Chapter 48 – What are the signs of cheating

Chapter 48 – What are the signs of cheating




Jian Luo looked at him in shock.


Jiang Kang looked at Jian Luo eagerly, as though looking for some sort of response, but his attitude was beyond his expectations.


Jian Luo slowly withdrew his hand and said in a deep voice, “Please don’t touch me casually.”


Doubt appeared on Jiang Kang’s face. Seeing that Jian Luo was about to leave, he quickly chased after him: “Luoluo, Luoluo, are you mad at me?”


Jian Luo was so confused by him that he stopped and looked at him coldly: “Something happened to me some time ago, so now my memories are convoluted. I can’t remember many things and I also forgot you, no matter how we used to be or what kind of relationship we used to have, I have long since forgotten it and it will not be considered.”


Jiang Kang stayed where he was.


Jian Luo was satisfied: “That’s it. Since I have assigned everyone tasks, I hope you can cooperate and finish the work, thank you.”


Before taking two steps, Jiang Kang chased after him: “Luoluo, I didn’t know what happened to you, but don’t worry, I will definitely help you. It doesn’t matter if you have forgotten, I will accompany you to remember it. The biggest thing is starting over again. It’s good to restart. The first thing I did after coming back from studying abroad was to come look for you. I can rest assured that you are doing well now, and you can rest assured that I will definitely support your career and accompany you so we can make progress together.”




Jian Luo felt many doubts.


In the end, since he was really unfamiliar with the other person at the moment, he could only bite the bullet and nod: “Okay, please get back to work quickly. This is also to support my career.”


Jiang Kang smiled slightly: “Then I’ll go.”


Jian Luo waved his hand: “I won’t be sending you off then.”


He really didn’t have the slightest memory of Jiang Kang and it was unbelievable when he suddenly appeared. The thing was, how did this person go to the house to find him, when Su Liang didn’t mention this to him at all?


Mother was not a careless person. If there is a situation, she will definitely not keep her mouth shut. There may be a reason for the matter.




His information terminal just got a message at this time.


Jian Luo quickly opened the message and saw the message from Su Liang: “Luoluo, I saw Director Li sending me a message saying that you are back, is that true?”


Jian Luo replied quickly: “En. Mom, I’ll be back at noon.”


Su Liang was obviously very happy: “Okay, then mom has lunch ready. You can come home for dinner after you get off work.”


Jian Luo responded: “Okay.”


It was difficult to wait for lunch slowly, so Jian Luo simply went to the field to teach a few young people how to sow the soil.


There was a relatively thin boy. When he saw Jian Luo coming, he immediately changed his expression: “Leader.”


“Don’t need to be so serious.” Jian Luo patted him on the shoulder: “I’m just a temporary instructor sent from above. If you have any questions, feel free to come to me.”


The little boy nodded slightly.


Jiang Kang said not far away: “Luoluo, can you come down here?”


Jian Luo ended the conversation with the little boy, walked to Jiang Kang’s side, leaned down and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“We were discussing how close the seeds of this pepper can be planted.” Jiang Kang always spoke politely: “According to previous experiences, about 20cm between each seed should be enough, what do you think?”


Jian Luo squatted down to measure the distance and gestured for a larger distance: “Let’s move them further, the peppers should not be too dense.”


The other young people looked over curiously.


For human beings, one has to work hard all their life to work in a planting base. Whether one can plant well is also another thing. In the planting base, such people who have knowledge in planting techniques were always worthy of respect.


Jiang Kang asked, “Why?”


“It is important for Chili peppers to have adequate light. If their photosynthesis is not uniform, problems will arise.” Jian Luo roughly explained: “When I submitted my report, I specifically applied for a greenhouse. This is so the first batch of peppers will have a consistent quality. On the other hand, the follow-up quality inspection requires a high score in order to pass, so our vegetable score must be high.”


Peace Paradise also had a ranking system.


The better the condition of each batch of plants produced by the planter, the higher the score of the same group of planters. If the score is accumulated to a certain level, they can get promoted, their salary will be higher and they will receive better treatment.


For example, Director Li rose to his position like this. By solely focusing on his plants, he cultivated vegetables of the best condition. Naturally, he became the director this way.


Jiang Kang stood up straight and looked at Jian Luo tenderly: “Luoluo, it seems that you haven’t stopped making progress in the days I was not around. It’s great.”




Jian Luo got goosebumps from him.


Jiang Kang still insisted and wanted to say something, but Jian Luo hurriedly waved his hand: “You guys continue to plant. I’ll go look at other people first.”


After feeling like he was being stared at all morning, Jian Luo felt his back turn cold.


Finally, it was noon. He hurriedly ran home just as Jiang Kang was about to get up again.


Su Liang was cooking and when she saw Jian Luo, she was very surprised: “Luo Luo, what are you running for?”


“I didn’t run.” Jian Luo wiped the sweat from his forehead: “I just walked fast, it’s nothing else.”


Su Liang sighed: “That’s fine, go wash up and then eat.”


Jian Luo went into the bathroom to wash his hands, and said, “Mom, let me ask you something. About that Jiang Kang, does he have anything to do with our family?”




The sound of bowls breaking came from the kitchen.


Jian Luo was startled and ran over quickly: “What’s wrong, Mom?”


“Luoluo, have you met Jiang Kang?” Su Liang turned around in surprise and exclaimed again: “Yes. Why did I forget that he will definitely go to the base too.”


Jian Luo began to clear up the broken porcelain on the floor: “What are you talking about?”


Su Liang knew by Jian Luo’s reaction that he had indeed forgotten. She sighed, and after much consideration, she finally said, “Luoluo, come here.”


Jian Luo was dragged by her to the sofa before sitting down.


Su Liang’s face was rarely solemn: “In fact, I didn’t know about this matter at first, and it was only after he came back that he knew a little.”


Jian Luo’s heart skipped a beat: “What’s the matter?”


How tricky, don’t tell him that he and Jiang Kang used to be involved with each other. If that’s the case, wouldn’t he be screw-d?


Su Liang sighed: “Mom heard that you did discuss this with Jiang Kang before this, but you hid it from me, so I didn’t know.”




Jian Luo felt that his heart was complicated.


“Well, Mom, I shouldn’t have anything to do with him.” Jian Luo was very puzzled: “We only talked about finding a partner.”


How would Su Liang know about this kind of thing? What she is most worried about now was: “Luoluo, no matter what you had before, now that you are following the marshal now, you must be single-minded and not have any contact with Jiang Kang anymore, otherwise…”


Although Su Liang didn’t say the unfinished words, Jian Luo could more or less also guess what kind of troubles lie ahead.


It was difficult.


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Mom, am I that unreliable in your heart?”


Su Liang’s eyes were red.


“Okay, okay, I understand.” Jian Luo sighed: “I’ve already made it clear to Jiang Kang. We only considered being partners before, and it’s not like we were married to each other back then. Besides, why are you listening to his words? What if he came onto me on purpose because I lost my memory?!”


Su Liang was stunned.


Jian Luo felt that he was speaking the truth. Thinking of this, he patted Su Liang’s hand: “Okay, let’s eat!”




He was going to livestream today.


Because the spicy tofu made from chili was very popular last time, this time he was going to make something else that was also spicy.


After thinking about it, Jian Luo felt that it was best to make red oil noodles. When he just ate, he really felt tired of the rice. This time, he just took this opportunity to make red chili oil noodles.


Taking out the light broadcasting ball, Jian Luo adjusted its angle and said, “Hello everyone, we will be broadcasting live today.”


There were not many people in the live broadcast room:

“Wow, has the anchor started broadcasting?”

“Hey, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“What are we eating today?!”

“Anchor, do you know that Master Chenguang from Interstellar Live?”


Jian Luo didn’t want to talk about the matter regarding Lord Chenguang, so he chose to ignore it, but said, “Thank you for waiting for so long, let’s eat red chili oil noodles today!”


The most important thing about red oil noodles was it’s spiciness.


Jian Luo remembered that he had never made dough for them before, so they were all also a little interested.


His fans were curious:

“Red oil?”

“Is oil also edible?”

“What is dough? I don’t think it’s a new staple at Moonlight.”


In fact, there was already flour prepared at Jian Luo’s place, so he just took it out and mixed the flour, poured it into a bowl and added water to it: “The flour used to make the noodles are the same used to make the potato cakes, but this time we won’t add potatoes to it. Instead, the noodles will be a stand-alone dish for us to eat.”


Adding water was a technical task and the light ball captured every detail in the bowl. Everyone could see the dough sticking together and feel that it was very sticky in his hands intuitively. The dough clumped up together, looking sticky, and didn’t feel very good to the touch.


Some viewers who turned on the sense-sharing hologram felt uncomfortable:

“It’s too sticky.”

“Wow, I don’t like it.”

“Yeah, it’s too troublesome to make noodles, forget it.”

“No, I think it’s pretty fun.”


Everyone’s opinions were mixed, and Jian Luo said to the audience in front of the camera: “Everyone should also pay attention to the amount of water when making noodles by themselves. When making the first batch, it is recommended to put less water first and then add on to it little by little.”


The noodles were almost done and only needed to be left to rest for a while. Jian Luo put plastic wrap around it and set it aside: “I’ll continue with this later. For now, let’s prepare the red oil first!”


There were not many peppers left from when he brought some back from the seed base last time. It was probably only enough for one more meal so Jian Luo simply took all of them out.


The audience was very excited when they saw the peppers:

“It’s chili again!”

“My gosh, this thing killed me last time.”

“I’m withering away.”


It seems that many people were a bit traumatised by the peppers. Jian Luo was annoyed but also felt that it was funny, so he still reminds them very conscientiously: “Well, everyone must be careful when cutting peppers in the future and don’t eat them casually. You must wash your hands after cutting peppers. If you rub your eyes before that, it will be very spicy.”


Because the first batch of chili peppers have not yet been entered into the market to be sold, many viewers were a little curious about Jian Luo’s identity. Could this thing really be something that an ordinary human anchor can obtain?


When there is curiosity, there will be speculation.


Many people began to speculate on Jian Luo identity based on his live broadcast times.


“I remember that only the planters or researchers at Phoenix Stage can get the vegetables and plants that haven’t been put on the market.”

“So the host actually got it from there?”

“How did he get in? Going from the backdoor would be too hard, right?”


There was a lot of discussion, and they were all very curious about Jian Luo’s identity, but there were also malicious speculations:

“He’s just a human being, how could he get these planted through regular methods?”

“It’s also possible that it’s a wild, mountain species that he discovered.”

“It shouldn’t be. Don’t you need to report them before they are fit for consumption?”


The direction their guesses became more and more confusing, however, most people, especially those who have tasted his spicy mapo tofu before, recognized Jian Luo’s talent. After all, no matter how jealous they were, they couldn’t hide the fact that Jian Luo could indeed produce a lot of new recipes.


By then, Jian Luo has already ground down all the peppers.


The oil in the pot was already hot, so he put all the peppers in. Because the oil was boiling hot, it made a sizzling sound.


Jian Luo said to the camera: “Usually, you should pay attention to safety when adding in the peppers. The oil will be very hot, and after the peppers are put in, they should be stirred with a spoon, otherwise the peppers may be overcooked. “


The scent of chili peppers were choking, in addition to the fumes from the oil. To the dark stars, it was even more uncomfortable than the first time they tasted the spiciness of the chili peppers.


The people who opened the sense-sharing hologram was caught even more off guard.

“Cough, cough, f-ck.”

“It’s hard to breathe.”

“Anchor, are you making biochemical weapons?”


Many people couldn’t wait to close their sense-sharing hologram, as many barrages flew all over the place, the bad comments about the peppers not stopping. They have basically never seen this plant, but it was too suffocating. Yes, they were about to be sent to heaven by the cooking of a single meal.


Jian Luo was also choked a bit, but he was already prepared. He covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel. Sure enough, nothing much happened, and after that, the aroma of chili oil began to diffuse out gradually. This unique aroma of chili peppers made Jian Luo, who has always been a glutton for peppers, almost drool.


“Okay, it’s almost there.”


Jian Luo put the chili oil aside and finally had time to look at the dough he set aside before.


About half an hour later, the dough has almost risen completely.


Jian Luo put the dough in the basin and clarified some water: “Now I have to wash the dough. Just like washing vegetables, we must wash it several times.”


Water was poured on the surface, and soon the whole basin was dyed a layer of milk-like color. Jian Luo was kneading the dough and washing it while paying attention to the color. Finally, when the color of the water was clear, she stopped: ” Now we’re going to collect the noodle-wash and let it sit.”


The audience were dumbfounded:

“I always thought we would be eating that dough.”

“Can you eat it after washing it like this?”

“To be honest, anchor, I always thought you were playing.”

“I thought we were going to eat the dough +11Usually used in the comment section to agree with another person’s opinion.

User 1: I think Jian Luo is scared of Marshal Lu
User 2: Jian Luo is terrified +1.
User 3: +1
. In the end, the anchor said we were going to eat the leftover water.”


Jian Luo, who had been kneading the dough, smiled, but didn’t say anything else. After the noodle-wash was collected, he put them aside. There was a layer of sediment left in the basin.


Jian Luo took out the layer and smeared a layer of oil in the steaming pot. He then lay a thin layer of batter evenly: “Now, let’s prepare to steam it in the pot.”


Unlike the fried peppers, this flour was tasteless and very plain. Jian Luo stretched it back and forth two or three times in total, when finally many thin strands of noodles were left. This was the highlight of the day!


The audience was also amazed:

“The process is comparable to a chemistry experiment.”

“My God, it’s so hard.”

“Looking forward to the final result, I hope the anchor will not let me down.”


Everyone screamed for him to hurry, but Jian Luo was not in a hurry at all. Instead, he leisurely put the dough aside to dry, and prepared the small side ingredients.


To eat the noodles, one needed to add some side garnish. After adding some salt and cutting some cucumbers, the chili oil needed to be filtered again. With his strange production methods and the unique choking chili scent, the popularity of his live broadcast increased as Lord Chenguang’s rage grew. 


In another room.


“Hey Xiaochen, your anchor has updated again.” The moderator called out to him: “Did you watch it?”


Lord Chenguang was also watching the live broadcast, so he didn’t have the energy to speak much, “I saw it.”


The moderator asked him: “Do you have the energy to replicate it or not? Or you can learn to try it tomorrow. This human anchor limits his purchases every time. As long as you have the energy to reproduce it, we can definitely make more money!”



Lord Chenguang looked at the picture and frowned: “Boss, have you noticed? It’s not that I can’t learn to do it, it’s that I don’t have any peppers!”


The moderator was also stunned. They have always been accustomed to copying, so they subconsciously wanted to imitate him, but they never thought that this roadblock would be missed.


Lord Chenguang was actually quite a coward even though he earned money unscrupulously. He didn’t want to get involved: “Brother, do you think this Jian Luo has any background? How can he get such things? He is not an ordinary person. Even a platform as big as ours doesn’t have the resources, how could he get it as a human being?”


The moderator also fell into contemplation: “No. If he really has some background, he should have spoken up when the potato chips were stolen, so why wait until today? This human could be a little tricky, but he’s definitely not powerful. So since there are peppers, they will definitely be mass-produced seeds at the human planting base. We can contact that person take it out and let us plant it for ourselves!”


Lord Chenguang was a little worried: “But many people mentioned that our potatoes have side effects after eating them. Will they find us?”


The moderator sneered again and again: “Why are you looking for us? The original was made by Jian Luo, so it has nothing to do with us. If there are people who really have any opinions or objections, shouldn’t they also go to the rightful culprit? On the internet, gossip spreads very fast like wildfire, what’s the big deal?”


Lord Chengguang thought about it for a while and came to the same conclusion. No matter how one puts it, the other party is just a human being. Even if he had a little talent, he won’t be able to beat them!



In the live broadcast room, the red chili oil noodles have reached their final preparatory steps.


Jian Luo poured the red chili oil on them, as if performing some kind of grand ceremony. The aroma of the chili peppers and the dough mixed together, as they were mixed with chopsticks. Their deliciousness wafted close as they are put into one’s mouth. The spiciness that permeated through one’s lips is completely different from that of the tofu. The dough was very glutinous and the aroma of the chili was better integrated with this dish.


Seeing Jian Luo’s blissed-out appearance, many viewers in the live broadcast room finally couldn’t sit still.

“I’m going to turn on the sense-sharing hologram!”

“Ow, oh my God, what is this smell? It’s so fragrant.”

“Even if I die today, I won’t skip this… God, it smells so good!”


Most people were overwhelmed by the taste of red chili oil noodles.


Jian Luo smiled and said: “I have recorded the taste and will limit the purchase to one copy later. Thank you, my fans, for your support!~”


After he finished cooking the meal, it was basically time for Jian Luo to end the live broadcast.


When he closed the live broadcast, he saw a lot of chats mentioning the name of Lord Chenguang from the layers of barrage. He frowned, but didn’t say anything.


“Luoluo, is the live broadcast over?”


Su Liang’s voice came from outside.


Jian Luo came back to his senses and replied, “Mom, I finished the live broadcast. I made red chilli oil noodles. You can try it and eat it as a late night snack.”


Su Liang came in, took the bowl and told him, “Okay, go wash up and rest early.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Got it.”


Just as he was about to go to wash up, Su Liang hesitated to speak, before saying: “Luoluo, that Jiang Kang, you must stay far away from him. Now that you are pregnant, mother is really afraid…”


Jian Luo understood. He opened his mouth to persuade Su Liang: “Okay mom, I know the gravity of the situation. Don’t worry, I know this in my heart, and I will definitely not mess it up.”


Only then did Su Liang nod and start cleaning the kitchen. As long as Jian Luo stayed at home, Su Liang would definitely volunteer and not let him do the work.


Seeing this, Jian Luo sighed.


Because of Jiang Kang’s matter, Su Liang has been restless, and even Jian Luo didn’t know how to make her feel a little more relieved. In fact, he understood Su Liang’s worries, but Jian Luo felt that it was not a big deal at all. There was no problem with having a few romances before getting married and having children.


What’s more, he suspects that he transmigrated with his original body, so forget about him being involved with Jiang Kang, judging by the way Jiang Kang looked at him today, he really doubted that the previous owner of his position was even involved with him at all.


On the other side.


Inside the imperial garden of the palace.


Lu Shifeng sat at the stone table and discussed matters with the little emperor. Because there was a temporary emergency, the little emperor had to rush back to the study, while the marshal took a stroll in the newly built garden by himself.


Suddenly, several female voices sounded out:

“Did that one from your family really cheat?”

“It’s true. I now understand that no matter how good you are to him, the flowers at home won’t be as enticing as wild flowers.”

“Why is that? Could it be a mistake? I thought he was usually an honest and timid person.”


Lu Shifeng frowned and stopped inexplicably.


The other palace maid sighed heavily and said, “It’s not a mistake. You know, there are usually three signs before they cheat and cuckold you.


“What signs?”


The little palace maid told her the signs: “First of all, he will tell you that he is always busy working overtime, then he will start to tell you that you are annoying, so you don’t always look for him because he can’t reply to you in time because at work. After that, a so-called colleague who has a good relationship with him will appear beside him and inexplicably always looks for him. Even though they were both corroborating, if you voice your jealousy, you will appear unreasonable.”


“Oh my God, is that so?”


“Yes, and finally, here’s the real kicker, the most absolute sign.” The palace maid said: “If he tells you later that he will work overtime at night and not come back to sleep at night, that is the final straw.”


Lu Shifeng stopped listening and left. The Marshal thought it was nonsense. After all, it was impossible for him to encounter such a situation.


But thinking about it, Jian Luo went to Peace Paradise and they did not promise to meet up today. Considering this, Lu Shifeng sent a message to Jian Luo: “Is it going well?”


His information terminal soon lit up.


Jian Luo replied, “It’s okay, my colleagues are very nice to me.”


Lu Shifeng’s brows loosened: “Did the small dragons bother you?”




This time, Jian Luo was a little slower to reply.


Their chat would usually be over by this time, but while Lu Shifeng was still thinking about whether to continue their conversation, Jian Luo already sent a message: “Okay, I have a colleague who is looking for me here. I will go and direct them first. Have to go.”


A colleague?


Inexplicably, Lord Marshal thought of the conversation between the two palace maids.


Lu Shifeng asked more: “You just went, what do they need you for?”


“I’m here to cultivate peppers. As an instructor, I’m sure they want to ask me about work.” Jian Luo simply replied, “I don’t know how to socialize with them.”


Lu Shifeng felt a little relieved.


That seemed about right. Jian Luo was still very good, but what was that red flag from the last sentence they were talking about?


Just when the Marshal was about to type, suddenly another message came from there: “By the way, let me tell you in advance that I may have to work overtime tonight, so I won’t go back home to sleep.”

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