Chapter 82


Lu Kongbin nearly drew his sword on the spot. Wen Muqiao, witnessing how Lu Kongbin treated his own son, felt displeased. “Even though our family is prestigious, and I’m accompanying your kid, how am I mistreating you?”


Lu Kongbin snorted, “Prestigious? I don’t care!”


Seeing the confrontation escalating, Lu Jingning gently tugged at Lu Kongbin’s sleeve and said, “Dad, let’s talk about this when we get home.”


Lu Kongbin was on the verge of fainting right there. How could his son plan to spend his life with that guy and tell him to discuss it later? Could he endure this?


He took a deep breath and was about to speak again when Wen Muqiao interjected, “If there’s anything, we can talk in the reception room.”


All the attention in the banquet hall was now focused on them. It wouldn’t do if they were to quarrel here; it would bring disgrace to the Wen family.


Lu Kongbin, feeling increasingly irritated, snapped, “Wen Muqiao, coming here with you already shows some face! I’ll say it plainly: my son Ning is my most precious treasure. Want him to marry into your Wen family? Ha! Not in a million years!”


Wen Muqiao’s face darkened. He couldn’t believe Wen Xingchen’s father was so audacious. But he tried to keep a diplomatic tone and said, “Lu, this is an affair between young people. It’s their business. If you have an issue, why not take it up with me directly instead of involving the children?”


Lu Kongbin couldn’t believe Wen Muqiao’s hypocrisy at such a crucial moment. He laughed out loud and retorted, “Young people my ass! They don’t know a thing! They haven’t even grown their pubic hair, yet you think they understand the dangers of the world? With how you, Wen vase, change lovers every now and then, my son can be with anyone, but he will never be involved with your Wen family!”


Wen Muqiao’s face turned green. Did Lu Kongbin really think they were desperate to have someone from the Lu family?


But when he thought about the Omega Wen Xingchen had taken a fancy to, he couldn’t help feeling distressed. He glanced at him and said, “Lu, do you even know how many people would kill to marry into our Wen family?”


Lu Kongbin smirked, “So what? Just you alone are enough to satisfy quite a few people’s fantasies, right?”


Wen Muqiao snapped back, “Stop pretending to be so righteous!”


Lu Kongbin retorted, “Righteousness? Have you ever known what that means?”


As the argument became more intense, Wen Xingchen couldn’t sit idly anymore. He sent a silent message to Wen Muqiao, urging him to be cautious and not to provoke Lu Kongbin too much.


Wen Muqiao’s face turned even greener. Did Wen Xingchen really think he meant that? Even if he had a chaotic love life, he had principles! There was no way he would get involved with the Omega his son was interested in.


Angrily biting his teeth, Wen Muqiao said, “Lu, do you know how many people want to enter our Wen family?”


Lu Kongbin sneered, “Hmph, what difference does it make? You alone are enough to make quite a few people happy.”


Wen Muqiao replied, “You shameless person!”


Lu Kongbin retorted, “Shame? Do you know the meaning of shame?”


As they argued more fiercely, Wen Xingchen couldn’t bear it anymore and interjected, “Lu uncle, please believe me. I will treat Lu Jingning well.”


Lu Kongbin coldly laughed, “Isn’t that what every scumbag says at the beginning? When you were young, you were much smoother with your words than your son.”


Wen Xingchen calmly said, “I can swear that, no matter what happens, except for Lu Jingning, I will never mark any other Omega in my life.”


Lu Kongbin, feeling a little taken aback by the seriousness in his words, paused for a moment. Then, as if having a sudden realization, he almost broke the table in front of him. “Are you saying that you’ve already marked each other?!!!”


Not only were they marked, they were also very deeply involved.


However, seeing Lu Kongbin’s exaggerated reaction, Wen Xingchen fell silent. He instinctively felt it might be better not to bring up such important matters at this time.


Overwhelmed by this new piece of information, Lu Kongbin’s face turned pale. He suddenly felt dizzy upon learning that the cabbage he raised was taken by a pig, and that pig was surnamed Wen!


My precious son, he actually… he actually?!!!


Beside them, Yu Zhi had been eating melon seeds while watching the drama unfold. Hearing this explosive piece of news, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow!”


She turned her head and looked at Wen Xingchen with a satisfied expression.


Initially, Wen Xingchen was worried that his dissatisfaction with his father might affect his ability to love, but when it came to emotions, he dealt with the situation swiftly and decisively. Well done, my son, you’ve grown up!


Seeing the situation develop this way, Lu Jingning couldn’t bear it anymore. He couldn’t help but send a mournful look to Wen Xingchen. How could Wen Xingchen be so reckless? If he kept provoking Lu Kongbin, he might end up losing his lover’s life before they even got married.


Wen Xingchen noticed Lu Kongbin’s wandering eyes searching for a weapon, and he quickly placed a hand on Lu Kongbin’s arm, trying to calm him down. He then smiled and spoke in a sweet tone, “Dad, you’re right. I’m still young, and it’s too early to consider marriage. Let’s stop talking about it for now. Come on, let’s go home.”


He pulled Lu Kongbin up and started walking towards the door. As they passed Wen Muqiao, he paused slightly, saying, “Uncle Wen, thank you for your kindness. Marriage is a matter between two families. Today, I came to celebrate Wen Xingchen’s birthday, not to get engaged. Let’s put this matter on hold for now. My dad has just returned, and I haven’t had a chance to discuss it with him yet. In the end, his decision will be final. Do you understand?”


Although on the surface, he refused the engagement to save Lu Kongbin’s face, there was an underlying message in his words—hey, I haven’t even had the chance to convince my dad yet. So don’t be so hasty! When I find an opportunity to please him and make him comfortable, then you can come and visit, and we won’t have to quarrel like this with red faces and thick necks. You’re a smart person; you should know how to choose, right?


Wen Muqiao, who initially had an impression of Wen Xingchen as “the Omega Wen Xingchen liked,” saw him gracefully defuse the awkward situation, and his expression softened slightly. He gave a deep “hmm” and said, “Then I won’t send you off.”


“Tch, like I care if you send us off?” Lu Kongbin clearly had grievances with Wen Muqiao’s sour expression. He didn’t forget to threaten Wen Xingchen, “Kid, stay away from my Ning!”


He had wanted to say a few more things, but Lu Jingning dragged him away, and they disappeared from the room.


Wen Xingchen watched their figures vanish, and rather than feeling relieved for surviving the ordeal, he felt low-spirited. He felt like he had accidentally entered a game with a high difficulty level, and if possible, he wanted to start all over again.


Looking at Lu Kongbin’s expression just now, he was worried about the trouble Lu Jingning might face when he returned home.


A gentle hand patted his shoulder, and Yu Zhi’s voice came from behind, “Xingchen, good choice! I really like this Lu Jingning.”


Hearing such approval, a faint smile finally appeared on Wen Xingchen’s face. “I’m glad you like him.”



Wen Muqiao soon returned to the hall to continue socializing, and Yu Zhi left with her. Wen Xingchen stayed in the reception room for a while, then stood up with an indifferent expression. Unexpectedly, just as he reached the door, Lu Jingning’s beaming smile appeared before him. “What’s going on, Wen-ge? How can you not be happy on your birthday?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t expect Lu Jingning to come back again after leaving. His eyes subconsciously glanced behind him.


“Don’t look. I came up with an excuse to slip out. I need to go back soon; Lao Lu is waiting for me on the light cruiser!” Lu Jingning explained, panting slightly, though there was a hint of playfulness in his voice.


When he met Wen Xingchen’s inquiring gaze, Lu Jingning magically pulled out a well-prepared gift and handed it over. “I forgot to tell you earlier, happy birthday, Wen-ge!”


Wen Xingchen had never expected that someone like Lu Jingning would use such an old-fashioned way of sending a letter—a love letter—on his birthday. Lu Jingning’s writing, just like his personality, was bold and unrestrained. It was evident that he wasn’t good at this kind of thing, but to show his sincerity, every word of flattery was clearly the result of his lifetime literary cultivation.


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help blushing at such an exaggerated expression of love. He mumbled to himself, “What is this…”


Although he complained, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but read each word with a gentle smile.


At the bottom of the letter, there were some differently colored large characters, apparently added just now.


—Oh, Wen-ge, my stubborn temper is not easy to deal with. I’m afraid I can’t handle it alone. With you being so popular and charming, like a hotshot, and irresistible to both men and women, you must accompany me to improve my favorability towards you, you know!!!


Do you even need to ask? Of course, I’m very willing.


Author’s note:

Unfortunately, you can’t just increase favorability whenever you want. Poor little Omega, there are two other brothers to deal with.~^O^


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