Chapter 33 – The dragon cubs were found out

Chapter 33 – The dragon cubs were found out


Jian Luo’s stomach hurt really badly.


His hand was clutching the sofa and the veins on his wrist were about to burst out. He took some time to breathe: “Lightbrain, check it out for me. What’s going on?”


The light brain responded quickly: “What happened to you now?”


Jian Luo clutched his stomach and shrank: “…I’m pregnant. Can you find out why I suddenly have abdominal pains?”


Light Brain’s efficiency became faster. It searched its existing knowledge base and finally obtained the best result: “Taking into account your current situation, I have come up with an optimal solution.”


Jian Luo: “What?”


“Contact the child’s father.”




Jian Luo gritted his teeth and genuinely panicked. He had no prior experience and he didn’t know the procedure after having a child with a Dark Star. He had never taken care of small dragons before and had not even read Dark Star’s parenting guide.


At this moment, was it because he ate something wrong?


Or was there something he shouldn’t have done?


Before, he didn’t even know if he was going to keep the child. Who knew that now, he would be terrified of the problems concerning the child now.


Lightbrain said: “There are many reasons for your abdominal pain and it could be due to the fetus’ aura or because there are some problems with the cub’s health or because it is frightened. To know specifically, it is recommended that you contact a doctor for a detailed examination and consultation.”


Jian Luo was helpless: “Okay.”


When one is cornered to a certain extent, other worries tend to become null. Now, Jian Luo has finally made his decision. He searched through the contact information on his information terminal.


Lu Shifeng…


Lu Shifeng.


He remembered having clearly contacted him before, but Jian Luo had to search for a long time before finally finding the name of the Marshal in the last row.


He pressed the dial button.


The small communication light ball spun around in mid-air and Jian Luo sat up to change his position. After shifting around, the sticker on his body was rubbed off.


Finally, the communication was picked up and the low voice of a man came from there: “Hello.”


At the same time, Jian Luo no longer felt any pain. There was also no soreness in his waist, nor any pain in his stomach. His entire body felt good.


Lu Shifeng waited for a long time: “Yes?”




Would you be very angry if I said there was no problem now?


Jian Luo was thinking and he hesitated: “It’s not a big deal, I made a mistake, but right…”




A voice came from the door outside: “I just heard a voice from your room, are you okay?”


Jian Luo quickly said, “I’m fine.”


Lu Shifeng on the other side of the call said, “Did anything happen?”


“No.” Jian Luo explained to him again: “Nothing happened.”




There was a silence between the two.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said, “I’m hanging up.”


Jian Luo gave an “en, and responded, “Okay.”


The phone call ended here.


When the phone call ended, Jian Luo was relieved. Originally, he was all over the place. No matter what happened, he was the one who asked Lu Shifeng for help first. However, now the pain is gone, all his rationality finally returned to him.


Jian Luo lowered his head and suddenly saw a red sticker on the sofa. He had a good memory and was sure that he did not have this thing in his room before, let alone have it on his body.


He flipped the red sticker over and saw a row of small characters on the back: SY


Jian Luo’s face turned cold and he said to Lightbrain, “Help me find out what this red sticker with an SY is?”


Lightbrain searched up this topic.


The results came out soon. Red SY stickers are mainly used to detect pregnancy. However, because most of them are used by humans, they are poorly made. If used improperly, it may affect the pregnant woman.




Jian Luo squeezed the paper inside his fist.


It couldn’t have been stuck onto him by someone outside. A Dark Star would be the least likely to do this at all, so it must be a member of his own family.




The door of the room was opened. Jian Luo came out and looked at Su You in the living room who was staring at him in surprise.


Su Liang, who was at the door’s entrance, turned around. When she did so, her face turned pale when she saw the sticker in Jian Luo’s hand.


Su You’s was focused on something else: “Luoluo, it’s red. You really have it!”


Su Liang came over: “What’s wrong?”


“Sister, look quickly. That sticker is red, it’s red. You know what it means?!” Su You took Su Liang’s hand: “Your family Luoluo really has it!”


Su Liang looked at Jian Luo with a little surprise.


Jian Luo was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. His face turned pale: “So you really stuck this on me?”


Su You was also a little embarrassed when she saw Jian Luo’s dark face: “Luoluo, what are you saying? Auntie didn’t mean to harm you…”




A crisp slap resounded through the room.


Su You looked at her own younger sister in disbelief. She didn’t think that her own submissive little sister would hit her.


Su Liang gave her a push: “I told you not to let you stick it on Luoluo. What are you doing!”


Su You’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe that her little sister would do anything so she shivered a little and raised her voice: “You dare to hit me!?”


“Why would I not dare?” Su Liang stood in front of Jian Luo: “If something happens to Luoluo, I will never stop going after you!”




Jian Luo felt a little headache coming.


Just as he was about to speak, the lights in the entire house flickered and there was a broadcast voice on the pillars outside: “Attention all, attention all. We have just received a notice that there will be an inspection troop coming to investigate. Please don’t move outside your homes and do pro-actively cooperate with the higher-up on their investigation work.”


A search?


Everyone was confused.


Only Jian Luo suddenly became nervous: “Troops? Is it someone from the military coming?”


Su Liang also shook her head, but Su You reacted first. She didn’t care that she was in pain after being hit and ran to Jian Luo: “Luoluo, is he coming to see you?”


Jian Luo thought for a bit.


Su You immediately stopped and felt that she probably guessed right: “Who’s child is it, Luoluo?”


Before, she thought that Jian Luo’s child was just an unknown Dark Star.


Looking at it now, it may not be like this. Maybe Jian Luo was pregnant with the cub of some bigshot!


Jian Luo was worried: “Shut your mouth.”


Su You’s face changed. She came over and raised her hand to pull Jian Luo: “Hey, you brat. Watch how you’re speaking with your auntie. Aren’t you…”




The door was opened and a group of neatly armed soldiers marched in. This was the first time that Su Liang and her family saw soldiers of Dark Star.


They were tall and mighty, fierce-looking and not to be messed with.


Finally, Lu Shifeng’s figure appeared at the door. The man was wearing a tall and straight military uniform, the cold night outside further wrapped him in a layer of icyness. It was still raining outside so Secretary Jin held an umbrella for him behind. As the raindrops ran down the umbrella, it dripped down and wet the ground.


Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “Put the umbrella away.”


Secretary Jin quickly folded the umbrella. The group of Dark Stars who were standing in the somewhat narrow space looked oppressive. Jian Luo, who often met with them, dealt with it better. Su Liang and Su You were the ones who found it more difficult, and were almost too afraid to even breathe.


Lu Shifeng stepped forward and walked over.


Su Liang bravely came up and stood in front of Jian Luo as Lu Shifeng stopped in front of her. They looked at each other. The woman had never seen anything like him in her whole life before  and it made her legs go soft.


Jian Luo said, “Mom, it’s alright.”


Lu Shifeng bypassed her and stopped in front of Jian Luo. He looked down at him: “What did you call me earlier for?”


Jian Luo was very afraid: “It’s nothing.”


“Really.” Lu Shifeng’s eyes stopped around Jian Luo’s stomach as he raised his eyebrows: “That scent could be smelt in the whole of Peace Paradise.”


Jian Luo was curious: “What scent?”


Secretary Jin explained: “It’s the smell of the cubs. If there is any danger, the cubs will give off a scent. There is now a lot of noise on the Internet. If it weren’t for the military stopping it, I’m afraid there would be a commission here.”


On Star Online, many Dark Stars were emotional:

“Did some humans do something?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was the smell of cubs, but I’m not the only one who feels it!”

“That’s impossible. Let’s go find out about it together? I’m so worried.”

“As if you’ll be of any use. Let the military or the Majesty investigate further!”


When everyone realized that they wanted to inform the military, the military was already there. Not only were they present at the scene, they had already found the parties involved.


Jian Luo touched his stomach after gaining this knowledge: “So there’s a scent, but I can’t smell it.”


Lu Shifeng squatted down. He was originally wearing gloves on his hands, but he took it off, revealing his well-defined knuckles. The man stretched out his hand and took the pregnancy test paper from Jian Luo’s hand: “Did you buy this?”


Before Jian Luo could speak, Su You next to him said, “I bought it, I bought it!”


In order to get attention, Su You made her voice louder: “It was me who first judged that Luo Luo was in this situation, so I bought him a pregnancy test to help Luoluo test it out, you see…”


The volume of her voice slowly fell as the temperature in the room became colder and colder by one degree at a time.


Lu Shifeng glanced sideways, raised his eyelids and spoke in a dark tone, “Did I ask you something?”


Not everyone could stand after listening to Lu Shifeng’s commands. Afterall, he was a commander who fought on the battlefield all the year round. A commander whose eyes could make thousands of others retreat. Su You’s legs went weak and she took a few steps back before directly falling onto the ground.


Jian Luo was quite honest: “It was indeed her who bought it. However, its poor quality has made the few cubs inside frightened.”


When he heard the words “these few”, Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows. The cold air that almost froze the room all dissipated. Those who knew him well knew this meant that the marshal had a good relationship with this person.


After Jian Luo finished speaking, he was also a little scared.


To be honest, he was a little afraid that Lu Shifeng would get mad at him or something.


But after waiting for a long time, Lu Shifeng just said, “The car is outside, I’ll take you to check.”


Jian Luo was stunned: “Check?”


“En.” Lu Shifeng asked confidently, “Have you ever done a pregnancy test?”


Jian Luo choked: “No.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Let’s go then.”




Jian Luo felt that this sudden progress made him a little scared!


Su Liang next to him whispered, “Luoluo…”


“Mom.” Jian Luo stood up, looked around and decided to bite the bullet and introduce him to the other: “This is Lu Shifeng, Marshal Lu.”


Su Liang was stunned stupid.


Jian Luo was all tangled up in this situation. After he woke up, Su Liang clearly warned him not to get involved with the military and Lu Shifeng. At first, he kept his promise well, but he later even became pregnant with cubs in his stomach. He really felt sorry for disregarding the earnest teachings of his mother.


Lu Shifeng turned around and looked at Su Liang.


Su Liang took a few steps back. She was terrified of the military personnel: “You…”


Lu Shifeng, the famous Marshal Lu of the empire nodded very politely to her with a touch of elegance and indifference on his face. He took the initiative to reach out in a discrete and calm voice: “Hello, I’m Lu Shifeng.”


Su Liang stretched out her trembling hand: “I am Luoluo’s mother.”


“I have long wanted to meet you.” Lu Shifeng retracted his hand: “I’ll take him for a maternity check later, you don’t mind?”


Although it was a question, there is a kind of force to it.


Su Liang looked at Jian Luo and saw that Jian Luo was frantically signalling that he’ll be safe: “No, I just happened to have a look too, An, I’ll be back soon.”


Su Liang nodded.


Jian Luo said, “I’ll go and change my clothes.”


Lu Shifeng nodded slightly and let him pass. When Jian Luo left, he saw Su You, who was standing beside him, secretly hiding.


Because she was the only one that dared move, two Dark Stars guarding the periphery caught her.


The soldier said, “Marshal, what will we do with this?”


Lu Shifeng turned around and glanced at Su You: “Bring it back and hand it over to the legal affairs department for trial. Sentence it accordingly for intentionally injuring others.”


Su You was stunned for a moment. She never saw Lu Shifeng being so inhumane before!


Just what was the legal department? It’s a department that judges Dark Stars who have committed crimes and those who enter will have their skins peeled off.


Thinking of this, Su You hurriedly pulled Su Liang, panicking: “Sister, sister, please tell them quickly that it wasn’t just my idea. Didn’t you also know? Besides, I only wanted to test him. What does this have anything to do with the pregnancy test? He’s also my nephew, why is he so fragile..?”


Lu Shifeng’s eyes swept over and glanced at the mumbling woman, which made her shut up. Those blood-red eyes made others tremble.


“You should be glad that he is your nephew.” Lu Shifeng put his gloves back on slowly and said in a lazy voice: “Otherwise, you would not have just entered the legal department.”


The others from the dragon clan also looked at Su You in a negative light. Those who frightened the dragon cubs were the enemies of the whole dragon clan. If it wasn’t for fear of scaring Jian Luo before, they would have wanted to tear her apart.


When Jian Luo came out, the atmosphere outside was a little dignified.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and frowned: “You’re going to be wearing these?”


Jian Luo simply wore a white shirt with a light green coat outside. Although it wasn’t too cold in this weather, it was still raining outside.


“It should be alright.” Jian Luo felt that there was no problem: “The car is close by right? I’ll get in the car soon.”


When he finished speaking, a coat came down to cover his shoulders. It was the military jacket that Lu Shifeng was wearing and it was still warm. He could still smell that familiar and calming smell from the other’s body which had a unique smell.


Originally, Jian Luo smelled nothing, but now it smelled good for some reason.


Lu Shifeng said, “Let’s go.”


It was still raining outside so Secretary Jin was still holding an umbrella for Lu Shifeng before he said, “Help him.”


Secretary Jin nodded. For the Marshal, she didn’t dare to drench the dragon cubs even if he didn’t command her to do so. These were the little cubs that their dragon clan had been waiting for thousands of years. Although the original dragon clan had their genes replicated, in the past few thousands of years, they have tried and tried again, but always failed every year.


It seems that the heavens were intent on killing the dragon clan and the Dark stars.


It was a shadow that had followed them for hundreds of years.


But now, there was hope for the birth of  real and healthy dragon cubs. They were about to be born, and soon they will have cubs!


No one will dare to say that the Dark Star will go extinct and and no one dares to say that the dragon race will be wiped out, because the entire planet has hope now!


A cloud car was parked outside.


Jian Luo got in the car and Lu Shifeng sat beside him. Before he could get nervous, Jian Luo suddenly remembered: “Oops, I promised to broadcast live.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways: “Ask for leave.”


Jian Luo was a little annoyed. He opened the information terminal and sighed: “I’ve already disappointed my fans several times. I’m definitely going to lose my fans again.”


Lu Shifeng was certain of this: “It won’t decrease.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “Why?”


“Because no one will have the time to watch your live broadcast tonight.” Lu Shifeng reminded him: “You don’t think they can smell the pheromones too?”


Jian Luo is very strange: “Can the cub’s pheromone travel that far?”


He also thought that he was in Peace Paradise so why did the news travel to the military. Who could explain this to him, was this logical?


Secretary Jin in the front was very anxious. She found it hard to say, but they didn’t come find him because of the pheromones at all. The main reason was because the human they found to taste the holy dragon fruit said that it didn’t taste good after eating it. After the marshal received a call from Jian Luo again, he couldn’t sit still, so he came here directly to find him.


Who would have thought that he would come at the right time coincidentally.


“Why not?” Lu Shifeng calmly said, “To check who’s cubs it is.”




Be a bit more humble, please.


After taking a vacation from the platform, Jian Luo ate melons on the Lightweb. He originally thought that it was not going to be a hot topic, but who knew that the heat was ridiculously high.


The top searches were:

#Whose cub is it#

#Was it really a cub#

#Who dared harm the cubs#


The number one hottest search was what many of them were discussing. The public generally thinks that this cub’s scent was so widespread that it was definitely the cub of a half-beast and if it was a half-beast, there were only a few that were nobles too.


Everyone had different opinions:

“Ah, ah, is it the little phoenix of the all-mighty priest?”

“Why not dragon cubs.”

“Isn’t it the lucky little Pixiu? Cute!”

“It is also possible that it’s from the little prince of the blood clan~”


Although the child was not their own flesh or blood, The Dark Stars were a relatively united species and very loving towards their own cubs, especially since they were the only cubs after  thousands of years. In the eyes of all Dark stars, no matter what or who it belonged to, they would be considered the entire planet’s babies, so everyone was kind-spirited.


Although they still don’t know where the cub is, everyone was busy all night, actively guessing and thinking.


Jian Luo said, “Would they be disappointed if they knew I was human?”


Lu Shifeng was looking at the urgent message from the little emperor in his hand. When he saw him talking, he turned his eyes and said, “No.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “Why?”


He thought that Lu Shifeng would comfort him with a few words along the way and be nice. Then, it would be a little more tender and sweet. Who knew he would hear the dog man saying:


“Because they are my cubs.” Lu Shifeng’s voice was calm and confident: “No one will dare say anything.”




Jian Luo fell silent.


Why did he hold out hope?


After the bumpy ride, they finally arrived at the hospital. As soon as they got to the hospital, Jian Luo got out of the car. He thought there was going to be a queue but who knew that the medical staff would be ready.


As soon as they saw Jian Luo get out of the car, everyone looked at them with burning eyes. With those fiery eyes, Jian Luo swore that he had only seen it once when he entered Haidilao1A famous hot pot franchise from China, known for their excellent customer service. Very, very excellent customer service. Also very pricey to eat at. in the 21st century of his previous life.


“How many months have you been carrying?”


A doctor beside him asked Jian Luo.


Jian Luo was stunned. In fact, he had never thought of this before. Who knew that Lu Shifeng would say, “2 months.”


The doctor nodded, smiling, he said to Jian Luo, “Is there any trouble with the cub?”


Jian Luo was honest with the doctor: “Fortunately, there has been no trouble.”


“What good cubs.” The doctor squinted at Jian Luo’s lower abdomen. His attitude could be said to be very good: “Sit here for a while, we’ll perform examinations right away.”


Jian Luo was a little nervous.


It’s not his fault. He’s a man. When will a man ever experience getting a pregnancy test?


Lu Shifeng said, “Nervous?”


Jian Luo nodded: “A little bit.”


“I think you’re very courageous.” Lu Shifeng said slowly: “No one would dare to hide them. You’re too brave.”




It’s here, it’s here. He’s come to settle the account.


Jian Luo sat down on the chair and broke the news: “I didn’t hide it on purpose. I just didn’t know what to do.”


When he stopped talking, the doctor came in from outside.


What followed was a series of examinations. The more examinations were carried out, the more serious the doctor’s face became. Obviously, the situation was a bit more complicated than it seemed.


Finally, the tests stopped.


This room was surrounded by many top doctors and there was a lot of discussion about Jian Luo’s situation.


Half a day later, the attending doctor said to him, “Mr. Jian, from the results detected by our instrument, the situation between you and the cub is a little more special.”


Jian Luo’s heart sank: “Tell me, I can bear it.”


The attending doctor glanced at Lu Shifeng again and then said, “We found that your body seems to be different from the previous research on the human body. However, because of this, you are able to become pregnant with cubs. The problem now is, generally speaking, the little dragons in this period should be slowly forming eggshells, but yours has not. None of the three little dragons have formed eggshells…”


There was silence in the air.


If they were eggs, they could wait a few months after the eggs are formed before taking them away to incubate them on their own. However, the little dragons now were not egg-shaped and seem to be relying on him, which is very strange.


While everyone was worried, Jian Luo asked weakly: “Well, what should I do? Do you mean to get rid of them?”




The air became more silent and there was even an inexplicable murderous aura that seemed to slowly spread.


The cowardly Jian Luo raised his head and met Lu Shifeng’s death glare.

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