Chapter 24 – I’m never coming back again in the future!

Chapter 24 – I’m never coming back again in the future!


Inexplicably, his voice fell. Jiang Jiang actually felt a cold, murderous aura on the other end of the phone. It was very strong and terrifying.


After quite a while


Lu Shifeng said, “When he comes out, let him call me back.”


The tone of this command made Jiang Jiang wake up!


After hearing this, he couldn’t be Luoluo’s family. How can a family member not ask for their family’s safety and ask where they were, before asking them to call back?


Damn, he was 80% sure that he was the one who forced Luoluo!


Although Luoluo said it was not forced, even he understood!


Jiang Jiang covered his mouth to prevent his shock from leaking out. He was really deeply angry. He didn’t expect it to be like this. This scum still refused to let Luoluo go, and even chased after him. His behavior was outrageous. It’s abominable!


Lu Shifeng waited for a while, a little impatient: “Did you hear me?”


The fire in Jiang Jiang’s chest came up all of a sudden and he spewed: “Don’t even think about it! You are really crazy. You still want to see him?! I tell you, it is impossible in this life. Are you not worthy of understanding?”




There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.


Lu Shifeng’s voice was indifferent: “Is that what he asked you to convey to me?”


“Yes!” Jiang Jiang decided to educate the scumbag: “Don’t ignore the king’s laws. Our Dark Star’s military is not useless. If you dare to come again, I will contact the military immediately and never let you go!”


Jiang Jiang hung up the phone in a snap.


At the same time, Jian Luo, who was washing up in the bathroom, encountered a hasty problem. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to bathe properly. It was mainly because he was so uncomfortable that he didn’t want to move at all.

He leaned on the wall, but it wasn’t even two steps before his legs went weak. He fell forward and fell down next to the glass coffee table. In an instant, a huge pain came and his world went so dark that he almost fainted.




Jian Luo bit his lip, and when he was about to slowly stand up again when Jiang Jiang from the room rushed out: “Luoluo?!”


Jiang Jiang stepped forward quickly and helped Jian Luo up: “Are you alright?”


Jian Luo felt like he was a piece of soft mud now, he gasped lightly: “It’s nothing major, don’t worry.”


Jiang Jiang helped him and let him sit on the sofa: “What do you mean don’t you worry about it? Your leg seems to be bleeding.”


“What?” Jian Luo lay on the sofa like a dead dog: “My whole body hurts, whether it’s my legs or not, I don’t feel anything anymore.”


Jiang Jiang brought the medicine box over.


Most of the strong Dark Stars don’t use this thing, so Jiang Jiang family’s medicine box seemed to have been collecting dust.


The medicine box didn’t expect to be able to see the world again due to Jian Luo’s unexpected arrival.


Jian Luo said, “I’ll do it myself.”


“No, no.” Jiang Jiang dipped some ointment: “You are so pitiful as a human being, so I should help you.”


Jian Luo pursed his lips and smiled, pale and weak.


The taste of depending on others is really uncomfortable, and it is even more so when you are weak.


The process of applying the medicine was actually not slow. He was injured on the back of his calf. After rubbing his waist, he was basically fine. Compared to the most serious body ache, it was nothing.


Jiang Jiang said, “Okay.”

Jian Luo was serious and sincere: “Thank you. By the way, did you answer the phone for me just now? How is it? What did my mother say?”


It was okay when he didn’t mention it, but after talking about it, Jiang Jiang was indignant: “Don’t mention it. It was not your mother’s call.”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, but he was also stunned stupid: “Who else could it be?”


“A man.” Jiang Jiang proudly raised his chest: “I came up with a very obliging tone, but it made me angry. You don’t have to worry about it Luoluo, I have already fought back for you and told him not to come again. After that call, you don’t have to be afraid, if he dares to come to you, we will report it to the military!”




Jian Luo was silent for a moment.


Seeing him like this, Jiang Jiang was a little clueless: “What’s wrong?”


“Um…” Jian Luo still wanted to have the last glimmer of hope, his eyes were round, it was like staring into a puddle of water: “Um, Jiang Jiang, did the man you speak to sound a little cold, and maybe, did you feel that there was something not quite right?”


Jiang Jiang’s eyes widened: “Yes, yes, that was him.”



The room suddenly fell into silence.


Jian Luo covered his face, and now he has no love for life anymore. In his heart, he wanted to use his information bracelet to Baidu1China’s version of google. if Lu Shifeng’s temperament could be magnanimous, yet he also felt good that Jiang Jiang scolded him. The inner-conflict was too grueling.


Jiang Jiang looked at his face for a while and then turned pale: “Luoluo, what’s wrong with you?”


Jian Luo’s chest heaved up and down. When he finally calmed down and thought about it, maybe things weren’t so irreversible, so he said, “You didn’t say too much, right?”


Jiang Jiang snorted softly: “Of course not.”


Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief.


“I just told him that next time he dares to come to you, I won’t let him walk away!”


Jiang Jiang’s face was full of pride, which can be said to be very cool.


Jian Luo was silent again. He stood up tremblingly and held Jiang Jiang’s hand in pain: “Jiang Jiang, I want to know. The military should not have the right to kill people casually, right?”


Jiang Jiang thought he was afraid that the man would dare to pester him.


So he comforted Jian Luo: “Don’t worry, the military has the right to kill first and then pay later. Don’t be afraid of everything. It’s not like they can commit crimes just because they are a Dark Star.”




Thanks for the comforting words


Now, I am even more afraid.


Jian Luo was a little desperate, he choked: “Jiang Jiang, I really respect you as a man, really.”


Jiang Jiang said: “Don’t be afraid, Luoluo. No matter what happens, I’m your boss and your friend. I won’t abandon you and will always stand by your side.”


Jian Luo was very moved: “I am so moved. I didn’t know you were so loyal before. Don’t worry, I will definitely work hard on the live broadcast network and strive to carry forward our website!”


Jiang Jiang was a little flustered, inexplicably: “To promote it… but wasn’t that originally intended to be done?”


“Yeah.” Jian Luo let go of his hand and continued to lie down: “When I feel better, do you have any ingredients in your kitchen? I’ll help you cook a meal. I have nothing to repay you with, but there is still my craftsmanship…”


Jiang Jiang was still recalling what Jianluo said just now: “Well… Luoluo, I suddenly remembered now, it seems that you haven’t told me who that person is?”


Jian Luo took a deep breath: “Do you really want to know?”


Jiang Jiang didn’t want to.


But inexplicably, just now, he always felt that Jian Luo was helping him deal with things behind the scenes for him. Thinking of this, he panicked on the spot!


“Well, I suddenly want to know.” Jiang Jiang glanced at Jian Luo secretly: “Is it alright to say?”


Jian Luo nodded: “He is Lu Shifeng.”




The room suddenly became silent.


The expression on Jiang Jiang’s face, who was still processing his true feelings just now, suddenly solidified, and he became as stiff as a stone sculpture that couldn’t move.


Jian Luo: “Jiang Jiang?”


Jiang Jiang blinked as his face turned white. Even his words came out a little awkward: “Luoluo, you must be joking with me, right?”


Jian Luo nodded solemnly: “No, I’m serious.”




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