Chapter 34 – Who will the children go with?

Chapter 34 – Who will the children go with?


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes: “What did you say?”


The strong murderous aura and threat could be sensed by even a fool. Jian Luo was a little terrified as he nestled in the chair and almost hugged himself pitifully: “The doctor just said that there is a problem. In case it is a deformity or something, shouldn’t it be aborted?”


The doctor: ???


I’m begging you, I didn’t say it, don’t hurt me.


Lu Shifeng glanced at the poor and helpless doctor next to him again: “Is his problem serious?”


“Cough. From the current point of view, although the dragon cubs have no shell, all the tests indicate that they are normal and very healthy. Compared to the normal size of two-month cubs, the dragon cubs are a little too small.”


Simply put, it was due to malnutrition.


The Dark Stars have been looking forward to the cub for thousands of years. The holy dragon fruit tree couldn’t wait to blossom all over the mountains and fields and everyone couldn’t wait to hold the cub in their hearts.


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Luo.


Jian Luo was very innocent: “Can you blame me? You won’t sell the holy dragon fruit, so I wasn’t able to buy it.”


After he said that, he was even a little aggrieved. He lowered his head and didn’t want to look at Lu Shifeng, like a very angry little daughter-in-law.




Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “So you already knew?”


Here it comes again, the relentless questions poking at his soul.


Jian Luo was afraid for a moment, and said vaguely: “Not that early on.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him again with a cold look and Jian Luo was too cowardly to speak.


The doctor wanted to make the atmosphere a little better, so he said to Lu Shifeng, “Marshal, please. I’m afraid I will have to discuss the rest of the details with you privately.”


Lu Shifeng went out with an “en”.


It was late at night. Apart from the rain outside, the hospital was very quiet. Lu Shifeng was standing by the window in the corridor, very tall.


The doctor considered: “Marshal, since there has never been a case of a human being pregnant with a beast cub, we can only wait and see. At present, we think the best plan is to ensure that the cubs are healthy. Let’s see if we need to take the cubs out and transfer them into the breeding lab alone to cultivate them, so as to ensure that the cubs are getting enough nutrition. After all, you can see that the human body is lacking in nutrients.”


Lu Shifeng looked at the rain falling outside. His handsome face was stern, but he didn’t speak.


“Besides.” The doctor frowned and finally said, “According to the current situation, if our first cub came from a human, it wouldn’t sound very good if we spread it out. What do you think?”


There was a moment of silence in the hallway.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said, “The dragon clan has had no new life for three hundred years.”


The doctor was stunned.


“With your so-called breeding laboratory with test tubes and so-called high-tech. Why has no one from the dragon clan given birth to a little dragon yet?” Lu Shifeng looked at her condescendingly: “Why should I trust you?”


The doctor looked ugly and hesitated: “But even if you don’t believe us…”


Lu Shifeng interrupted her: “If he is malnourished, I’ll try to supplement him with nutrition. If he’s healthy, why should I use you?”


The pressure from her superior was absolute. Lu Shifeng’s aura suddenly turned cold, making the doctor swallow all the words that came from her mouth.



When Lu Shifeng went back, Jian Luo had been cooperating with the doctor to do various examinations.


The person on the chair looked very thin. Probably because he had always been very energetic in the past. After a while, when he calmed down, he only realized that this human being was really weak. With a delicate and fair face, as well as slender limbs. When a needle was stabbed into his wrist, red blood flowed out, but the entire person was quiet and silent.


Lu Shifeng stopped at the door.


The doctor in the room drew some blood and pulled out the needle: “Okay, please take a rest before you go back.”


Jian Luo: “Thank you.”


At the door, Lu Shifeng stepped forward and stood in front of him. There was a sharp contrast between the tall and mighty man and the fragile little human.


Marshal Lu bent down and helped him put on his coat: “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo nodded.


When walking outside, Jian Luo was still rubbing his wrists and gasping for breath from time to time, showing his dissatisfaction with the blood draw earlier.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Does it hurt?”


“Nonsense, of course.” Jian Luo muttered, “Why are the needles so big while my blood vessels are so thin, what did they want to stab?”


The corners of Lu Shifeng’s mouth curled up but the man remained cool: “The size and body structure of Dark Stars are different from those of humans, so the size of the needles will be different. If you hate it, let them change it next time.”


Jian Luo wanted to quit: “There’ll be a next time?”


Lu Shifeng watched him go down the stairs: “I know it hurts. Next time, it’ll be better. If you’re healthy, you won’t need to do it.”




Was that my business?


Maybe it was because Lu Shifeng was coaxing him, so he became more daring: “You said it’ll be better because you’ll be fine when they’re done. I’m the one who has to suffer.”


It’s not that he’s looking for trouble. It’s really too miserable. When he’s pregnant, he didn’t even have the right to choose if he could keep them or not. And even if nothing was wrong, he still had to get his blood drawn in the middle of the night. Was this humane?


While talking, the two walked to the bottom of the stairs together.


The car was waiting, and a group of soldiers from the Dark Star dragon clan were waiting in the hallway. Their qualifications were no less than for escorting the emperor.


Marshal Lu faced him as he stopped his usual rambling. He was even a little solemn: “As long as you treat them well, it doesn’t matter if you’ll be able to keep them in the future…”


The aforementioned man paused for a bit.


After a long while, Lu Shifeng continued slowly: “I will still take responsibility for you.”


Of all the people present, only Jian Luo didn’t understand how much wealth, power, fame and fortune was hidden behind the sentence.


Jian Luo just pursed his lips hopelessly: “Forget about taking responsibility. Just… just give me a suite.”


In the back, Secretary Jin heard this and her jaw dropped.


She never expected Luoluo to be so simple and unpretentious with no desire for money!


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth curled into a faint smile. He stretched out his slender arm and pinched Jian Luo’s face: “Come on, you can choose any house in the world.”




If you say something like that, I won’t hurt even if I get the needle.


Jian Luo’s mood improved a lot. Wasn’t there a saying that if you couldn’t refuse, then you should just enjoy it? Wasn’t it the rational thing to do?


Since he couldn’t refuse, he should at least get some benefits for himself. He didn’t want to be a some saint. After suffering so much, he wasn’t about to go back home empty-handed. That would be so stupid.


It was still raining outside.


Lu Shifeng opened the car door for him: “Get in the car.”


Jian Luo bowed in response and got into the car obediently. It was late at night. After sitting down, he said, “Are you going to take me back?”


Lu Shifeng asked him to fasten his seat belt and replied, “Mm.”


“Oh.” Jian Luo nodded and said: “Next time, don’t bring so many people. The people in my family are gossipy.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Who told you we will send you back to Peace Paradise?”



Jian Luo felt very strange: “Otherwise, where would I go?”


Lu Shifeng was righteous: “To my place. Or where do you want to go?”


“Ah?” Jian Luo didn’t accept it for a while: “Are you going today?”


“It’s impossible for your relatives to experience that a second time.” Lu Shifeng’s face sank a little: “Not to mention that Peace Paradise is not very safe.”




Jian Luo fell silent.


Lu Shifeng said, “If you are worried about your mother, I will ask someone to deal with her.”


Jian Luo thought about it, but couldn’t think of a better solution. According to the current situation, if something went wrong with the dragon cub in his stomach, it was not only his fault. His mother and younger brother may all suffer and be implicated too.


Peace Paradise was indeed not a very peaceful place. He wanted to move out from there for a long time but didn’t he have to be registered to have a permanent residence?


Jian Luo said heavily: “Okay then.”


Lu Shifeng gave a “en” and seemed to be very satisfied with his sensibleness.


There was a moment of silence in the car as Lu Shifeng concentrated on his official business as Jian Luo, who was next to him, contacted Su Liang himself to explain that he would not be going back tonight before dealing with the live broadcast site. After that, he took a look at the time. It was 12:00 in the morning


Jian Luo cautiously glanced at Lu Shifeng next to him. The man lowered his head slightly and was concentrating on his official business. The information light screen was suspended in the air and there were rows of words on it which he couldn’t understand at all.


The inside of the car was silent and the cloud car was completely silent as it was driving.


When they arrived at the destination, Lu Shifeng turned his face away and what he saw was Jian Luo’s fully asleep face. The whole person seemed to be curled up like a small shrimp with his head lowered and the long lashes fluttering on his shut eyelids. His brows furrowed slightly, as if he was seeing something unpleasant in a dream.


The driver turned his head: “Marshal…”


Lu Shifeng made a silent gesture to him, and the uncle driver quickly shut up.


They arrived at the military, the most secure place in the entire empire. Lu Shifeng carried him and walked towards the entrance. The person in his arms was sleeping soundly. But he was more likely tired after running around the entire day. To a certain extent, he wasn’t too prepared for all of this to happen.


Along the way, many soldiers wanted to salute him, but they all stopped after seeing him.


“Beep, successful.”


The bedroom door verified his retina, made a mechanical sound, and slowly opened. Lu Shifeng walked in with Jian Luo in his arms, and put him on the sofa.


Jian Luo woke up a little when he heard the mechanical door speaking.


“Hmm…” He opened his sleepy eyes: “Are we there yet?”


It was a bright and spacious office. Everything seemed right, but there was a big problem.


Jian Luo was dumbfounded: “Where’s the bed?”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him, frowning: “Do you still need a bed?”




Dog man.


Jian Luo simply didn’t know how to describe the complexity in his heart. He nodded heavily: “I want to sleep on a bed. Isn’t it difficult for you if you don’t sleep?”


Lu Shifeng was silent: “I’ll have someone prepare one for you.”


Jian Luo choked: “It’s alright. Don’t worry about it since it’s late. I’ll sleep on the sofa first.”


However, the sofa was quite hard. What’s up with the Dark Stars, they don’t know how to enjoy life at all. The sofa should be soft. If it was this hard, they should just sleep on the floor.


Lu Shifeng stood up: “Let’s go.”




Jian Luo was very puzzled: “Where are we going?”


“Taking you somewhere with a bed.”


Jian Luo was thinking that it’s okay to have no bed and he could make do without. Who would have thought that Lu Shifeng would already start walking so fast that he couldn’t keep up.


Getting on the cloud car, he began to fall asleep again.


The car quickly arrived, and the palace servants who was guarding outside said, “You are here, His Majesty is already waiting.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Is everything ready?”


The palace man whispered: “Everything is ready.”


On the seat, Jian Luo had fallen asleep again. This time, he slept deeper than the last. He was moved around since one or two in the morning, who could stand it? Lu Shifeng carried him out effortlessly. The waiting palace servants already knew the news long before, and looked at Jian Luo eagerly.


The tall and handsome man was holding a petite human being in his arms, and judging from his body strucutre, he was an adult male.


Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “Lead the way.”


The palace servant responded and led the way in front. Although he withdrew his gaze, his mind was still on the eye-catching man in Lu Shifeng’s embrace. Was that petite human being pregnant with a dragon cub? Could he be looking at the vulnerable life who held their entire’s planet’s hope?




The door’s detector has verified that they may pass.


Lu Shifeng brought Jian Luo into the room prepared inside the palace. The big red curtains covered the windows and the room had a big bed. Although the blood clan usually liked to sleep in coffins, they didn’t like to be lacking, so even if they didn’t sleep in a bed, their bedrooms will also be equipped with a large and soft bed.


When Jian Luo was put down, he woke up in a daze and said to Lu Shifeng, “We’ve arrived?”


“En.” Lu Shifeng told him to lie down: “Go to sleep.”


Jian Luo, who was already sleeping like a log, didn’t want to be too concerned about his whereabouts, he just wanted to continue sleeping.


Lu Shifeng frowned and tugged: “Come out, don’t stifle your breathing.”


Jian Luo shrank into a ball covering his face, ignoring the marshal’s command and even felt a little annoyed.


The palace servant felt a little helpless beside him.


Lu Shifeng didn’t give up, he reached in and tried to pull Jian Luo out, but Jian Luo, who was very sleepy and had a lot of energy not to get up, shifted and took a bite.




There was a moment of silence in the air.


The marshal’s arms were still stretched out, and there was a distinct tooth mark on it still stained with saliva. The palace servant next to him was amused.


Who would have thought that Lu Shifeng, who was so majestic on the battlefield and frightening to the enemy, could be easily chomped on by such a fragile human being?


Lu Shifeng gave him a cold look, with a dangerous smile on the corner of his mouth: “Is it funny?”




The palace servant immediately became serious and took out a clean handkerchief to let him wipe himself off: “It’s not funny.”


Lu Shifeng took it.


After the saliva was wiped off, it was thrown back to the palace servant, and Lu Shifeng’s cold expression returned. He said, “I’m going to see the Majesty, over here…”


“Please rest assured. After knowing that you will be coming here, most of the people in the entire palace were arranged nearby to protect the Lord’s safety. His Majesty even sent a personal guard.” The palace servant said quickly: “There will be people here and we will protect him to the best of our abilities.”


Lu Shifeng just nodded and went out.


Early in the morning, the palace was brightly lit. In other words, tonight, in addition to Jian Luo himself, all the Dark Stars who heard the news about the cubs were sleepless all night.


In the conference hall, everyone was already seated.


Nie Yan fiddled with his golden ring. When he saw Lu Shifeng coming in, he said, “Has Marshal Lu found the person?”


Lu Shifeng pulled out a chair and sat down.


Opposite him, there was the high priest Zhan Wentai, who always looked cold and holy when praying and offering sacrifices to God.


The little emperor sat at the front: “I have just received news from uncle, the one with the cub is Luoluo. I think everyone here should know it by now.”


Nie Yan raised his eyebrows: “He’s my employee.”


“He’s an employee of the breeding base.”


Zhan Wentai had to speak to remind him.


Lu Shifeng sneered: “The dragon cub he is carrying is mine.”


The most difficult thing for the little emperor to do was to have a meeting with these three giants. Every time these gods fight, he, from the blood clan, suffers.


“Everyone, listen to me.” The little emperor coughed lightly to attract their attention: “Luoluo’s cub, whether it’s a dragon cub or someone else’s cub, is a cub that we should all protect together. The hospital just reported to me that the cubs are in very bad condition and they analyzed that it is very likely that the cub will be birthed directly.”


Everyone was stunned.


The little emperor pondered: “According to their research on Earthlings, it seems that it takes 10 months to conceive, which is about a year, and that is for a human child. For a small dragon, the incubation period is longer, so it is still conditional. In this case, if it is inside a human, it could take even longer, and they estimate it could be around 16 months or so.”


Everyone was silent.


Half a second later.


Nie Yanxing was relatively straightforward, he was a businessman, and he liked to talk about bargaining chips: “I’ll just say it straight, I think the cubs are better off with me.”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and looked at him.


“It’s useless to just look at me.” Nie Yan, who was a rich noble, showed a confident smile: “You go out to fight from time to time all the year round. Can you accompany the cubs? Plus, why did you have to bring him here today? The condition of the place you live in is only suitable for your dragon clan to live in.”


Lu Shifeng sneered: “The cub is also a dragon.”


“You are a half-beast, but Jian Luo is not.” Nie Yan said slowly: “The inspection results showed that the three cubs he was carrying had no eggshells, indicating that he was malnourished. Marshal Lu had no experience and no time to take good care of him”


Zhan Wentai rarely reacted, he said: “He is cultivating seedlings on my site.”


“He’s still an employee of Moonlight.” Nie Yan’s mouth twitched into a smile: “I am also obliged to take good care of my employees.”


Little Emperor: “…”


Keeping it simple, while scheming, huh?.


Lu Shifeng sneered: “Now that he is pergnant, does he still have a use at your establishment?”


“Let’s let Jian Luo choose for himself.” Nie Yan continued to look at his gold ring, wondering what he was thinking about: “Not to mention, he and you are not partners.”


Nie Yan’s intention was clear.


Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng didn’t have a marriage certificate. Some time ago, it happened to be the estrus period of the dragon clan, so one could guess how the child came to be.


That is to say, after the dragon cub is born, Jian Luo could completely cut off his relations with Lu Shifeng.


Then, since this was the case, naturally, they had the right to pursue Jian Luo, and whether he wanted a little Pixiu or a little Phoenix, everyone was allowed to compete fairly and at the end of the day, it was up to him.


Lu Shifeng sat lazily on the chair, pretending that he didn’t understand what Nie Yan meant. The man said slowly, “Even if we are not partners now, that may not necessarily be the case in the future.”




The atmosphere was tense.


The little emperor coughed lightly, intending to extinguish the scent of the demon’s field: “This cub is very precious to the entirety of Dark Star and each of us is obliged to take good care of it.”


Zhan Wentai still had a cold expression on his face: “The fact that he has a special constitution cannot be kept secret from other people for long. He is a human being, and it is hard to prevent other people from blindly seeking out human males to give birth because of this.”


This point was really important.


Some people have been childless for too long, so when the good news has suddenly come out, anything could happen.


Everyone looked at each other.


The little emperor thought about it for a while: “Don’t worry about it. The doctor took Luoluo’s blood and the test showed that he was different from the men in Peace Paradise in all aspects. Being able to conceive should be related to the environment and diet. ‌It is a breakthrough.”


Lu Shifeng directly concluded: “There is no need to worry. According to official statistics in recent years, there have been cases of marriage between Dark Stars and human men, but the succession rate is still 0%. They should know it in their hearts as well.”


“Yes.” The little emperor was very rational about this: “After a while, we will find an opportunity to present it to the people that have a cub, which should be uplifting news to everyone.”


Everyone has reached a consensus on one point.


A meeting was held until dawn and it didn’t end until Jian Luo woke up. In the past, Jian Luo, who had to go to work at 8 o’clock, suddenly woke up.


The sky was bright outside, and the sun was about to shine on his arse too.


Jian Luo suddenly sat up and saw a coffin placed opposite him. His eyes widened, and before he could breath, he swore: “F-ck!”


The servants who had been waiting outside for a long time were shocked.


“Knock knock knock.”


There was a knock on the door.


Jian Luo looked at the door: “Who is it?”


“Hello Lord, we are taking care of you.” The attendant’s voice was warm: “Are you awake, we will be serving you for your bath.”




‌Where was he?


Jian Luo’s memory ended the moment he fell asleep in the car, so he was completely unclear about the current situation.


He got out of bed carefully: “Come in.”


As soon as he said it, the others rushed in. Because Jian Luo was alone, he was rushed in from both sides as they stood in a line. There were too many of them to count. 


The first woman in a maid outfit bowed: “Please let me change your clothes.”


After she said that, she came over. Jian Luo hurriedly ducked before she was about to touch him: “I don’t need it. I’m able to dress myself, I’m pregnant but not dead.”




The eyes of the others looking at Jian Luo were very complicated.


On the one hand, she thought it was great that he had a cub, but on the other hand, the elegant vampire felt that his manners were too bad. What about good prenatal education? Won’t the cub grow up crooked?


To Jian Luo, the most important thing was: “Where is the Marshal? I’m late for work, can you tell me where the nearest station is?”


While talking, Jian Luo was looking for the bathroom everywhere and he almost tripped over the carpet on the ground in the middle. He didn’t feel anything, but all the servants had their brows raised!


The maid quickly said, “What are you looking for? Can I help you?”


Jian Luo said, “Where is the bathroom? I’m going to take a shower.”


“On the left.” The maid pointed him in the direction and added, “You don’t have to worry. It’s okay to be late, just take your time.”


Jian Luo was still thinking about the attendance award, so he perfunctoryly replied: “I see.”


The maid was afraid that he would fall in a hurry, so she quickly followed behind and said, “You don’t have to go to the station. The marshal will take you there personally, if you want to go.”


“He?” Jian Luo panicked when he thought of Lu Shifeng, that dog man, and simply said, “Forget it, I don’t want him.”




The room was suddenly silent.


Jian Luo felt a little strange and turned around: “Why aren’t you saying anything…”


As soon as he turned around, he saw the man standing at the door. Lu Shifeng was wearing a military uniform and his posture was straight and tall. He looked at Jian Luo and squinted: “Then, who do you want?”


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