Chapter 47 – Marshal is being ignored

Chapter 47 – Marshal is being ignored


Lu Shifeng looked at him.


Jian Luo could feel a slight pressure under the palm of his hand. That feeling was really magical, really magical. Although he has always known that he has a cub in his belly, he has never felt this kind of special feeling before, but now, the slight movement felt like a pebble was thrown onto a calm lake, causing ripples to emerge from the bottom of his heart.


“Come here!” Jian Luo subconsciously urged,  his voice filled with some playful anger: “Come on.”



Lu Shifeng stood up, walked over, and sat down beside him, frowning: “Do you feel uncomfortable?”


“No no.”


Jian Luo couldn’t control it anymore. He reached out and grabbed Lu Shifeng’s hand before carefully and gently placing it on his lower abdomen. He then put his index finger in front of his lips and whispered, “They’re moving.”


For a moment, he could clearly feel the Marshal going stiff.


It’s very strange that there would come a day when Lu Shifeng was stunned stupid.


Jian Luo was also very excited. He asked , “Do you feel it? The small dragons are saying hello.”


Lu Shifeng’s large hands covered Jian Luo’s lower abdomen, and his handsome face was a little solemn. The great marshal felt nervous for a long time. The last time he felt nervous was the first time he went into battle to kill the enemy.


Carefully placing his hands, Lu Shifeng felt the movements carefully.


Jian Luo waited for a long time, but after Lu Shifeng put his hand on his abdomen, the cubs, who were previously lively and active, didn’t show him any courtesy, and did not want to move again.




The atmosphere was a little awkward.


Jian Luo raised his eyebrows, his eyes blinking: “Well, maybe they’re tired and just went to rest after moving about.”


Lu Shifeng was silent for a moment before withdrawing his hand.


The two were silent for a while. Jian Luo regretted it. He shouldn’t have acted rashly. He approached the other: “Are you angry?”


Lu Shifeng supported half of his body: “Sit down.”


“Oh.” Jian Luo sat back down again. He smiled and tried to make up excuses for the small dragons: “Maybe they became nervous after seeing you so they don’t dare to move.”


Lu Shifeng leaned against the post at the end of the bed and said lazily, “Do you get nervous when you see me?”



The blame was shifted onto him.


Jian Luo bit the bullet: “Of course I’m not nervous.”


Lu Shifeng’s lips curled into a smile: “That’s right, you were so bold that you even rushed into my bedroom directly.”




Jian Luo recalled the events of that day and felt a sense of shame. This matter involved his innocence, so Jian Luo decided that he had to struggle no matter what, so he said, “It was really an accident that day. I was thinking of giving food to secretary Jin. I didn’t expect it to be your room.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows meaningfully: “You wouldn’t have gone inside if you knew?”


Nonsense! That goes without saying!


Jian Luo tried his best to explain: “How could I take the initiative to deliver myself to your doorstep? Am I crazy?!”


He just wanted to try his best to prove his innocence, but he never expected the smile in the Marshal’s eyes to gradually disappear.


Jian Luo blinked innocently and hugged his weak self tightly.


Lu Shifeng finally said, “Am I no good?”




A slow question mark appeared on Jian Luo’s head before he then shook his head obediently: “It’s not that you’re not good.”


Lu Shifeng was fiddling with something in his hand and pretended to be casual: “I think Mr. Jian dislikes me very much.”



Am I that see-through?


Jian Luo finally understood what the problem was, and coughed lightly: “I don’t dislike you as much anymore. After all… Hasn’t anyone told your highness that he is very handsome?”




This time it was Lu Shifeng who was slightly surprised.


For thousands of years, everyone’s evaluation of the Dragon King of the Dragon Clan has always been that he was brave and good at fighting, praising him for his invincibility and decisiveness in killing.


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes: “I’m handsome?”


Jian Luo nodded generously, and glanced through the appearance of the marshal again. The more he looked at him, the more comfortable his heart became. When his handsome face was not smiling, he was very cold, but when he smiled, he became more refined and elegant. This striked a point in his cute zone. If Lu Shifeng was human, Jian Luo might have fallen for him long ago.


Before Lu Shifeng could speak, Jian Luo began to think: “You said that the cubs will either be like you or me. I hope that they will be like you, because you are good-looking. Will it be able to transform into their human forms?Or will it take a long time like the little golden dragon before they can transform. Ah, if so, then I don’t know if I can live that long.”


Lu Shifeng frowned: “What nonsense are you talking about!”


“What’s the matter?” Jian Luo rolled on the bed twice before crossing his legs: “I know that little golden dragon is one or two hundred years old, Secretary Jin told me.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t speak.


Jian Luo rolled over and lay on the bed, looking at him with one hand on his chin: “If that’s the case, then don’t tell them in the future that their mother is just a human.”


If he is dead and small dragons have not changed shape yet, when the child grows up, it will not be good for them to know that he has already died a long time ago.


He won’t be able to take his cubs away. In the words of the dark stars, they are the hope of the world, and the future of the Dragon Clan, which is destined to belong to the dark stars.


In this case, it doesn’t really matter if the small dragons know who their mother is. Thousands of years later, when he has turned into a pile of ashes, no one will ask about him after he leaves.


Lu Shifeng frowned: “Have you arranged everything for yourself?”


Jian Luo looked up at him suspiciously: “Huh?”




Lu Shifeng sneered and pulled Jian Luo: “Get up and go wash up. The water for soaking your feet will be delivered in a while. The high priest told me to tell you that you have an exam to take when you go to Peace Paradise.”




Are you the devil?


Jian Luo never imagined that his fate in life would really be inseparable from taking exams. The only good news was that his classes were taught online and he would open a video every day to listen to a little bit. As such, his class time was greatly reduced.


The next day.


“Luoluo, I sent you his contact information.”


Jiang Jiang’s message came from the information bracelet.


Jian Luo responded, opened the bracelet and glanced at it. Sure enough, he saw Lord Chenguang’s contact information. He chose to add him as a friend and it didn’t take long for the other party to agree.


Lord Chenguang sent a question mark: ? Who are you.


Jian Luo introduced himself: “I’m Jian Luo, the anchor from Jinjiang Live Network. Hello, I saw your video on Interstellar Food Network and I want to confirm a few things with you.”


Lord Chenguang was silent for a while before finally speaking, “Speak.”


“Well, I want to ask where you bought the potatoes you used to make chips.” Jian Luo went straight to the point: “Is the production method the same as the one from my live broadcast room?”


Chenguang was very forthright: “Yes.”



Jian Luo typed quickly: “Then why do some viewers say that they feel dizzy after eating your potato chips? If the potatoes are not well-selected, or have sprouts on them, they are not supposed to be edible…”


He saw that the other party was typing and typing for a long time before the entire chat page flashed red with an exclamation mark.






The conversation here did not end properly, when Jiang Jiang sent a message: “Luoluo, how are negotiations over there, is he willing to come to an agreement with you?”


Jian Luo was not angry: “He doesn’t want to.”



Jiang Jiang was silent.


Jian Luo sighed: “It doesn’t matter, I’ll check it out myself.”


Jiang Jiang knew that there was a way to solve this. Even if he had no way, Marshal Lu was definitely not a pacifist either, so he didn’t ask any more questions. He only told Jian Luo not to be impulsive and to discuss things with him before giving up.


When Jian Luo turned off the chat, the car had already arrived.


The driver said: “The planting base is ahead.”


Jian Luo got out of the car, smiled at the driver and said, “Thank you.”


The driver waved at him and then left. Jian Luo walked slowly towards the planting base. When he was about to reach the gate, he saw the director from last time.


The director has obviously been waiting for a long time. Now, he was very surprised to see Jian Luo: “Are you… Really Luoluo?”


Jian Luo smiled and nodded: “Uncle Li.”


“Hey Luoluo. I didn’t expect it to be you.” Uncle Li was very pleasantly surprised: “The higher ups said that a breeding specialist will be here in the next two days. We really didn’t know how to grow peppers so we were waiting for you.”


Jian Luo walked inside while talking to him: “It’s okay, I’m here today for this matter.”


The two briefly chatted along the way, exchanging the basics of the planting quantity and the steps in taking care of peppers.


When passing by the greenhouse where potatoes were grown, Jian Luo stopped.


Uncle Li said, “Luoluo, what’s wrong?”


“Uncle Li.” Jian Luo smiled slightly: “Do we supply all our potatoes to every place in a uniform manner? Where do we send them? Are they sold privately?”


Uncle Li was the junior director here, so he knows a lot about these things. Hearing that, he explained, “Potatoes are high-quality vegetables. Every month, we have a joint supplier for large enterprises. We do not sell them to private households. “


Jian Luo frowned: “Where do they send them?”


Uncle Li thought that Jian Luo’s questions were a little strange, but in the end he still told him honestly: “Most of them are imported into the Interstellar Supermarket, and the other half of the bulk is to restaurants like Moonlight.”


So it’s like that.


As far as Jian Luo knows, most of the residents who wanted to buy vegetables now ordered them from the Interstellar Supermarket, but the source of Lord Chenguan’s supply should not be from the Interstellar Supermarket.


Jiang Jiang checked that Lord Chenguang once boasted that his potatoes were fresh potatoes picked directly from the shed and were completely different from those in the supermarket.


Then there must be a problem with his source of supply.


Uncle Li was curious: “Luoluo, what’s the matter, do you want to eat potatoes?”


“Ah… Yes, I haven’t eaten them in a long time.” Jian Luo simply made up a reason and smiled, “You must want to laugh.”


Uncle Li was relieved: “What’s wrong with that? Potatoes are really delicious. Most of our buyers here eat potatoes. The seeds sent from the seed base every month are basically in short supply too.”


Jian Luo nodded as he followed him.


He quickly walked to the chili planting shed and saw a few people standing there from a distance, seemingly discussing something.


Uncle Li smiled and said, “Luoluo, these are all employees who want to cultivate seeds with you. Let’s get to know each other briefly.”


Jian Luo raised his head just in time to meet a man’s gaze. When their eyes met, the other was dazed.


“Jian Luo?”


A happy expression appeared on the man’s face.


Jian Luo unconsciously took two steps back, feeling genuinely frightened, mainly because he really couldn’t remember who the special person in front of him was.


The man was excited and took a step forward to hold Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo it’s me. I am Jiang Kang, I came back from studying at F-star. I am back and I wanted to go to school to find you two days ago, but they said that you had dropped out of school. Then, when I went to your house, Auntie Su also said that you were busy with work. Who knew that I would still meet you here, what a surprise!”




Jian Luo looked at the young man in front of him helplessly. He felt helpless from the bottom of his heart.


“That Jiang Kang?” Jian Luo struggled to break free from his hand and made something up: “Is that so? We’ll talk later if there’s anything. It’s work time now.”


Jiang Kang was stunned, but hesitated for a while before letting go.


Jian Luo smiled awkwardly at Director Li, and then re-introduced himself to the others: “Hello everyone, I’m Jian Luo. I am the technical guide for the large-scale planting of peppers this time, and I will be with you for the near future. Let’s overcome any challenges and technical difficulties of the chili peppers together, thank you.”


Small applause came from the shed.


After seeing his introduction, Director Li smiled and said, “Okay, Luoluo. You get busy, Uncle Li is leaving now.”


Jian Luo knew that keeping him here would be of no use, so he said, “Okay, Uncle Li, you can go ahead first.”


After sending Uncle Li away, Jian Luo followed his previous plan. He first looked at the pepper seeds sowed in the soil. After confirming that there was no problem with the seeds, he then held a small meeting on how to cultivate the seeds. He also clearly told them to pay attention to some major details.


Jian Luo personally gave them a demonstration: “Generally, each of us must pay close attention to the temperature like so… and we must take care of these various conditions after the seeds are put into the soil.”


Everyone else nodded.


“If anyone has a problem in the process of planting, I hope you will take the initiative to raise the issue. It’s not a bad thing if there is a problem. However, if you hide and don’t report it, it will be a big problem.” Jian Luo stood up and dusted off his body as he said in a low voice, “Do you understand?”


Everyone responded.


Only then did Jian Luo smile: “Then I’ll give you a lot of advice from now on. Let’s work hard together.”


The group of juniors who were sent to cultivate pepper seedlings were the new generation of young people in Peace Paradise. They were basically here to obtain some experience. After everything had been arranged by Jian Luo, the juniors all took the lead and used this opportunity to make a start. At this time, Jiang Kang finally seized the opportunity to be alone with Jian Luo.


“Jian Luo!”


Jiang Kang held Jian Luo’s hand.


Jian Luo sighed inwardly and turned around: “En, what’s wrong?”


“Why are you so indifferent to me?” A trace of hurt flashed across Jiang Kang’s eyes: “I just came back from studying abroad, why aren’t you affectionate or warm towards me?”




A question mark slowly appeared above Jian Luo’s head.

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