Chapter 38 – Rival

Chapter 38 – Rival


Jian Luo was stunned: “E-educate?”


“En.” Zhan Wentai’s eyes moved down and finally stopped on Jian Luo’s lower abdomen: “They are ready for prenatal education.”




You don’t have to.


Jian Luo also touched his stomach subconsciously and was very curious: “They are only two months old, will they be conscious?”


Zhan Wentai motioned for Jian Luo to follow him: “Prenatal education is not only for them, but for you too.”


Jian Luo pointed to himself: “Me?”


It turns out that this came together like a package deal. Yes, the dark stars really widened his thinking again and again.


Zhan Wentai walked on the path as he cast him a sideways glance. Everyone he saw along the way bowed their heads to greet him.


The temple of the high priest was a tower-like building, and the whole structure was white. After entering the hall, there was a lifelike phoenix statue standing in the middle.


Zhan Wentai said, “Come with me.”


Entering a small elevator from here, Jian Luo tentatively said, “Um, Lord Priest, may I ask something?”


Zhan Wentai: “Speak.”


“What does the Prenatal Church teach?” Jian Luo remembered that his cubs were dragons: “Does it teach the knowledge about the dragon race?”


Zhan Wentai shot him a look when he heard the words.


Although the scholar did not say it clearly, Jian Luo deciphered that his actions sent him a message saying “dumb mortal”.


“Beep boop.”


The elevator has arrived.


Zhan Wentai escorted Jian Luo out of the elevator. The two of them came out one after the other. The red high beams and the retro carvings caught his eye and the whole floor was filled with heavy traces of history. At the end were countless bookshelves with countless books on it. Just looking at it made one’s head buzz.


Finally, they stopped in front of a row of bookshelves.


Zhan Wentai said: “Learn from here.”




A question mark slowly emerged from his head.


Jian Luo stammered: “Learn… me?”


“These are the most basic.” Zhan Wentai’s voice was low and steady. He himself had sacred and noble manners, so his words naturally resembled a gift from God: “It’s not difficult to learn.”


Jian Luo looked at the stacks of heavy books: “N-not difficult?”


Zhan Wentai picked up a book casually and said, “This row has the history of dark stars over the years, and it is followed by the macroscopic science of the universe, and also knowledge related to scientific research and religion. It is generally not taught to outsiders, but considering the great contribution you have made to dark stars, we are very grateful. In order to repay your kindness, it will all be passed on to you.”


? ? ?


Well, was this kindness or revenge?


He was just a poor, poor cook!


Why did he have to learn this!


Jian Luo’s face was scrunched up, so he pushed his sons in his stead without any integrity: “Better wait for the cubs to come out, then only give them this kindness, it’s all the same.”


Zhan Wentai glanced at him and seemed to see through everything.


Jian Luo lowered his head guiltily.


“The cubs will have a special person to impart knowledge and education onto them.” Zhan Wentai’s voice was indifferent: “Before that, I came to teach you.”


Jian Luo was on the verge of death and frantically asked: “Then, can this kindness be exchanged for something else?”


As he ended his sentence, the air around them froze.


For a moment, Jian Luo actually felt a bit of murderous aura from the noble and holy high priest.


Zhan Wentai said: “Knowledge is the most precious wealth. Nothing is more valuable than it. You don’t have to belittle yourself. Since you have received such a gift, cherish it. No one will say anything.”



No, you completely misunderstood!


Jian Luo wanted to cry but had no tears. He couldn’t make any sense with the upright priest.


“Okay.” Zhan Wentai asked Jian Luo to sit on the sofa over there: “I’ll talk about these five books today. I’ve also already prepared refreshments.”


Jian Luo followed his gaze and saw two red velvet sofas next to a large floor-to-ceiling window not far away, along with two trays of sliced holy dragon fruit on them and two pots of brewed hot, steaming tea beside them.


Jian Luo: “We can eat in class?”


Zhan Wentai thought for a while: “If you’re not hungry…”


“I’m hungry, I’m very hungry!”




It was so early in the morning, but even the good news of his pepper germination could not overpower the sadness of studying. Jian Luo, who had graduated many years ago, was forced to study again after starting his career.


As Zhan Wentai was giving a lecture, he was eating and ignoring him. If it weren’t for the fact that he was too close, he would also be able to secretly sleep. Finally, Zhan Wentai reached the conclusion: “This situation lasted for about 100 years before the first beast people appeared.”


Jian Luo was absent-minded: “En…”


Zhan Wentai stopped his voice and looked at Jian Luo for a moment. When he saw this, he was panicking in his heart. He was a little distracted before, but now he was completely awake.


Jian Luo shook his head and raised his voice: “So that’s how it is!”


Zhan Wentai closed the book and asked solemnly, “You understood everything?”


“Understood.” Jian Luo then began to pretend not to understand: “I fully understand the truth now. I never imagined that the history of how the beasts came about would be so bitter.”


Zhan Wentai picked up the hot tea on the table and asked in a deep voice, “So, what was the first race to transform into a beast?”



Knowledge blind spot.


Jian Luo choked, he was really distracted just now: “Yes… What’s that? Ah, wait. Let me think about it.”


The old priest, Zhan Wentai, was in a state of meditation, so he was not in a hurry at all.


Jian Luo scratched his ears and cheeks, trying to recall the knowledge and points he listened to when he was distracted just now, hesitating whether or not he should ask the lightbrain.


Unexpectedly, Zhan Wentai said: “It’s the blood clan.”


Jian Luo suddenly looked up.


“Note down the points you can’t remember.” Zhan Wentai put down his teacup: “In order to test your mastery of this knowledge in the future, I will give you a quiz every day.”




Jian Luo reminded him in disbelief: “I don’t think this counts as prenatal education for the cub. Just wait for the cubs to be born before testing them.”


Zhan Wentai refused: “When you understand it, only then can they understand it more thoroughly. This is the most basic aspect of prenatal education.”




I feel you are wasting your effort on nothing.


Jian Luo was grieved and indignant. He was still holding onto a glimmer of hope: “I want to ask, what if I fail the test?”


Zhan Wentai frowned: “Such simple knowledge. You will not fail.”


Jian Luo was speechless and choked: “I mean what if.”


“If you don’t have enough knowledge, I will give you supplementary lessons.” Zhan Wen’s face did not change: “It should be because I did not explain it to you thoroughly.”




I beg you.


I’m begging you, give up on me!


Jian Luo wanted to cry without tears, but he was sure that an old-fashioned and stubborn person like Zhan Wentai, who was insane, might really be able to do things like remedial lessons.


Forget it, in order to get out of class earlier, he should be more serious!


Zhan Wentai saw that Jian Luo’s face was pale for a while, and he said softly: “It’s okay if you failed the quiz today. I will teach you again.”



Okay then.


So for almost the entire morning and afternoon, Jian Luo was forced to immerse himself in the private tutoring and couldn’t extricate himself.


The afternoon test was finally over, and he left the temple in a hurry, no less urgent than when he had to go home after school.


“You’ve come back?”


As soon as he entered the shed, Wang Heng turned around.


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, and answered vaguely, “Well, um…”


Wang Heng scrutinized him, and his eyes gradually became darker: “I heard that the priest came to find you?”


Jian Luo didn’t want to hide it either: “Yes.”


Wang Heng’s tone of speech was stretched out: “You shouldn’t be…”


Jian Luo was a little nervous subconsciously. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he stammered, “Why not?”


Did Wang Heng find out about his pregnancy?


What should he do? It couldn’t be that he would have to teach him the method of treating infertility right now?


Aiyah, he doesn’t know either!


Wang Heng sneered: “You must be hooking up with the priest, right?”



Jian Luo was speechless: “Please wake up. How can I hook up with a successful priest? I am a human being. Don’t you dark star people have their own pride? Especially the priest, who is even more so, a phoenix among your kind? What do you think?”


Wang Heng sat in front of the cultivation warehouse: “I didn’t expect you to be quite self-aware.”


Jian Luo glared at him.


“However, if the priest is willing, we will not object.” Wang Heng actually changed his words for the first time: “After all, that adult has been single for hundreds of years, so it is not bad to try something else occasionally.”



Try your arse.


Jian Luo didn’t want to talk to the stupid alien at all. He returned to his pepper seedlings. According to the nutritional level of the nutrient solution, basically if there were no mishaps, the growth rate of the peppers would increase and their time of harvest would be shortened.


It will take about two or three days for them to grow into a mature little pepper, and then finally, he will be able to end his miserable and hard days of eating plain-tasting food.




A sound came from his information bracelet.


Jian Luo opened the message and found that it was from Secretary Jin: “Luoluo, are you getting off work soon? I’ll pick you up.”


“Getting off soon.” Jian Luo replied to her, “I’ll wait for you.”


Secretary Jin responded cheerfully.


Actually, the duty of picking Jian Luo up wasn’t assigned to her, but she was restless this morning, only to find out that Jian Luo went live!


Woohoo, the rice crackers were really delicious. It can be said to be the most delicious in the world, but unfortunately she didn’t manage to participate in the lottery. In the end, she could only use the holographic taste tester to quench her cravings, but it had the opposite effect. Not only was it not enjoyable, but it made her want to eat the damned thing more!


After half an hour.


Jian Luo got into Secretary Jin’s car.


Secretary Jin said, “The marshal has a meeting. I’ll take you in and wait for a while.”


Jian Luo nodded.


Secretary Jin began to hint frantically: “That, Luoluo, I watched your live broadcast and the fried rice crackers you made this morning were delicious.”


Jian Luo was a little embarrassed: “Thank you.”




Secretary Jin was silent for a while: “Don’t be humble, it’s really delicious. It’s the best thing I’ve eaten in a while.”


Jian Luo smiled: “That’s good.”


Secretary Jin gave up, it seemed that Jian Luo couldn’t sense her intention at all. Uhuhuhuu, she didn’t dare to say that she wanted to eat it, otherwise the marshal would definitely roast her dragon tendons alive.


Of course he knew this.


Jian Luo added, “If you want to eat some, I’ll make it for you next time.”




Secretary Jin was overjoyed: “Really?!”


Jian Luo nodded and thought for a while: “Isn’t he just in a meeting? That’s fine. I’ll go to the kitchen to make something to eat later, and I’ll make you one along the way.”


Secretary Jin was ecstatic: “Thank you Luoluo!”




From now on, you will be officially designated as the marshal’s wife in my heart.


Jian Luo sat lazily on the seat and said casually, “No need for thanks. You already take good care of me, it’s just a little effort on my part.”


“This is what I should do,” said Secretary Jin.


“This can’t be used as a reason for me to accept your help confidently.” Jian Luo’s eyes had a faint smile: “Chinese people pay attention to relationships.”




Secretary Jin wondered: “Chinese?”


Jian Luo subconsciously forgot his words for a second and said vaguely: “It’s just something I saw in a book, about a country from the past on earth.”


Secretary Jin understood: “It seems that you like that country very much.”


Jian Luo nodded and smiled: “I love that land.”


This may sound a little unreasonable. After all, Secretary Jin thinks, how much love can a person have for a country from a book?


Nowadays, many people on earth, after a hundred years of changes, do not have much impression of or feelings for their home planet, but when Secretary Jin looked into Jian Luo’s eyes, she clearly felt solemn sincerity from those eyes.


Secretary Jin laughed: “I think it must be very charming. If I have the chance, I really want to go take a look.”


Jian Luo smiled: “Then it will definitely welcome you. It is a country of etiquette, full of tolerance. Even if you are a foreign race, you will receive hospitality.”


Secretary Jin felt: “It’s worth it for the dark star people to learn this.”


“I think so too.”


The two of them both had their own thoughts, and they stopped after a few more exchanges. The military canteen had a high security level and strictly, no outsiders were allowed to enter, but to Jian Luo, it was as familiar as his own home.


After making the rice crackers, he packed the box and walked towards Lu Shifeng’s office where Secretary Jin and his assistant usually are.


“Verification successful, please pass.”


Jian Luo passed the door of light and walked slowly inside.


Secretary Jin was stunned when he saw him: “So soon?!”


Carrying the lunch box, Jian Luo hesitated, “Maybe I shouldn’t have been so fast?”


“…No.” Secretary Jin’s heart was suddenly racing: “Well, Luoluo, you can join me for dinner.”


Jian Luo shook his head: “I also brought a meal for the marshal. It won’t taste good if it’s cold, so let’s give it to him first.”


Secretary Jin panicked even more: “That, Luoluo… Otherwise, I’ll send it in, you wait for me outside.”




A question mark slowly appeared above Jian Luo’s head: “What’s the matter?”


Secretary Jin wanted to cry without tears. No one expected the little princess of the blood clan to come back today. There was no one who didn’t know that she liked the marshal. As the matter of Jian Luo’s pregnancy was not made public in order to ensure Luoluo’s personal safety, so naturally, the princess came to find out more as usual.


With these two people under the same roof at the moment, who knows what will happen?


If you go in after a while and accidentally see something you shouldn’t see, wouldn’t you turn cold?


Secretary Jin bit the bullet and said, “It’s not that you can’t go in. The marshal is busy with business now, so…”


Jian Luo understood, and he gave the lunch box to Secretary Jin: “Okay, then you can help me go in and pass it to him.”


Secretary Jin was overjoyed and breathed a sigh of relief: “Okay, don’t worry. I’ll send it in, in a moment.”


Jian Luo nodded, and was just about to move to the reception room next door, when suddenly, the door to the office opened.


There were two figures standing at the door.


A lively and lovely girl stood behind Lu Shifeng. The girl whimpered, “Brother Lu, I have carefully prepared dishes for you. You must eat them later.”


The not-so-soft voice came over clearly, and everyone could hear it clearly.


Secretary Jin’s face sank.


Lu Shifeng’s gaze looked over precisely and fell on Jian Luo, who was standing there. Today, the youth was wearing the same white shirt from the other day, looking cute and well-behaved.


Jian Luo raised his head and said hello, “Hi.”


The little princess’ face changed: “Who is he?”


Lu Shifeng ignored her and walked slowly to Jian Luo. The man looked down at him: “You came to find me?”


Jian Luo innocently blinked: “Did I disturb you from your business talk?”


Secretary Jin’s heart skipped a beat.




Lu Shifeng turned his face away slowly and gave the innocent secretary a deep look, with a half-smile which was not a smile, making her feel a chill down her spine.


Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “You’re not disturbing. Just in time.”


The little princess came out from behind and was very curious: “Hey, you are a human. Who are you? Hey, the smell on your body is so familiar.”


Before Lu Shifeng could speak, Jian Luo replied, “I’m a cook.”




There was a dead silence in the air.


Lu Shifeng took the lunch box that Jian Luo was carrying and stood there indifferently, neither denying nor admitting anything.


The little princess suddenly realized: “So it is you!”


Jian Luo nodded and turned to leave: “Then you are busy, I will go first.”


“Stop.” Before he took two steps, Lu Shifeng’s voice came from behind him, and the stern man took two steps to stand beside Jian Luo: “There is a dinner party in the palace tonight, I will take you there to attend it.”


The little princess refused: “What are you taking the cook to do?”


Can’t blame her for being excited. Lu Shifeng has always been a loner. Since when did he have a relationship with a cook, who was furthermore a human being? Could it be that this human has used some underhanded tricks?


As she was thinking about it, the little princess never expected Jian Luo to say, “I’m not going, it’s no fun.”




The little princess was shocked!


This human being was too ignorant of praise, he rejected Lu Shifeng!


OK, you’re too cold.


However, Lu Shifeng was patient: “Just now, Zhan Wentai came to tell me the news and said that he felt that he did not explain some things well enough to you today. If you don’t go to the reception, he says he still wants to give you another lesson.”



Jian Luo immediately changed his words: “I really want to go to the c0cktail party.”


Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile: “Good.”


The little princess next to him was still shocked the whole time. Seeing that Lu Shifeng was leaving with Jian Luo, she quickly said, “Hey, Brother Lu, wait for me.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Secretary Jin will send you back.”


The little princess was very puzzled: “What about you? Don’t you want to go back to the palace? Aren’t we on the way?”


“Who told you to stop by?” Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Luo: “Can’t you see that I still have a meal to eat?”




She had enough.


So the little princess left in a daze.


Jian Luo felt very strange: “Are you not going to eat at the reception? Don’t eat the rice crackers in this box.”


Lu Shifeng carried the box: “Eat this first. You won’t be used to eating things from the blood clan, unless you are also interested in nutrient solution.”


Jian Luo immediately changed his words: “I’ll eat too.”


If the little emperor knew that someone had eaten and drank a full meal before going to the c0cktail party of the blood clan in order not to eat the things prepared at the c0cktail party, he would be very angry.


This reception was held very grandly. Because it was the coming-of-age banquet of the little princess, almost all the influential figures in the empire came.


It was the first time that Jian Luo had seen so many dark stars gathered together.


As one of the three major forces of the empire and as the rightful leader of the military, almost as soon as Lu Shifeng entered the location, he attracted everyone’s attention.


Jian Luo lowered his voice: “Go and chat with them. I’ll play with myself for a while.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Don’t go too far.”


“Don’t worry.” Since Jian Luo knew that his dragon cubs were not so fragile, he let go: “I won’t go far, I don’t know anyone here.”


Lu Shifeng made an “En” sound.


After all, there was still his scent. The dragon clan were very sensitive to the scents and he will be able to know easily if Jian Luohad left the reception. Even if he was not in front of him, Lu Shifeng can easily sense Jian Luo’s current conditions through his scent.


Jian Luo simply wandered around by himself.


As a human being, in a place like this, in fact, no matter where one went, one will get a lot of attention. A lot of wine was prepared for the reception, but Jian Luo didn’t drink it. After all, he still had a cub in his stomach so it was best not to touch this kind of thing. After walking around the food area for a long time, he finally understood what Lu Shifeng meant.


Why was the meat eaten by the blood race like steak not fully cooked?


Bloodstains could still be clearly seen on some meats, and Jian Luo himself could already smell its bloody scent from a distance.


“Aren’t these potato chips?”

“Seems to be.”

“Made by Moonlight, it smells so good.”


A short distance away, Jian Luo heard some chattering. He stopped and walked over. Sure enough, he saw the familiar potato chips.


Because he also talked about the method of making potato chips during the live broadcast, it is not surprising that someone else could make it as well, but he was also looking forward to the craftsmanship of the dark star people.


Just when Jian Luo wanted to get some to taste, he heard someone shout out: “Huh, a human?”


Jian Luo raised his head and saw a girl looking at him.


The corner of the woman’s mouth curled slightly: “Although I don’t know who brought you here, your clothes are too inappropriate, right?”


Jian Luo was wearing an ordinary white shirt, which seemed a little out of tune with the bright group of nobles, but he didn’t care: “Then you can treat me as if I weren’t here.”


The woman never expected this: “You…”


Jian Luo took some potato chips and tasted them. Chewing them in his mouth, it tasted almost the same, but felt a little mushy.


The woman sneered beside him: “You haven’t eaten such a good thing before, have you?”


Jian Luo fell silent for a moment.


“That’s understandable, after all, you are just a human being.” The woman’s attitude was quite arrogant: “Eat more, maybe next time you won’t be able to eat it again.”




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