Chapter 58 – He is so handsome!

Chapter 58 – He is so handsome!


Secretary Jin finally saw what a duel between two proud, stubborn mules looked like. The princess was someone who had been admired by all the dark stars since she was a child. No one dared to go against what she wanted and no one has ever refused her just because she’s a princess.


The princess was targeting Jian Luo so much, because Jian Luo never catered to her whims. Not only that, the princess was unable to do anything about him too.


Sure enough, the princess became flustered: “You, you are shameless!”


Jian Luo was about to burst into laughter in his heart, but in order to prevent the princess from becoming angry again, he had to pretend to be sad and said pitifully to Secretary Jin in a low voice, “I’m so afraid of her.”


Secretary Jin almost couldn’t help but laugh, but she was a professional too, so she didn’t break out in laughter: “Luoluo, don’t be afraid. The princess is actually fine, don’t worry.”


Jian Luo lowered his head and almost opened his mouth, but his voice was still low: “But I don’t think Her Royal Highness seems to like me, so let’s go.”


Princess: ???


What trick is this human playing?!


Secretary Jin made it difficult: “But your Majesty said that he missed you, so can you leave suddenly without paying him a visit?”


Jian Luo slowly raised his head, looked at the princess, and simply said: “Then we can’t do that, princess. I believe you can understand.”




The princess felt like her lungs were about to explode!


“What kind of drug did you give my brother and all of them.” Princess Aya looked at him condescendingly: “I won’t be fooled by you, let me tell you…”




The voice of the little emperor came from not far away.


The princess turned her head to look, and saw the little emperor and Marshal Lu standing at the end of the trail. Marshal Lu was wearing a uniform military uniform, his cap was casually held in his hand. His handsome face was indifferent, his sleeves and neckline were as usual. A few buttons were opened at random in the front, and his tall and straight body was just languidly standing, making people’s eyes fall on him involuntarily.


Aya ran over in small steps, feeling wronged: “Lu ge!”


Marshal Lu glanced at her.


Aya pointed to Jian Luo in the pavilion: “Look at him, it’s really too much, he’s just rude and arrogant.”


Marshal Lu was very interested: “Really?”


The little emperor coughed lightly and rescued his stupid sister: “Aya, what are you doing next to Luoluo? Isn’t the garden big enough for you to stroll around?”




Aya was dissatisfied: “It’s not my fault!”


Marshal Lu looked at the gazebo for a long time, and did not seem upset, he was even a little proud of Jian Luo: “Did he bully you?”


Aya felt aggrieved when she mentioned this: “Yes, he is simply unreasonable.”


The princess believed Marshal Lu could do justice for her.


However, the Marshal just took his eyes back and said slowly, “Well, thank you for conceding.”


Aya was taken aback: “Huh?”


“Otherwise…” Marshal Lu’s voice stretched out and raised his eyebrows slightly, “I would have to coax him.”



The princess choked.


The little emperor laughed out of nowhere, causing his sister to give him a fierce stare.


“Cough!” The little emperor covered his lips and said solemnly, “Aya, Luoluo is the guest I invited, you can’t be rude, you know!”


The princess pursed her lips aggrievedly and muttered, “But he’s just a human…”


Marshal Lu’s eyes were slightly cold, and the man interrupted Aya with an indifferent voice: “He is not human.”


Aya was stunned: “Huh?”


“He came as my partner.” Marshal Lu looked at her and opened his thin lips: “So, he is from the Dragon Clan.”


There was a moment of silence in the garden.


The little emperor also knows that he won’t be tolerated. Jian Luo’s affairs and the cubs were temporarily refrained from being publicized for his safety, but if keeping it hidden poses a danger to his safety because of the non-disclosure, it is definitely not something the little emperor wants either.


He just looks small, but doesn’t mean he has a small brain.


Thinking of this, the little emperor raised his face: “Aya, Luoluo didn’t do anything to hurt you, but your behavior is disrespectful, this is not what the blood[/mfn](vampire)[/mfn] family should be like. If the same thing happens again, you won’t be able to appease him.”


Aya never imagined that the people in front of her, her brother and the man she likes, will treat her with this attitude. Her eyelashes trembled and for the first time, Her Royal Highness, the princess who had it all, felt so sad that tears began to fall.


The little emperor coughed lightly: “Oh no, it’s all over now. If Luoluo is crying, someone will definitely coax him. But you definitely won’t coax her, will you?”




What a brute.


The group approached the pavilion and Jian Luo greeted the little emperor.


The little emperor was excited: “Luoluo, I have been missing the stinky tofu you made. When are you free? Is the cook in the palace okay?”


No matter how many times Secretary Jin explained the age issue to Jian Luo, every time he saw the young-toothed face of the little emperor, his heart couldn’t help but soften.


The servants brought some snacks for afternoon tea.


Jian Luo glanced around and found that most of them were fried products, shrimp chips, potato chips. Seems like he had discovered these other recipes by himself.


Stinky tofu was also a kind of fried food. Jian Luo has some ideas: “Does Your Majesty like to eat these fried foods?”


The little emperor blinked with big eyes: “I think it’s delicious.”


Aya also sat next to him and took a few bites: “You humans’ food is not bad, well done.”


No wonder.


Jian Luo has a bold guess. The elegant and noble blood[/mfn](vampire)[/mfn] clan liked to eat deep-fried food?


Jian Luo tentatively said, “Then next time we make something new, I’ll bring it over for you guys to try.”


The little emperor was very happy: “Thank you Luoluo!”


In fact, they didn’t do much in the palace. They just ate a meal with the emperor, and soon, the waiter brought a plate of fruit. Because the blood clan is a very particular clan, each and everyone had a small plate of precious and rationed fruit. There were around four or five in each plate.


Jian Luo held a small cyan fruit, which was quite cute. He picked it up and took a bite. When he took a bite, the sour juice spilled out and his taste buds were stimulated. It was refreshing and appetizing, with a hint of acidity in it. The sweet and small fruit was also crisp and very delicious to bite into.


Jian Luo praised it: “It’s delicious.”


It was rare to come across such a delicious fruit, and he was impressed. He ate everything on his plate in one go. There was still some fruit in the shared basket on the main table not far away. Jian Luo thought about taking some more.


Aya looked at Jian Luo who stretched out his hand. She also stretched out her hand and took away the last green fruit with a spoon. At the end, she gave Jian Luo a smug look while she was ready to take a bite.


Jian Luo: “…”


Childish fiend.


He glared back and decided to write down the names of the fruits and then find a site to buy them online.


As he was thinking about it, a fruit plate was pushed in front of him and there were still some green fruits left on the plate. Jian Luo was stunned for a moment and then turned to look at Marshal Lu.


The Marshal said in a low voice, “Eat it.”


Jian Luo smiled and he didn’t shy one bit at all: “Don’t mind if I do.”


Marshal Lu raised his eyebrows noncommittally, amused at Jian Luo’s lack of hesitance to eat them.


The cheeky Jian Luo next to him teased him. He shook his head, lowered his voice, and whispered in a voice that could only be heard by him: “It’s not that I want to eat it, it’s your cub who wants to eat it.”


So that’s how it is, huh?


Marshal Lu’s dark eyes flashed a smile, and he said, “Well, then you eat more.”


“……it is yummy.”


Aya, who was watching next to him, was about to die, but she could only bear this on her own. She originally wanted to respond to Jian Luo, but what she never expected was that not only did she fail to incite a response out of Jian Luo, she even made herself more mad!


Everyone except Aya was satisfied with the meal. At the end of the meal, Jian Luo was still not satisfied with the fruit, even if his stomach was bulging.


It was time to go back in the evening, and Jian Luo was already sleepy after washing up, but his information bracelet notified him of a message.


“Ding ding.”


The message prompt sounded suddenly.


Jian Luo sat up and clicked on the message prompt, and when he opened it, he could see the message from Jiang Jiang: “Luoluo, I have something to discuss with you.”


The sleepy Jian Luo replied: “What’s the matter?”


“About that, our website has been developing quite well recently.” Jiang Jiang was a little embarrassed: “Would you like to come to the Star Speaker Ceremony? Well, I thought about it before asking you, and you are one of the best on our website. Secondly you are considered to have quite a reputation, and you are also our shareholder. If the advertising goes well, it will definitely have a positive effect on our website.”


After reading it, Jian Luo became vain, and just wanted him to advertise the website.


“I want to know what I need to do?” Jian Luo did this for the first time: “Tell me about it first, and I’ll think about it.”


Jiang Jiang said quickly: “It’s simple, just make a simple advertisement. If you can just say a few lines, you can rest assured.”



It was so simple.


Jian Luo thought again: “Do I need to show my face?”


In fact, he also showed his face during the live broadcast. It was not taboo to show his face, but before, when he was on Earth, he also appeared during the live broadcast. He was just worried about advertising on the dark star. If they looked down on him and his status, advertisement might have a negative effect instead.


Jiang Jiang said: “Don’t worry, if you don’t want to, you can just show your back or side face, the main thing is to let your partner be in charge of the main thing.”


Jian Luo was shocked: “I will have a partner?”


Jiang Jiang was very excited: “Of course, you would never guess that this time, I invited Guo Feicheng, the national idol, the little king of heaven. I’ll show you his photos!”


Soon after, a photo was sent.


He was a very handsome man, who can definitely become a super popular idol. With sharp eyebrows and shining eyes. He had an outstanding quality, a pair of peach blossom eyes that seemed affectionate but ruthless. At first glance, he seemed to be a little similar to Marshal Lu, but the two individuals could still be clearly distinguished.


Marshal Lu was rather sharp and handsome, like a sharp-edged sword, but this one is like an unsheathed sword that needs some restraining. Like a forbidden fruit that must be tasted by everyone.


Jian Luo’s face-con attribute flared up again: “He’s so handsome…”


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