Chapter 67 – Household registration

Chapter 67 – Household registration


But this was their own matter, and Jian Luo didn’t feel like commenting on it. 


At their table, there was also a child, probably Jian Sheng’s good friend, who was struggling with folding paper on his own. Jian Sheng said, “Brother, let me teach him.”


Jian Luo shrugged, “It’s up to you.”


Jian Luo was quite pleased that Jian Sheng was getting along with his little friend. After all, kids were supposed to have fun. 


Jian Sheng tried to teach for a while, but it was clear that he was planning to make origami with his friend. Unfortunately, he lacked experience and didn’t even know how to cut the paper properly. He had to turn to Jian Luo for help.


Jian Luo understood the situation, stood up, and walked over. “What’s wrong?”


Jian Sheng held up a piece of paper and said, “Why can’t I fold the paper into stars?”


It was a somewhat irregular and soft sheet of paper. Jian Luo quickly understood where the problem was. He bent down, sat next to the two kids, and said as he adjusted the size of the paper, “When folding paper, it’s generally better to use not too soft paper; otherwise, it won’t fold well. Also, stars usually have elongated shapes, so the paper shouldn’t be too wide, or it won’t fold nicely.”


The Dark Stars’ child seemed a bit uncomfortable with the adult’s presence. Jian Luo noticed this and moved a bit further away, then he placed the well-folded stars on the table. “There, like this.”


When choosing paper, he picked a golden one, and the small stars he folded also shone brilliantly under the light, looking very attractive. The little stars stood on the table, and the children liked this unusual plaything.


Jian Sheng opened his mouth in amazement. “It’s beautiful.”


His friend, who appeared to be a quiet boy, also whispered, “Beautiful.”


Jian Luo was also satisfied. “Yes, very pretty!”


Both children nodded, but it would be quite challenging for them to learn. Luckily, Jian Luo was patient and willing to explain to the kids.


They were sitting at the front of the classroom, and naturally, others noticed what they were doing. Originally, most of the kids were in their own world in the class, and it was unlikely they would engage in such handicrafts. However, when they saw Jian Luo quickly creating a craftwork, it seemed so effortless!


The first one who couldn’t resist was a Dragonkin, as they had a keen sense of the dragon aura, and Jian Luo naturally felt close to them.


“Teacher?” a Dragonkin girl approached, smiling and bending down. “I saw you were doing handicrafts, can I learn too?”


Jian Luo recognized the Dragonkin and promptly agreed, “Of course!”


The Dragonkin girl’s child, a golden-haired boy, came with her. She introduced him, saying, “I brought little Kai here to learn with me.”


Jian Luo nodded and complimented, “Your son is adorable.”


The Dragonkin girl brought a chair and sat down, then shook her head, “Oh, he’s not my son; he’s my comrade’s child.”


Jian Luo was surprised. “Oh, isn’t your partner a Dragonkin too? I didn’t know.”


The girl smiled shyly, “No, my partner isn’t a Dragonkin. He passed away, but before he did, he donated his genetic material, and this is his clone. Since the child is still young, I’m taking care of him.”


Jian Luo nodded thoughtfully.


They gathered together to make crafts, and because they had colored paper, the stars they folded were colorful and beautiful.


Other children in the classroom were also attracted to what they were doing. They were curious and came over to take a look. Some children were more obvious, moving closer to observe, while others were more reserved and watched from a distance.


Jian Luo signaled to Jian Sheng.


Jian Sheng understood immediately and approached a classmate who had come closer. “Do you want to join us?”


The child hesitated, torn between the fact that Jian Luo was from a different species and the allure of the beautiful stars. Jian Sheng didn’t rush him.


After all, creating handicrafts like this was a matter of the heart. Most importantly, they all enjoyed themselves. Jian Luo and Jian Sheng created a joyful atmosphere in the classroom, and soon, many children couldn’t resist joining in the fun.


Especially Jian Luo, he loved innovation. 


Gradually, cutting flowers didn’t satisfy him anymore, so he started cutting dragons and phoenixes. These were the aristocratic crafts, and many children from prominent families made them.


The children couldn’t resist it any longer.


“Class monitor, can I learn to cut phoenixes?”


“I want to cut flowers.”


“This dragon looks so cool…”


The exclusion among the humans was relatively shallow among the kids. Older children didn’t have as many worldly concerns, and if something was fun, they would all come over to watch.


When the homeroom teacher arrived, the classroom was lively and bustling, a scene they hadn’t seen in a long time. In previous years, the school meetings were always silent. Not to mention the school meetings, even during regular breaks, there weren’t many children gathered together so enthusiastically.


Jian Sheng remembered the last time it was this lively; it was when Jian Luo transferred to this school. He brought potato pancakes to share with everyone, being the first human child in the school. He was warm, generous, and actively involved with everyone. He was like a flame that lit up the whole class, breaking the stereotypical impression of humans.


So, the homeroom teacher had chosen Jian Sheng as the class monitor back then. This child had shown a surprising sense of responsibility and ability, shattering the conventional image of humans.


“Uh, have all the crafts been completed?” the homeroom teacher coughed lightly. “If they are, please hand them in. We’ll need to get them evaluated.”


The paper cutting and small stars were colorful and beautiful, and the children brought them up one by one.


Jian Luo casually asked his younger brother, “What are they being evaluated for?”


“Oh, our school is going to participate in a joint sports event with other schools soon, and there will be evaluations. The classes with high scores get to participate in the sports events,” Jian Sheng explained. “There are many criteria for evaluation, and this performance at the school meeting is one of them.”


Jian Luo seemed to understand. “So, how are they being evaluated?”


Jian Sheng patiently explained, “Through voting. For example, we just did handicrafts, right? There are online polls on the school intranet. The class or individual with the most votes gets to participate in the sports event.”


Jian Luo propped up his chin. “Is it really that important to participate in the sports event?”


Jian Sheng was taken aback, looking at Jian Luo in surprise. After all, most educated people knew about this kind of thing, but Jian Luo’s ignorance was unexpected. He explained kindly, “Yes, it’s important. These things count as bonus points when you graduate, and the school may also allocate good positions based on this.”


This was interesting. Jian Luo suddenly became interested. “What’s your vote count? I’ll vote for you.”


Jian Sheng felt a bit embarrassed but provided the link to the intranet. “I have 13 votes now.”


The website displayed the rankings differently, and Jian Sheng had very few votes. There were already some real-time comments below:


“It looks pretty good. Did a human make this?”


“The work is nice. Is it made by a human?”


Of course, there were some friendly comments too:


“It looks great. Beautiful.”


“Your class did well in this school meeting.”


Jian Luo looked at his younger brother’s meager vote count and quickly noticed something suspicious. He pointed at one person on the list, “This person only has 5 votes. How come they’re so high on the list?”


With a total of a thousand pages, Jian Sheng and their class were on page eight hundred. This person with only 5 votes was somehow floating around page five hundred. Did that make any sense?


Jian Sheng explained patiently, “It depends on the weight of the voting accounts. The Dark Stars have account tiers, ABCD, and then the nobles have SSR tier accounts. This classmate, even though they only have 6 votes, has a relative with an SSR account who voted for them.”


Jian Luo clicked on that classmate’s work, which was quite lackluster compared to their class’s beautiful crafts. He realized that despite their hard work, their class was being surpassed just because a noble gave a like.


Jian Sheng comforted Jian Luo, “It’s okay, brother. I’m used to this unfair weighting system. Our class is used to it too.”


The Dark Stars had strict tier divisions, and classes also had tiers. Jian Sheng’s class was in the lowest tier, F class. The better the class, the higher the weighted accounts of their relatives and friends. So, F class was usually left in the dust.


The homeroom teacher said, “Our ranking is quite high this time. There might be a chance to participate in the sports event!”


Jian Luo looked up. The screen displayed Jian Sheng’s score, and after the paper cutting and origami, it quickly climbed into the top two hundred.


Jian Sheng’s eyes sparkled. “We have 200 votes!”


Initially, the children hadn’t held much hope, but the sudden increase in their ranking gave many of them hope. Several teachers were also excited. Just as the school meeting was about to end, the screen ranking started changing again.


F class was pushed down with just 80 votes.


It was a matter of account weight; nobles had voted.



The entire class fell silent.


Jian Luo sat in his chair, chin resting on his hand, pondering for a moment. “It’s time to leverage some connections…”


In this day and age, who didn’t have some influential connections?


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