Chapter 70 – Long ge, you’re the best!

Chapter 70 – Long ge, you’re the best!


The entire classroom turned their attention towards the door. Fei Yuhuan furrowed his brow and asked, “Which one is Jian Sheng?”


Even the class teacher was somewhat surprised. How did this troublemaker end up here? Fei Yuhuan, the little overlord of the Dragon Clan, was a prominent figure in the school, just slightly overshadowed by Lord Dragon himself during his time at school.


“Um, what’s the matter, young man?” The class teacher tried to salvage the situation for her student. “This isn’t the way to resolve problems.”


Fei Yuhuan frowned, “Are you Jian Sheng?”


The class teacher shook her head, “I’m not.”


“You take over,” Fei Yuhuan leaned against the door, arms crossed, his tone unfriendly. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”


Jian Sheng was feeling a bit uneasy. He glanced at his son, as if worried that he might associate with troublemakers.


But Jian Sheng wasn’t too afraid. He stood up and said, “I am.”


Compared to the Dark Star people, humans were quite frail, especially Jian Sheng, who had always been undernourished. In front of Fei Yuhuan, he appeared even more fragile.


Jian Sheng turned to the class teacher, “Teacher, I’ll be right back.”


The class teacher nodded.


Before he left, Jian Luo pulled him aside, “If anything happens, call for help in time.”


Although he didn’t want to jump to conclusions about others, this Fei Yuhuan seemed extremely formidable, comparable to Lord Dragon in terms of aura.


Jian Sheng gave him a reassuring look.


As the parent-teacher conference was coming to an end, Jian Luo prepared to leave. Before he left, he had a chat with the class teacher about the children’s recent developments.


The class teacher said, “Mr. Jian, on behalf of the children, I would like to invite you and your mother to our flea market.”


Jian Luo was surprised, “Why invite me?”


“It’s evident that you care for the children and don’t mind being around them,” the class teacher said politely. “Under your guidance, the children were lively and enthusiastic today. We sincerely hope you can join us at the flea market.”


Jian Luo wasn’t particularly interested in these activities, but he didn’t want to refuse directly. “But I can’t be of much help.”


The class teacher smiled, “We’re just inviting you to have fun; we don’t really need your assistance. If you have the time, please grace us with your presence.”


Jian Luo thought for a moment and didn’t rush to decline, “Alright.”


Ever since he became pregnant, his tolerance for children had increased for no apparent reason. He simply liked children.


Seeing them always made him think of little dragons. He hoped that the little dragons would be happier in the future and encounter more kind-hearted people, so the world would be gentler to them.


“Ding Ling Ling.”


The bell signaling the end of the class rang outside.


Jian Luo bid farewell to the class teacher and left. As he came out, he met Jian Sheng returning and accidentally bumped into his brother. He quickly checked to see if he was hurt.


Jian Luo rushed even faster, “Ah Sheng, are you okay?”


Jian Sheng shook his head, “I’m fine. Why would I be hurt? I came to return something to Senior.”


This piqued Jian Luo’s interest, “Return what?”


Jian Sheng scratched his head in embarrassment, “I found his meal card the day before yesterday. Since I can’t enter the S-class classrooms, and I was busy these days, I didn’t get a chance to return it.”




Jian Luo was actually a bit disappointed, “Is that it?”


Jian Sheng was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”


Seeing his younger brother’s innocent gaze, Jian Luo couldn’t help but suppress his own thoughts. After all, children could also have pure friendships, and as an adult, he should fully support them!


The group returned to the peaceful park.


On the way, Jian Sheng couldn’t resist asking Jian Luo about the voting issue, “Brother, you didn’t rig the votes, did you? Some people…”


Jian Luo patiently replied, “No.”


Jian Sheng: “…”


Slightly more clever, their father, Su Liang, stepped in to answer for Jian Luo, “Because your big brother is going to do a livestream, he’s getting to know more people. Surely there are some kind-hearted folks among them.”


This explanation seemed to work.


Jian Sheng completely believed it.


Jian Luo smiled a little guiltily and didn’t argue with the excuse Su Liang had given. In reality, he didn’t have any reservations about revealing Lu Shifeng’s identity. He just wasn’t sure where this relationship was heading, and he decided it was best to leave it at that for now.


Once they returned home, the three of them began to discuss the flea market.


Su Liang, preparing dinner while wearing an apron, commented, “Dark Star people are very skilled in high-tech. If we sell ordinary things, they won’t be interested.”


Jian Sheng, helping with the vegetables in the living room, added, “Each of them has different preferences; there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.”


That was indeed true. Dark Star people had varied tastes, with no unified standard.


Jian Sheng and Su Liang chatted on and off, but they couldn’t come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Jian Luo, sitting on the couch and watching TV, decided to contact Lu Shifeng.


He thought for a moment and began typing a message to Lu Shifeng: “Hello?”


This message seemed a bit formal, as he was asking for help. Perhaps he should sound friendlier. With that in mind, Jian Luo changed it to: “Dragon bro, you there? ^-^”


After sending the message, he expected to wait for a while for a response, but surprisingly, Lu Shifeng replied quickly: “What’s up?”


Jian Luo felt a mix of disappointment and excitement. “Oh, do you know what Dark Star students usually like or what’s popular at the flea market?”


After sending the message, there was silence. Jian Luo occasionally glanced at his communicator while watching TV but received no reply. He began to feel a bit anxious and secretly held some expectations.


This kind of hidden anticipation was reminiscent of his teenage days when he chatted with his crush on WeChat. However, he attributed it to the anxiety he felt for his younger brother.


After a while, Lu Shifeng finally responded: “Different ethnic groups have different preferences; there’s no unified answer.”


Jian Luo wasn’t sure whether to feel disappointed or relieved. “Oh, I see.”


Lu Shifeng followed up with some advice: “Rather than asking them what they like, it’s better to stick to your strengths and make the most of them.”


It was as if he were a seasoned general guiding an inexperienced soldier.


Jian Luo rubbed his chin, pondered for a while, and finally found a direction. His eyes lit up as he came up with an idea. “Got it, I understand!”


Lu Shifeng was quite satisfied with his response and sent Jian Luo a document. The document was quite large, and given the slow internet in their area, it might have been sent earlier but only just appeared on Jian Luo’s communicator.


As the document was being received, Jian Luo couldn’t resist his curiosity. “What’s this?”


“Have a look,” Lu Shifeng replied succinctly. “It’s a compilation of the most popular items at flea markets in recent years.”


Jian Luo was amazed. Was Lu Shifeng some kind of genius? How could he find something like this?


Jian Luo admired Lu Shifeng, and in addition to admiration, he felt an unusual emotion welling up inside him. It was a feeling of being seen and cared for. Even if it was just because there were children present, the feeling of being noticed and cared for by Lu Shifeng was simply wonderful.


Regardless of the reason, he was genuinely thankful for Lu Shifeng’s kindness. “Dragon bro, you’re amazing!”


Lu Shifeng responded with a plain, “Is that so?”


Jian Luo had to compliment him further, “No, really. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely repay you later!”


Lu Shifeng, looking at the word “repay,” narrowed his eyes and replied, “No need to go to great lengths. If you really want to repay me, just be a good boy and take your medicine. Don’t mess around. That would be a repayment in itself.”


Jian Luo was left speechless.



After chatting with Lu Shifeng, Jian Luo began to read the documents. There were indeed many things that could be borrowed from them, whether it was more toys or food, they were among the top choices.


Thinking about it, the flea market was just a few days away. Mass-producing toys was not practical and wouldn’t be done in time. If they had to, it was quicker and simpler to make food.


After hearing Jian Luo’s thoughts, Su Liang asked, “But Luo Luo, how do we know what these races like to eat?”


Jian Luo stood up, a smile on his face. “Who doesn’t know?”


The next day – the flea market.


This was a relatively bustling day at the academy. Different classes and sections sold similar items, mostly based on the preferences of different races.


The Dark Star didn’t just have a few major noble families; there were also smaller clans like the rabbits, dogs, and cats. These races all existed in reality.


The dog race liked to sell various bone decorations, rabbits liked to sell grass-made woven toys, and cats liked to make various traps. Of course, these were all basic-level items. As you went higher in class, the variety and rarity of items increased.


Many classes were bustling with activity, but there were only a few people in Class G. In fact, the children had all carefully brought something with them.


Jian Sheng brought a food platter prepared for Jian Luo, divided into four small sections, containing different foods tailored to the tastes of several noble races.


Jian Sheng, who was next to Jian Luo, asked, “Brother, do you think they will really like it?”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo remained calm. “If they don’t like it, then what? I can make a taste survey next time for targeted improvements.”


“You really don’t waste any effort.”


Soon, students approached their booth, attracted by the aroma of the food. The food on the platter had different colors and flavors, including spicy sticks that the Dragon race liked, sweet cakes preferred by the Phoenix race, and a slightly salty cake for the Pixiu. The different flavors were alluring.


The children from Class G, however, showed little interest.


Jian Sheng encouraged, “Shall we come up with a catchy slogan?”


No one agreed.


Finally, a little girl said, “Class Leader, there’s no one here to attract with slogans.”


Compared to the small stalls of the major noble families, there was so much to explore, and nobody had the time to come to this remote place to find trouble. Not only this little girl, but the others also seemed dejected, looking as though they were waiting for it to end.


Everyone seemed lifeless, like they were participating in an activity forced upon them.


Jian Sheng was not satisfied; he found a board and started making a sign that said, “Buy something and get snacks.”


As he was making it, people passing by were drawn to the commotion of creating the sign. When they approached, they saw the pastry platter and couldn’t help but ask, “How are these snacks sold?”


Jian Sheng hurriedly replied, “They’re not for sale. When you buy an item, you get a snack.”


The child who asked was from the dog race, a subsidiary of Pixiu. His nose was sharp, and he had his eyes on the cake from a distance. It was simply too enticing.


The young boy from the dog race looked around the stall and then pointed to a workbook, saying, “I’ll buy a workbook.”


Jian Sheng’s eyes lit up with joy. “Alright!”


He quickly helped with the packaging, and soon, their first sale was made, unexpectedly fast and unbelievable. Once it started, the rest of the business seemed to go smoothly.


Word spread, and more and more children came, all lured by the promise of prizes.


“Have you gotten your prize yet?”

“You haven’t tried these snacks?”

“Hurry up, the prizes will run out.”


The Dark Star people generally loved to eat, especially children. Their expressions of likes and dislikes were usually more straightforward. Gradually, the booth that had initially been ignored began to attract more people.


Some children were initially indifferent but became interested as more people gathered. Those with good manual skills approached Jian Sheng and said, “Class Leader, let me help.”


The livelier ones shouted to attract customers, “These items are not negotiable, but they’re very affordable. This ball isn’t just for taking pictures; look, it can also record videos…”


The other children also started doing various tasks, and the entire class was visibly bustling with activity.


This change didn’t go unnoticed by the students from the opposite class. They were a higher class than Class G, usually looking down on them with superiority. However, they couldn’t believe that this time, Class G had actually improved and not only won the vote but also attracted so many customers at the flea market.


One child asked, “Class Leader, what should we do?”


Their class leader, a girl, snorted. “We’ll also give away snacks, just like them.”


A curious child asked, “What activity should we organize?”


After thinking for a moment, the girl took out a framed handguard from her storage grid with pride. “Do you know what this is? It’s a handguard used by Marshal Lu, Marshal Lu touched it.”


To the children, Marshal Lu Shifeng was a legendary figure. The items associated with him were like celebrity memorabilia. When this item came out, it instantly attracted a crowd of onlookers.


The class leader smiled triumphantly. “Anyone who buys something can take a picture with it, touch it, and help make a sign!”


The other children all agreed.


Their efficiency was also fast, and in no time, they had made a sign. Many passersby were attracted by the sight of the three characters “Lu Shifeng,” a testament to the charisma of Marshal Lu.


Jian Sheng noticed Jing’s reaction and turned to Jian Luo. “Brother, it seems like they’re selling Marshal Lu’s handguard over there!”


Jian Luo, who had been dozing off in the back, was startled.


Jian Sheng eagerly said, “I really like Marshal Lu, do you want to go see it, Brother?”


“…Not interested.”


Jian Luo casually remarked, “It might be fake, who knows.”


“Brother, you’ve never seen it, how can you say it’s fake?” Jian Sheng pulled him. “Come on, let’s take a look.”


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