Chapter 63 – Pregnant with a little phoenix instead?

Chapter 63 – Pregnant with a little phoenix instead?


Jian Luo fell into deep thought, pondering whether his work attitude was still suitable for staying here.


“Ding ding.”


A message arrived. Jian Luo quickly opened it and found that it was from Zhan Wentai. Just seeing the name Zhan Wentai made his head ache and his scalp tingle, as if he had suddenly returned to his homeroom teacher.


Zhan Wentai: 【Are you at work?】


Jian Luo replied yes.


Zhan Wentai: 【Perfect timing. The courses I’ve arranged for you are almost done. If you’re free, I’ll come pick you up.No worries if you’re busy.】


Since there weren’t any leads on the watermelon incident for now, Jian Luo decided to tidy up and head over.


As he was about to leave, he said to Wang Heng, “I’m going out.”


Wang Heng didn’t even look up. “Go ahead.”


“…Aren’t you curious where I’m going?” Jian Luo raised an eyebrow. “Or do you not even want to know what I’m doing when I go out?”


Wang Heng straightened up. “Is it important? You won’t be of much use here.”




Jian Luo tidied up and headed to Phoenix Terrace. Now, going there was as familiar as going back to his own home, almost effortless.


A follower standing nearby said, “Please wait on the fifth floor. We’ll be there shortly.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Alright.”


“Don’t misunderstand.” The follower added, “Many matters from the Phoenix Clan’s affiliated planets require approval, so it’s quite busy.”




Jian Luo had question marks forming in his mind.


Something didn’t seem right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The explanation sounded fine at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it felt off.


“Well… that must be quite demanding,” Jian Luo replied dryly. “You all are quite impressive.”


The follower smiled. “It’s appreciated that you understand. Our leader is very good.”


Jian Luo silently nodded and walked upstairs, where a table was already set with hot tea and even sliced holy dragon fruit. Everything was prepared meticulously, so he picked up a book and began to review.


While engrossed in his reading, footsteps approached from the side, and Zhan Wentai asked, “How did you do with the assignments I gave you last time?”


Jian Luo looked up and met Zhan Wentai’s golden eyes. They were a unique shade of pure and clean gold, devoid of worldly distractions, like a rare and precious gem.




Why did his face-con tendencies act up again?


Zhan Wentai furrowed his brow. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing!” Jian Luo desperately tried to maintain his composure. “I’ve completed my assignments, and I’ve asked Long ge to help me with corrections. Everything’s fine.”


As he spoke, Jian Luo sent his assignments to Zhan Wentai, but the priest fell into a long silence.


The silence was deadly.


Jian Luo grew anxious. “Is there something wrong with the way I wrote it?”


Zhan Wentai spoke slowly, “You call him Long-ge?”




Wasn’t that a common way to address someone at home?


Jian Luo stammered, “Is there something wrong with it? I’m not really familiar with these titles.”


Zhan Wentai thought for a moment, his gaze slowly sweeping over Jian Luo, finally resting on Jian Luo’s slightly protruding belly, which was now showing signs of pregnancy. The once slender Jian Luo had put on a little weight, looking round and healthy, filled with love.


Zhan Wentai said, “You can call me ‘teacher.'”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo thought about it and agreed. After all, it was appropriate to address his mentor as ‘teacher.’ So he said enthusiastically, “Teacher!”


Zhan Wentai’s expression improved slightly, and he nodded gently. “Hmm.”


The servant who had been waiting nearby, about to deliver an urgent document, had trembling hands. Finally, they confirmed the rumors circulating among the Phoenix Clan members. It turned out that their king was no longer indifferent to the prospect of marriage. And the person he was involved with was just an ordinary student!


Their king was usually so ascetic, spending his time either working, practicing, or meditating. He was incredibly rule-abiding and uninteresting. But ever since Jian Luo entered the scene, Zhan Wentai had become entirely different!


“He’s reading that history book that dates back eight hundred years.”

“He even studied how to attend online classes just to get closer to the younger generation.”

“Yes, he even set aside his lunchtime just to be with that student.”


Various rumors and gossip spread like wildfire. It began with suspicion about Zhan Wentai’s student, then evolved into speculation about his significant other, and ultimately, it reached the highest level of speculation: suspecting that he might marry that student.


Now, as the servant witnessed this scene, their hands couldn’t stop trembling. They never expected Zhan Wentai to be so open about his relationship. Teacher-student role-play? Who would have thought? This might affect the values of the Phoenix Clan…


Zhan Wentai, oblivious to the wild imaginings of his subordinates, put down the exam paper and asked, “Is this your own work?”


Jian Luo replied from across the table, “Yes, it’s my own work. I asked Long-ge to review it, and he pointed out some grammar errors. I’ve learned the correct usage.”


Zhan Wentai nodded. “Very good. Today, we’ll move on to the next unit.”


Jian Luo was full of enthusiasm. “Great!”


The teacher-student relationship continued to harmonize, and Zhan Wentai greatly appreciated diligent and intelligent students. Jian Luo, at the moment, was not only diligent but also eager to learn, so there were no conflicts between them.


After the lesson, as Jian Luo was packing up his books, Zhan Wentai said, “Today, the Research Institute rejected your application?”


Jian Luo was taken aback and mumbled, “Uh… I didn’t expect it to be that troublesome.”


“Do you study ancient Earth’s culture?” Zhan Wentai continued, “The reason they’re hesitant to approve it is because the culture of ancient Earth is complex. Even for students, not everything can be translated, and too many dead ends in research can impact the original data. However, if you can understand it, I can make an exception for you.”


Jian Luo considered and said, “I’ll give it a try.”


To him, ancient Earth was just a destination for a trip a year from now. English and Chinese were nothing for a native Chinese speaker like him.


Zhan Wentai nodded. “Good. I’ll grant you access once.”


Jian Luo hesitated. “What if I can’t find anything…”


“No problem.” Zhan Wentai’s face remained calm as he spoke in a serene tone, “I can bear that loss.”


Jian Luo looked at Zhan Wentai’s calm and composed demeanor and felt both moved and sad. It was lucky, but all of this was because of the child inside him. It was heartwarming but also bittersweet, as none of it was because of him.


Jian Luo finished packing up his books and said, “I’ll be going then.”


Zhan Wentai furrowed his brow, not understanding why Jian Luo suddenly seemed down, but he simply nodded and said, “Hmm.”


By the time Jian Luo left Phoenix Tower, it was already the end of the workday. He had arranged to meet with Su Liang later and take her shopping for some clothes. After all, clothes make the man, and beautiful clothing and makeup could boost a woman’s confidence.


His secretary, Jin, called, “Luo Luo, do you need a ride?”


“No, it’s okay.” Jian Luo considered and said, “If the driver could pick me up and drop me off at the mall, that would be great.”


Jin was enthusiastic, “Going shopping? Do you want me to accompany you? I’m quite familiar with the mall, and I have a gold card for discounts. It could save you a lot.”


Jian Luo was touched, “No, it’s fine. I’m just going with my mom. Thank you.”


“No problem at all.” Jin sent the QR code for the gold card and said, “Remember to use this. It offers discounts throughout the mall!”


Jian Luo accepted it gratefully, “Thank you!”


The driver picked him up, and Jian Luo bumped into Su Liang as they entered the opulent and dazzling Central Shopping Mall. It looked like a magnificent pearl in the night sky, exuding a unique elegance from top to bottom, with brightly lit windows.


Su Liang was experiencing such a place for the first time, and she was a bit reserved. “Luo Luo, are we really buying things in such an expensive place?”


Jian Luo, with his arm around his mother, reassured her, “Mom, this is the regular shopping mall for everyday expenses on Dark Star. It’s not that expensive here, and besides, it’s not a waste. Your son’s salary can afford a couple of clothes!”


The first and second floors were filled with women’s clothing. Jian Luo had previously bought men’s clothing, so this time, he took his mother to the women’s section and said, “Let’s take a look.”


Su Liang tilted her head and gazed at the dazzling array of clothing, her eyes wide with amazement. “They’re so beautiful…”


A welcoming staff member approached them with enthusiasm, but as soon as their eyes fell on Su Liang, their expression dimmed. It was evident that Su Liang’s appearance was humble.


The service was curt, “What would you like to order?”


Jian Luo was taken aback. When he had visited with Lu Shifeng before, the service had been excellent at every store. Why was it so different now?


Su Liang felt the awkwardness and looked at Jian Luo for guidance.


Jian Luo smiled reassuringly at her and led her to browse the clothes. He pointed at an elegant white dress on a shelf, which seemed to suit Su Liang’s style, and asked, “Mom, what do you think of that one?”


Su Liang nodded, “It’s pretty, but I don’t know the price…”


Jian Luo smiled, trying to ease her concerns, “It’s okay, go ahead and try it on. Don’t worry about the money.”


Having decided on the garment, Jian Luo turned to the staff member and said, “Excuse me, could you please take down that dress for us to try?”


The staff member glanced at them indifferently and responded with undisguised disdain, “Sorry, you can’t try it on.”


Jian Luo fell silent, “Why not?”


“Trying it on would make it dirty,” the staff member replied with a mocking tone. “If it gets dirty, you have to buy it.”


Jian Luo felt a growing anger inside him.


Su Liang’s eyelashes quivered, and she tugged at Jian Luo’s hand, saying, “Luo Luo, let’s forget it. Let’s go outside. This dress isn’t that important.”


As they stood there in an awkward silence, they suddenly heard a voice from not far away.


“Is that Mr. Jian?”


Jian Luo turned around and saw a staff member from the store where he had bought men’s clothing last time. He was pleasantly surprised. “Are you shopping today too?”


It turned out that the store where he had previously bought men’s clothing was right across the way. Jian Luo hadn’t realized it before.


The staff member was delighted. “Did you find something suitable? If not, please take a look at our store!”


Jian Luo was lost in thought, considering whether his current job attitude was going to work out for him.

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