Chapter 80 – Humankind is too generous

Chapter 80 – Humankind is too generous


Uncle decided to save Jian Luo’s aesthetic sense: “Luo Luo… are you sure this really has little meat, and it will taste good when cooked?”


Jian Luo looked at the crayfish inside the box, waving its little pincers. Its two dark eyes seemed even cuter, and he grinned, saying, “Look how cute it is. How can it not be delicious?”




Uncle hesitated for a moment.


But Jian Luo’s cooking skills gave him some confidence, so he said, “Luo Luo, do you want to give it a try?”


Jian Luo wanted to try, and in fact, cooking crayfish wasn’t that difficult. The best part was that you could cook them all in one pot, making it very convenient, especially since the soldiers had just finished their exercise. If they came back and all had some crayfish, wouldn’t it be a delightful meal?


With this in mind, Jian Luo asked the soldier, “How many of these did you confiscate?”


The soldier didn’t treat Jian Luo differently because he was a human but answered honestly, “A lot, there were probably several frozen storage rooms on one warship. These are invasive species, and they tried to transport them to other planets to harm the ecosystem.”


Uncle nodded, “These crayfish not only harm the environment but also have culinary value.”


Jian Luo smiled, “Let me give it a try. How about I prepare this box first and give you a taste? If you like it, I can make more.”


Secretary Jin walked over, “Luo Luo, won’t you be too tired?”


As soon as this was mentioned, everyone looked at Jian Luo’s belly. It was already five or six months old, and his lower abdomen had a noticeable size, like a small hill, but his limbs were very slender, only his belly had grown a bit, making it quite prominent.


In fact, everyone knew that fetuses were fragile, but they couldn’t help but worry if he would tire himself out.


Jian Luo looked at the crayfish, and his attitude began to change dramatically, “No, I’m not tired.”


Uncle said, “Let me help you, Luo Luo.”




Since it seemed like it had been a long time since there was a live broadcast here, Jian Luo thought he could livestream it. After getting Uncle’s permission, he started the livestream.


When he opened the information terminal, he received a private message from Jiang Jiang: “I’m sorry, Luo Luo, that ad might cause you trouble.”


Jian Luo smiled, “It doesn’t matter. I revealed it when I was still in school. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. Besides, this will be exposed sooner or later; it’s just a matter of time.”


Jiang Jiang had messaged him yesterday, so Jian Luo replied to Jiang Jiang’s message promptly.


Jian Luo tidied up a bit and then pressed the livestream button.


The little circle started working diligently. Almost as soon as the livestream started, the viewership began to skyrocket. It had just reached two million, and the numbers were still climbing rapidly.


Jian Luo greeted everyone as usual, “Hello, everyone. I’m Jian Luo, and today we’re going to eat crayfish.”


The viewers didn’t really care about what they were eating:


“Is the host really pregnant?”


“Whose noble offspring are you carrying? Can we see the baby?”


“Can you eat this? Is it safe for a pregnant man to eat?”


“Please take care of your health, host. Don’t overexert yourself.”


The chat was bustling, and gifts and fireworks were constantly exploding on the screen.


Jian Luo was cleaning the crayfish. Uncle and Secretary Jin were helping on the side, so he didn’t need to do much with his hands. He mainly gave instructions, “Handling crayfish requires some skill. First, make sure to clean the tails thoroughly, and then remove the intestinal vein.”


These were all delicate preparations.


While they were cleaning the crayfish, Jian Luo prepared the ingredients on the side. First, there were the chilies; there had to be enough of them since the key to spicy crayfish was spiciness. So, he prepared plenty of seasoning.


“We’ve made shrimp strips before,” Jian Luo said casually. “When we made shrimp strips, I explained the method for handling shrimp. Today, the main focus is on the seasonings.”


Chilies, garlic, salt.


The green onions were chopped, and the chilies were cut as well.


Finally, the audience in the livestream started paying attention to the ingredients:


“Can you eat crayfish?”


“There are articles on the star network about how to eat these creatures.”


“I remember them as invasive species.”


The reason Jian Luo’s livestream had such a following wasn’t just because he was pregnant; it was also because his ideas were always daring and full of energy, always surprising people. Each time, he took a different approach, giving a sense of novelty.


On the other side, the crayfish had already been cleaned by Secretary Jin. She made a gesture to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo said to Uncle, “You can steam them on top of the steamer now.”


“You don’t need to add anything else,” Jian Luo addressed the camera, “Just place them on top to steam.”


Because this method had been tried by the kitchen chefs as well, but the texture wasn’t ideal, there was some suspense as they watched Jian Luo use it, and they looked at him with some concern, but Jian Luo just smiled confidently.


Not only was he curious about it, but the soldiers were too.


The soldier responsible for bringing the food back came back empty-handed, which piqued everyone’s curiosity, “Did you bring back the food?”


The soldier nodded, “Yes, and… Mr. Jian Luo wanted to keep some.”


Lu Shifeng nodded, his voice lazy but unmistakable, “Hmm, have the remaining confiscated items collected and retained.”


The others exchanged glances privately.


In the past, they rarely confiscated anything valuable during operations. Generally, General Lu would dismiss them, or they would be destroyed on-site.


As the top military power in the universe, Darkstar naturally had its strengths. They had an abundance of weapons and equipment, and their technology and weaponry were in a league of their own. They might have confiscated some ingredients in the past, but given General Lu Shifeng’s extremely picky palate, there weren’t many things he took a liking to.


The fact that they were keeping crayfish this time required no further explanation.


Finally, Lu Shifeng turned to his adjutant and said softly, “You personally handle it.”


The adjutant lowered his head and replied, “Yes.”


Inside the kitchen, the crayfish were already prepared, and the crayfish in the pot had gradually matured. They exuded a strong allure in the vibrant red broth. The spicy flavor mixed with the unique deliciousness of the crayfish wafted through the air, making people involuntarily salivate.


Jian Luo was busy eating, deftly peeling crayfish and handing them to Secretary Jin and Uncle.


The viewers in the livestream were enticed by the aroma:


“Host, we want to eat too.”


“Ah, please eat first, we want to taste the flavor.”


“I can’t wait anymore.”


Jian Luo leaned against the stove and asked Secretary Jin and Uncle, “How does it taste?”


Secretary Jin wiped her lips after finishing one and went to wash her hands, “No need to ask me, I’ll peel my own.”


The uncle nodded, “It’s delicious.”


In fact, dragons also knew how to enjoy life, and it was ingrained in their genes to do so. Long ago, dragons enjoyed collecting treasures to make themselves happy. They enjoyed combat and the thrill of the battlefield, so they chose to be soldiers.


Dragons were known for being carefree and knowing how to indulge in pleasures.


Jian Luo said, “If you think the taste is good, we can ask them to bring more crayfish later. The broth can be used again, and I’ve already taught you the method, Uncle.”


Uncle nodded, “Alright, I’ll do it. You shouldn’t tire yourself out; go rest.”


Jian Luo smiled and stood up, packing some crayfish in a box. He said, “Can I take some with me?”


Secretary Jin nodded, “Of course, take it.”


As Jian Luo was packing the box, he heard Secretary Jin ask, “Are you taking it back to eat?”


“I’m full,” Jian Luo said, holding the box. “I’m taking it back for the dragons to taste.”


Secretary Jin agreed wholeheartedly and gave him a thumbs up, “Go for it.”


In fact, General Lu Shifeng had a strong temper. During marches, the entire army would be on edge, and the pressure was immense. But with Jian Luo around, the situation improved. As the saying goes, “When the king is happy, the people enjoy good fortune.” It all depended on the efforts of the king’s beloved concubine!


As time passed, more and more soldiers came to the cafeteria in groups.


“I heard they made crayfish from today’s confiscation.”


“What’s so special about crayfish?”


“Those are things humans like. True dragons should eat potato casserole.”


“It was made by Jian Luo. It seems this tiny human likes things that get stuck in your teeth.”


The crowd entered the cafeteria and were immediately stunned by the delicious aroma of the crayfish. Who could resist the tantalizing scent and mouthwatering taste of the vibrant red broth, mixed with a spicy kick?


For a moment, everyone paused, and the soldiers exchanged glances.


After a while, someone spoke up, “True dragons should eat crayfish.”


“I don’t want potato casserole anymore.”


“These tiny humans are quite cute, I’m sure they’re very tender.”


“Yeah, I’m worried I might accidentally crush her with my dragon form.”



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