Chapter 22 – Never go home

Chapter 22 – Never go home


The next day


When Jian Luo just woke up, he thought that he had been run over by a car again.


This kind of feeling was not something ordinary people could go through with. His limbs were sore and weak, and his entire body felt like he had been roasted over and over over a fire. Both hot and sore. He couldn’t move at all, but that’s also good as he doesn’t dare to recall what just happened.




Jian Luo rolled off the bed. He let out a sigh as the bottom of his hand felt something icy cold to the touch. He looked down cautiously and saw that it was a dragon’s tail!


The huge body of the black dragon had occupied the entire bedroom. The whole dragon was resting. At this moment, he was satiated with his eyes closed. If he understood the natural behavior of the Dark Stars a little more, he would know that an adult dragon will never be in a place other than in his nest and with no one other than their partner. Plus when they fall asleep, it will be into a deep sleep that is difficult to wake up from.


Jian Luo’s eyes widened: “Dragon savior?”


A fragment of his memory flashed by, and Jian Luo suddenly recalled that before, it seemed that Lu Shifeng’s hurried dragon scales were black, which meant that his life-saving dragon was actually Lu Shifeng!?




Now Jian Luo just wants to swear, does that mean that he really follows the rules of the rivers and lakes and promises his life-saving benefactor?




The dragon’s tail moved, and Lu Shifeng seemed to be waking up.


Jian Luo’s heart was stuck in his throat. He didn’t know where his strength suddenly came from, but he endured the pain and stood up. One of the advantages of Interstellar Technology was that there was a small grid in the information bracelet used as a storage space for clothes.


“Clothes, clothes…”


Jian Luo took out the white coat he had stored before shaking it and putting it on.


Step by step, he carefully moved to the door. When he opened the door, he was met by the people outside with big eyes and small eyes1O-o. Secretary Jin said, “Luoluo?”


Jian Luo leaned against the door and smiled at her: “Secretary Jin, your office is really interesting.”


Secretary Jin was sullen and she was about to cough a mouthful of blood: “That, Luoluo, I have to say… that is not my office, this is the marshal’s lounge.”


? ? ?


Jian Luo gnashed his almost shattered teeth as he trembled with anger: “Why did the little adjutant bring me here?”


Secretary Jin couldn’t figure it out either. Right now, she had something else more important to figure out, that is, why did this human being… smell like the marshal?


There were only two possible explanations.


One is that this human drank the marshal’s dragon blood, but that was impossible. Ignoring considerations about whether a human could withstand the dragon’s blood or not, it was an offense to Lu Shifeng’s people. Even if the god of war came, he may not be able to taste dragon blood.


This human?


Secretary Jin glanced at Jian Luo in front of her. The young man’s white apparel was covering him tightly, but there were still some traces on his neck that could not be ignored, but they didn’t look like traces of violence, but like oh no…


Secretary Jin suddenly had a bold idea: “Luoluo, you didn’t…”


Jian Luo shuddered. His face was dark and he didn’t want to speak: “Secretary Jin, I remember the contract we signed before, that is if something unpleasant happened to me during work, I can terminate the contract at any time.”


Secretary Jin remembered that this was true, she nodded: “What happened to you, Luoluo, can you tell me?”




Like I would tell you shit!


Jian Luo felt so uncomfortable sohe took a breath: “Secretary Jin, can you do one thing for me?”


Secretary Jin said quickly, “I can do it!”


This person may be the marshal’s future wife. Taking that into consideration, he might be the master of the other half of the military in the future. Was there anything she couldn’t do for him?


Jian Luo gritted his teeth: “Call me a car.”


Secretary Jin looked inside hesitantly: “But marshal…”


“Forget it.” Jian Luo said, “I’ll call one myself.”


Secretary Jin quickly changed her words: “Hey, hey. I’ll call for one. You can rest, I’ll call a car!”


As expected of the number one secretary of the military, her work efficiency is very fast. Secretary Jin originally wanted to follow, but was rejected by Jian Luo. Jian Luo had already figured it out. If he went home in a ghostly way, wouldn’t Su Liang and his younger brother make trouble?


No, no, wherever he was going, he had to find a hotel in Dark Star by himself!


Jian Luo said to the driver, “Please take me to a hotel.”


The driver turned his head to the front: “Sir, just to ask, do you have a registered permanent residence?”




What the hell?


Jian Luo sighed, “No.”


“You can’t stay in the Dark Star’s hotel.” The driver dutifully said, “I’ll take you home.”


Jian Luo’s head was buzzing all of a sudden, and he glanced at the driver with some resentment. But after thinking about it, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the drivers, so he just looked away and laid down on the car’s chair blankly.


After quite a while


Jian Luo finally thought of somewhere to go!

T/N: Yes. If you’re wondering if they did the nasty. Yes, yes they did. Unfortunately, it’s censored… I’m so sad, but hey they say imagination is the best tool, so I’ll just leave whatever happened between Jian Luo and his draggo hubby up to your imaginations, huh? ✍(◔◡◔) I wonder how dissapointed Aidalba must’ve been when reading the beginning of this chapter. Bet you were expecting spicy spicy seggs huh? I’m sorry to dissapoint uwu, BUT if you were dissapointed, imagine how I must’ve felt ( ˘︹˘ )


Anyways, don’t drop this novel yet ahaha. More is yet to come!! We gotta wait for them to fall in love before they can actually make love!!! This is the pure-love channel after all~~~ See you guys tmr!


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