Chapter 105 – So Anxious

Chapter 105 – So Anxious


The young Lu Shifeng was still too inexperienced, not knowing what tricks Jian Luo, who was in front of him, wanted to play. He only saw the person who was just talking and laughing in front of him suddenly disappear. His body seemed to fall without weight, too fast for anyone to react.


In an instant, Lu Shifeng’s eyes widened, and his body rushed out almost without thinking, without time to consider or prepare.


The sound of wind in his ears. In the past, when he fell, what was he thinking?


Thinking about how to battle the enemy.


Thinking about the resentment and hatred in his heart.


Thinking about how to make everyone shut up.


But at this moment, he didn’t think about anything. He couldn’t think about anything. His eyes were fixed on that falling figure, and his heart tightened painfully.


The distance was getting closer. In the chaotic thoughts, he saw Jian Luo’s eyes. Those eyes were peaceful, steady, without a hint of panic, as if confidently entrusting his life and safety into his hands.


Jian Luo reached out to him: “Lu Shifeng…”


Humans are fragile.


Their bodies can hardly withstand any danger. A fall of a few meters might break their necks.


Sometimes they only know how to call for help.


Otherwise, they die.




A word that Lu Shifeng somewhat repelled and resisted appeared in his mind. His pupils contracted, and the wings behind him almost opened in an instant.


Thunder roared in the sky. Under the huge rocks, the young Lu Shifeng stood in the rain, holding Jian Luo in his arms, his head bowed, and the wings behind him opened in front, shielding the rain for the person in his arms.


Jian Luo sighed in relief, somewhat surprised: “You can fly.”


Lu Shifeng kept his face low, showing no sign of joy. He spoke in a low voice: “Is it fun?”




Jian Luo choked up, a bit cautiously: “Are you angry?”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyelids to look at him, his blood-red eyes crimson. His voice was cold, like a demon: “I’m asking you a question.”


So fierce.


Compared to the arrogant young version of Lu Shifeng before, seeing this version now, Jian Luo cowered like a younger brother.


Jian Luo timidly apologized: “I’m sorry.”


The rain was heavy. Lu Shifeng lowered his head again, and rainwater slid down his cheeks. Jian Luo had an inexplicable intuition: “Are you crying?”


Lu Shifeng remained silent.


Jian Luo panicked, nervously stroking Lu Shifeng’s face, and said anxiously: “You really cried. I’m sorry. Can you not cry? Can I promise not to jump next time?”


He wanted to wipe Lu Shifeng’s face, but fatally, his hand passed through. At some point, his body had become transparent.


Lu Shifeng looked up at him, clearly noticing the change in Jian Luo’s body.


Jian Luo awkwardly withdrew his hand, racking his brains to find some reason to explain this phenomenon. In reality, he knew he was about to wake up but didn’t know how to say it.


Lu Shifeng was more straightforward: “You’re leaving.”


Jian Luo nodded, “Yeah.”


This is where red eyes are disadvantageous. Even if he cried, no one could tell. Looking into those red eyes, all that was seen was purity.


Lu Shifeng said, “Will you come back?”



Young man, this is a difficult question to answer.


Jian Luo wanted to say it’s a probability question whether I dream of you or not. After hesitating for a moment, he came up with an explanation, “Of course, I will come back. Look, I’m carrying your child. Why wouldn’t I come back?”


Lu Shifeng asked, “Really?”




Jian Luo thanked himself that his voice seemed to be getting smaller. Worried that Lu Shifeng wouldn’t hear, he used his last strength to say, “Do your best, don’t give up. You’re great, you’re the hope of the Dragon race’s future.”


Lu Shifeng wanted to hold his hand but couldn’t. It was intangible and passed right through.


Jian Luo’s voice became more scattered. In the end, as his entire figure seemed to be breaking apart, his voice became as faint as a mosquito. Dragon hearing is extraordinary, even at this moment, he heard Jian Luo’s words, “I will wait for you in the future.”



“Ding Ling Ling.”


The alarm clock rang.


Jian Luo sat up suddenly from the bed. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lu Shifeng changing clothes not far away. The marshal always woke up a bit earlier than him, and at this moment, he was buttoning the cuff of his military uniform.


Lu Shifeng heard the sound and glanced back at him, “Awake?”


Jian Luo foolishly said, “Awake.”

Lu Shifeng said, “You have a prenatal checkup this afternoon. I’ll be back to accompany you. You can arrange your time in the morning. If you feel bored, you can play mahjong with those three elves of yours.”




Don’t make it sound like I have nothing to do.


After muttering in his heart, Jian Luo finally mentioned something serious, “Um, did you dream last night?”


Lu Shifeng: “What?”


Judging by his expression, Jian Luo guessed he probably didn’t dream. For some reason, he sighed with relief. Even though he knew dreams were not a reliable thing, he still felt a bit guilty.


Lu Shifeng looked at him meaningfully, “Did you do something bad in your dream?”


Jian Luo immediately refuted, “No, I didn’t!”


Thinking about the scenes and dialogues in the dream, Jian Luo automatically edited out his part and left some of Lu Shifeng’s pretext.


Sitting halfway on the bed, Jian Luo suddenly had a question. He had to ask today, or he would feel choked, “Let me ask you a question. Who do you think looks better, me or the princess?”



Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow without giving a clear answer.


Jian Luo felt even more frustrated.


Why was he entangled in such a question with this dog-like man? Was it typical for pregnant people to be more particular?


Thinking about this, Jian Luo sighed, “Forget it.”


Lu Shifeng put on his military coat, “If you have time to think about these boring questions, why not do something practical?”


Jian Luo, not pleased, asked, “Like what?”


“Such as checking the quality of the elf tribe’s dried fruits more thoroughly.” Lu Shifeng walked to the door, turned his head, and raised an eyebrow, “It’s indeed quite average.”



The person who was just arrogant on the bed suddenly petrified.


The reason was simple – he had never given Lu Shifeng any dried fruits to eat. He had only let the younger version taste them before. He did have a pack with him yesterday, thinking of letting Lu Shifeng try them, but he got too angry about the fiancée issue and didn’t give them.


Could it be—Lu Shifeng ate them elsewhere?


Jian Luo felt a bit flustered. Could it be, could it be that the dream was really shared, and he knew?!



In the office


Jian Luo held the contract and dried fruits, talking incessantly in front of the video, “I think these dried fruits can be developed into other flavors. I’ve been trying if I can make them spicy or salty lately. According to previous experience, I’ve tried them in buns, and the taste is good, but the shelf life of buns is not long, so I think it can be changed to bread.”


Nie Yan, flipping through documents, faintly responded, “Hmm.” He raised a question, “Is this your entire plan?”


Jian Luo was very uneasy, “Yes.”


Boss Nie remained silent for a while, the eerie quiet making Jian Luo a bit uneasy. Just when he was anxious, Nie Yan said, “Not bad.”


The surprise came too suddenly!


Jian Luo was excited, “What’s next, promotion?”


Nie Yan said, “I’ve asked Jieyue to set up the shopping website preliminarily. I’ll send you the link and account later. From today, you can find time to promote it. When the orders meet the shipping conditions, I’ll arrange for people to deliver them.”


Jian Luo had no problem, “Okay.”


After discussing the specifics with the boss, Jian Luo began planning his own live broadcast room. He had already obtained the goods from the elf tribe’s dried fruits. The initial estimate for the first live broadcast was to give away ten thousand packages. All these names had to be counted.


So, the problem arose.


Jin Secretary said, “Luo Luo, I think you might need an assistant.”


Jian Luo also realized that he might be overwhelmed with many things alone, and having an assistant would indeed be helpful.


Jin Secretary asked, “Have you thought about who to hire?”


Jian Luo temporarily didn’t have a specific candidate in mind and said, “The three elves from the elf tribe are originally locals. It should be easy for them to handle their dried fruits and after-sales. Let’s go with them for now.”


Jin Secretary nodded, “Alright, I’ll arrange it when the time comes.”


Jian Luo said, “Okay.”


After discussing everything, it was time for his live broadcast. Before the broadcast, he called Jiang Jiang to ensure technical and administrative support and to prevent any issues like buffering or disconnections in the live stream.


After that, Jian Luo explained the process to the three elves, and when everything was ready, he started the live broadcast.


“Ding dong.”


The big viewer count started running, and the broadcast began.


【Current online viewers: 1.2 million, Total live duration: 0 minutes, Total earnings: 0.】


As the live broadcast started, viewers gradually poured in. Trying to promote products in the live stream was Jian Luo’s first attempt since crossing over, and he was nervous. To achieve a good effect, he chose the most good-looking elf among the three to accompany him in the live broadcast.


As viewers entered, they were astonished:


“The host is showing his face?”


“Wow, so beautiful!”


“For an old fan like me, this isn’t him. It must be someone from the elf tribe.”


Indeed, Jian Luo explained, “This is not actually me. This is a friend I invited to the live stream today. We are here to recommend the specialty of the elf tribe, Elf Fruit.”


The elf named Wei Wei was a girl with the standard elf appearance—porcelain-like skin, big watery eyes, a sharp and high nose, and a pure temperament, all of which were enchanting.


Wei Wei greeted the audience, “Hello, everyone, I’m Wei Wei.”


Jian Luo livened up the atmosphere for her, “The elf tribe rarely appears in the outside world. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the barrage, and she will answer if she sees them.”


This was indeed true. The elf tribe was secluded, and if it weren’t for the need to make a living, they would prefer to remain isolated. In the interstellar world, they were practically invisible.


The audience was enthusiastic:


“How do you take care of your skin?”


“How to maintain a good figure?”


“How can I be as elegant and noble as you?”


It had to be said; these questions were very practical.


Wei Wei smiled shyly, and the clever elf knew how to leverage her advantages for profit, “Actually, our local genetics are quite average. It’s probably the food and drinks we consume daily that contribute to our well-being.”


The barrage of comments became curious.


Jian Luo signaled to Wei Wei, and she immediately said, “We usually drink flower dew and eat Elf Fruit. In our homeland, Elf Fruit helps maintain a good physique, keeps the mood pleasant, and promotes overall health.”


This statement covered all aspects. If it were just an advertisement, everyone would think it’s for promotional purposes, but having a real person suddenly appear and assert that it’s genuine changed the whole perception.


Especially with the surge in beauty value due to the beauty filter, it was enough to captivate the audience.


Jian Luo promptly joined in, “This thing is indeed good. I’ve been eating Elf Fruit dried recently. Is the effect the same?”


Wei Wei nodded, “It contains spiritual energy, and as long as the spiritual energy doesn’t disperse, it works.”


With this statement, the audience erupted:


“Share the link, share the link!”


“I need to know how to purchase within three seconds.”


“It makes you look so good after eating, and it’s completely natural and pollution-free. I want one!”


Jian Luo glanced at the real-time online count in the live stream, which had reached five million. He continued, “However, I want to express my sincere gratitude for everyone’s continuous support in my live broadcasts. We will be drawing one thousand packs of Elf Fruit in the first round of the live stream. After the orders are confirmed, we’ll ship them together. If there are any quality issues with our dried fruits upon receipt, we will offer a full refund. You can rest assured.”


This statement excited the audience, as broadcasters endorsing products were common, but not many were as generous as Jian Luo.


“I want it!”


“Count me in!”


Jian Luo checked the live stream’s current popularity and said, “Now, with six million online viewers, we will start the lottery when we reach ten million.”


Although the online viewer count was soaring, the increase was slow. However, since Jian Luo announced the free lottery, the numbers started to rise rapidly. At the same time, Jian Luo reached the top of the popularity rankings for the entire Dark Star.


Many observers were also stunned:


“How long did it take for him to reach the top?”


“And he broadcasts at random times.”


“He’s the top streamer.”


The lottery was divided into tiers. For every additional ten million online viewers, a new round of prizes would be drawn. Gradually, Jian Luo noticed that his audience not only consisted of Dark Star residents but also included people from other planets who had come to his live stream.


“Recommended by the Marshal, came to see the madam out of curiosity.”


“I’m not interested in dried fruits, but the other dishes in your display window look good.”


“Why not start an interstellar livestream? Many people around me want to watch, but they can’t find a platform.”


Jian Luo noticed that there were indeed many people like this. He had been thinking about this aspect for a while. While the flow on Dark Star was good, and he could sell some dishes regularly, it still didn’t compare to the overall interstellar traffic. Moreover, he wasn’t alone now; he had a whole planet to support, and expanding online would be crucial.


He would need to discuss this matter with Jiang Jiang.


Jian Luo asked the two elves helping to tally the orders, “How many units have we sold?”


Anya, the elf responsible for maintaining the website’s backend data, replied, “The current total is 37 million units, and we’ve already reached our initial target.”


Jian Luo nodded. Understanding when to stop was crucial. He then addressed the audience in the livestream, “Alright, that’s it for today’s broadcast. Thank you all for your support. We will continue to work hard in the future. For those who have placed orders, you will get the group purchase price of 15 stars per pack, with 50 people forming a group. If you want to buy individually, it’s 20 stars. You can choose accordingly!”


The audience exclaimed:


“Here in the Sky City’s Mingshuai District, 36 people in a group, just a dozen short, count me in!”


“Ignore him, I have 42 people, just need 8 more, come to my group.”


“Crying, I’m from the M60 star, fellow stars, check out the kids, just need 30 more people to form a group.”


Jian Luo ended the livestream.


After a tiring livestream session, he turned to the three elves beside him and said, “You all worked hard. Let’s have hot pot later!”


The elves were very happy, “Great!”


When they first met Jian Luo, the elves refused. They were used to drinking dew and eating fruits, so eating these mundane things was impossible for them. They even declared at the beginning, “Eating is impossible. We will never eat such food in our lifetime.”


After being influenced by Jian Luo a few times, the elves’ style changed once again:


“What are we eating today?”


“Barbecue and grilled small lobsters on skewers.”


“How about hot pot?”


No one could resist the trio of delicious foods, and even the elves couldn’t escape the allure of earth’s cuisine.


When Jian Luo and Secretary Jin went to select ingredients, Secretary Jin noticed cheese on a nearby table and said with a smile, “Who brought this out? These are things only little dragons like to eat.”


Upon hearing her say this, Jian Luo also turned his head to look.


On the table, there was a milky-white cheese that looked quite appetizing. He asked, “Do young dragons like to eat these snacks?”


“Absolutely love them!” Secretary Jin recounted her past, “I like cheese, cloud ice cream, toothpick candies, and all sorts of snacks.”


Watching her reminisce about her happy childhood, inexplicably, Jian Luo thought of someone falling into a mud puddle. If he remembered correctly, there was a group of little dragons living in the military’s aerial garden. Whenever he visited, those little dragons always enjoyed life carefreely.


The aerial garden had the most pleasant environment, with the young dragons growing up together as good companions under the protection of the Dragon King, enjoying the beautiful moments of childhood.


However, for Lu Shifeng, his childhood was an endless curtain of rain, with mud and the weight of responsibility and unseen pressure.


Jian Luo asked, “And the Marshal, what did he like to eat when he was young?”


Secretary Jin choked.


Jian Luo touched his nose, “Just curious.”


“Well… I don’t know.” Secretary Jin smiled apologetically, “Although we’re about the same age as the Marshal, he was training in the Dragon Valley when he was young, and when he came out, he became the Dragon King.”


“What about his birthday?”


“Because he was always in the Dragon Valley, we don’t know the specific date.”


I see.


Looking at the cheese sticks on the table, Jian Luo recalled the thin and weak child in the Dragon Valley and suddenly had an idea.


“Secretary Jin!”


Secretary Jin was startled, “What’s wrong?”


Jian Luo said, “You go have hot pot, I’ll go to the kitchen and prepare something. Let’s give the Marshal a surprise when he comes back in the afternoon!”


Seeing him so excited, Secretary Jin also smiled and asked, “Do you need any help?”


“No, no need.” Jian Luo was already selecting ingredients, “I can handle it myself.”


Seeing his enthusiasm, Secretary Jin didn’t disturb him and tactfully stepped aside. Before having hot pot, she needed to return to her work.


Waiting at the Elf Altar for Lu Shifeng to come back, Secretary Jin couldn’t help but speculate about what the surprise could be.


When Lu Shifeng came out, he habitually asked, “How was today?”


“Hmm?” Secretary Jin immediately stood up straight and professionally replied, “Today, Luo Luo did well, livestreamed for over an hour, didn’t encounter any problems, was in a good mood, and also…”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow, looking at her, “And what?”


Secretary Jin hesitated for a moment. After all, reporting truthfully was her job. So, with determination, she said, “And Luo Luo said he wants to give you a surprise!”




Lu Shifeng paused in his steps. The usual sternness on his face softened a bit, and he asked, “What surprise?”


Secretary Jin hesitated, “Luo Luo didn’t say. He didn’t let me follow him, saying he wants to prepare it alone. He said he’ll show you when you come back in the afternoon.”

Lu Shifeng sat in the car, his tone carrying a hint of unsubstantial blame, “He always likes to do these quirky things.”


Secretary Jin has now grasped the meaning of His Lordship, “Isn’t it also for you?”


Indeed, there was a slight increase in warmth in Lu Shifeng’s eyes. Although his face remained indifferent, his words carried a gentleness, “Let him be.”


Secretary Jin agreed and added, “Um, Your Lordship, we have another schedule ahead.”


As the words fell, Lu Shifeng’s brows furrowed.


Secretary Jin felt a momentary panic and quickly corrected herself, “But it’s not very important!”


“Hmm,” Lu Shifeng was quite satisfied, “Let’s go back first.”



Although you’re trying to be discreet, I can already tell that you really want the surprise.


On the other side, Jian Luo had just set up the surprise. Because making these snacks left him smelling, he took a shower and prepared to go out. Thinking about the morning’s events, he felt a bit guilty. He didn’t know if Lu Shifeng was aware of that dream. This was a perfect opportunity to find out.


Just as he was thinking about it, he turned a corner and saw Lu Shifeng who had just returned.


Jian Luo smiled, “You came back early?”


Lu Shifeng: “Yes.”


As he spoke, His Lordship glanced at Jian Luo, reservedly waiting for the surprise. Jian Luo noticed that Lu Shifeng had taken a shower and changed into a different outfit. His face even had a shy blush, perhaps due to the steam from the shower. The gaze he received seemed to carry a hint of shy evasion.


The more Lu Shifeng thought about it, the more he became intrigued. According to books, when a pregnant spouse reaches a certain month, they become more eager for their husband’s love. He had always thought Jian Luo didn’t need that, but could today be a revelation?


Jian Luo said, “Come with me to the room, I have a surprise for you.”


Lu Shifeng’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, his voice somewhat hoarse, “I’ll take a shower first.”


“Shower?” Jian Luo shook his head, “Why bother, you can wash up after the surprise. I can’t wait; let me tell you, you’ll be happy!”


Lu Shifeng didn’t expect Jian Luo to be so impatient.


Inside the room, Jian Luo deliberately turned off the lights, leaving only a few ambiguous candlelights. He lowered his voice, “It’s my first attempt, so if I don’t perform well, don’t blame me, okay?”


Lu Shifeng’s Adam’s apple rolled again, “I won’t.”


“That’s good!”


Lu Shifeng reached out to hug Jian Luo, but unexpectedly, Jian Luo moved away and walked to the steps not far away. In an instant, the lights came on, and small fireworks bloomed. Jian Luo sang loudly while clapping, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”


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