Chapter 20 – I'll take you into the room

Chapter 20 – I’ll take you into the room


After Jian Luo took a leave of absence to deal with the matter, he was indeed preparing for the live broadcast.


A lot of things have been delayed these days. He rarely goes on the live broadcast platform, so now he feels embarrassed.


The information bracelet received a message from Jiang Jiang: “Are you all right?”


“I’m okay.” Jian Luo quickly replied: “It’s just that I encountered some problems during this time. Thank you for your concern. I’ll resume live broadcasting.”


Jiang Jiang breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good.”


Jian Luo smiled: “I will send you the food I made today.”


“Okay!” Jiang Jiang said, “Thank you, brother.”


Jian Luo started to log in to Jinjiang. The web page buffered for a long time, but it was still blank. No matter, it honed his patience.


After placing the small ball down for the live broadcast, he started:


“Hi everyone, let’s make shrimp chips today.” Jian Luo smiled: “We can’t sell the french fries from before because of a copyright issue regarding our french fries so we’re making shrimp chips today.”


He thought that he had not started broadcasting for many days and should not be popular, not expecting the opposite:


“God, the anchor is on!”

“I waited day and night!”

“Anchor, I’m begging you. Open the popcorn for purchase!”


Jian Luo glanced at the barrage and said in a relaxed tone: “Well, I’m going to open up the bulk physical purchase of several kinds of food soon. The anchor now has an assistant who can help with packing and shipping, but there is not enough staff, so only a limited amount will be available per day. Fifty shares. These fifty shares will be lucky-drawn in the live broadcast room. Is everyone in favor of this?”


The barrage was very cooperative:


“I support this.”

“What do you want to eat today?”

“I’m tired of shrimp, I thought you had something new.”


Jian Luo ignored some discordant remarks and just continued to prepare the shrimp. He didn’t like to show his face during the live broadcast and generally only liked to show the food to the video-recording console at most.


While handling the shrimp, Jian Luo said, “This shrimp must be handled well. Not just the shrimp head, the shrimp line should be picked out from the shrimp meat.”


Handling shrimp is not only labor-intensive, but also time-consuming.


His hands were white and slender, and he worked swiftly while handling them.


“Don’t waste too much of the shrimp heads.”

“Is this delicious?”

“The anchor doesn’t eat the suffering of the world.”


Jian Luo didn’t know that the Dark Stars originally ate the shrimp heads together. He felt helpless, but he still insisted on his own prep-work: “Then just put all the shrimp meat together.”


Because the barrage gradually became discordant, he tried his best to do more instead of speaking.






There was a donating notification sent by the small ball.


Jian Luo turned his head in surprise. As soon as he turned his head, he saw a prompt: 


User: [Feng] sent a deep-water torpedo1Usually, they give a certain fixed amount of donations cute names in live-streaming apps. A deep-water torpedo sounds pretty hefty, so I’m guessing it’s a huge sum of money..


That was a lot of money.


Jian Luo felt very happy and said, “Thank you for the gift. It’s expensive, so I’ll mail you a copy after the shrimp sticks are made.”


The barrage crowd was also stunned by the generous gestures of the local tyrant2A watcher who dominates a live broadcasting room. Because he donated a large sum of money, the other viewers will often know his presence, and the broadcasting anchor will usually also acknowledge/thank them every time they donate..


Jian Luo began staring at the barrage.


After a while there was finally a very prominent message box.


[Feng]: How much will it take for you to show your face?


? ? ? ?


What a strange request.


The barrage is also very excited:


“Please show us your face.”

“I’m curious too.”

“The anchor cooks deliciously. I want us to get married.”

“The anchor must be good-looking. I look forward to it. I like the anchor very much.”


Jian Luo was a little embarrassed. In fact, it was okay for him to show his face, but he just didn’t like showing his face. He was hesitating when Feng suddenly said, “Forget it. No need to show it.”


? ? ?


I haven’t promised you anything yet!


Jian Luo was stunned by the willfulness of the local tyrant, but he could only endure the incoming complaints and continue: “Then let’s continue cooking.”


After that, with the addition of Feng, the live broadcasting room became very lively.


Whenever he doesn’t speak, the local tyrant fan will swipe another deep water3Donation.. If he doesn’t speak, he will swipe, so that Jian Luo doesn’t dare not to speak. He feared that others would think it was an attempt to get his undivided attention.


In the end, he could not do it anymore.


Jian Luo said while frying shrimp sticks, “This… Brother Feng, you don’t need to butter me up so much. I will speak when I should.”


His voice fell.


Feng swiped one more and said, “Tell me more.”




I suspect your brain is sick.


Of course, Jian Luo shouldn’t get in trouble with the gold master, so he could only nod his head in agreement. He then submitted a friend request and was going to ask for an address to send the things over.


After the friend request was submitted, Jian Luo went into waiting.


After waiting a long time, his request to be accepted was not approved so Jian Luo had no choice and simply gave up. His friend’s request was not accepted and that legendary customer can do whatever he wants. He was happy with that.


The next day.


“Jian Luo!”


Secretary Jin walked over with high heels and she looked excited.


Jian Lu’s hand trembled while holding the rice and he almost dropped the plate, but he steadied himself: “What’s wrong with Secretary Jin, did I do something?”


“No no no no no.” Secretary Jin smiled: “I’m just happy to see you back from vacation.”


If I don’t come back, my mother will be killed.


But I can’t leave!


Jian Luo smiled: “It’s okay, I’m officially back at work now.”


“That’s fine, that’s fine.” Secretary Jin pointed to the inside: “Please send it in by yourself. I still have something to do, so I’ll go first.”


Jian Luo was taken aback: “What?”


Secretary Jin slipped away faster than anyone else and she had already run a long way ahead when she said: “Take care of yourself. Just send it to the innermost office in the west!”




Jian Luo couldn’t carry it anymore and wanted to call her but she ran so fast that she disappeared in a blink of an eye.


“I’m a mess, I can’t tell the direction at all.” Jian Luo held the plate with a confused look. Didn’t Secretary Jin send it in before, so why is she so busy today?


Jian Luo has always been unclear to whom this meal was given.


But he thinks that the office on the west side should be Secretary Kim’s office!


Then never mind.


Secretary Jin should be relatively busy, so it would be better if he walked a few more steps.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo walked towards the office on the west side. This military base is too complicated. He already walked inside, but he didn’t meet anyone else. It was really outrageous.


“Huh? Is that you?”


At the corner, the little adjutant almost collided into Jian Luo.


Jian Luo was overjoyed when he saw him: “Hello, I’m here to deliver a meal. Secretary Jin said she wanted me to deliver…”


The little adjutant suddenly realized and interrupted him: “I see, she let you in, didn’t she?!”


“Yes, yes.” Jian Luo thought he understood: “Please show me the way, I really can’t find the place.”


Guiding the way was simply an easy task.


Secretary Jin was very knowledgeable. The marshal was having his manic period at the moment. The courtship problem of the dragon race will become more and more serious as time goes on. He was heated up and was now resting in the bedroom.


It was not a suitable time for anyone to deliver meals to him this time.


Jian Luo really was in time for the rain.


Thinking of this, the adjutant said quickly, “Come, come, I’ll take you, I’ll take you!”


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