Chapter 23 – He took a shower and left

Chapter 23 – He took a shower and left


The driver turned around and asked, “Where do you want to go?”


Jian Luo said to the driver, “Wait a minute.”


He turned on the information bracelet and contacted Jiang Jiang urgently. When he was chatting with Jiang Jiang before, Jiang Jiang said that he lived in Dark Star and it was within the inner ring1In China, cities are divided into circles. Those within the more inner layers of the circles (more metropolitan areas) were considered to be more rich than those in the outer rings.. The location was very good and he lived alone.


I’m counting on you now, Jiang Jiang!


Jian Luo sent him a message: “It’s an emergency. Can you come and pick me up? Something happened.”


Jiang Jiang replied quickly: “What’s wrong with you, where are you?”


“Tell me a place.” Jian Luo replied, “Where can we meet?”


Jiang Jiang over there was also a cheerful person, and quickly set the location, Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief and reported the address to the driver.


The driver responded and started the car.


Sitting in the back seat, Jian Luo felt that his entire body was going to be crippled. He gasped lightly, thinking that Lu Shifeng was a beast and a bastard, not a human being!




The driver arrived at the place: “Mr. Jian Luo, we are here.”


Jian Luo got up with difficulty and trembled as he opened the door, but the driver was faster and had already gotten out of the car to open the door for him.


“Thank you.” Jian Luo still remembered to be polite.


The driver was also an honest man: “No need, Madam Lu. Oh no, I meant Mr. Jian. Please have a good journey.”




Jian Luo glanced at him.


The honest driver touched his head and pretended that he didn’t say anything.


Jian Luo reluctantly retracted his gaze. He had inquired before that the Dark Stars were not as conservative. They did not require those who have slept together to be married, like some traditional societies, so someone like him and Lu Shifeng having a one night stand was fine.


Everyone was mature, so it must be casual for them to get together before breaking up.


“Jian Luo!”


A boy’s voice came from not far away.


Jian Luo turned his head and saw a slightly chubby boy in black clothes standing on the side of the road. He was tall and strong.


Jiang Jiang strode over: “How are you?”


Jian Luo stretched out his hand tremblingly: “Hold my hand.”


Jiang Jiang supported him in a panic: “It’s alright. You are really going to scare me to death. When I got the call today, I was going to hang up.”




Jian Luo gasped lightly: “Go back first, I want to take a bath.”


Jiang Jiang answered and led him back, but he didn’t ask any more questions. He looked back frequently along the way, and it seemed that he had a lot to say, but he held back.


Jian Luo simply said, “What do you want to ask?”


“You have a piece of it…” Jiang Jiang seemed to be thinking about the words: “It seems to be the scent of a Dark Star.”


Logically speaking, Jian Luo was a human being, so how could he smell like a Dark Star?


And this smell was very overbearing and it made people a little uncomfortable after whiffing it.


Jian Luo sighed lightly: “Be confident and remove your stammering assumptions.”


Jiang Jiang was stunned, he had something more important to ask: “Luoluo, tell me. Did the other party force you? Don’t be afraid, if the other party really dared to force you, even if he is a Dark Star, he will not be exempted. The military will maintain order, so we don’t need to be afraid.”




The military did it to me.


Jian Luo sighed leisurely: “Forget it, no one forced me, I’m tired and hungry now, will you hurry up and drive?”




The two quickly returned to the residence in a car.


Although Jiang Jiang lives in the inner ring, it was an ordinary residential building. No one would have thought that the headquarters of Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network was in such a simple place.


Jiang Jiang led Jian Luo to stop at a door. The biometric detector on the door scanned his pupils and made a mechanical sound: “Beep, pass.”


The door opened and two people walked in.


Jian Luo was helped in by him, and Jiang Jiang said, “Who was it? He didn’t take pity on you at all.”


Jian Luo echoed: “Too inhumane!”


The furnishings in the room were very simple. There was a small dining table in the living room. The kitchen was also very small. There was one bedroom and a study.


Jiang Jiang said, “You can sleep in the bedroom, I’ll just sleep in the study.”


Jian Luo shook his head: “No.”


“Why are you being so courteous with me?” Jiang Jiang asked him to sit beside the bed: “To be honest, I don’t usually use the bedroom. I sleep in the study because there are many things to monitor on the website. There are also bugs from time to time that I have to fix.”


Jian Luo was a little surprised: “It turns out that Jinjiang is so laggy because you are the only programmer?”


“Is it that laggy?” Jiang Jiang said confidently, “I think it’s okay!”




I’m afraid you have some misunderstandings about your own website.


Fortunately, Jian Luo didn’t bother to argue with him about these matters now. He sat down on the bed and asked, “Can you take a shower here, I feel uncomfortable.”


Jiang Jiang nodded quickly: “Yes, yes, I’ll adjust the water temperature for you.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Thank you!”


Jiang Jiang waved his hand and left. As soon as he walked away, Jian Luo covered his stomach. He seemed to be leaking something. He couldn’t feel any sensation below his legs. He recalled that last night was like a nightmare. Fortunately, although Lu Shifeng is not a human being, he did not transform into his dragon body to mate with him, otherwise he might not be alive now.


“Luoluo, it’s ready!”


Jiang Jiang’s voice came from outside.


Jian Luo responded: “Okay.”


He took off the information bracelet. The conditions at home were not good so the bracelet he bought was not a particularly high-end model. As such, it was not waterproof. The bracelet was placed outside as he asked Jiang Jiang to lend him a shirt before he went inside.


On the other side


In the military base.


When Lu Shifeng woke up, it was already noon. The black dragon shook his head comfortably. There was still a hint of sweet fragrance in the air, which was very tantalizing.


It was the smell of that human being.


By the way, what about that human?


Lu Shifeng turned his head. He didn’t need to look around much. There was no one else in this room and the smart dragon quickly came to a conclusion.


The dragon’s tail shook on the floor unhappily.


“Ding Dong”


The doorbell rang outside.


Lu Shifeng regained his human form. Without the dragon scales, his skin was revealed with a mottle of blue and purple scratches on it. It was very terrifying.


Secretary Jin was exhausted and worried waiting outside.




The door opened and Lu Shifeng’s voice sounded from inside: “Come in.”


Secretary Jin felt as if she had been granted amnesty, and hurriedly walked in. The person sitting on the sofa wore a tattered military uniform and coat. One could faintly see the scratches on their neck and Secretary Jin who saw it felt shocked. There was not a single trace of the person who left, making it seem like it was brother Jian who was the ruthless one.


Secretary Jin thoughtfully said, “Marshal, His Majesty called you to enter the palace urgently. He said that there is something he needs to discuss with you.”


Lu Shifeng said, “I don’t have time.”


“Cough.” Secretary Jin felt a little difficult so she said quickly, “Your Majesty said that if you are in a hurry, he can take the initiative to come over on his own.”




Lu Shifeng’s handsome face instantly darkened.


It’s not that he was afraid of the little emperor. The main reason was that the little emperor was too difficult to deal with. That person was like a disgusting brown-sugar candy, sticky and can’t be torn off or kicked away.


After thinking for a while, Lu Shifeng said, “Let him come.”


Secretary Jin responded quickly, ready to find the right time to run away.


“Stop.” A cool voice came from behind and Lu Shifeng said slowly, “Did I pardon you?”


Secretary Jin stopped and walked back in small steps: “What is your order?”


Lu Shifeng said slowly, “Where’s Jian Luo?”




Marshal, wake up, I beg you.


What’s wrong with Jian Luo, he ran away early.


The other side


When Jiang Jiang was in the study room, he heard a sound coming from the information bracelet in the room. He shouted to the bathroom: “Luoluo, you seem to have a call!”


Jian Luo was having a hard time. He thought that Su Liang called him to ask why he didn’t return all night, so he said, “Please pick it up for me. Tell them you are Jiang Jiang, and that I stayed at your house.”


Fortunately, he thought about it well in advance and told Su Liang that if he had something to do in Sky City temporarily, he would stay at his good friend Jiang Jiang’s house first.


Jiang Jiang responded, but didn’t even realize that he was answering a call from the previous caller. 


From the other end of the phone came a low and steady male voice with a magnetic tone: “Jian Luo.”


“Hey, I’m not Jian Luo, I’m Jiang Jiang.”


The head paused: “Where is he? I’m looking for him.”


“Ah, he went to take a bath!” Jiang Jiang scratched his head: “He slept with me today, don’t worry.”




T/N: Er… Jiang Jiang death flag spotted!!! It was nice knowing you, you were one of my fav characters. But after you said what you said, I’m guessing this is good bye uhuhuu


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