Chapter 21 – Once the Spring Breeze comes

Chapter 21 – Once the Spring Breeze comes


Jian Luo now feels that Dark Star people really are an enthusiastic bunch!


As he walked, he said to the little adjutant, “Before I came here, I actually heard a lot of rumors about this place. I didn’t expect to feel so cordial after I came here.”


The little adjutant opened his eyes and spouted nonsense: “Damn, don’t listen to the nonsense outside. Our welfare support is high and the treatment is good. Even the marshal is very concerned about his subordinates!”




God, please forgive his lies!


When Jian Luo thought of Lu Shifeng, his brain hurt a little: “Well, there is something I want to ask you about.”


The little adjutant said generously, “What did you want to ask?”


“That is if… if, and I mean if someone accidentally said something wrong and offended the marshal.” Jian Luo was on the verge of dying and continued frantically: “Tell me… what would happen?”




There was a moment of dead silence in the air.


The little adjutant tentatively said: “I think, if that was the case, it would not be very serious.”


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed like it was not that bad.


“It’s definitely possible for them to keep their corpse intact!” The little adjutant smiled: “But the Marshal’s temper has not been very good recently, so maybe he’ll even let them keep their ashes!”




The dishes clinked a few times.


The little adjutant looked at the person next to him suspiciously: “What’s wrong with you, Luoluo? Are the dishes too heavy, why don’t I hold them for you?”


Jian Luo’s hands shook uncontrollably as he forced a smile: “No, no, no need to help me. I like serving dishes very much.”


The little adjutant was still a little worried: “Are you alright?”




There was something wrong!


This was a huge matter!


It seems that the matter regarding his resignation was urgent. If he accidentally bumped into Lu Shifeng, he may not even be able to preserve his ashes.


The little adjutant stopped: “Luoluo, it’s here. I won’t go in as I still have something to do. You can call me later if there’s anything.”


Jian Luo said, “Wait for me, we’ll go back together.”


The little adjutant did not dare to.


He was afraid that the marshal would call him in after a while.


Thinking of this, the adjutant exerted his usually slow brain: “I still have a job to do and the discipline in the military is strict, you know I can’t delay.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Okay then.”


So the little adjutant took off and ran away.


Jian Luo pressed on the door switch and the door opened in response. According to his understanding, he should be able to see a desk or something in the office as soon as the door is opened, but it was just the opposite. All kinds of golden guns were shining brightly.


“Secretary Jin has such a knack for collecting these, I really didn’t expect it.”


Jian Luo murmured to himself as he walked in with the meal bowl. This office was really too big. He passed by rows of shelves and went up the steps. Finally, he saw a desk. He walked in quickly and put down the bowl. When he was about to turn to leave, he heard from behind:




A loud bang sounded from the lounge behind and the ground shook three times.


Jian Luo paused. Logically speaking, wasn’t this Secretary Jin’s office? Was there something back there or was it a thief?


Should he go or not go to check it out?


Jian Luo stood there a little confused.




He decided to take a look around. This was a military base, so there shouldn’t be any thieves. Besides, it shouldn’t be a big deal to just take a look, it shouldn’t be a big deal.


Thinking so, Jian Luo went around the desk and walked towards the back.


He quietly slowed down his steps, ready to take a look and leave in a bit. When stopped at the corner of the wall, he quietly stuck out his head, and peered inside with one eye.




A pair of hands stretched out from behind the wall, and his world went spinning in an instant as his center of gravity was unbalanced. Then, there was a weight pressing on him, making it hard to breathe.


Heavy breathing sounded in his ears, making his heart beat faster.


Jian Luo didn’t dare open his eyes: “I-I didn’t see anything. I’m just a little cook, please spare my life.”


As soon as he spoke, there was no movement around and it was frighteningly quiet. This short calmness made Jian Luo suddenly feel a sense of security, so he opened his eyes cautiously.


A pair of scarlet eyes were facing him.


There were actually black dragon scales faintly appearing on that handsome face. Lu Shifeng’s whole body was pressed on him. Help.




Jian Luo was about to faint. He stammered: “M-Marshal?”


Lu Shifeng lowered his head and breathed lightly beside Jian Luo’s ear, as if he was sniffing his scent. The man’s voice was low and hoarse: “You smell so nice.”


Something was wrong with you.


Jian Luo felt difficult: “You get up first. I have something to say.”


He struggled a bit.


As a result, he didn’t know how he irritated the other person but dragon scales began to appear on not just Lu Shifeng’s face, but also on his hands. The ice-cold dragon scales rubbed against the skin of Jian Luo’s human cheeks, causing him to tremble all over.


Jian Luo used all his strength and roared angrily, “Get up quickly, I’m really going to be crushed to death!”


The deep masculine voice echoed in the room, and finally, Lu Shifeng was brought back to his senses.


Lu Shifeng sat up slowly, his voice hoarse: “How did you get in?”


“The little adjutant opened the door for me.” Jian Luo rubbed his sore bones: “Why are you so heavy?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways and Jian Luo didn’t dare to speak.


The terrifying pressure in the air finally dissipated and Jian Luo glanced at him a little scared: “Are you alright? You don’t look so good.”


Lu Shifeng’s breathing was unstable: “I’m okay.”


Jian Luo stood up trembling: “Then as for me, I’ll be leaving.”


He took two steps forward cautiously, trying to sneak away unnoticably. In fact, he clearly mentioned before that Lu Shifeng was definitely a very handsome man. But even if spring has finally come for him on his own accord, he still didn’t want to get into trouble.


Just when he was about to leave successfully, his hand was held and Lu Shifeng lowered his voice: “Don’t go.”


Jian Luo felt his wrist get hot. It was really hot.


Lu Shifeng raised his face, the man’s handsome face was no longer as cold and indifferent as before, but a little more bewitching as he repeated: “Don’t go.”




This, this was too unfair!


It’s true that Jian Luo was a face-con1Someone who likes pretty/handsome faces., but wasn’t he also handsome? Although he was still a child, it does not mean that he does not know those things, and he has fantasized that one day, there will be a beautiful person or a formidable top accompanying the arrival of his springtime. He just didn’t expect this day to come so quickly!


If Lu Shifeng was very stubborn about it, then Jian Luo would’ve definitely fought to the death just now. However, upon facing this unfairly handsome face, it was really difficult to refuse.

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