Chapter 17 – Lu Shifeng is the boyfriend

Chapter 17 – Lu Shifeng is the boyfriend


The atmosphere suddenly fell into an awkward silence.


Jian Luo was keenly aware that there seems to be something wrong with the current atmosphere. He was actually quite observant. Now it seems that the lord was in a bad mood?


But why?


It seemed to due to the question of whether Marshal Lu was old or not.


That’s right. Who liked to be told that their leader was old? Wasn’t the person who said it just waiting to be slaughtered?


Sure enough, he was stupid!


Jian Luo hurriedly covered it up: “I don’t think Marshal Lu is old at all. He is wise, valiant, and his style is still the same. He is an idol in the hearts of our people, and a wise Confucian lantern that leads the way forward!”


Lu Shifeng squinted his eyes. Slowly, an elegant smile was evoked from the corner of the man’s mouth and he said, “You haven’t seen him before.”




Nonsense, who had nothing better to do than to go and meet the legendary king of hell?


Jian Luo hesitated to answer: “This will not hinder the image of the Marshal in my heart.”


“Image?” Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “I’m afraid you don’t even know what he looks like.”


Jian Luo’s eyes flickered as he casually said: “How can we small citizens have the honor to see the true face of the Marshal?”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips: “What school did you graduate from?”


Jian Luo’s voice fell for a moment.


Lu Shifeng waited for a while, then raised his eyebrows impatiently: “Where?”


This man was someone who fought bloody battles in the orthodox battlefield. When his aura was spread out fully, it gave others an extreme sense of oppression, which made them subconsciously have to obey, without the slightest disobedience.


Jian Luo shivered all over as he racked his brains and finally remembered the name of the school that his younger brother had mentioned: “Clear Spring’s College.”


Lu Shifeng was slightly surprised: “It’s quite a famous school.”


“Well.” Jian Luo knew that the original owner of his body did well: “You have hit the jackpot. It was my honor to be able to enter Clear Springs.”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at him. The man’s eyes were pitch-black, and it was as if a dangerous fog was brewing in them. Seeing this, Jian Luo’s spine went cold and he was at a loss.


This was too difficult.


It’s so hard to talk to this man.


Knowing this, he might as well pack up and go to the base by himself. Staying here to chat with this lord was like being tortured on a fire stand.


Half an hour later


Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze: “When working in the military, one should be careful with their words and deeds.”


Jian Luo raised his head: “Huh?”


“Otherwise.” Lu Shifeng paused, his voice lazy but dangerous: “Even I wouldn’t know how he died.”


The word “death” seemed to contain a murderous aura that was boundless.


Jian Luo shivered and quickly nodded like a primary school student: “I know, I know.”


Originally, he still had a little doubt about what his mother words said about the dangers of the military. Now he completely believes it. Like really, completely believes it. Lu Shifeng’s men are dangerous. It couldn’t be that Lu Shifeng himself must also have eaten people?


Sitting next to him, Jian Luo felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.


Lu Shifeng looked at the information in his arm and asked, “Someone in your family works at the base?”


Jian Luo nodded like he was pounding garlic.


“How is the environment there?” Lu Shifeng asked slowly, “How are the working conditions and status quo?”




How should I know this!?


Jian Luo casually thought up some perfunctory lines: “It’s okay, it’s all good. The folk’s customs are simple and everyone is rooted in work, 12% of it is devoted to cultivating vegetables.”


Although Jian Luo himself didn’t like that group of people very much, he couldn’t mess up a major event like this that could affect the future of mankind. If someone made a mistake, some of them will be punished, but all of mankind was relying on that base, so he must say a lot of good words.


Lu Shifeng nodded: “It seems that you take your work seriously and responsibly.”


Jian Luo pounded his head like garlic: “Naturally.”


As they talked, the place drew closer.


When the warship landed, Jian Luo was almost relieved. Now he would rather go out and chat with Wu Qiang than be happy here.


Lu Shifeng stood up and walked outside. The little Jian Luo followed immediately, only to see the hatch open slowly ——


“Welcome welcome, a warm welcome!”

“Welcome welcome, a warm welcome!”


Outside the warship stood a dark crowd of people, and against the wind there was a banner floating back and forth in the air, which read: [A warm welcome to the leader of the military for the base inspection].


Lu Shifeng glanced back at Jian Luo, as if he was teasing him a little.


There was quite a lively atmosphere outside.


Jian Luo couldn’t bear it and looked away. He really couldn’t take it any longer. He laughed twice: “As long as you like it.”


Lu Shifeng was about to go down, but Jian Luo didn’t follow.


The man stopped after two steps, and said in a low voice, “Follow me.”


Jian Luo pressed softly: “I’m not the leader of the inspection. It’s not appropriate to keep up, right?”


Lu Shifeng made an “en” sound.


Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief.


“If you don’t come down now, then don’t come down at all.” Lu Shifeng dropped the sentence and stepped down the stairs of the warship.


Jian Luo was shocked and compelled by his domineering aura. He stepped out hastily: “Coming, coming.”


Among the group of people below, Wu Qiang stood in the front row.


Wu Qiang, as the only representative of someone in the entire Peace Paradise who was married to a Dark Star, was honored as one of the people in the front row to welcome the guests.


As the people from the military got closer and closer, everyone drew their attention towards the person behind Lu Shifeng.


Finally, someone started muttering:

“Do you think that child looks a little familiar?”

“Why is he so similar to Luoluo?”

“I think it’s Luoluo!”

“Go quickly and call Su Niang!”


Wu Qiang, who was standing in front, was very displeased when he heard this, so he frowned: “What occasion was it right now, why are you talking about that here?”


Everyone shut up.


Wu Qiang lowered his voice: “How capable is Jian Luo that he can follow Marshal Lu? It’s just someone else who looks a bit similar, what’s the fuss about?”


When he said this, others slowly felt that this was also the case.


Finally, Lu Shifeng stopped in front of the leader of the cultivation base. The middle-aged man stepped forward: “Hello, sir. I’m Lin Ze, the leader of the base and I am honored to be able to receive you. It really makes our morale flourish!”


Lu Shifeng said lazily, “Well, take me in to have a look.”


Lin Ze made a “please follow me” gesture: “Okay, okay. Please come with me, sir.”


Jian Luo fell behind and had to follow. He regretted it in his heart. If he knew that it would be such a big scene, he would not come with the lord if it was all right. Once this was over, the whole Peace Paradise will probably know about it


Trouble will surely follow.


As Lin Ze walked, he also looked at Jian Luo. Hesitating, he asked: “Who is this?”


Behind Lu Shifeng’s, an adjutant said, “Do you have the right to inquire about people in the military?”


Ye Ze quickly corrected himself: “Yes, yes. What you said was just. It’s just that he looks a bit like a child I know.”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Originally, someone like him who didn’t have a job was not qualified to enter the base. Now that he was one of Lu Shifeng’s trusted entourage, he could come in for sightseeing. Moreover, the standard treatment was not low either


When Ye Ze led the landing and locked the visiting ship in the hangar, Jian Luo stood outside like a tool man and waited foolishly.


The adjutant came over and said, “Are you our chef?”


Jian Luo nodded.


“Then you…” The little adjutant glanced at him ambiguously before asking meaningfully, “Why did you come here with us?”


Jian Luo said honestly, “Because I was also headed here, the kind lord gave me a ride.”


The little adjutant nodded slightly.


In fact, he didn’t believe a word!


Was Lu Shifeng ever kind? This was today’s international joke.


Jian Luo’s information bracelet lit up. When he saw that it was a message sent to him by Su Liang, he said to the little adjutant, “I got a message from my family. I have something to do, so I will go over first. Can you let the lord know for me later?”


The little adjutant didn’t dare: “Hey, don’t leave yet, wait for the lord to come out…”


Jian Luo’s wristband was still ringing and he was a little anxious: “It’s okay, the lord knows that I’m here to deal with family affairs, so I’ll go first.”


After finishing his words, Jian Luo quickly ran away.


The little adjutant was stunned. His respect for Jian Luo suddenly surged like a river. He dared to stand Lu Shifeng up, the number one person in the universe!


On the other side,


The Potato Plantation.


Su Liang anxiously waited for Jian Luo to come over and said in surprise, “Luoluo, I heard them say…”


Jian Luo interrupted her first: “Mom, this is just a small incident, you don’t have to worry, I’m fine. Today, I’m here to handle your resignation and the incident with Wu Qiang. Don’t be afraid, after today, we will never come back again.”


Su Liang’s beautiful face was full of worry: “Forget it, the incident with Wu Qiang will pass.”


“No.” Jian Luo took her to the office: “For now, we can’t move away, so if we don’t finish this matter, we will never have peace in the future.”


In the planting base, anyone who violates the rules will be expelled from Peace Paradise. Only when Wu Qiang is dealt with, can their family be truly at peace.


“Yo, isn’t this Jian Luo?”


A harsh voice came from behind.


Jian Luo turned around, his face turned cold: “Wu Qiang.”


Wu Qiang’s appearance was still wretched, he touched his nose as he approached: “Hey, what is Jian Luo doing here this time, resigning for your mother?”


Jian Luo smiled and said: “The resignation is about to be done. Since you are here, I will also do it for you on the way, how about it?”


Wu Qiang’s expression changed: “Jian Luo, watch what you say.”


“I’ve been paying attention to what I’ve said.” Jian Luo stood up straight and did not change his expression: “For someone like you, this is already saving face for you.”


Wu Qiang: “What a sharp mouth. Did you know, we saw a person who looks just like you when we went to wait for the ship. They said that he looked like this? Were they okay? Were their brains conscious?”


Jian Luo sneered: “How do you know it’s not me?”


“Is it really you?” Wu Qiang smiled exaggeratedly and bent over, his ugly face full of irony: “Why don’t you piss off and take care of yourself first before hiding behind the lord. Oh yes, I remember the last time you said you had a boyfriend. What’s the matter? You wouldn’t also say that he’s your boyfriend too, would you?”


Su Liang was frightened after hearing this and pulled Jian Luo’s sleeve.


Jian Luo felt that the carefulness he had taken to come all this way with the marshal had finally come in handy. Didn’t the lord bringing him here give him some leverage?


A good trump card cannot be wasted and needs to be used!


Thinking of this, Jian Luo cleared his throat: “So what?”


Su Liang tugged at his sleeve again.


Jian Luo finally couldn’t bear it any longer: “Mom, don’t stop me, I’m just talking, if you have something to say, we can talk about it later.”


“No.” Su Liang finally found the opportunity: “Mom means that the lord has just arrived and has been watching!”




You could have mentioned this earlier.


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