Chapter 69 – A child’s boundless future

Chapter 69 – A child’s boundless future


The head teacher’s voice came to an abrupt stop, his gaze fixed on the page, a mixture of shock and disbelief in his eyes. The classmates in the room had been waiting for the head teacher to lecture them, but after waiting for a long time without any sound, they impatiently raised their heads. They had intended to urge the head teacher to speak up, but when they saw the vote count and rankings on the page, they were all stunned.


In the 5th-grade class G, Jian Sheng had 680 votes, ranking first. On the other hand, the second-place, Fei Yuhuan, had 1720 votes. Jian Sheng had overtaken him by 1040 votes, securing the top position.


In an instant, the entire classroom fell silent. Almost everyone in the room seemed to have a question mark appear above their heads simultaneously. They looked at each other in disbelief, even the head teacher couldn’t believe it and rubbed his eyes. He clearly held a skeptical attitude towards these vote counts. He even clicked the refresh button on the page, trying to find some issues with it.


Jian Sheng himself was also stunned. His friend, Su Liang, asked, “What’s going on, Asheng? Is that for real?”


“I think it should be,” Jian Sheng replied.


Next to the vote count and rankings, there were also credits and student numbers. Even if something was amiss with the counts, student numbers wouldn’t change. Jian Luo, who was sitting beside him, was looking at his friends’ social media updates. After just half an hour of not checking, he found that there had been a dramatic change in his social media feed. The comments under his posts were numerous:


【Setting a small goal first】: Can I get a few votes?


【Did you attend class today?】: The dishes you cooked for me last time were delicious.


【Dragonheart】: Just send the link next time, no need for a lottery.


【I’m fierce】: Stinky tofu, stinky tofu, making a wish for stinky tofu.


Just by reading the text, Jian Luo could easily tell who each of these posts belonged to. Aside from their classmates, there were also comments from others.


【My last name is Jin, not Jin Long】: Luo Luo, keep it up, we’ve all voted.


【Programmer’s tired heart】: Voted. Do you want me to write a program to automate the voting?


The lively comments section made it seem very festive, and Jian Luo couldn’t help but smile.


The head teacher on the stage cleared his throat and said, “Jian Sheng.”


Jian Sheng stood up promptly and replied, “Yes.”


“About this vote count…” The head teacher hesitated and pushed his glasses up. “It might be a system problem. Don’t worry too much about it.”


Jian Sheng was initially excited but didn’t feel too disappointed after the head teacher’s words. Instead, he nodded understandingly and said, “I understand, teacher.”


Jian Luo chimed in from the side, “Teacher, there shouldn’t be a problem with the vote count. I just helped my little brother get some votes.”



As soon as these words were spoken, the room fell into silence. In an instant, everyone’s gaze turned towards Jian Luo. Some were curious, some skeptical, and many simply couldn’t believe it. Even the head teacher himself thought that Jian Luo was merely joking.


Jian Luo didn’t insist and just smiled, “Maybe you can check if there’s any vote manipulation. Can’t you see the specifics in the backend?”


Some began to think the same way. Gradually, people noticed the changes in the rankings, and discussions started to unfold:


“Is this human?”


“Vote manipulation, right?”


“Are humans really this brazen?”


“Low vote count, yet it surpassed Fei Yuhuan’s votes. Fei Yuhuan, of all people, was overtaken?”


“There’s a series of events here.”


Many people began to feel discontented. If it was someone with real abilities, it would be acceptable, but it happened to be an unknown student who claimed the first place. Who could believe such a thing? Who could accept it?


The ranking system among the Dark Star people was strict. Just like a leaderless group of animals would become chaotic, so would a crowd of people. They would naturally establish a hierarchy based on their abilities. Great noble families, aristocrats, dukes, marquises – the children born into these prestigious families were the most outstanding and usually had strong abilities. Throughout history, the descendants of the great noble families had always occupied the position of leaders in the Dark Star society, and the Dark Star people generally accepted this hierarchy.


So when someone challenged this hierarchy, it undoubtedly meant breaking the established rules and challenging the boundaries.




The head teacher’s message terminal beeped. He raised his hand to silence the discussions in the classroom and cleared his throat. “Please wait, I need to take a call.”


As soon as the call connected, the school principal’s skeptical voice came from the other end. “Xiao Li, what’s going on with that student from your class? Is he up to something behind the scenes? Why is his weight so high? Anyone with common sense can see that something’s fishy, right?”


The head teacher would occasionally question things internally, but he was protective when speaking to outsiders. He replied firmly, “Principal, you’ve misunderstood. I know Jian Sheng’s character well. He wouldn’t engage in vote manipulation. If there were any irregularities, I would be the first to address them. However, I just talked to the student’s family, and it seems like a normal campaign. They’ve also requested a backend data audit.”


The principal widened his eyes as if he had heard a big joke. “Do we even need an audit for this? How can an account have such a high weight? Do they think great noble families are just stones by the roadside, easy to pick up and vote for them?”


The head teacher felt a bit uneasy but persisted, “Let’s still conduct an audit. We should cooperate with the investigation. If there’s a problem, we can address it proactively. If not, it will be based on lack of evidence, and we can clear his name, right?”




It had to be admitted that there was some logic to what he said. After some consideration, the school principal made a concession. “Fine, do as you say.”


The call ended.


The head teacher sighed while looking at the disconnected call, and when he returned to the classroom, all the students were looking up at him. This situation was complicated. Class G had been suppressed for years, often labeled as an underachieving class, but the head teacher had secretly harbored a sense of pride. This time, their class leader had risen to the top, and it couldn’t help but make him feel a bit delighted.


If… it wasn’t due to vote manipulation.


Jian Luo was calm and even had the mood to tease Jian Sheng. “Have you thought about what to sell in the flea market?”


Jian Sheng was in turmoil. “Not yet.”


“Try making some handicrafts yourself,” Jian Luo suggested. “Use your brain and see if our schoolmates need anything. I haven’t seen a single toy in our classroom. Don’t they play with toys?”


Jian Sheng shook his head. “What toys?”


Dark Star children had such a sad childhood?


Jian Luo let his imagination run wild. He thought about the dragon cub in his belly and how to raise it in the future. As the hope of the world, they would surely have plenty of companions. He wouldn’t have to worry about it himself. But this little one was still so small, and he had to worry about their early education. When the main body came out, would they be able to read at the age of three and engage in battles at five?


Jian Luo sighed and patted his belly. “Sigh, it’s not easy being a parent…”


If he wanted to, he could actually become a great noble. After all, he was just a child, and as long as he had a good heart, he wouldn’t have to worry about inheriting any throne.


Wait a minute.


It seemed like there really was one waiting for him…



Jian Luo was lost in his thoughts, and the head teacher’s phone had received several notifications. Finally, the call with the investigation results came through. The head teacher wiped his forehead and answered the call. “Principal?”


The principal’s voice on the other end sounded heavy. “That student in your class… What’s his background?”


The head teacher was taken aback. “He’s just an ordinary human child. He transferred here, and you personally approved it, didn’t you?”


And he had been quite dissatisfied with that decision.


This time, the principal wiped his forehead and looked at the records of backend weight calculations and real-name information. It showed that at least one SSR account had voted, and there were no fewer than 60 S-level noble accounts supporting the campaign. What kind of treatment was this?


The holders of SSR accounts were just a few, and it was unheard of to gather all of them. What was even more terrifying was that these data were authentic!


The head teacher hesitated. “Vote manipulation?”


The school principal felt his legs shaking and tried to maintain a steady voice. “No, it’s genuine.”


“Really…” The head teacher’s heart was filled with joy. “Are you saying that our Asheng is really the first, and our class has a first-place student this time?”


The principal sighed, unable to reveal too much but with a meaningful tone. “This child has boundless potential…”


The head teacher hadn’t fully grasped the meaning behind this but responded, “Yes, I will nurture him well. Thank you, Principal, for giving the child a fair chance!”


The call ended.


The head teacher, now armed with the news, couldn’t wait to announce it to the class. “The investigation results are out. Ah Sheng’s votes are genuine.”


The classroom fell into a profound silence.


The head teacher was a bit anxious and worried that some students might not be able to accept this news. But after a moment, someone in the classroom, it was unclear who, started cheering. One child began clapping, and it was an applause free from any bias. The joyful atmosphere spread throughout the entire classroom.


Jian Sheng himself couldn’t believe his eyes.


Beside him, Jian Luo smiled and patted his shoulder. “Brother, I wasn’t lying, was I?”


The head teacher on the stage also sighed deeply. “Hard work doesn’t always go to waste. Don’t give up, everyone, and learn from Asheng in the future.”




The classroom door was pushed open. The joy in the room was interrupted as a boy in a deep blue uniform stood at the door, leaning against it with an imposing posture. He looked noble, his brows carrying a hint of hostility. His gaze swept over everyone and then raised an arrogant eyebrow. “Who’s Jian Sheng?”


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