Chapter 19 – Dragon's estrus

Chapter 19 – Dragon’s estrus


Jian Luo now found it difficult.


He originally thought about not resigning too late, but now it seems that this was not a question of whether he would resign or not, but instead, whether he can still live.


Lu Shifeng.


Why did he mess with him, did he not cherish his life?


Su Liang saw Jian Luo’s expression changing again and again, so she pulled him over to sit down on the sofa: “Luoluo, you have become a lot more sensible since the last time you were sick. Although you have forgotten a lot of things and your temperament is not the same as before, mom is still very happy. For mom, as long as you and your brother can be well, mom is willing to do anything.”


Jian Luo’s heart tightened: “Mom…”


“Mom doesn’t want to be in the spotlight of the Dark Stars and I don’t want you to be Lu Shifeng’s lover. Mom wants you to just be good and happy.” Su Liang touched Jian Luo’s face: “Although mom is incompetent, mom never wants you to make a sacrifice on what you want to do.”


Jian Luo sighed: “Mom, don’t worry. I really have nothing to do with the marshal. Don’t worry, it really was an accident. At that time, after I fell on my head, it was not easy and I forgot a lot of things, but in the future I will remember it slowly, don’t worry.”


Su Liang lowered her head and a strange look flashed across her eyes.


“I…” Jian Luo pursed his lips, wondering if he should tell Su Liang the truth: “Mom, actually this body…”


Su Liang suddenly held his hand: “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo stopped for a moment.


“Mom knows, Mom knows.” Su Liang’s beautiful eyes flashed with tears, but she quickly put on a smile and hugged Jian Luo: “As long as you survived, you can still live.”


For a moment.


Jian Luo had mixed feelings in his heart.


He didn’t know what to say, but he wasn’t sure if the poor woman had already known the fact that her son was not here anymore.


Jian Luo had never thought about hiding it from her, nor was he ever careful about avoiding it because he wanted to let the family know the truth in a relatively easy going way.


Jian Luo patted Su Liang on the back: “Mom, let’s move out of here in the future. If you believe me, I can take you out of here.”


Su Liang hesitated for a moment, before finally nodding: “Okay, mom believes in you.”


At the military base.


The entire base was shrouded in unease.


Of course, there is no other reason apart from because the annual manic period of the dragon clan is coming. Since ancient times, those in the dragon clan have been very belligerent and bloodthirsty during this period. Their fighting strength is extremely strong, so it is very dangerous.


The little adjutant was very distressed: “Secretary Jin, won’t the marshal go to the aliens this year?”


Secretary Jin was also very worried: “Usually the marshal will be fighting at this time, but this year is very special. Several galaxies around have already been subdued, plus now that there is a meal on the Dark Star that suits his liking, I don’t think the marshal will go.”


The little adjutant had a sour face: “But if the marshal can’t take his anger out of the enemy, he will take it out on our soldiers.”


During this period of time, Lu Shifeng set up a test for the entire army. Almost every soldier had to fight two moves with him, and after, everyone needed to be repaired to the extent of their broken bones fixed. How many people will have the strength left to go into battle to kill the enemy?


Life is not easy. Secretary Jin sighed: “Of course I also know about this, but it seems that the Marshal is going to retreat recently and go to the Dragon Valley.”


Little adjutant: “Really?!”


Secretary Jin nodded: “Actually, as you know, it’s referred to as the manic period, but actually it’s…”


The adjutant nodded quickly: “I know, I know, courting season.”


In order to ensure the regular reproduction of dragons, there is always an anxious courting season lasting half a month every year. Adult dragons will be very anxious and impatient at this time. If there is an object of adoration, they may make a move.


However, none of these applied to Lu Shifeng.


The marshal has not slept with anyone. The old, single dragon has not talked to anyone for five or six hundred years, let alone courted them. Every year during courting season, he vents his anger at the enemy on the battlefield. This year was the only exception.


Secretary Jin carefully said: “However, the dragon clan has not given birth for thousands of years, so it is still not too bad for the marshal.”


“Ding dong!”


There was a message sound, which startled Secretary Jin.


The little adjutant was timid: “It’s the marshal’s.”


Secretary Jin nodded. She had to go to the training base to find Lu Shifeng. At this time, she could only go in with determination.




There was the sound of the ground cracking as the door was opened.


Secretary Jin was panicking in her heart, but she was used to being calm on the front. She walked along the ground that was still unbroken: “Marshal, you called me for something?”


Lu Shifeng sat on the chair. The man’s uniform was still meticulous but the training ground looked like it was about to be finished. All the tiles were cracked and the equipment was broken. The perpetrator of everything was so calm as if he was just sipping tea.


Lu Shifeng said, “Go and tell Jian Luo that the meals in the future will be changed. Let him make more to deliver.”


Secretary Jin was taken aback: “A second meal?”


“Can’t you do that?” Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at her. Those blood-red eyes became scarlet after they shifted and she trembled, scared.


Secretary Jin was afraid but she held her courage: “Of course it’s okay, but the contract with Jian Luo was not signed like this, so he can’t always stay at the military base. He has to go back at night.”




It was a temporary contract. Jian Luo was not a regular employee.


But Secretary Jin dared not say this.


Lu Shifeng said: “I don’t need him at night. Let him bring it to me during the day.”


“Okay… um?” Secretary Jin was taken aback: “Don’t I always bring the meals to you?”


Lu Shifeng frowned, a little displeased: “He doesn’t want to deliver the meals he cooks. Are you his secretary?”




That’s not what I meant.


Secretary Jin was a little aggrieved, but she didn’t dare to say more. These days, Lu Shifeng was in the manic period and he was really someone who could eat people.


She responded quickly: “Yes, yes, yes. I will carry it out well.”


Lu Shifeng closed his eyelids. The ancient blood of the dragon race was surging in his body. The stronger the dragon race, the more difficult it would be to suppress his mania. He could either rely on violence to vent, or be relieved by his partner only. In fact, his manic period came a little early but he found a way to suppress it.


“Go let him cook and deliver it.” Lu Shifeng ordered.


Jian Luo’s meals had the ability to promote the secretion of dopamine and also suppress the wild instinct of the dragon race. Lu Shifeng thought it was because of the meals, but it was not until he met Jian Luo that he realized that this aura came from Jian Luo himself.


He needed to see Jian Luo.


Secretary Jin didn’t know that she was going to hurt her colleague: “He won’t come today, he’s on leave.”


Lu Shifeng’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot: “Why did he ask for a leave again?”




Secretary Jin shivered.


Suddenly, she activated her witty brain and thought up an excuse: “Marshal, although Jian Luo has taken a leave today, I know that he will have a live broadcast in a bit. His live broadcasting room will feature holographic sharing so if you watch the live broadcast, it is equivalent to being able to taste his food!”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids: “Watch his cooking?”


Secretary Jin was at a loss again. She hesitated: “Um, you don’t want to watch it?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t care about this, he asked, “Can you see the person?”




I have never heard of such a request.


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