, took a sip of tea, and said slowly, “I know your cooking skills are good so don’t be afraid of me, the military will not treat capable people badly.”


“Yes yes yes.” Jian Luo  flattered simply: “I have always admired the military, especially Marshal Lu. Although he is old, he is wise and talented. As his subordinate, you are indeed a talented person. I will definitely work hard.”   


He bowed as he finished.


Inexplicably, the surrounding temperature dropped several degrees.


Slowly, Lu Shifeng’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Do you think he is very old?”

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