Chapter 30 – There are several cubs

Chapter 30 – There are several cubs


Jian Luo just returned home in a daze. The lights were still on in the room. When he swiped his card to enter the door and entered the living room, Su Liang was sleeping plainly on the sofa.

In order to avoid disturbing her, Jian Luo walked over lightly and took a blanket to cover her.

As soon as the blanket was put on, he saw Su Liang’s eyelashes trembling slightly. She opened her eyes gently and saw that it was Jian Luo. Blinking in disbelief, she asked: “Luo Luo, are you back?”

Jian Luo nodded and replied, “En, I’m back.”

“There’s food at home.” Su Liang rubbed her eyes: “Mom doesn’t know what is going on with you but it’s been warm all the time.”

Jian Luo went inside and served the meal: “Next time I’m late, don’t wait for me. You can eat it first on your own so don’t wait up.”

Su Liang smiled: “Mom will be fine at home.”

Jian Luo brought a few small stir-fried vegetables to the table and noticed that his mother had nothing to do at home. Before that, she had his younger brother to accompany her, but now she was the only one left at home. In addition to the live broadcast, there seems to be nothing else to do in Peace Paradise.

“Mom.” Jian Luo bit his chopsticks and said, “Say, if I had a partner and a baby for you, will that be okay?”

Su Liang was stunned.

She raised her face and looked at Jian Luo. Her eyes were a little widened in shock. Jian Luo saw that she was in a panic.

Jian Luo lowered his head: “What, what’s wrong?”

Su Liang pursed her lips and said tentatively, “Do you have a partner?”


Jian Luo said honestly, “No.”

Could Lu Shifeng be his target? His family commands the military, and he is like the cream of the crop, so he can’t be his partner.

Su Liang sighed: “If you have a partner, that’s alright. After talking it out with a good-natured mother-in-law, they will definitely agree. However, if the other party is a Dark Star…”

Jian Luo asked, “What’s wrong with the Dark Stars?”

“It’s nothing.” Su Liang frowned and sighed: “Mom is just worried that our family’s conditions are not on par with what the other family would like. If she is allowed to marry, the family space is small and desolate. When the time comes, I’m afraid it will be a little unpleasant for you guys. Mother doesn’t want you to recite your vows in front of this house. Speaking of which, it’s mother’s fault. I’m sorry to you and your brother.”


The sorry state they were in was for real.

To be honest, Lu Shifeng couldn’t live with them at all.

Plus there were many more reasons.

Why did he make assumptions about Lu Shifeng? Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, feeling that he was a fool for even just thinking about it.

There was rice porridge in his bowl. While drinking the porridge, Jian Luo said to Su Liang, “Mom, don’t worry about me finding a partner. Speaking of which, you can actually find another partner too.”

Su Liang was slightly surprised.

“Hey, look at me. I just want you to have some company too.” Jian Luo ate the dishes on the table and said, “Look, brother is already living on campus now and he won’t usually be at home anymore. And what about me? Work gets really busy sometimes so you won’t have someone to talk to you at home. Find a partner so both you old coots can take care of each other.”

Su Liang glared at him: “What are you talking about? Just how old am I?”

Jian Luo almost sprayed out his food: “Oh my mother. You are in your early forties, you can look for another partner as you wish, why are you getting angry?”

Su Liang was a little shy and decided to change the topic: “I’m going to rest. You should go take a shower after eating. I have washed your clothes for you. Don’t simply throw them about and place them in the basket.”

Jian Luo: “Okay.”

When Su Liang left, Jian Luo quietly placed down his bowl and chopsticks. Now he really wanted to eat sweet and spicy food. Unfortunately, the dishes at home were only slightly salter. Fortunately, he just received the news that the holy dragon fruit has arrived, so he can go to the door to pick it up.

Its nectar was truly heavenly!

Jian Luo went to the door and scanned the code to pick up the items from the mailbox. He ordered 5 holy dragon fruits and was ready to unbox them with joy. When he opened the box, he saw the small item.

It was really, really small!

The smile on Jian Luo’s face gradually disappeared as he took out the small box. There was a button on it and one could see the contents when one opened it. Jian Luo took a deep breath and pressed the switch.


Fingerprint authentication was required.

The box was opened and Jian Luo was full of anticipation. In the end, he saw that the holy dragon fruit in the box was very small and about the size of a palm. The difference between one that he ate in the Moonlight was like heaven and earth. ‌What the seller showed was way off from what the buyer received.

Jian Luo felt that this was unbelievable.

He took the holy dragon fruit and returned to his room. He and his younger brother stayed together in this room. Now that his younger brother is no longer here, his bed can be temporarily put away, so the whole room is much more spacious.

Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the bed and called the customer service: “Hello, is this the customer service of (A very famous online marketplace from China)?”

The call was answered: “Hello, what’s the problem?”

“It’s that.” Jian Luo briefly described his own experience: “Do you think you should give me a refund or what?”

The customer service smiled: “I’m very sorry Mr. Jian. It’s like this. We received a national order yesterday that all the holy dragon fruit will no longer be sold to outsiders. Yours was considered additional compensation.”

Jian Luo was taken aback: “No longer selling? Why?”

“I’m sorry for this.” The customer service said in a muffled voice: “We also recently received the ban and just acted according to the rules.”


I feel that your ban was made to just cause trouble so you can salvage your words on the transaction.

Jian Luo held back his anger: “What about the money?”

The customer service was slightly surprised: “Have you not checked the bill? We have returned the money to your account. Please pay attention and check it.”


Alright, you win.

Jian Luo was so angry after hanging up the phone. But after he got angry, he became hungry again out of anger.

There was also the pitiful holy dragon fruit on the table. Jian Luo hesitated but picked it up and peeled it, so he could eat it.


Raising a dragon was really tiring.

And now the holy dragon fruit can’t be bought, Jian Luo can’t help but turn on the Lightbrain: “Baidu this for me. Does it matter that the little child won’t be able to eat the holy dragon fruit during pregnancy?”

At this time, the Lightbrain charged an internet fee, so it came back fast: “It matters. According to the Baidu Encyclopedia, the holy dragon fruit is rich in vitamins and nutritional value. It is an important complementary food for the cub’s development period. Untimely replenishment is likely to have a significant impact on the cubs.”

Jian Luo was frightened: “What kind of impact? Will they get any diseases?”

“They will be weak and malnourished.” Lightbrain again read out the science: “It is best to eat it every day, otherwise the cubs will not get enough nutritional supplements of food from the mother’s body and the cubs will absorb the mother’s nutrition according to their nature and may even feed on blood. “


The little dragon cub would be so cruel?

As expected of Lu Shifeng’s seed.

Jian Luo fell into contemplation. According to his calculations, a holy dragon fruit is now five thousand Star Dollars. If he were to eat it every day, it would amount to… 150,000 a month?

Oh no, was this little brat going to kill his own father? How was he going to eat it? Not to mention, it wasn’t even available on sale now!?

The Lightbrain said: “Do you have anything else to search for?”

Jian Luo thought for a while: “Where else do they sell it now?”

“The search has been completed. According to the information, the military’s Sky garden is connected to the Dragon God Valley. Now all the dragons in the universe live there. If you need, you can go to the military to negotiate.”


I see.

The next day.

Today was the day that Jian Luo was going to the cultivation base. Early in the morning, he arrived by car. The cultivation base, Moonlight and the military were all in opposite directions.

The south was the sunniest place, and the hover car took a full two minutes to arrive.

When Jian Luo arrived, someone who was holding a security-testing instrument said, “Hello, please cooperate with the security inspection.”


The inspector who held a scanner in his hand swept it over him in a large circle from the top to the top before saying, “Okay, that’s it.”

Jian Luo nodded: “Thank you.”

He walked inside and a young man seemed to have been waiting for a long time: “Hello, are you the cultivator recommended by Moonlight?”

Jian Luo said, “I am.”

“I’m in charge of picking you up.” The young man led him on the road and reminded him, “Please pay attention to your feet and try not to step on the red stone bricks.”

Jian Luo was suspicious: “Why?”

The young man smiled: “These red bricks all have the seals on them, you better be careful.”

Jian Luo suddenly discovered that the Dark Stars here are really different from the Dark Stars in other places. They were all almost uniformly dressed in white robes and had a gold bracelet on their wrists.

“Well…” Jian Luo hesitated: “I heard that all of you here are phoenixes?”

The young man was stunned for a moment, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You’re really being over the top, haha. How could that be? We only have the Phoenix gene, but only the high priest is a real Phoenix who can bear that title.”


These days, Jian Luo has gradually understood how the genes of the Dark Star were distributed. Some of them were real beasts, and those who could transform into beasts were generally stronger. Others that did not traditionally inherit this even if they had the genes were also relatively strong, but they weren’t as strong as the beast.

The young man took him to the training center: “We’ve arrived. I’ll take you inside.”

Jian Luo nodded: “Okay, thank you.”

There was a sacred atmosphere everywhere and Jian Luo followed him inside obediently. When he got inside, he found that there was not much in the entire cultivation base.

The young man said: “Cultivating seeds of this kind is a very laborious thing, so not many are willing to do this work. Our power is also very low so in order to prevent the seeds from being wasted, there are not too many attempts.”

Jian Luo nodded.

As he was talking, a man passed by not far away. He seemed to be in his 40s or 50s. He was wearing a white robe and had a serious face. The man walked up to Jian Luo and frowned: “Are you new here?”

The young man said, “Yes. If there is nothing else, Luoluo will be your partner.”

The man glanced at Jian Luo from top to bottom and sneered, “A human being? Dare I ask which school you graduated from?”

Jian Luo said, “I’m temporarily suspended from school.”

The white-robed man said to the young man in disbelief, “Did this one really pass the application? The seeds are not for them to play with!”

The young man said: “The report given above shows that Luoluo is indeed capable of taking the job.”

“Can you?” The man glanced at Jian Luo again, unable to hide his contempt: “What does a human being know? Don’t follow me in the future.”


Jian Luo was not angry. Hearing this, he felt that it would take a while and said, “Did you just have a misunderstanding on your own?”

The man was taken aback.

“First, I’m not going to follow you.” Jian Luo said slowly: “Secondly, I’ll ask you to be clear. The origin of these seeds is the earth, which is the mother planet of my species. Of course, I would be able to recognize the plants from my own planet. You can choose to disrespect me, but you need to clearly understand where the seeds you cultivate came from and who they originally belonged to!”


There was a moment of silence in the air.

The man’s face was blue and green looking at Jian Luo’s as if he were about to swallow him whole. After holding back for a long time, he finally said, “Uneducated.”

Jian Luo sneered: “That’s a pale comparison when compared to the likes of you2小巫见大巫 – Literally means, when a small witch meets a big witch. It’s something like a pot calling the kettle black, but instead pretend that it’s a silver spoon being called black instead..”

Naturally, the Dark Star couldn’t understand this3Jian Luo was supposed to have said some smug and smart phrase common in China but I couldn’t find a way to translate it haha, but he definitely knew that it was not something good, so he could only stare at Jian Luo in the end.

The young man was very embarrassed: “This…you…”

Jian Luo comforted him: “Just tell me the process and the rules here. I’ll go get the seeds with you.”

The young man nodded.

After harvesting for the whole day, Jian Luo became familiar with the uses of the various tools in the base as he gradually learned about it.

There was only one thing that he was not very satisfied with.

“You mean you don’t have a cafeteria here?” Jian Luo was very surprised: “Then what do you usually eat?”

The man in the white robe who quarreled with him in the morning was called Wang Heng. He said, “Do you think we all have to eat? Our family of the Phoenixes do no need to eat!”


Jian Luo was very dissatisfied: “Then why does the military base have a canteen?”

Wang Heng sneered: “Why don’t you go to work in the military instead of yelling at me here? If you want to find a place to eat, find a way on your own!”

Alright, you’re too ruthless.

Jian Luo was really hungry. He didn’t particularly like to eat, but since he had this little dragon, he became more hungry.

Did he want to go to the military to get some holy dragon fruit?

The main thing was that he hadn’t figured out whether he wanted this little brat or not.

As he was thinking about it, a voice came from not far away: “Even if you don’t leave yet, you won’t get overtime pay if you stay here.”

“For chili pepper seeds to germinate, the temperature must not be too low.” Jian Luo didn’t turn his head back: “I heard that it gets very cold at night here, so I’ll leave it to you to adjust the temperature.”

After all, there were not many seeds. Without this; his source of happiness, it would be boring to eat in the future.

Wang Heng snorted coldly, “Faker.”

Jian Luo sat on the side and looked at the temperature before taunting him back: “If you really don’t like me, cultivate these seeds as soon as possible and I promise I will never appear in front of you again.”


Wang Heng left.

Through today’s observation, Jian Luo found out that Dark Stars actually worked hard to cultivate the seeds and were indeed paying attention to the temperature and humidity, but the Earth was destroyed so much that they could not know at all what conditions and temperature the seeds needed to be at so it could germinate.

And the seeds were very delicate. They need one temperature in the germination stage, and a different temperature after germination so they could continue to survive.


Jian Luo sat on the ridge and sent a message to his mother.

Su Liang asked him, “Should I not wait up? Will you be back late tonight?”

“I’ll try to as early as possible.” Jian Luo comforted her: “Don’t worry about it.”

Su Liang was relieved and didn’t ask any more questions. After comforting her, Jian Luo continued to guard the temperature in the shed. The current temperature was 17 degrees, which was not too bad. He will be guarding it today. In the case where the temperature outside drops sharply, he will be able to adjust it at any time. Once the seedlings of chili peppers are put below 15 degrees, they will not germinate.

The other side.

Inside the temple, the lights were bright.

On the Phoenix Stage of Connaught University, a man in a golden robe sat onstage. Behind him was a fiery-red phoenix wall.

A disciple said: “Your sacrifice was astounding. It’s late at night now, you should get some rest.”

Zhan Wentai opened his eyes and those eyes were golden, as gentle as water, and very beautiful: “Got it.”

The disciples bowed their heads, not daring to directly look at him.

Zhan Wentai stood up from the altar and walked to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows of the shrine before looking out. He saw that the lights in the cultivation base that should have been turned off were still lit.

Zhan Wentai frowned slightly: “What’s going on?”

“Huh?” The disciple followed the line of sight of the priest and looked outside before quickly replying: “It should be today’s new apprentice.”

Zhan Wentai’s eyes fell on the shed and did not look away.

The disciple didn’t dare to speak when they were next to him. Their family have been doing divination and sacrifices all night long recently. The Phoenix family is filled with psychics, and the purer their blood is, the more psychic powers were bestowed upon the said Phoenix. There was only one pure-blooded phoenix left, which was Zhan Wentai himself.

A few days ago, the high priest himself said that the curse of the Dark Star may soon be broken and everyone was very happy that their Phoenix family will finally not end in extinction.

Zhan Wentai said, “You can return.”

The disciple said respectfully, “Yes.”

A ray of gold flashed in the dark night and that gold flashed in the night sky before finally stopping in front of the cultivation shed.

Jian Luo was squatting beside the shed holding vegetables and digging a hole. He was concentrating on his work and was very devoted. It could be said that he was hard at work.

Zhan Wentai said, “What are you doing?”


Jian Luo was so frightened that the potatoes in his hands fell down.

In all fairness, a cold voice suddenly sounded from behind in the silent night and he was so frightened that his soul almost flew away, okay?!

Zhan Wentai stood there and looked at him quietly.

When Jian Luo turned around, he saw a man in a golden robe standing in front of him. He was tall and firm with a fair complexion. His eyes especially were a gentle golden color. It was completely different from Lu Shifeng’s bloodthirsty red eyes.

“That.” Jian Luo stammered a little when he saw how good-looking he was: “I’m thinking about whether the vegetables here can be eaten. I’m a little hungry.”

Zhan Wentai glanced at the ground and said softly, “You don’t have a pot.”

Jian Luo is very good at focusing on key points: “Do you mean for eating?”


Zhan Wentai nodded lightly. As he stood with restraint and dignity, it seemed that the whole land was sacred and pure.

Jian Luo hesitated for a while and finally said, “What are you…what do you do?”

He shouldn’t be a patrol officer right? Also, looking at this outfit, it’s completely different from an ordinary NPC’s. Did he think that he was stupid?

Zhan Wentai said, “Priest.”


Jian Luo didn’t quite understand what that profession did, but he has often heard it being mentioned that it was indeed a kind of profession: “Then what do you do?”

Zhan Wentai was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that there would be someone who didn’t know the high priest.

After all, others have always taken the initiative to meet him wherever he goes so he never needed to explain what he does. When he was suddenly asked that, he didn’t know what to say.

When he looked up, he saw that Jian Luo was still looking at him seriously, eager for knowledge.

Zhan Wentai pursed his lips: “We don’t really do anything. We read books and predict the effect of the cause.”

Jian Luo expressed his own thoughts: “Sounds fun?”

Did that sound fun?

Zhan Wentai thought that he didn’t find it fun, but because he was already in the conversation, he could only say: “It’s still okay.”


Their eyes met and there was a moment of silence.

Jian Luo threw the potatoes aside. Although he didn’t know what priests did, he always felt that they were amazing. He went back to check the temperature again and would leave if there was no problem.

They passed by each other without saying a word.

Jian Luo looked inside to check the temperature and after confirming that the temperature would be maintained at night, he walked out, thinking the person outside would be gone, but who knew he would still be there. 

Zhan Wentai looked at him: “Why don’t you take classes?”

“…I’m about to take a class.” Jian Luo had a flash of inspiration. This could be a performance-review inspection, so he added: “The growth of seeds requires a constant temperature. I was afraid that it would not be safe, so I stayed for a while.”

Leader, look at me. Aren’t I diligent?

Give me a raise, thank you!

But Zhan Wentai just nodded: “Okay.”

Jian Luo waited for a long time in silence, before he could only purse his lips in disappointment: “Then I’m leaving, you’re on your own.”

Zhan Wentai was also a little surprised.

He thought this human being was a bit special, so he decided to take a look, but he didn’t expect him to be so strange.

The people around him either respected him very much or were very fond of him, but there was no such person like Jian Luo who acted casually, chatting as if it were just an everyday thing.

When Zhan Wentai opened his eyes again, he was gone.

“Arriving at the next stop, Peace Paradise.”

The sound of the tram sounded, bringing some warmth to the night.

Jian Luo went to the hospital with some hope and was pleasantly surprised to find that the door was not closed. He trotted past it and peeked inside: “Are you here, old doc?”

The old man said, “Yo, it’s Little Hope.”


What the hell?

Jian Luo walked in and sighed, “I want to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“If I abort this cub, will there be any adverse effects on my body?”

The old man looked at him a few more times and his eyes became more complicated: “It shouldn’t have a big impact. Just a little loss.”

Jian Luo sighed.

“However, your current body also needs to be replenished.” The old man stroked his beard: “It is very hard to raise little dragons and they need sufficient nutrition in their mother’s body to grow up healthy. The holy dragon fruit is the best to nurture the little dragons, you must eat more every day.”


Eat a fart, I can’t even afford it.

Jian Luo sighed: “Let’s make do with it, I can’t uphold those conditions.”

The old man smiled: “That’s not good. Don’t just think about yourself, you have to think about the tiny dragons. If I’m not wrong, you have more than one cub in there.”



No wonder Laozi4A crude way to refer to yourself (esp. used when you are the senior in the situation) always feels hungry and no wonder Laozi always feels tired. There was not one of you, but a group of you in there that were messing with me?

Jian Luo’s lips trembled: “Did you see how many there were?”

The old man smiled and shook his head: “I’m not sure, but your luck is pretty good. The descendants of the dragon family are precious, but you managed to win double of the grand prize. Not bad, not bad!”

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