Chapter 81 – Who are they betting on?

Chapter 81 -Who are they betting on?


Jian Luo brought back some crayfish.


Today’s harvest was quite abundant, which was really satisfying. Originally, he thought he wouldn’t be able to enjoy many Earth foods, but it turned out to be okay. Every time, he seemed to unexpectedly discover pleasant surprises, which made him very happy.


The resting area was very close, so after returning, he put the crayfish down and went to take a shower. Actually, since he had boarded the warship, he hadn’t been feeling quite comfortable. Perhaps it was because he was a bit seasick. Although it had improved a lot, he still wanted to freshen up and sleep.


After finishing his shower and coming out, Jian Luo pushed open the bathroom door and saw Lu Shifeng waiting outside.


The Marshal sat elegantly on the sofa, raising an eyebrow as he looked at him. “You’re out?”


Jian Luo scratched his head for a moment and nodded. “Yeah.”


The room still had the scent of crayfish. Jian Luo realized this and took a few small steps to sit next to Lu Shifeng.


“Try this crayfish.” Jian Luo opened the food container. “Actually, I made it as an experiment. See if it tastes good.”


To prevent the Marshal from getting his hands dirty, Jian Luo had even brought gloves. Although he himself didn’t always like using gloves. It was mainly because with plastic gloves, the sharp crayfish shells could easily puncture them.


Lu Shifeng watched Jian Luo peeling the crayfish and then started peeling one for himself.


Jian Luo commented, “You don’t actually need to peel them. Our human stomachs might have trouble digesting the shells, but you can just… swallow them whole.”


After Lu Shifeng finished peeling, he handed it to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo hesitated as he looked at the crayfish meat in front of him. “Is this for me?”


Lu Shifeng’s blood-red eyes stared at Jian Luo, and there seemed to be a glint of light in his eyes. He raised an eyebrow, “You’ve been salivating.”




Well, honesty was the best policy. Jian Luo took it with a slightly embarrassed tone. “I’ll just have one.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.


When the Marshal peeled the crayfish, it was much easier than Jian Luo’s efforts. His fingertips had a few scales that seemed sharp. When the crayfish shells touched them, they opened easily. Each of them had one, and they took turns eating.


Finally, Jian Luo wanted to make a comment. “Dragon scales are really nice!”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him. “Did you have concerns about them before?”




Jian Luo wiped his hands, feeling a bit embarrassed. He spoke honestly, “I think the scales are great, especially in the summer. I really like them.”


Lu Shifeng continued to look at him.


“I mean…” Jian Luo’s heart was pounding as he spoke, “they feel so cool. Even though it’s sometimes a bit hot, the scales are really refreshing, colder than hugging an icebox!”


Lu Shifeng said, “So, does that mean you’d find me uncomfortable in winter?”


“I wouldn’t dare,” Jian Luo hurriedly said, “In winter, you can always warm up, right?”



There was a moment of silence in the room.


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng’s stern face. When he didn’t smile, the Marshal’s expression appeared somewhat severe, with a strong presence that was somewhat intimidating.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but hesitate about whether to say more.


After scaring him a bit, Lu Shifeng finally smiled and pointed to the remaining two crayfish on the table. “There are two left, help yourself.”


If people knew that these were the precious dragon scales, coveted by many and capable of protecting against all poisons, being used as a personal air conditioner and portable heater, they would probably be furious.


Jian Luo didn’t feel sleepy at all after eating.


He stretched lazily and took the initiative. “Dragon brother, didn’t you arrange a training mission for me? I want to give it a try.”


Lu Shifeng lounged on the sofa, probably due to his recent return from the battlefield. There was an indelible air of fierceness about this man that made him less refined and more dangerous. He stood up and looked down at Jian Luo. “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo stared at him, looking somewhat clueless. “Where are we going?”


“Aren’t we going to train?” Lu Shifeng said. “I’ll take you for some fun.”


As they walked through the corridor, the soldiers they encountered would salute them.



“Hello, Marshal!”



Then, when it was time for the person to salute Jian Luo, everyone looked at each other. Some of the young soldiers who didn’t know Jian Luo suddenly didn’t know what to call him. Should they address him as “Madam” or by his title? In the end, the more clever ones would call out:


“Hello, Chef!”

“Good day, Cook!”


Jian Luo waved and greeted those who saluted him. For a human, being able to exchange greetings with nobility in this way was quite remarkable.


As they entered the training hall, Jian Luo thought his training area would be private as it was the last time he was here. However, this time, there were quite a few people here.


Normally, he wouldn’t be nervous, but when he saw so many people at once, he felt a bit overwhelmed. Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng and asked, “What are we training for?”


“Aren’t we bored?” Lu Shifeng glanced at him. “We’re here to watch them play.”




The Dragon race was naturally strong and skilled in combat. They spent their lives either fighting or preparing for a fight. When people noticed Jian Luo, they gave him curious looks.


Jian Luo felt a bit nervous, but not overly so. He was used to facing large crowds as a live streamer. Other than some nervousness, he was fine. Surprisingly, the Dragon race did not act as he had feared. Instead, they were quite welcoming.


“Is he the chef who cooks crayfish?”

“He’s so cute!”

“Is he pregnant? I can smell a baby.”

“Lower your voice, what if you startle him?”


The Dragons chattered like this, looking at Jian Luo with pity, as if he were a little kitten. Lu Shifeng stood beside Jian Luo and spoke firmly, “Quiet.”


In an instant, everyone fell silent.


Lu Shifeng led Jian Luo to the front row, and the Dragons watched their Dragon King and a tiny human with curiosity.


Lu Shifeng said, “Continue your group match.”


When there was no fighting to be done, the Dragons often engaged in group battles. The winning team would receive substantial rewards. Others could also bet on which team would win. A brigadier leading a team asked Lu Shifeng, “Marshal, would you like to join in?”


Lu Shifeng shook his head. “You all go ahead.”


The most exciting part of these battles was the betting. People would bet on their favorite teams and win big if they were right. A secretary named Jin asked Jian Luo, “Lolo, would you like to bet?”


Jian Luo nodded. He looked at the teams and suddenly remembered the group he had eaten hotpot with earlier. He said, “I’ll bet on them.”


Jin nodded, “Alright, do you want to place a wager?”


Originally, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Jin’s words caught the interest of the other Dragons. What kind of bet could a human offer that would entice Dragons?


The Dragons looked at Jian Luo expectantly.


With all eyes on him, Jian Luo hesitated for a moment before speaking, “If that team wins, I’ll cook any dish they want, anything they fancy.”


Once he said this, the entire place erupted in excitement. The Dragons had a deep affection for Jian Luo, especially after he had introduced them to crayfish.


The team Jian Luo bet on, the ones he had shared hotpot with, were now incredibly motivated to win. The brigadier asked Lu Shifeng, “My lord, shall we begin?”


Lu Shifeng sat above them, toying with something in his hand. He asked, “What did you ask me before?”


The brigadier was puzzled.


Lu Shifeng reminded him, “The previous question.”


“Uh… would you like to join in, my lord?”


Lu Shifeng stood up. “Yes.”


For a moment, there was silence in the arena. Then, the Dragon soldiers erupted into deafening cheers. Everyone was excited to see the Dragon King join the battle. They all wanted to get guidance from the War God himself and witness his unparalleled skills firsthand.


But there was a problem.


Jin, the secretary, looked at Jian Luo. “Lolo, whom will you bet on? Do you want to change your wager?”


With all eyes on him, Jian Luo hesitated. Not betting on your own man… that wouldn’t be good.


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